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Last Updated: 03 July 2023

Art has been around since the existence of humanity. Even in ancient times, people expressed themselves through art. With different genres, multiple topics of coverage, different eras, and ages of art, different art movements, and various celebrated artists, there are many art essay topic ideas one can choose from.

Standard assignments can be a boring undertaking. However, art presents an endless opportunity for possibilities. This post targets you who finds it tedious and unrewarding spending hours upon hours combing through literature to generate a list of essay topics.

Armed with this masterpiece, you can select a catchy, relevant, and appealing essay topics about different eras of art and different countries.

You can be asked to write a profile essay about an artist. Sometimes, it is simply analyzing a given artwork. Some other times, it is about exploring art history. There is too much to cover in arts that you can broaden your ideas and make the best.

We here, seek to introduce you into the world of beauty, and endless aesthetics.

What are good topics about art to writing an essay on?

No one can boast of the greatest collection of art essay ideas as us. However, before we wear the bragging cap, let us get straight. History has forever been a reference point not only in our lives but in the things we do today. Certainly, when tasked with coming up with ideas, we are naturally inclined towards choosing topics from history. It is just our natural way to do things so much so that we will begin there.

General Art History Essay Topics

  1. Explain the Bauhaus Movement
  2. The ancient Egyptian art
  3. Rise of digital art
  4. Explore Gothic and Neo-Gothic arts
  5. Compare the ancient Roman art with the African Art
  6. Significance of street arts in the contemporary world
  7. The rise of Graffiti as a form of art
  8. Nazi and Soviet art
  9. Surrealist Movement
  10. The African Architecture
  11. Impacts of medieval Muslim architecture on contemporary Architecture
  12. The pioneers of Japanese Arts
  13. History of the Shadow arts in China

Argumentative/Analytical Art History Topics

By analyzing an art topic, you get to unearth the deeper meanings. Surprisingly, you can go analytical on art too, and it is just an amazing experience.

  1. Debate whether primitivism is a real art.
  2. Majority of modern art is a scam, discuss.
  3. Explore the unique features of the Russian Icons
  4. Reading through the novel �The Hunchback of Notre Dame,� why do you think Victor Hugo suggests printing will be the beginning of the demise of architecture? Is that true today?
  5. Is it right to consider the Middle Ages the period for the decline in arts? Give your reasons.
  6. Compare and contrast the critiquing skills and styles used by Harold Rosenberg and Clement Greenberg.
  7. The �Guernica� by Pablo Picasso is one of the most influential paintings in the twentieth century. Explain why.
  8. Which movement made an impact on the 20th-century arts?
  9. Do you consider Hitler�s arts as good or bad?
  10. Explore the relevance of Camera Obscura.

20th Century Art Topics for College Essays

  1. Explore the basic principles of futurism.
  2. Describe and analyze surrealism in Sculptures by Salvador Dali.
  3. Are there different mannerisms of Pablo Picasso? Consider the Pablo Picasso paintings and styles.
  4. Expound on the psychology of color using Kazimir Malevich�s works
  5. Realistic themes and motifs in �Flag� by Jasper John.
  6. Features of the Art Deco hotels in French Indochina
  7. Symbolism in the works of Frida Kahlo
  8. Unique art techniques used by Jackson Pollock in his artworks
  9. Write about Salvador Dali as an extraordinary artist.

There are many other 20th century topics on art that you can choose. If choosing one is an issue, let our able team of experts assist.  Remember, the 20th century was a period of art explosion. Many styles, revolutions, wars, demonstrations, and scientific expeditions occurred, and all were recorded in art. It is also the period when Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, and other art movements rose.

18th Century History of Art Topic Ideas

The 18th century gave rise to the Baroque style, neoclassicism, and the Viennese school of thought. Here are some potential topics to use in an art essay on the 18th-century art era.

  1. The Rococo and Neoclassicism movements
  2. Profile essay on Willian Blake
  3. Jacques-Louis David�s contribution to the art
  4. Grandma Moses arts
  5. Role of Jean-Honor� Fragonard, Jean-Antoine Watteau, and Jacques-Louis David in the 18th-century art movements.
  6. Analysis of the Syon House by Robert Adam
  7. Techniques used by Giambattista Tiepolo in Scipio Africanus Freeing Massiva artwork
  8.  Features of the late Baroque architecture
  9. Comparison and contrast of Rococo and Baroque arts
  10. Impact of the Industrial Revolution on art development

Mostly, the 18th century was tied to the French Revolution. You can also opt to compare Greek art and French art, and that would be something!

Middle Age and Renaissance Topics 

Renaissance art shifted from the abstract medieval style to representation of forms. Most of the artworks were on religious themes.

  1. How has Medieval and Renaissance arts impacted today's arts
  2. Differences and Similarities between Medieval and Renaissance art periods
  3. Unique features of paintings by Raphael
  4. The representation of abstract humanistic ideas in the Renaissance arts
  5. Elements of Gothic and Neo-gothic arts
  6. Renaissance and beauty standards and women clothing
  7. Leonardo da Vinci early paintings and the biblical motives
  8. Mughal paintings of India
  9. Sculptures in the Middle age and Renaissance periods.

Profile Essay Art Topics

Sometimes you can be asked to write about different artists who lived in different periods.

  1. Salvador Dali
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Jackson Pollock
  4. Andy Warhol
  5. Judy Chicago
  6. Henry Spencer Moore
  7. Constantin Brancusi
  8. Frida Kahlo
  9. Edgar Degas
  10. Georges Braque
  11. Georgia Totto O�Keeffe
  12. Edward Munch
  13. Etienne Falconet
  14. Francesco Rastrelli
  15. Hubert Robert
  16. Johann Sebastian Bach
  17. Ludwig van Beethoven
  18. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  19. Giuseppe Verdi
  20. Paul Cezanne

We love suggesting different topics to students. We keep updating this list. So, if you have a topic you would like featured, let us know through our contact page. Art is satisfying, and lately, it is used in therapy. You can create high-quality research papers and essays on these topics.

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