The Best Essay Topics for the Best Grades

Last Updated: 27 July 2023

Best Essay Topics

Essays are a common assignment or homework that students get in college. When it comes to starting an essay, you should begin by choosing a topic from the essay prompt. Students are sometimes tempted to write about something they are passionate about or prefer knowing. Choosing the best topic for an essay is not as more laborious as writing an essay. However, you must begin by brainstorming, researching, analyzing, and evaluating. All these steps depend on the type of essay you are writing. We have observed that controversial topics are a preference when writing different essays. All the same, even when choosing the best human resource essay topics, the American dream essay topics, or interesting narrative essay topics, the steps can help. In this article, we cover some best essay topics for college students.  If you need a custom essay, our online essay writing help can do you great. But first, go through the topics first. We have also created an infographic for the process of selecting a great essay topic.

Selecting Great essay Topics : The Process

Even when you want to write an excellent poetry essay, it is imperative to choose a great topic. The same applies to the selection of a topic when writing a great college admission essay that finally gets you to the college or university of your dreams. The infographic below outlines the best practice when selecting a topic to use in your essay.

  1. Begin by brainstorming either by yourself or other students to generate multiple essay topic ideas.
  2. Write down any thought of a topic that comes to mind.
  3. Go through your list and select the potential topics you feel are best for your essay.
  4. Research online on the selected topics to check whether there is sufficient information.
  5. Evaluate and analyze the topics and settle on the best
  6. Your choice should be guided by:
  7. Whether there is available information on the topic

Steps when choosing an essay topic

Argumentative Essay Topics

argumentative essay topics banner

To choose debatable argumentative essays, you must follow the steps we've outlined in the infographic. Textbooks, journals, EBooks, documentaries, news, science magazines, newspaper articles, and official reports count as some of the credible scholarly sources to help you select the best argumentative essay topics. Depending on your field of study, many essay topics exist.

  1. Why Housing Mentally Ill Offenders in Prisons is wrong
  2. High school doesn't prepare you for life
  3. Should students work part-time while studying?
  4. Should student debt be discharged in the face of bankruptcy?
  5. The Wrongs of Polygamy
  6. Is the US HealthCare System Broken?
  7. Is America the Greatest Nation in History?
  8. Why is personal financial planning important?
  9. What caused the decline of art in Medieval Europe?
  10. Emotional impacts of diabetes in families
  11. Is socialism necessary in the contemporary world?
  12. Are race relations better or worse the examples in the past? Why? Provide specific examples
  13. Education should be free for everyone
  14. College education does not guarantee success in life
  15. Every student must choose their discipline of interest
  16. School uniforms should be mandatory
  17. The positive effects of meditation on psychological and physical well-being visible
  18. How technology affects the teenage brain
  19. Advantages of a mobile phone over landlines
  20. Serving in the military should be mandatory
  21. Michael Jordan is the best basketball superstar
  22. Relationship between food, fitness, and weight
  23. Hockey is a dangerous sport
  24. Is swimming the safest sport?
  25. Should vaccination be made mandatory
  26. Negative effects of supplements
  27. Production and sales of tobacco should be made illegal
  28. Alcohol use should be controlled
  29. Vaping should be made illegal
  30. Energy drinks should be banned
  31. Was the industrial revolution a Europe-wide phenomenon in the 19th century
  32. Should court proceedings be documented on TV
  33. Is there justice for all or for the rich?
  34. Are elections ever free and fair?
  35. Should animal consumption be banned?
  36. Was Roosevelt right about constructing the Panama Canal
  37. Is climate change a global threat?
  38. Is gun control effective in stopping gun violence
  39. Are monarchies better than democracies?
  40. Is democracy dead?
  41. Does technology make people lonely?
  42. Is Facebook a surveillance tool?
  43. Does technology limit creativity?
  44. Are humans over-reliant on technology?
  45. Is incest justified?
  46. Should the death penalty be used against criminals?
  47. Should cloning be banned?
  48. Should GMOs be banned?
  49. Is Internet censorship a great endeavor?
  50. Can the chip control the human mind like they do in superhero movies?
  51. Social networks promote suicide
  52. The digital age and the rise of technological zombies
  53. Should abortion be legalized?
  54. Is the US the greatest country in the world?
  55. Is the American dream real?
  56. Is online dating safe?
  57. Social media promotes stalking
  58. Social media promotes body shaming
  59. Does art pay?
  60. Is the gig economy sustainable?
  61. Graffiti should be made illegal
  62. Media's investment in promoting body dissatisfaction
  63. Can music and cinematography be called arts?
  64. Does the Griffins Family correspond to the typical American family?

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Descriptive Essay Topics

descriptive essay topics

  1. Describe the Olympics bidding process
  2. Describe how treaties between countries help in the development
  3. Describe an ideal wife or husband
  4. What are the qualities of a good leader
  5. Describe what makes Jeff Bezos a great role model
  6. Describe the war on drugs and its significance
  7. Describe the connection between economics and health care systems
  8. Describe the reforms in the US healthcare system
  9. Describe the military ranks
  10. Describe the types of terrorism
  11. Describe police brutality
  12. Describe gang violence
  13. Describe your first kiss
  14. Describe your president
  15. Describe your graduation ceremony experience
  16. Describe life in college
  17. Describe culture shock and how to tame it
  18. Describe the significance of Awards in the gig economy
  19. Describe the Syrian war and its consequences
  20. Describe your best movie
  21. Describe extreme sports
  22. Describe the ethical issues surrounding surrogacy
  23. Does television form a new culture?
  24. There is no limit to the human body
  25. Describe stick and carrot motivation used by managers

Under the descriptive essay category, you will find some funny and interesting essay topics. 

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Persuasive Essay Topics

persuasive essay topics

We would like to make a clear distinction between the argumentative and persuasive essays. Even though both sound like synonyms, there is a salient difference. Argumentative essays rely on statistics and logic to make a point clear to the audience. On the other hand, persuasive essays use the logic, emotional appeal, and moral reasoning to convince the readers to adopt the position of an author.

  1. The Role of Ethics in Business
  2. The impacts of Genetic Engineering on Agriculture
  3. Culture affects our view of the world. Discuss
  4. Education is commodified and a tool accessible mostly by the rich
  5. Video games and violence
  6. Are tests like SAT and ACT effective
  7. Advantages and disadvantages of MBA
  8. Importance of physical education
  9. Parents have no right to control the lives of their children past 16 years
  10. Social media should be controlled by the government
  11. Should governments increase sugar tax?
  12. Social movements must be financed by governments.
  13. People should spend less time online
  14. All people are good at heart
  15. Online friends are friends too
  16. Technology has impacted education
  17. Mobile phones and computer revolutionized communication
  18. The invention of the guitar revolutionized music
  19. YouTubers should be taxed
  20. Violent video games should be prohibited
  21. People should not watch porn
  22. Leaders are always born and not made
  23. Governments can forbid same-sex marriage
  24. Use of animal species in research should be illegal

Narrative Essay Topics

narrative essay topics

  1. Describe a book that changed your life
  2. What is the greatest shopping experience?
  3. Create a character of your self
  4. The biography of Martin Luther King
  5. Describe the most appealing win in your life
  6. Imagine you are the president of your country, what would you change?
  7. Describe an activity that describes you as a hero
  8. What is your bravery story?
  9. Imagine yourself as a superhero
  10. Describe your experiences as a childhood
  11. What is your leadership experience?
  12. What story best describes your childhood?
  13. Describe your pen pal back in school
  14. Create a story that portrays your integrity

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Definition Essay Topics for College Students

Definition essay topics

  1. Define terrorism
  2. Define happiness and how it manifests
  3. Define love
  4. Definition of success
  5. Definition of failure
  6. Definition of justice
  7. Definition of fear
  8. Definition of pain
  9. Define capitalism and explain if it is dead?
  10. Define forest fires and their impacts
  11. Define internet censorship
  12. Define communism from the lens of view of Karl Marx
  13. Define abortion from the legal, biological, and layman's perspective

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

cause and effect essay topics

  1. The causes and consequences of global warming
  2. The causes and consequences of the great depression
  3. The impacts of video games on youths
  4. The link between isolation and drugs
  5. Effects of junk foods on the immune systems
  6. Causes and impacts of childhood obesity
  7. Causes of terrorism and impacts on global security
  8. Effects of bullying
  9. Impacts of cyberbullying
  10. Impacts of early teen pregnancies on STEM subject achievements
  11. The link between poverty and crime
  12. Cause and effects of Christianity
  13. Effects of social media on youths
  14. Causes and consequences of road accidents
  15. The impacts of global AIDS pandemics
  16. Causes and impacts of vaccines shortage
  17. Causes of school drop-out among high school students
  18. Impacts of racial profiling in the American criminal justice system

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Research Essay Topics

research essay topics

  1. How modern technology can be used to fight climate change
  2. The long-term effects of depression on the body
  3. Impacts of commercializing education
  4. How has poverty affected third world countries
  5. Are the developed nations exploiting the developing nations?
  6. The contribution of scholarly community on advocacy
  7. The impacts of civil wars on citizens
  8. The Congo blood minerals
  9. Is Nigeria a capital of fraud?
  10. Why do people become serial killers
  11. Describe the best leadership theories
  12. A typical day in the life of Amish natives
  13. Impacts of sex education
  14. Should education be free throughout college?
  15. Should student loans be waived?
  16. What are the best solutions to the immigration crisis in Australia, U.S., and UK?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Living in Poverty and Being Rich
  2. Difference between people and animals
  3. Compare the effects of alcohol and drugs
  4. Living in the city and living in the village
  5. Compare the U.S. with China
  6. Females and males
  7. Scientific versus academic writing
  8. Freelance or formal employment
  9. Greek and Roman cultures
  10. Art courses versus science courses
  11. Jazz versus rock
  12. Drama versus comedy
  13. Soccer versus football
  14. Capitalism versus socialism
  15. Windows versus Linux
  16. Dogs versus humans, who makes the best friend?
  17. Greek philosophers versus roman philosophers
  18. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the rings
  19. Facebook vs. Twitter
  20. Online dating vs. traditional dating
  21. Computer games vs. video games
  22. New York Times and Forbes
  23. Ivy Leagues vs. Other Universities

Expository Essay Topics and Ideas

expository essay topics

  1. How can college students find jobs?
  2. Define sociology and how it matters to society?
  3. Is studying geography a great choice?
  4. Everyone needs financial education
  5. Describe the placebo effect and its role in medicine and research
  6. Why do children raise by single parents likely to go astray
  7. The impacts of music on the brain and memory
  8. Can music be used as therapy?
  9. Explain why you admire a given person
  10. Why are some parents strict
  11. Is there a biological basis for being a genius?
  12. Consequences of enforcing an 11:00 p.m. curfew
  13. What causes cancer and how does it affect the global population
  14. Why do some teens commit suicide?
  15. Is couple-switching a good culture?
  16. Consequences of skipping classes and school
  17. Consequences of abolishing capital punishment
  18. Benefits of getting an online tutor
  19. Benefits of social media for students
  20. Why some teens overdo drugs?
  21. Consequences of cigarette smoking
  22. Impacts of vaping
  23. How rock music affects your life
  24. Consequences of being kicked out of school
  25. Why some teens flee from home
  26. Reasons why some teenagers are materialistic
  27. Consequences of dropping out of school
  28. Consequences of drunk driving
  29. Impacts of texting while driving
  30. Why teens love their parents even when family situations are difficult
  31. How western culture affects other cultures
  32. Why students join gangs
  33. Reasons for the increase in gun violence in America

How-to Essay Topics for College Students

process/how-to essay topics

Remember that even though essays are usually formally written, you can choose funny how-to essay topics and nail how-to essay. But we insist that if you do not want to trouble yourself with a research focus on easy how-to essay topics. However, nothing is always easy when it comes to answering the question what are good essay topics so you a better research. You do recall that how-to essays are also known as process essays. So, you can consider these as essay topics for a process essay. Here is a list of how-to essay topics to use in your college essays:

  1. How to plan a family bike tour
  2. How to select the best gift
  3. How to begin bee-keeping
  4. How to stay safe in campus
  5. How to read palms
  6. How to wash a bike
  7. How to wash a car
  8. How to make a quilt
  9. How to decorate a bedroom
  10. How to watch a movie in peace
  11. How to write an article critique
  12. How to study for exams
  13. How to make pizza
  14. How to write a Costco essay
  15. How to write a study schedule
  16. How to bake a cake
  17. How to change a tire
  18. How to make a sock puppet
  19. How to get along with a roommate
  20. How to shop at a discount as a student
  21. How to improve your spelling
  22. How to write a complaint letter
  23. How to fight gun violence
  24. How to make a dress
  25. How to write a letter to the editor
  26. How to play chess
  27. How to play hockey
  28. How to win a lottery
  29. How to pay the student loan
  30. How to make soap
  31. How to make a music video
  32. How to paint a picture
  33. How to order goods from Amazon
  34. How to write a song
  35. How to play tag
  36. How to make a sandwich
  37. How to make chocolate milk
  38. How to make a pot of coffee
  39. How to braid hair
  40. How to sell houses
  41. How to make a skateboard
  42. How to eat crab legs
  43. How to fish
  44. How to play rugby
  45. How to win a marathon
  46. How to ride a bike
  47. How to ride a horse
  48. How to eat an ice cream
  49. How to exercise regularly
  50. How to tie a necktie
  51. How to pitch a tent
  52. How to find something you've lost
  53. How to call the police
  54. How to hike
  55. How to make kites
  56. How to hem your jeans
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  58. How to dress
  59. How to recognize animal tracks
  60. How to make a campfire
  61. How to floss your teeth
  62. How to brush your teeth
  63. How to operate a bulldozer
  64. How to practice yoga
  65. How to create a playlist
  66. How to win a bet
  67. How to avoid gambling
  68. How to make paper airplanes
  69. How to win a singing competition
  70. How to plan a surprise party

Remember, how-to essay topics are always self-explanatory, but that does not mean you avoid the topic creation and selection process. Ensure you choose a topic that impresses you and you can passionately write about.

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