Criminal Justice Research Topics for Research Papers

Last Updated: 09 September 2019

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Immediately someone asks you “what is criminal justice?” law enforcement, victims, the courts, crimes, the law, prison systems, and justice, among others come to mind. Thinly defined, criminal justice refers to a system used by governments to mitigate or prevent the occurrence of crimes within and beyond their jurisdictions. Criminal justice sanctions violators of the law while maintaining peace and the rule of law or order. You must note that different parts of the world have different criminal justice systems.

Research statistics indicate that criminal justice assignments come second after the law or legal studies assignments. Notably, the two are tough and give students a headache to complete.

Writing a criminal justice research paper requires accuracy, keenness, and patience. Besides, you have to use credible scholarly sources to support the facts and ideas in your paper.

However, it is always prudent to first find outstanding and unique criminal justice research topics. This here is the most challenging task that students undertake. Some even fear to construct criminal justice research paper topics. Instead, they will ask themselves “what topics are there involving criminal justice for a research paper.”

This list of potential criminal justice research topics answers the question “what are some good research paper topics in criminal justice.”

In this article, you will find over 100 plus criminal justice research topic ideas. When handing your criminal justice assignment, you can always trust our paper writing help agency for assistance.

Defining Criminal Justice Research Paper

So, what is a criminal justice research paper? You may ask. Criminal justice research papers or writing assignments are taken by law students or those pursuing criminology. They are papers that mostly deal with crime and justice.

With criminal justice studies, students are taught how to identify crime, analyze it, prevent it, and look into different illegal acts. It entails the analysis of legislation, court studies, and examination of various theories of crime and peace.

When writing a criminology research paper, it is paramount that you choose an excellent criminal justice research topic.  However, you must note that a criminal justice research paper topic must take into consideration the heterogeneity of legislations from state to state.

Sometimes, if it is a broad criminal justice paper, going international through exploring different case studies and sources of conflict can always be prudent.

After choosing a good topic, you should come up with a great thesis statement for a research paper. Besides, you should be willing to format the paper and proofread it before submitting it. If it is an argumentative research paper, be sure to indicate the arguments for and against then draw a strong conclusion.

Criminology Topics for Research Paper

  1. The portrayal of domestic violence in the media

  2. Impacts of domestic violence on children

  3. Exploring and critiquing theories of crime

  4. Integration of former prisoners to the community

  5. Relationship between unemployment and the rise of gangs and crimes in the U.S.

  6. How intelligence affects crime rates

  7. Impacts of drunk driving on rising accident statistics

  8. Online fraud and global banking systems

  9. Violence against the homeless

  10. Elderly abuse in nursing homes

  11. Does capital punishment deter crime

  12. The war on drugs

  13. Gun violence in the U.S.

  14. Hate Crimes in the United States

  15. Police brutality in the US

  16. Does crime mapping help prevent crime?

  17. Criminal record systems

  18. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking: the mediating role of technology.

  19. Organized crime and transnational crime

  20. The rise of homegrown terrorists

  21. The link between organized crime and terrorism.

  22. Victimless crimes

  23. The social production of crime

  24. Predictors of criminal behavior

  25. Rates of Recidivism and Race

  26. Professional crime and crime within an organisation pose special problems for the theories of crime because many of those involved have high social status. Why should this be a problem and how can such crimes explain?

Controversial Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Limited Rights of police officers.

  2. Causes of college or campus violence.

  3. The use of body cameras in law enforcement.

  4. Ethics of different crime punishments.

  5. Racial biases in investigations in the US.

  6. Connecting Crime and Modern Music like Hip Hop and Rock.

  7. Legal codes used in America

  8. Sexual exploitation by media personalities and the rich in America

  9. Gun violence and prevention policies

  10. Criminal justice reforms in the US.

  11. Youth offenders and Bootcamps

  12. Detention of immigrants in squalid conditions.

  13. Abuse of power by criminal justice practitioners

  14. Zero tolerance policy and crime rates

  15. Drugs, human, and arms trafficking in the contemporary world

  16. Prostitution and human trafficking

  17. A wave of financial crimes and their connection to terrorism.

  18. Private prisons

  19. Prison labor

  20. Prison-industrial complex

  21. Criminalization of poverty

  22. Medical marijuana and crime rates.

  23. The Rise of Punitive Criminal Justice Policy in the United States.

  24. Race and politics of criminal justice.

International Law Assignment Topics

  1. International criminal law treaties.

  2. The role of Interpol in fighting international crime.

  3. Amnesty international and criminal justice systems.

  4. Women and international criminal law.

  5. Controversial decisions made by the ICC, ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia), and the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda).

  6. Child soldiers in Africa. A case of Sudan, Somali, and Congo.

  7. Blood minerals

  8. Methods used in drug trafficking

  9. Famous and notorious arms trafficking routes globally

  10. International offenders

  11. The global fight against corruption and socio-economic crimes

  12. Human rights violations in Sudan or Uganda.

  13. Transnational crimes and international laws.

  14. International criminal tribunals.

  15. Human right violations during wars

  16. The role of the International Criminal Court

  17. Crimes against humanities

Reasonable Criminology Research Topics

  1. Juvenile delinquency treatment program in a community of choice

  2. Crime Victim processing

  3. Importance of recognizing the signs of stalking

  4. Criminal definition of stalking in your jurisdiction

  5. Offender processing

  6. Criminalization of poverty

  7. Stricter laws and gun possession

  8. Strategies to reduce economic crimes

  9. Gender bias in investigations

  10. Criminal Justice reforms

  11. Juvenile detention procedures

  12. Incarcerated parents and crime

  13. Digital Storytelling as a Crime Prevention Initiative for High-Risk Communities

Criminal Justice Research Topics (Crime and Communities)

  1. Civilian review boards

  2. Gang identities

  3. Prison architecture and construction

  4. Community policing and crime

  5. Policing protest

  6. Criminalizing activism and protest

  7. Juvenile justice

  8. Criminalization and disaster

  9. Reentry of prisoners

  10. The families of prisoners

  11. Forensics and investigations

  12. Parole and probation and crime

  13. Child protection services

  14. Selection of jury

  15. Women in prison

  16. Criminalization of the youth of color

  17. Censorship and surveillance

  18. Racial discrimination among prisoners

  19. Racial discrimination during arrests

  20. Discrimination during the negotiation process

  21. Immigrants and rates of crime and incarceration

  22. The profile of famous American prisoners

  23. Rap music and the connection between crime and gangs

  24. Restorative justice processes and procedures

  25. Child abduction cases

  26. Social control theory

  27. Crime control theories

  28. Victimization theories

  29. Social learning methods

  30. Transitional justice

  31. Methods of interrogations

  32. Attorney honesty and the rule of law

  33. White-collar crime

  34. Nigerian Nationals and Online Fraud

  35. Mandatory sentencing

  36. Jury nullification

  37. Wrongful convictions

  38. DUI policies

  39. Civilian review boards

  40. Identity theft and digital media

  41. Legacy of Rodney King

  42. Forensic processing of crime scenes

  43. Overcriminalization and decriminalization in the USA

  44. Planted evidence

  45. Men's rea and Actus rea

  46. Intellectual property laws

  47. Preventing football hooliganism

  48. False confessions

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