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Last Updated: 28 June 2019
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Arguably, one thing that is surely hard for students is choosing the right international business research paper topics.  Irrefutably, given the depth and breadth of business research papers, most students end up with shallow topics. It is the same thing when writing a business essay, business report or a business dissertation.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge of generating topic ideas for your international business research papers. From international management to international marketing, we have professional writers to help with all your essays. Undeniably, hurriedly choosing a topic can be very tempting.

Some of the focus areas for international business essays include expansion and entry modes of MNCs, international strategic management, tariffs and subsidies, exports and imports, among others.

Some professors will require you to write about the capitalism concepts, which leads to an analysis of Reaganomics in the 80s. Whatever the case, always know that you have a team behind

How to Choose International Research Paper Topics

Most college students wonder the rocket science behind choosing the best research paper topics. Choosing a research paper topic for your international business term paper, research paper, essay, or proposal maters. Here is how to choose the best topics for your research paper:

Writing an International Business Research Paper

When assigned international business research paper topics, you should begin by planning your research paper.  Planning helps you choose the topic to adopt for the research paper, report, business proposal, or term paper. Here is how to plan:

  1. Determine the credible and scholarly materials to use. Fundamentally, if they are websites, try to avoid Wikipedia. Therefore, only use websites that end with .org, .edu, .gov, among others. If you must use .com websites, ensure they are credible of the companies mentioned in the paper.

  2. Seek help from the supervisor after writing a working bibliography. Sometimes, you will write an annotated bibliography to culminate your business research paper. Take that chance to perfect your writing.

  3. Collect the data for your research paper, given the topic.

  4. Revise your working bibliography to ascertain the quality of the list.

  5. The age of your sources should be within 5 or 10 years. Typically, this depends on the lecturer or professor. Thus, consult on the age of the sources to include.

  6. Write an outline and structure of your international business research paper.

  7. Begin writing a plagiarism free research paper.

  8. Edit and proofread the paper before submitting.

Topic Ideas for Research Papers on International Business

Apparently, we can only be nothing but mean if we do not give you a sample of research paper topics for international business papers:

  1. Apple’s Internationalization Strategy for its products.

  2. Localization or Adaptation? Which is the best Internationalization Strategy?

  3. The impact of Ethics and CSR on MNCs. A Case Study of Proctor and Gamble.

  4. The Success Factors of Carrefour in China.

  5. The most popular mistakes startups make today.

  6. Understanding the Foreign Exchange Markets

  7. What factors determine the location of production plants?

  8. Analysis of the strategy used by GM and Toyota.

  9. The Entry Mode of Coca-Cola in Cuba.

  10. The impacts of Terrorism on the Economy of a country.

  11. The role of government in international trade.

  12. The impacts of Brexit on the Economy of EU.

The Best Research Paper Topics for International Business Class

  1. How Brexit affects the Economy of Dubai.

  2. Understanding the strategy used by leading airlines.

  3. Which companies should pay for healthcare budgets?

  4. The impacts of legislation on Tobacco production and marketing.

  5. Do government profit from war?

  6. Companies that have succeeded nationally and failed internationally.

  7. Understanding the international IT market and industry.

  8. Impacts of artificial intelligence on the workforce.

  9. Globalization yesterday and today: what is the difference?

  10. The impacts of US government shutdown on business.

  11. Does the country of origin labeling affect sales internationally?

  12. Economic consequences of nuclear power in the EU.

  13. The impacts of patent cases on Apple’s sales.

  14. Analysis of Google Inc.

  15. Does Digital marketing have a place in the global market?

Good Topics for Business Term Papers or Essays

  1. The impacts of technology on supply chain management and logistics.

  2. Women in business: Is there a link between feminism and entrepreneurship?

  3. The impact of capping lawyers’ fees on their income.

  4. Employee training and development: The new source of competitive advantage.

  5. Corporate Ethics and Profits: A Case Study of General Electric.

  6. Understanding the success of global non-profit

  7. How has the invention and innovation affected the book publishing industry?

  8. Frugal innovation and its impact on business.

  9. Discrimination at the workplace: A case study of the construction industry in UAE.

  10. The role of Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  11. Big Pharma: Business or Consumer interest First?

  12. The glass ceiling: Understanding the impacts of gender bias in the contemporary workplace.

  13. Factors affecting the choice of Foreign Direct Investments.

Check out some of the most extensive and comprehensive topics for your research paper.

Where to Get Help with International Business Essays

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