Informative Speech Topics and Ideas

Last Updated: 29 June 2019

You can find topic inspiration from literary everything around you. Writing a speech is not exclusively left for high school, college, and university students. Instead, even people in the corporate world have to be conversant with informative speech topics.

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This comprehensive and categorized list of informative speech topics for college can be the game changer you have been waiting. With the diversity of thoughts exhibited by each of our speechwriters online, we compiled the most thoughtful list just for you. As you ruminate over the nuggets of wisdom herein, we also offer professional speech writing services, in case you are interested.

Choosing the Right Informative Topic

The speechwriting battle is always halfway won by choosing the right topic. When writing a speech essay, choosing a good informative speech topic defines the extent to which your audience will be entertained. Here are some bullet points, assumed to be self-explanatory, ideas to help you come up with the best speech topics.

You are now ready to explore speech writing. Not so fast, though, let us look at what an informative speech is.

What is an Informative Speech?

An informative speech provides information about a living being, phenomenon, industry, event, person, current affairs, disasters, or objects. For instance, a speech on disaster management during hurricanes is a good informative speech topic. Another one would be how to spot fake news on the internet. It could also be a speech on several conspiracy theories that are a headache to many.

There are four types of informative speeches, including:

Whichever the case, the best speech topics for college are endless. Any topic you perceive and think about is worthy. However, be sure to pick a narrow topic so that you don’t dilute your speech with a bluff. A good speech is short, concise, and loaded.

Top 10 Informative Speech Topics on Scientific Processes

  1. The role of DNA in human life.

  2. The impacts of GMOs on food security

  3. How technology has changed the agricultural sector and the food industry

  4. Impacts of climate change on food production

  5. Significance Elon Musk’s inventions on the future of science

  6. 3-D printing, its impacts, and challenges.

  7. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on business

  8. Green sources of energy

  9. The impacts of violent computer games on children’s development

  10. Application of blockchain technology in agriculture.

Medicine and Health Speech Topics

  1. The reasons for the rise in new Ebola cases

  2. The Zika virus as a public health problem

  3. Stress and depression at work

  4. Reducing HIV/AIDS stigma.

  5. The effects of sugar on the human body

  6. Antibiotics resistance and how to curb it

  7. How to fight obesity and diabetes

  8. Cycling as a means of addressing Childhood obesity

  9. Effects of drugs and substance abuse on the human body

  10. Sports participation and the common traumas

Speech Topics Ideas on Society

  1. Types of societies in the world

  2. Patriotism and Nationalism, are they still alive

  3. The impacts of global terrorism on global development

  4. Racial discrimination in law enforcement

  5. Understanding millennials in the workplace

  6. Exploring a military career as a fulfilling career choice for women

  7. Importance of education in life

  8. The best countries to visit and live in

  9. The effects of social media on society

  10. Taming poverty at the global level

  11. World hunger and mitigation mechanisms

Family Ideas and Topics for Speech Writing

  1. Impacts of social media on families

  2. Does communication matter in marriage?

  3. How children raised through doing chores become responsible adults

  4. Domestic violence and culture

  5. Single-parent families and disrespectful children

  6. Does co-parenting type of family work?

  7. Helicopter parenting and its impacts on families

  8. Biracial adoption of children

  9. Role of family in holistic child development

  10. Strategies for building healthy relationships at the family level

Informative International Relations Topics

  1. Impacts of the Huawei-US trade war

  2. China and America Trade war and its impact on the global economy

  3. Does oil reserves cause endless wars in Sudan?

  4. The impacts of wars on economic development

  5. Is China the next frontier in Africa and a rising superpower?

  6. Addressing underdevelopment in Africa

  7. Role of the United Nations

  8. Military expenditure and being superpower

  9. The importance of the Red Cross in addressing disasters

  10. The Mexican border wall and American immigrants

  11. Addressing homegrown terrorism

  12. Understanding Free Trade Agreement

  13. Countries offering free education

  14. Why Canada needs professionals from different parts of the world

  15. America as a multicultural society

  16. The causes and consequences of the Great Depression

  17. Recognizing stock market trends

  18. Cybersecurity issues in the global business environment

  19. The most democratic country

  20. The European Union

  21. The impacts of Brexit on the global economy

  22. Russia-US issues

Informative Speech Ideas on Education

  1. Should college athletes be paid

  2. Benefits of bilingual education

  3. Are online essay writing assistants the relief students need?

  4. Reasons students should learn programming languages in school

  5. Does college education mean a good career and life?

  6. The use of blended learning in higher education

  7. How to get and maintain a higher GPA

  8. Ways international students can get the most from their studies

  9. Developing creativity and analytical thinking in class

  10. Using social media in class to an advantage

  11. Making college life full of fun

  12. How to make friends when in college

  13. How to pass tough/complex subjects in university

  14. Increasing knowledge while at school

  15. The impacts of online classes on students’ performance

Literature Informative Speech topics

  1. Understanding Edgar Allen Poe

  2. How to analyze literature

  3. Types of poetry

  4. Poetry as a means of freedom

  5. Understanding literary terms

  6. Vampires in literature

  7. Gothic literature and modern scientific literature

History Topics for the Best Informative Speeches

  1. The causes and consequences of the Civil War.

  2. History of China

  3. The History of The World Bank

  4. Understanding Egyptian art

  5. Blood minerals and instability in Congo

  6. The world wars

  7. Medieval Rome

  8. Greatest emperors in the world ever lived

  9. The foundations and development of Japan as a technology hub of the world

  10. The rise of the United Arab Emirates

Tourism Topics for Speech Essays

  1. The significance of Dubai as an international travel hub

  2. Impacts of terrorism on tourism

  3. Tourism attractions in America

  4. The best tourist destination in the world

  5. The significance of tourism in the economic growth of Africa

  6. Ecotourism as a means of addressing climate change issues

  7. Cultural tourism

  8. Understanding medical tourism

  9. Impacts of tourism on prostitution and human trafficking

  10. Cruise ship tourism in Australia

Relationship Topic Ideas for Speech

  1. Different types of friendships

  2. Does online dating work?

  3. Impacts of online dating on divorces

  4. How friendship works

  5. Importance of communication in relationships

  6. How to make a marriage work for you

  7. Do blind dates end with embarrassments?

  8. How long should courtship period last?

  9. The cost of wedding versus traditional marriages

  10. Cohabiting and the rise of unwanted pregnancies


Having the best informative speech topic ideas is one thing. However, creating good informative speech topics is halfway finishing a polished essay. We have the best speechwriter online to handle every speech you might have. A tip before we call it off – always choose a simple, direct, and narrow topic that you can explore in-depth.

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