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Last Updated: 03 July 2023
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College and university life can be boring for a psychology student. From the blues, and even without knowing how to choose psychology research paper topics, your professor can ask you to!

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Fresh Research Paper Psychology Topics for Presentations

If you are looking for good psychology paper topics, you could be scouting for one for a presentation. Undeniably, most presentations and papers go hand-in-hand. Here is how to choose the best psychology papers topics for your paper:

Experimental Psychology Research Topics

  1. Does eating breakfast affect student performance?
  2. Is bike riding related to happiness?
  3. The link between colors and mood
  4. The relationship between music genre and psychological responses
  5. The connection between social media use and depression
  6. Does social media cause addiction?
  7. Are action films connected to anorexia nervosa?
  8. Does watching too much TV cause low self-esteem?
  9. The Stroop effect
  10. Does the taste of music predict the personality of individuals
  11. Is creativity linked to optical illusions?

Social Psychology Topics

  1. The link between social cognition and depression
  2. Social psychology: The role of violence and aggression.
  3. The causes and impacts of domestic violence
  4. The implications of discrimination in the workplace
  5. Social influences on contemporary parenting
  6. The link between religion, religiosity, and terrorism
  7. Prosocial behaviors and their impact on social life
  8. Bereavement and coping with loss in families
  9. Do children from single-parent families succeed in life?
  10. The psychological and social impacts of AIDs in Families.
  11. Mental health and stigmatization.
  12. Cognitive behavioral therapy and couples
  13. Addressing PTSD among African-American Female veterans
  14. Pets and family bonds
  15. Grief and the family
  16. Stages of grief
  17. The impacts of hate crimes on individuals
  18. Impacts of overcrowding on the social psychology of individuals
  19. Dating violence among black Americans
  20. Mental illness and aging

Child Development Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of memories
  2. How sleep affects child development
  3. Autism in society
  4. Measuring attention span in children
  5. First and second language acquisition among children
  6. Role of media in perpetrating violence
  7. Impacts of bullying on cognitive development
  8. The impacts of technology on cognitive development
  9. Psychological processes of aging
  10. Gender roles in society.
  11. Changing role of women in contemporary society
  12. Stages of moral development
  13. Hack a pharmacy and Greedy Apothecary
  14. Psychological features that encourage homosexuality
  15. Paternity and masculinity: Determinants of parenting
  16. Reflective and Moral Judgement
  17. Roles of Games in Brain and mental development
  18. Does sleep affect brain development in children
  19. Prevention of child suicides: A case study of Canada.
  20. Giftedness in early ontogeny in children
  21. Reasons for sibling rivalry
  22. Development of self-confidence in children
  23. Dyslexia, its history, and impacts on children.
  24. How ADHD affects children
  25. Socio-emotional development in late adulthood.
  26. Neurodevelopmental disorders and play therapy.

Abnormal Psychology Essay Topics

As a clinical psychology major, you are likely to deal with psychology topics that relate to disorders and abnormal behavior.

Some of these topics might be those involving treatment and diagnosis options for the disorders.

Here is a list of sample abnormal psychology topics for your research paper or essay:

  1. Group art therapy in the treatment of mental disorders in healthcare settings.
  2. Diagnosis of mental health disorders according to DSM5
  3. Treating complex panic and attention deficit disorder
  4. Pathogenesis and presentation of panic disorders
  5. Eating disorders
  6. Protection of children from personality disorder parents
  7. Pathophysiology of organic brain lesions
  8. Treatment and diagnosis: Psychological models for social anxiety disorders
  9. Clinical approach to the treatment of depressive disorders
  10. Differential diagnosis in the treatment of psychological disorders
  11. The emotional Stroop effect
  12. Use of CBT in treating mental disorders
  13. Can Virtual reality be used in group cognitive behavioral therapy
  14. Impacts of psychological counseling on divorced parents
  15. Clinical use of hypnosis
  16. Phobias and their treatment approach
  17. Emotional effects of solitary confinement

Cognitive Psychology Essay Topic Ideas

When choosing the topics, you should be guided by controversial issues in psychology. For instance, when writing a mental health research paper, an example should be what happens in the news. Also, when picking neuroscience research paper topics, choose psychology argument topics in the area. Here are some sample topics for cognitive psychology:

  1. Cognitive behavior and the media
  2. Empathy and altruism
  3. Use of medical empathy in psychiatry
  4. The cognitive development process in children
  5. Dual process of thinking
  6. Use of psychology in decision making
  7. Buddhism concepts of cognitive psychology
  8. Gifted children
  9. Influence of music on cognitive development
  10. Does exercise affect cognitive development?
  11. Coping with loneliness
  12. Measuring creativity and critical thinking
  13. The problem-solving capacity of children
  14. Recovering from memory loss

The list is endless. You can get help from our writers now.

Topics in Clinical Psychology

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Psychology Homework Help

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