Essay about Poverty Causes and Effects: Writing Guide and Topics

Last Updated: 27 July 2023

Poverty is a dreaded term, and the thought of its visitation elicits nasty reactions. As a high school, college, or university student, you must be well-versed in how to write an essay about poverty causes and effects. As it is a cause-and-effect essay, at least mostly, you must come up with supporting ideas for the causes and effects of poverty.

Sometimes, it can be descriptive causes of poverty essays. So when asked to write a short essay on poverty, you should first understand your writing type.

Writing a good poverty essay needs time and dedication. Getting a topic is never guaranteed as most people have always chosen the best. However, you can get a topic for your poverty essay with creativity and critical thinking.

In this article, apart from offering free topics for poverty essays, we advise you on how to write such essays. When you need help, too, our custom essay writing service is ready to help.

How to Begin a Poverty Essa (An Eye-Catching Introduction)

We can never tire reiterating that any essay begins with a sound, clear, and concise introduction. In your introduction, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is poverty?
  2. What are the causes of poverty?
  3. What are the causes and effects of poverty?
  4. What are the different eradication strategies for poverty?
  5. How many people are affected by poverty globally?

The above questions can also be part of the topic ideas for your poverty essay.

The introduction should also have an elaborate poverty essay thesis. The poverty thesis should highlight the gist of the entire essay in either one or two sentences. It helps the reader identify the plan and intention of the essayist when writing a poverty essay.

Your introduction should also have some statistics to show the gravity of the issue globally. And when using quoted statistics, ensure they are recent, from a scholarly source, and well-referenced.

If you write an argumentative or persuasive essay on poverty, follow the right introduction to the poverty essay format.

How to Format/Outline a Poverty Essay

When writing a cause-and-effect essay on poverty, a persuasive poverty essay, or an essay on the causes of poverty, an outline precedes the other sections.

Your global poverty essay should begin with a great topic. After the topic, outline the introduction.

The body paragraphs come immediately after the introduction. Depending on the length of the poverty essay, it can follow the five-paragraph format. The body paragraphs should contain one idea. For instance, if you are writing a short essay on poverty in the world, your ideas can be poor governance, lack of education, and climate change. Those points should be in their paragraphs.

If it is How to end poverty essay, some potential considerations would be policy changes, education, fair sharing of resources, and environmental conservation.  The same applies when writing a short essay on helping the poor.

30 Suitable Topics for Essays on Poverty

Here is a list of some suitable poverty essay topics. They can help you brainstorm for the best topics or better yet you can choose and use them in your essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations.

  1. Child poverty and its impact on growth and development
  2. Is poverty inevitable?
  3. Is there a nexus between poverty and world hunger?
  4. Explore the causes and consequences of poverty in India.
  5. What are the most successful nations in eradicating poverty?
  6. Which countries have the highest poverty index?
  7. The impacts of poverty in our society.
  8. Poverty definition essay.
  9. Real-life examples of poverty.
  10. Poverty as a multifaceted issue.
  11. Exploring the American stagnant poverty line
  12. The connection between poverty and homelessness
  13. How poverty affects aboriginal communities
  14. Poverty in contemporary society.
  15. Poverty and crime rates.
  16. Prejudice and poverty.
  17. How poverty affects the progress of students
  18. Does terrorism cause poverty?
  19. Wars and poverty: A case study of Congo, Somali, and Iraq.
  20. Human Conflict and Poverty.
  21. How the United Nations and the Red Cross are fighting Poverty.
  22. State and Non-state actors in poverty eradication.
  23. Family planning and poverty.
  24. Poverty and access to quality healthcare.
  25. The link between culture and poverty.
  26. Does poverty in a nation depict poor governance?
  27. How poverty acts as a factor in human trafficking and prostitution.
  28. How is poverty measured?
  29. Capitalism and poverty?
  30. The Role of the Great Depression on Poverty.

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Concluding an Essay on Poverty (Leave the Audience Yearning for More)

Now, even after writing an excellent poverty essay, it must end. You don't bring it to an end anyhow. Instead, you will have a closing sentence that signals the reader that the essay, albeit great, is ending.

The best thing to do here is to highlight the essay's main points. Choose the best words to use when summarizing ideas. Again, you will need to restate the thesis in a reinvented format this time.

Make the conclusion memorable, like the introduction to your essay about poverty. You will score the best grades when you balance the introduction, body, and conclusion.

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