Websites where Students can Download Free Textbooks

Last Updated: 15 November 2021

Free Textbook Websites for College Students

College is an expensive investment, or undertaking if we may call it that. You have to fork out tuition fees, plan for your accommodation, food, health insurance, and many other expenditures. On top of all these expenditures, your classes will require textbooks, which you must have to complete assignments.

There are many alternatives to buying college textbooks or at least saving money on college textbooks.  You could buy used textbooks, rental online textbooks, or borrow from a friend. With textbook prices being an upward of 100 bucks, the entire coursework could need more, which makes you find free online textbooks a better option.

Instead of failing a class or deferring it for simply not being able to afford a book, you should be smart enough to navigate through college life. Student and not-for-profit organizations have created a network of shared textbooks to make your academic journey smooth.

It is possible to download free textbooks online without paying a dime. For example, you can find course-specific textbooks such as those for English Literature, psychology, social work, public health, nursing, business management, strategic management, and medical textbooks for free or at discounted prices. In addition, free textbooks in PDF or other versions/formats exist online. But not just any website is trustworthy.

In this article, we cover some reliable and credible resources where you can download course textbooks online. You can download the books in PDF and store them in your computer folder. You can also download in E-PUB then convert with e-pub to PDF converters online.

Here is a list of the 15 best websites to find free college textbooks.

Library Genesis: Free Textbooks for Any Subject in College

Library Genesis is one of the websites that has helped many college students throughout their online studies. This website is not only efficient textbook downloading but also an effective database. Most of our premium essay writers get textbooks to reference in papers from Library Genesis, and it is thus Gradecrest’s favorite free textbook download website.  

This site can be assessed through other links, and an individual can freely download a textbook. Moreover, the website does not need the creation of an account for access.

By typing the header, you can access various books that match the topic you are searching for. Also, the book can be searched using the author, ISBN, publisher, year, and language. However, searching using ISBN is the most effective method because it produces the specific edition required.

Library Genesis contains textbooks of diverse subjects and is one of the file-sharing websites for academic books, novels, scholarly articles, magazines, and comics. The catalog of Library Genesis is enormous and organized in a similar standard stricture of college libraries. Moreover, the download system is simple. Many college students prefer this Library Genesis because it has enabled them to access the textbooks they require in their studies.

Pros of Library Genesis

Cons of Library Genesis

Mobilism: Easy-to-access Textbooks

Mobilism is a website where the users share their media with others. Mobilism comprises many categories. However, the e-book section is one of the effective ways to help college students retrieve learning materials.

The eBook is one of the categories of eBooks that are popular based on its efficiency.  This category contains different contents that are vital to college students. The contents include academic textbooks, novels, comics, and many more.

This website has the request option that permits the student to enquire a certain material if not already in existence. However, eBook lacks a search bar but instead permit category browsing. This website has a structure that is different from other online libraries. When browsing the required textbook, a student can check the cookbook section. As a student eBook category is the best solution for your learning material needs.

Pros of Mobilism

Cons of Mobilism

Project Gutenberg: All Access to Free eBooks

This is another vital website that is known for massive free books. Many college classes need books authored by prominent scholars in that specific field of study.

 In addition, finding certain books when working on research papers may become cumbersome. Project Gutenberg is the solution to all these challenges.

This website contains diverse online books and articles of different disciplines, making it easy to get what you want.  The user needs to click the search and browse button to open the search settings to access the website.

This website's search engine is sensitive to any word selected, making it highly effective in searching for learning material. Moreover, it demands the specificity of the user when searching content related to the topic.

Project Gutenberg provides eBooks for free. It is one of the websites that gives college students free text that they can download at their convenience. Even though the website offers a variety of reference books, Project Gutenberg provides fiction based on western culture.

Pros of Project Gutenberg

Cons of Project Gutenberg is one of the social media platforms that are similar to Facebook but differ on content sharing. is Russian social media that offers a variety of media and e-book sharing.

VK users can access a variety of e-books from the platform. This website allows the community of people to share different learning materials through different book clubs.

College students can access textbooks and magazines of their preferred topics from this platform, making it an effective learning platform. Moreover, this site permits the sharing of books among the users, making it easy for college students to share the best books they have used. 

Pros of VK

Cons of VK


This website comprises all things on the internet. It offers a variety of deleted contents, specific media, and lost documents. This website is effective in backup, and many college students use it to back up their books. Moreover, this website offers many document formats; therefore, conversion is limited. This website is ideal for preserving millions of historical documents and books for an extended period.

History students can obtain historical documents from this website for their studies. allows the users to borrow the copies of books that are achieved and uploaded. The website is effective and contains uncommon textbooks. 

The website also has the downloading option that is periodically refreshing, making it easy to download materials from the website. On several occasions, college students may find it challenging to get specific learning materials that have been deleted from the internet. is the best place where the students can access any deleted material, media, or lost documents from the internet.

Pros of

Cons of


Bookboon is one of the online platforms for textbooks and e-books. Their library comprises more than one thousand free textbooks authored by professors to students. This website can be used for professional and business studies. Most of this library focus on marketing, business, finance, and economics textbooks.

To access Bookboon, the student must sign up, create an account using university email, and then create a personal password.  This website offers free students’ subscriptions that allow the students to access the textbooks free.

However, several advertisements are displayed on the website. The advertisements can be avoided by upgrading to paid-subscription plans.  Bookboon, just like other online libraries, provides diverse textbooks and e-books of a different discipline.

College students can access the website for their preferred textbooks of certain topics through free-student subscriptions.

Pros of Bookboon

Cons of Bookboon

OpenStax is an advanced website that offers access to a multitude of free textbooks online. Moreover, students can take and highlight notes on textbooks found in the OpenStax platform.

 OpenStax is attributed to Rice University, which is one of the nonprofit organizations that further education financial access. OpenStax creates and provides textbooks that are applied at the high school level, AP course level, and college level. The students can access the textbooks by browsing the subject.

OpenStax is efficient for learning though it is not a textbook search engine required by student courses. In addition, OpenStax provides extra support in a given subject.

Therefore, college students can use this website to get extra hits apart from the concepts taught in the classroom. In addition, the OpenStax textbooks are readily available and accessible by any college student.

Moreover, OpenStax textbooks consist of answer guides that can enable students to learn independently.  This website is an online repository that is controlled by nonprofit organizations that provide tools, distribution channels, and guidance for resources and learning materials.

Pros of

Cons of is a nonprofit online initiative platform that offers online courses. The courses that are offered at are designed by the subject experts who develop learning materials for the respective courses. provides learning materials that can be utilized in various courses, including in colleges. The textbooks, articles, and novels are critical in helping college students to understand several concepts in their respective courses.   

Moreover, the textbooks are available for students to share, keep, and revise under an open license. uses multiple links to enable the students to shar5e the learning material they have accessed through the platform. Moreover, the student can easily print or save the PDF of the accessed documents.

Students are required to create an account and password to access this website. The student can register for the same course he is undertaking at the college to obtain books and articles of the course. allows free learning, and the privacy of the user is highly guaranteed.

Pros of

Cons of

Open Textbook Library

The open textbook library is another website that offers free textbooks that can be downloaded. As the name suggests, the texts are free to download and use. Students can search the site using the subjects such as law, mass media, and humanities.

Open textbook libraries provide textbooks that can be downloaded in the form of EPUB or PDF. Moreover, the library offers a table of contents, reviews, and author information. The site provides social sciences textbooks and humanities-related field texts than STEM-related fields.

Many textbooks in the library are at the introductory level to numerous different topics.  The open textbook library is not wide compared to other online libraries, but it offers a variety of textbooks that college students can use.  This site does not require creating an account, and it is easy to browse using the subject.

Pros of Open Textbook Library

Cons of Open Textbook Library

Free Book Spot

Free Book spot is another version of the free textbook download site.  The homepage can be turned off by many ads and blue links. However, this source is reliable. Students can access the textbook on this website by searching the author, title, language, and ISBN.

The search produces the results table featuring the year of file update and the book cover. Free book spot is not only a free online textbook site but also houses many books.

Students can download textbooks for different subjects such as astrology, engineering, and astrology. Free Book Spot does not require the creation of an account for access. Instead, students can browse the website and search for the specific textbook using the title, language, ISBN, or author.

However, the safety of downloads in free book sport is not guaranteed, and the website consists of several spam ads that can transmit the virus to your desktop or phone.

Pros of Free Book Spot

Cons of Free Book Spot

PDF Grab

PDF Grab is another online website that offers free textbooks. The student can search the book using ISBN or title. However, ISBN is the most preferred method because it produces a specific edition of the book.

In case the ISBN is not provided, the student can search the book on Google, and the ISBN will be automatically attached to the site where the book is available, including Amazon.

When a student searches the textbook, the results will indicate the textbook cover and summary. Moreover, the website consists of a download link that is clicked.

The layout of PDF Grab is user-friendly and straightforward. PDF grab does not require creating an account, and any student can easily access textbooks through browsing. 

However, the textbook downloaded inform of PDF has a fixed layout and requires multiple steps to access. Moreover, textbooks obtained from PDF grab are challenging to share.

Pros of PDF Grab

Cons of PDF Grab


Stuvera is another online website that offers free access to online textbooks and permits the download of study and audiobooks. It also consists of the learning sections that offer courses in different subjects.

The course on ancient Egypt derived from the University of Pennsylvania is an example of the courses offered at the Stuvera site. The course disintegrates study projects within one week and involves the cases of assignments and movies for individual practice. Thus, Stuvera is vital in preparing students for their courses.

Students can also use the online courses in stuvera as a study tool and go ahead of the class. Stuvera involves registration for a free account that the student can use to aces the free textbooks.

The online learning feature in Stuvera is vital in highlighting new subjects.  Stuvera can enable the students to navigate several concepts that have not been discussed in class, making them go ahead of the professor. Moreover, it allows the student to study independently.

Pros of Stuvera

Cons of Stuvera


FreeTechBooks is an online platform that provides resources related to science, engineering, technology, and mathematics. It provides free access to science textbooks, lecture notes, and other resources. FreeTechBooks are limited to one area, and its major resources are narrowed down.

Students can browse the library by popular downloads, publisher, author, and category. FreeTechBooks platform is organized with several subcategories in each heading.

It consists of resources related to artificial intelligence, operating systems, programming, and scripting.

This site does not demand the creation of an account, and students can easily browse the required textbook using the title, author, language, or ISBN. FreeTechBooks are specialized in a specific area, making it an ideal resource of science.

Pros of FreeTechBooks

Cons of FreeTechBooks

Digital Book Index

Unlike other online digital platforms, Digital Book Index provides plenty of free texts. In addition, the subject search on this website is very impressive.

Students can use control and F keys to search for the page keywords. For example, the title/author search consists of a key that defines the best way of searching the site.

Searching the authors using their first name or putting the title in quotes are some of the fundamental aspects. This website is ideal for historical texts. Humanities and history students can use this website to obtain their required textbooks. The website comprises several research papers that are vital in college studies.  This website consists of abundant resources that can help the students in their studies. Digital Book Index is well organized and serves as one of the best resources for history and humanities textbooks. This website does not involve the creation of an account for access. Students can easily browse the site and search the book using the author or title.

Pros of Digital Book Index

 Cons of Digital Book Index

Many books

As the name suggests, the Many Books platform is comprised of many books. It is one of the critical online libraries that contain many genres ranging from children’s books to horror mysteries. Many books have diverse books.

Students can search for the desired text using the search bar at the top. In addition, many Books are designed so that if the searched text is not on the site, ads with links to the site with the text are generated.

This website is rich in all types of novels. Therefore, media students do not require textbooks, they mostly use novels, and all these novels are found on the Many Books website. Moreover, law students can also gain from the website by retrieving the desired novels that are proficient for language development.

Many Books is designed so that students can access the book by searching the author, title, or keyword. Moreover, it does not demand the creation of an account for access.

Pros of Many Books

Cons of Many Books

Things to Consider when Downloading Free College Textbooks Online

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 85% of students attending a traditional 4-year-college course receive a form of financial aid to help cover for different costs of college. However, In most cases, the aid only covers for tuition, leaving students struggling with other expenses such as upkeep, materials needed for class, and other bills.

In a rush to get free college textbooks and save some costs, you might get frustrated. We know you want to spend money efficiently and would do anything to save a few dollars. But do you know that you can complete a course without necessarily using a textbook? Well, here are some facts about college textbooks:

Parting Shot!

If you are having a hard time finding ways to download online college textbooks for free online, we are sure that you have that solved to this end.

College is expensive, and if you do not have the privilege of cutting finances it can wear you down. These websites can save you a few dollars that you can use to budget for bills.

Apart from the websites we have explored you can also check Google Scholar,, Textbook Revolution, Bookyards, eBookLobby, DigitalbookIndex, Free Book Spot and other sources that you might find online.

Buying or renting textbooks is better than chucking off money to purchase the books, especially if you are cash strapped. You can save money by downloading textbooks from the websites above.

In our experience, Library Genesis is the best. Our professional writers have always used it to find textbooks that they need. also has a list of updated textbooks and articles.

The good thing is that these websites are accessible and let you save money. If we forgot to mention your favorite, contact us through the “contact us” page and share your insights.