Informative Speech Topics and Essay Writing Ideas

Last Updated: 03 March 2023

Writing an informative speech isn't as much dreaded as choosing informative speech topics for college, which is a fact. With the broadness of the informative speech topics, it is in everyone's interest to know what fun informative topics to choose when crafting an essay.

Mainly, while you can find topic inspiration from literary everything around you, it requires some difference to find a fitting one.

Writing a speech is not exclusively left for high school, college, and university students. Instead, even people in the corporate world have to be conversant with informative speech topics.

Sometimes, during parties or ceremonies, when invited to give a speech, some people freeze. Well, not anymore. You do not have to attract scolds and attacks when delivering a keynote speech or during a graduation speech.

We understand how a simple chance to give a speech can open doors. We have written many speeches, including on argumentative, persuasive, and controversial topics.

In our experience, it takes time to perfect the art of speech writing. Yet once one becomes a master, they skillfully juggle words to the tune the audience wants. Now, let us delve deeper.

This comprehensive and categorized list of informative speech topics for college can be the game changer you have been waiting for. With the diversity of thoughts exhibited by each of our speechwriters online, we compiled the most thoughtful list just for you. As you ruminate over the nuggets of wisdom herein, we also offer professional speech writing services, in case you are interested.

How to choose the best Informative Topic

The speechwriting battle is always halfway won by choosing the right topic. When writing a speech essay, choosing a good informative speech topic defines the extent to which your audience will be entertained. Here are some bullet points, assumed to be self-explanatory, ideas to help you develop the best speech topics.

1. Understand your audience

Mostly, an informative speech or any speech, for that matter, targets an audience. Therefore, cover a subject or topic area that interests your audience. For instance, if it is a speech on journalists' freedom and independence, be sure to address the current issues around the topic.

2. Choose a topic that interests you

While excellent research and writing skills can help you ace a speech essay, your interest matters. When you explore a speech topic that you are familiar with, your chances of learning and feeding your passion increases.

3. The length of the Speech

Mostly, the length of a speech is tied to the allocated time. In most cases, the time is measured using the number of PowerPoint slides. For instance, if it is a speech on saving money or making money while in college or maybe early teenage pregnancies, 20 minutes would be appropriate. This then means writing 20 slides.

You are now ready to explore speech writing. Not so fast, though, let us look at what an informative speech is.

What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech provides information about a living being, phenomenon, industry, event, person, current affairs, disasters, or objects. For instance, a speech on disaster management during hurricanes is a good informative speech topic. Another one would be how to spot fake news on the internet. It could also be a speech on several conspiracy theories that are a headache to many.

There are four types of informative speeches, including:

These ones simply explain a concept, phenomenon, theoretical basis, or a model.

This type of speech focuses on creating a perfect understanding and a mental image of the subject, event, status quo, and situation etc.

These type of speeches focus on the audience and are meant to teach them how to do stuff. For example, how to detect breast/ prostate cancer.

Mostly, these are the type where you explain different things, such as technology, and statistics, or explain different ideas. For example, an exploratory speech can be on the impacts of global warming on species.

Whichever the case, the best speech topics for college are endless. Any topic you perceive and think about is worthy. However, be sure to pick a narrow topic so that you don't dilute your speech with a bluff. A good speech is short, concise, and loaded. Here is a list of informative speech topics for college students.

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Creative Science Informative Speech Topics

Here are the top science informative speech topics you can use when writing an essay or a speech.

  1. The role of DNA in human life.
  2. The impacts of GMOs on food security
  3. How technology has changed the agricultural sector and the food industry
  4. Impacts of climate change on food production
  5. Significance Elon Musk's inventions on the future of science
  6. 3-D printing, its impacts, and challenges.
  7. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on business
  8. Green sources of energy
  9. The impacts of violent computer games on children's development
  10. Application of blockchain technology in agriculture.
  11. Genetically modified foods and sustainability
  12. Understanding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  13. How crosswinds develop
  14. Impacts of headwinds on cyclists
  15. Significance of studying human evolution
  16. The human genome project
  17. Understanding astrophysics
  18. Application of chemistry at home
  19. How did humans evolve?
  20. Exploration of shale gas
  21. Formation of cyclones
  22. Why lightning strikes
  23. Generation of hydroelectric power
  24. The effects of fluoride in water

Ecology Informative Speech Topics

If you are writing a speech on ecology, here are some creative and fun topics to keep you going:

  1. Benefits of building sustainable houses
  2. The formation of dead zones in seas
  3. Sources of air pollution
  4. Impacts of microplastics on marine ecology
  5. The impacts of climate change
  6. How infrastructural development affect flora and fauna
  7. Consequences of climate change
  8. Global warming and species migration
  9. Applying metapopulation in conservation ecology
  10. Understanding ecological footprint
  11. Terrestrian ecosystem
  12. Characteristics of a sustainable society
  13. Ecological issues in the African Savanna
  14. Consumerism and pollution
  15. Role of humans in air, water, and soil pollution
  16. Hydrological cycle
  17. Understanding eutrophication, its causes, and consequences
  18. Application of Ecosystem Activation System (EAS) technology in the remediation of Eutrophic freshwater
  19. Impacts of biology knowledge on the conservation of marine species
  20. Impacts of Covid-19 on deforestation at Amazon Forest
  21. Causes and consequences of Australian bush fires
  22. Impacts of heavy metals on marine organisms
  23. Food webs and food chains in marine ecosystems

You can access more environmental and air pollution topics, which we had earlier compiled to help you craft the best information speech on an ecology-related topic.

Adoption Informative Speech Topics

If your audience is interested in matters relating to adoption, here are some of the best informative speech topics you could use:

  1. Multilingual adoption
  2. How to adopt a child
  3. Role of the clergy in adoption
  4. Transracial adoption
  5. Role of adoption professionals
  6. LGBTQ and adoption
  7. Challenges faced by adoptees
  8. Adoption as a crime control strategy
  9. Benefits of Adoption
  10. History of Adoption

We have a list of adoption topics for research papers and essays, which could boost your creativity.

Medicine and Health Speech Topics

You can write a related speech if you are more interested in psychology, sociology, psychiatry, and nursing. Here are some of the relevant medical and health speech topics:

  1. The reasons for the rise in new Ebola cases
  2. The Zika virus as a public health problem
  3. Stress and depression at work
  4. Reducing HIV/AIDS stigma.
  5. The importance of the Hippocratic oath
  6. The impacts of COVID-19 on healthcare workers
  7. Shortage of nurses in the U.S.
  8. Role of nurses in in-home care
  9. Aging in place for elderly people in the USA
  10. Using the theory of planned behavior for obesity interventions
  11. Impacts of childhood obesity
  12. Fast foods and high incidences of obesity in the USA
  13. The effects of sugar on the human body
  14. Antibiotics resistance and how to curb it
  15. How to fight obesity and diabetes
  16. Cycling as a means of addressing Childhood obesity
  17. Effects of drugs and substance abuse on the human body
  18. Sports participation and the common traumas

You can check our black death topics, which can also be a great source for your informative essay topic. We also have creative nurse capstone project topics, from where you can get excellent informative speech nursing topics.

Process Analysis Informative topics

Process analysis topics are topics mostly used when writing a process essay. Here are some examples of informative speech topics that you can use to explain different processes:

  1. Alternative ways to get college loans
  2. How to lose weight in simple steps
  3. How to care for plants indoors
  4. How to get a driving license
  5. How to save money for college
  6. How to make an omelet
  7. How to read for tough exams
  8. How to stop drinking alcohol
  9. How to stop smoking
  10. How to prevent air pollution
  11. How to decorate a home
  12. How to recycle at home
  13. Methods of buying a used car
  14. How to beat sleep paralysis
  15. How to invest in stocks
  16. How to complete a dissertation in a few weeks
  17. How to win a debate contest
  18. How to prepare for spelling bees
  19. How to build lean muscle
  20. How to manage time
  21. How to pay taxes on time

We have compiled some best essay topics and tips, which can help you brainstorm and choose a good informative speech topic.

Speech Topics Ideas on Society

  1. Types of societies in the world
  2. Patriotism and Nationalism, are they still alive
  3. The impacts of global terrorism on global development
  4. Racial discrimination in law enforcement
  5. Understanding millennials in the workplace
  6. Exploring a military career as a fulfilling career choice for women
  7. Importance of education in life
  8. The best countries to visit and live in
  9. The effects of social media on society
  10. Taming poverty at the global level
  11. World hunger and mitigation mechanisms
  12. Tattoos and gang affiliation
  13. Street graffiti and criminal gangs
  14. Homelessness among veterans
  15. Music censorship

Family Ideas and Topics for Speech Writing

  1. Impacts of social media on families
  2. Does communication matter in marriage?
  3. How children raised through doing chores become responsible adults
  4. Domestic violence and culture
  5. Single-parent families and disrespectful children
  6. Does co-parenting type of family work?
  7. Helicopter parenting and its impacts on families
  8. Biracial adoption of children
  9. Role of family in holistic child development
  10. Strategies for building healthy relationships at the family level

Informative International Relations Topics

  1. Impacts of the Huawei-US trade war
  2. China and America Trade war and its impact on the global economy
  3. Does oil reserves cause endless wars in Sudan?
  4. The impacts of wars on economic development
  5. Is China the next frontier in Africa and a rising superpower?
  6. Addressing underdevelopment in Africa
  7. Role of the United Nations
  8. Military expenditure and being superpower
  9. The importance of the Red Cross in addressing disasters
  10. The Mexican border wall and American immigrants
  11. Addressing homegrown terrorism
  12. Understanding Free Trade Agreement
  13. Countries offering free education
  14. Why Canada needs professionals from different parts of the world
  15. America as a multicultural society
  16. The causes and consequences of the Great Depression
  17. Recognizing stock market trends
  18. Cybersecurity issues in the global business environment
  19. The most democratic country
  20. The European Union
  21. The impacts of Brexit on the global economy
  22. Russia-US issues

Informative Speech Ideas on Education

  1. Should college athletes be paid
  2. Benefits of bilingual education
  3. Are online essay writing assistants the relief students need?
  4. Reasons students should learn programming languages in school
  5. Does college education mean a good career and life?
  6. The use of blended learning in higher education
  7. How to get and maintain a higher GPA
  8. Ways international students can get the most from their studies
  9. Developing creativity and analytical thinking in class
  10. Using social media in class to an advantage
  11. Making college life full of fun
  12. How to make friends when in college
  13. How to pass tough/complex subjects in university
  14. Increasing knowledge while at school
  15. The impacts of online classes on students' performance
  16. Advantages of studying abroad
  17. Importance of diversity in colleges
  18. Blended vs. traditional learning
  19. Impacts of online long-distance learning on student's performances
  20. Learning in the global pandemic period
  21. Ways to stay safe in college
  22. Is college education necessary?
  23. Ways student can fund their college education
  24. Can one work and study at the same time?
  25. Using gamification to deliver online education
  26. Student unions and their importance in students' wellbeing
  27. Students and caffeine addiction
  28. The rise of cheating in colleges
  29. How to go through a class you hate
  30. Importance of adequate sleep for students
  31. Role of teachers in language development
  32. Should mentally ill students attend school?
  33. Impacts of energy drinks on students' sleep patterns
  34. Private versus public schools
  35. Importance of working hard at school
  36. How to maintain better grades in college
  37. How to participate in group studies
  38. Benefits of single-gendered schools
  39. Benefits of boarding schools
  40. Importance of disciplines
  41. How to relate well with teachers and students in college
  42. Benefits of off-campus living
  43. School uniforms should be mandatory
  44. Vocational training versus college education
  45. Role of school principles
  46. Importance of district schools

Literature Informative Speech topics

  1. Understanding Edgar Allen Poe
  2. How to analyze literature
  3. Types of poetry
  4. Poetry as a means of freedom
  5. Understanding literary terms
  6. Vampires in literature
  7. Gothic literature and modern scientific literature
  8. How to read a poem
  9. How to make a summary of a book
  10. The use of grotesque creatures in literature
  11. Role of science fiction in literature
  12. The metaphor in the allegory of the cave

History Topics for the Best Informative Speeches

  1. The causes and consequences of the Civil War.
  2. History of China
  3. Causes and consequences of the bubonic plague
  4. The origins and impacts of the covid-19 virus
  5. Fashion in Victorian Britain
  6. The origin and evolution of jazz music
  7. The evolution of opera
  8. The Salem witch trials
  9. Immigration and the success of America
  10. The causes and consequences of civil war
  11. The political climate leading to the election of Abraham Lincoln
  12. Colonial America
  13. The Pequot War and its significance in American History
  14. The Civil rights movement
  15. The History of The World Bank
  16. Understanding Egyptian art
  17. Blood minerals and instability in Congo
  18. The world wars
  19. Medieval Rome
  20. The fall of Constantinople
  21. Impacts of the American revolution on women
  22. The French revolution
  23. Communism in China
  24. The collapse of the USSR
  25. How the industrial revolution changed England
  26. Trans-Atlantic slave trade
  27. History of aviation
  28. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb
  29. The Pearl Harbor invasion
  30. The history of the internet
  31. The significance of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots
  32. Greatest emperors in the world ever lived
  33. The foundations and development of Japan as a technology hub of the world
  34. The rise of the United Arab Emirates

Media informative Speech topics

  1. Media and religion
  2. How politicians use the media for propaganda dissemination
  3. Significance of the media during a pandemic
  4. History of film production
  5. Media censorship and dictatorship
  6. Freedom of journalists
  7. The link between media and anorexia nervosa
  8. Importance of mass media
  9. Mass media and terrorism
  10. Mass media and political chaos
  11. Reality shows and depression
  12. Mass media and civic education
  13. Can mass media be used for patient education?
  14. Role of social media
  15. Video games and violence among children
  16. Media personalities as role models
  17. The link between social media, movies, and suicide
  18. Journalism ethics
  19. Scientific journalism
  20. Arthouse versus mainstream media
  21. Popular culture in the media

Tourism Topics for Speech Essays

  1. The significance of Dubai as an international travel hub
  2. Impacts of terrorism on tourism
  3. Tourism attractions in America
  4. The best tourist destination in the world
  5. The significance of tourism in the economic growth of Africa
  6. Ecotourism as a means of addressing climate change issues
  7. Cultural tourism
  8. Understanding medical tourism
  9. Impacts of tourism on prostitution and human trafficking
  1. Cruise ship tourism in Australia
  2. Ecotourism and environmental conservation

Entrepreneurship informative speech topics

  1. Qualities of a great entrepreneur
  2. Understanding social entrepreneurship
  3. Challenges entrepreneurs face
  4. Entrepreneurship and economic growth
  5. Reasons entrepreneurs work harder
  6. Sources for funds for entrepreneurs
  7. Rewards of being an entrepreneur
  8. Policy changes and entrepreneurial growth
  9. Reasons for the rise of women entrepreneurs
  10. Agile innovation and entrepreneurship
  11. Debt and equity financing for entrepreneurs

Informative Relationship Topic Ideas for Speech

  1. Different types of friendships
  2. Does online dating work?
  3. Impacts of online dating on divorces
  4. How friendship works
  5. Importance of communication in relationships
  6. How to make a marriage work for you
  7. Do blind dates end with embarrassments?
  8. How long should courtship period last?
  9. The cost of wedding versus traditional marriages
  10. Cohabiting and the rise of unwanted pregnancies
  11. How to maintain a strong bond with parents
  12. Impacts of domestic violence on family ties
  13. Importance of writing a will
  14. How to manage peer pressure from friends

Informative Speech Topics on Politics

  1. Presidential vs. parliamentary democracy
  2. Foreign policies in the U.S. vs. the UK
  3. Role of political parties
  4. Telecommunication policies in china
  5. Reproductive rights in America
  6. Title IX and Collegiate athletic opportunities
  7. 14th amendment and privacy
  8. Women in politics
  9. Impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement
  10. Police brutality in the U.S and politics
  11. Role of truth-telling and forgiveness in restoring peace
  12. Role of Interpol
  13. North Korea political ideologies
  14. Political unrest in Hong Kong
  15. Impacts of globalization on global peace
  16. Capitalism vs. Socialism
  17. Does the ruling elite have a hand in elections?

Informative speech topics about Technology

  1. The impacts of social media on students
  2. The development of weaponry
  3. The present and future of electric cars
  4. The supersonic trains and jets
  5. Importance of rails and airplanes on logistics
  6. Does technology control human thinking?
  7. History of programming languages
  8. The impact of cryptocurrencies on conventional currencies
  9. Understanding blockchain
  10. Blockchain and accountability
  11. The future of GMO in agriculture
  12. Can human cloning be done?
  13. Impact of DNA fingerprinting in fighting crime
  14. The future of artificial intelligence
  15. The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in society
  16. Role of nanotechnology in cutting-edge medical research
  17. Marketers must understand search engine optimization (SEO)
  18. The rise of digital marketing
  19. Role of social media on politics
  20. Social media and domestic violence
  21. Social media and bullying
  22. Google controls everything we do today
  23. Can technology help fight global warming?
  24. Application of robots in industrial processes
  25. 3D printing technology and architecture
  26. Impacts of smartphones on human health
  27. Role of biometrics in airport security
  28. How drones have helped in society
  29. The significance of digital photography
  30. Pros and cons of social media
  31. How hackers manipulate people
  32. The dark web- does it exist?
  33. What if the internet went away for 100 years?
  34. Privacy issues and social media
  35. Stalkers and social media
  36. Facebook live and Instagram live suicides
  37. Sharing memes and psychological health of students
  38. How supercomputers control the world
  39. Inside the world's most advanced warship
  40. Evolution of air travel
  41. The VAR technology in football
  42. Application of technology in sports
  43. How technology improves agricultural production
  44. Use of aquaponics to improve yields
  45. Genetic engineering and cancer research
  46. Role of technology in medical research
  47. Benefits of electric cars
  48. Space X as a timely solution
  49. Application of technology to airport security
  50. Police technology and crime suppression

How to Write a Killer Informative Speech

While you need public speaking skills to deliver information speeches, writing a great one will define how well you perform. If you are writing an informative speech as an assignment, there are steps you need to take to ensure that you write a great speech.

1. Choose a topic

We have taken you through the process of choosing a topic. Now, find a topic that interests you and is fun to write about.

2. Understand your audience

Knowing your audience helps you limit the scope of the speech.

For instance, if you are presenting an informative speech on deforestation to students, you would focus on superficial facts such as the causes and consequences of deforestation.

However, if your audience is the local forest conservation officials you could extend your presentation to talk about policies, the role of government, and the essence of communities in deforestation.

3. Gather evidence and facts from credible scholarly sources

After selecting a topic, you need to research for scholarly resources that would help you build ideas for your informative speech.

You could use scholarly journals, credible websites, government documents, periodicals, encyclopedias, textbooks, news articles, and any credible sources to build a list of ideas to present in your essay.

You can then organize your resources on a reference or works cited page.

4. Deconstruct the topic to select the best ideas

As you research, there are points that you must have written. When deconstructing the topic, these notes help to limit the main ideas you will present in an essay.

Remember, since a speech can be as short as just 300 words, you must not focus on non-issues. Break down the topic into simple terms and compose ideas from the topic in such a manner that it befits the interest of the audience.

5. Write a thesis statement for your informative speech

Now that you have the facts at hand, you can now develop a thesis statement, which lists the central focus of the speech. You can write this last after the paper or before - the preference depends on you. A good example is:

My purpose in this speech is to talk about how bullying affects academic performance, relationships, and health of students.

6. Inform rather than persuade the audience

When writing an informative speech, just like an informative essay, your role is to inform your readers. You do not have to persuade them to accept your claims or points of view.

You can craft an argument that appeals to emotions by being objective.

8. Write the first draft of your speech

After coming up with ideas, writing a bare-bones speaking outline or talking points for delivering the speech is necessary.

The skeleton outline helps you arrange ideas to maintain flow, clarity, coherence, and relevance.

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8. Start writing your essay with power words

When beginning your essay, throw in a great hook to grab your audience's attention. It could be an anecdote, quote, statistic, or rhetorical question. Once you have the audience's attention, drop in your thesis to make them anticipate the speech even more.

9. Develop the Body of the Speech

If you are writing a process informative speech essay, you must provide a step-by-step approach. With the thesis done, you need to develop paragraphs, each with its unique idea, to form the body of the speech.

Make sure your speech has some logical flow by using transition words.

10. End your informative speech in a bang

Now, with the points well written in the main body, it is time to end the speech. It is the time to connect with the audience, demonstrate the importance of the topic, and summarize the entire speech.

12. Proofread and edit then present

Once you have completed the speech, ensure that you proofread it, the same way you would do with an essay or research paper.

Check for any grammatical and spelling mistakes and correct them. You do not want to get embarrassed by being unable to spell your written words because they are a huge vocabulary. Therefore, substitute the heavy words with understandable synonyms.

When you finish editing your speech, you can seek professional proofreading and editing help or ask your friends or roommates to help you check for further errors or omissions. With their go-ahead, you can present the speech, hit the submit button, and wait for grades and accolades.

Bottom Line

If you are to present your informative speech, break it into smaller parts and memorize each section. You can then memorize the sentences, and once you are confident enough, face the public and let them know what you need to tell them.

Maintain eye contact, good posture, positive gesture, and confidence when presenting the speech. Glow and carry the day because you deserve it.

Having the best informative speech topic ideas is one thing. However, creating good informative speech topics is halfway to finishing a polished essay.

If writing speeches is not your thing, we have the best English speech writers online to handle every speech you might have. A tip before we call it off: always choose a simple, direct, and narrow topic that you can explore in-depth.

We can handle short deadlines through our urgent essay writing service. So, we can write your speech as you prepare and have a perfect one for you within the best turnaround time.

We also offer speech correction services. If you have written a speech and need someone to polish it, you can use our speech essay editing services. See, we have you covered all round with speech writing.

With this list of informative speech topics for college students, you can brainstorm, plan, and write a great speech!