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Last Updated: 27 July 2023
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It is now a reality that we are living in a technology-driven world. Nearly every action, previously performed by humans manually, is being automated from health to creativity and innovation. Every technological invention eventually becomes part of the solution to human problems.  As a student taking the technology-related course, you are bound to write essays on technology: you must encounter a situation mandating that you choose from different technology essay topics.

While it might seem easy to choose technology essay topics, it is never a walk in the park.

To begin with, technology is dynamic and vast. However, Information Technology (IT) is the most popular in technology classes.

As a technology student, you are required to be well-versed with technical and scientific awareness of writing technology essay topics.

Sources for Technology Essay Topics Papers

There are many technology essay topics that students can choose from. We advise you to pick a topic you are passionate about, one that has much information, and one that is of the public interest at the moment. Creativity and critical thinking are essential skills when coming up with technology essay topics. Even with the two, you have to have proficient research skills because not every source on the internet is reliable. It is advisable to use sources such as:

You have to ensure that the websites are those that end with .edu and .org mostly, so be keen.

Furthermore, also ensure that you use sources that are ten years old from the time you are writing. However, if you want to be on the safe side, try limiting the age to 5 years. That is what our writers at do.

Contents of Technology Essays Topic Research Papers and Essays

Technology essays or research papers have to reflect the knowledge of the student or writer for that matter.

You must include and define the scientific methodology in your paper to avoid confusing the readers with technical jargon. Always make it as simple as possible.

In the field of medicine, nursing and healthcare management, technology topics revolve around healthcare informatics, electronic health records, electronic health management, and nanotechnology, among others.

Technology topics can also be applied in criminology and criminal justice.

Therefore, it is sound to say that even students outside the realm of technology subjects or courses get exposed to different technology essay topics.

These topics test their knowledge and understanding of technology, which is bound to disrupt their future practice.

Areas to use Information Essay Topics

Writing Essays on Information Science

Art schools like the Fashion Institute of Technology have essays that touch on technology essay topics to expose the students to web design and development. When writing a technology essay paper, you have to take layman's point of understanding and avoid too much jargon.

If need be, have formulae in place to explain some of the concepts and have them interpreted and analyzed accordingly. Technology essay topics are also common in English proficiency tests such as IELTS.

For instance, you could be asked: Technology replaces the traditional manual problem-solving approaches, it makes them obsolete and outdated, and do you support the idea or not? Explain your answers. Here, the main idea when handling technology essay topics, you have to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Make it at least five paragraphs for a short paper. In the introduction section of your technology essay, have a well-written and comprehensive thesis statement. Be critical when writing the papers and answer the questions in the prompt.

Top Technology Essay Topics to Choose From

Cryptocurrency Research Topics for Essays

  1. Role of cryptocurrencies in economic development
  2. Application of blockchain technology in the financial sector
  3. The link between cryptocurrencies and money laundering
  4. How criminals use cryptocurrencies to fund their operations
  5. How small businesses can benefit from cryptocurrencies
  6. The link between bitcoin mining and environmental damage
  7. Benefits of blockchain technology in business
  8. Pros and cons of cryptocurrencies
  9. Money laundering risks through cryptocurrencies
  10. Cryptocurrency and insurance
  11. Non-financial applications of blockchain technology
  12. Can cryptocurrencies be regarded as currency?
  13. Impacts of IoT and Blockchain technology on supply chain management
  14. Bitcoin Ponzi schemes
  15. How cryptocurrencies can contribute to kidnapping
  16. How organized criminal gangs use cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is one huge area under technology that you can explore as an interesting subject for an essay. Given the buzz around cryptocurrency, new insights, and emerging research, there are many sources such as journals, blogs, and website articles that can be a better source of your topics.

Robotics Related Technology Topics

  1. The applications of robotics in the auto industry
  2. The use of AI-powered robots in healthcare field
  3. Benefits of 3D printing
  4. The emergence of humanoid robots
  5. Use of Robots in nuclear plants
  6. The application of virtual reality in recreation
  7. Implications of machine learning
  8. The benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) to humans
  9. The importance of introducing children to robotics
  10. Are robots taking human jobs?
  11. Is the metaverse a promise to robotics?
  12. Autonomous fleet management systems
  13. Benefits of automating a home
  14. Process of autonomous driving software development
  15. Benefits of automated vehicle systems
  16. Are self-driving cars an overambitious innovation?
  17. Ethics of innovating and using robots
  18. Is it time for driverless vehicle technology?
  19. Are autonomous trucks a promise for the supply chain industry?
  20. Causes of robot sales boom in the U.S. manufacturing
  21. Application of robots in the agricultural sector
  22. Training pipeline for robotics and cybernetics
  23. Use of humans to teleoperate or supervise robots
  24. Benefits of mobile robots in warehouse management
  25. Blended working environments that incorporate robots and humans: pros and cons

You can get more robotics topics by searching online. Robotics247 is such a website that has endless news and ideas on robotics technology.

E-commerce Technology Topics

  1. The future of e-commerce post Covid-19
  2. Why mobile shopping is on an upward trajectory
  3. Role of social media in e-commerce
  4. Role of social media influences in boosting e-commerce sales
  5. Are e-commerce consumers green consumers?
  6. Greenwashing in the e-commerce platforms
  7. Pricing models for e-commerce platforms
  8. The application of augmented reality in e-commerce
  9. The role of big data and data analytics in the e-commerce space
  10. How personalization affects the future of e-commerce
  11. Is visual commerce the next big thing in e-commerce?
  12. Benefits of marketing automation in e-commerce
  13. Role of artificial intelligence in customer segmentation in e-commerce platforms
  14. Role of AI and machine learning in Personalization in e-commerce platforms
  15. The use of drones to enhance shipping in e-commerce
  16. Is mobile commerce the new trend?
  17. Impacts of voice search on E-commerce.
  18. The impacts of image shopping on e-commerce returns on investments
  19. The rise of subscription-based models
  20. Using Chatbots as personal assistants in the e-commerce space
  21. Impacts of blockchain on e-commerce
  22. How social payments enhance e-commerce Sales
  23. Acceptance of cryptocurrencies by e-commerce stores
  24. Role of CRM in e-commerce
  25. How cart abandonment leads to losses in e-commerce
  26. Post-payment strategies as a game changer in e-commerce
  27. Role of cognitive supply chain management in the e-commerce industry
  28. Is Amazon the ultimate e-commerce website?
  29. How Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO) affects e-commerce store sales
  30. How having diverse fulfillment options affects e-commerce sales
  31. Social commerce and e-commerce
  32. Adoption of e-commerce in the European internal market
  33. How to reduce return rates in e-commerce
  34. Potential applications of virtual reality in e-commerce
  35. Business models for successful e-commerce platforms
  36. Success factors in mobile commerce
  37. Digitization strategy for stationary store
  38. Dropshipping in the e-commerce sphere
  39. How to improve sustainability in e-commerce industry
  40. Pay-per-click vs. Pay-per-impression marketing
  41. The use of Ads in e-commerce industry; are they effective?
  42. Brand loyalty, the development of the internet on marketing and e-commerce
  43. Safety and security issues affecting e-commerce industry

The internet of things (IoT) technology Topics

  1. Applications and effectiveness of wearables for humans and animals
  2. The use of IoT in arts
  3. Application of IoT in blockchain
  4. How to become an IoT Forensic Scientist
  5. Security standards in IoT
  6. Benefits of smart home devices
  7. How IoT is used in agriculture
  8. IoT systems in weather forecasting
  9. IoT based home automation systems
  10. Benefits of face recognition bots
  11. Benefits of smart garage door
  12. How IoT is used in the auto manufacturing industry
  13. Automated air pollution monitoring systems and environmental management
  14. Benefits of smart cities
  15. Are smart parking systems effective?
  16. IoT Interoperability and Multi-Platform Integration
  17. Benefits of smart traffic management systems
  18. How parents can leverage the smart cradle systems for parenting
  19. Benefits of smart gas leakage detector bots
  20. Automated streetlight monitoring system
  21. Smart antitheft systems
  22. Benefits of flood detection systems
  23. Can IoT-based early warning systems save people from disasters?
  24. Impacts of investing in IoT-based smart mining worker helmets
  25. How the smart energy grid is a game changer
  26. Perspectives and challenges of the security of the internet of things
  27. Is the Internet of Things changing connection?
  28. 5g and the IoT
  29. Artificial Intelligence and IoT
  30. Application of IoT in Healthcare
  31. Application of IoT in space travel
  32. How the hotels benefit from IoT devices
  33. Can supermarkets and retailers benefit from IoT listening devices?
  34. Scalability, Performance, and Interference in IoT
  35. Role of Prototyping in IoT
  36. IoT testing tools and testbeds
  37. Closing the gap between research and implementing IoT projects
  38. Communication Integrity and Security in IoT
  39. Key management, authentication, and cryptography in IoT
  40. Green IoT as the Promise of the Future
  41. Social Models and Networks in IoT
  42. Human-device Interaction in IoT
  43. Social Aspects of IoT
  44. IoT and Personal Data Protection

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The list is endless. Be sure to choose a topic you enjoy writing about. Have a happy read and all the best.  Use these unique technology essay topics for your winning essay.

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