Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 115 Ideas for your College Papers

Last Updated: 27 March 2023

cause and effect topic

Cause and effect essay is one of the essays students like writing. Mainly, when writing a cause-and-effect essay, you are required to determine a scenario where an event or action results in some effects or consequences. You are then required to explain what transpired. It is a type of essay that helps you tie different patterns to occurrences. Let us help you choose the best cause-and-effect essay topics.

One worry of most students is “, how do I choose the best topic for my cause-and-effect essay?” well, here are some nuggets.

In this article, we present some good topic ideas for cause-and-effect essays.

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Education and Society Cause and Effect Topics

  1. What are the consequences of high student debts in America?
  2. Impacts of high college dropout rates
  3. Consequences of teen pregnancy on female students
  4. Impacts of 9/11 on the educational policies
  5. Xenophobia and its effects in institutions of higher learning
  6. Does class size affect the outcomes of students?
  7. The impact of bullying on student outcomes
  8. Benefits of technology on the academic outcomes of students
  9. Consequences of online learning on student performance
  10. What are the effects of social media on student outcomes?
  11. Does homeschooling have benefits or drawbacks?
  12. Rising cases of student suicide rates and the causes?
  13. School shootings and how gun laws affect it
  14. Causes and consequences of the school shooting
  15. What are the impacts of discrimination among students?
  16. The causes of college dropouts
  17. Consequences of campus diversity
  18. Impacts of student grants and scholarship on academic outcomes

Topics on Health and Society

  1. The physical benefits of plastic surgery
  2. Impacts of the opioid epidemic
  3. Psychological impacts of video games on children
  4. Religion, gender, and medical seeking behaviors
  5. Does being at war cause PTSD among soldiers?
  6. Impacts of vaccinations or immunizations on children’s health
  7. Causes and impacts of hospital-acquired infections
  8. The impacts of AIDs on society
  9. HPV vaccines and how it affects society
  10. Causes and effects of malnutrition
  11. Nationalizing the health industry, causes, and effects
  12. The benefits and effects of acupuncture
  13. Impacts and causes of tumors
  14. The impact and causes of cancer
  15. Environmental factors that affect immunity
  16. Consequences and causes of childhood obesity
  17. How fast foods affect the human population
  18. Causes and consequences of anorexia and bulimia.
  19. The causes of asthma and how it is prevented
  20. Social impacts of HIV stigmatization
  21. Causes of cataract
  22. Technology and how it affects human health
  23. Impacts of blue light on circadian response and eye health
  24. Impacts of antibiotics resistance
  25. Drug resistance and how it is a global problem
  26. Impacts of health insurance on health outcomes

General Cause and Effect Essay Topics for outstanding Essays

  1. What causes infertility in women?
  2. The causes of Arab spring and its effect
  3. Colonialism and its effect on African states
  4. The rise of ISIS and its impact on international security
  5. The impacts of globalization on society
  6. Effects of government control in markets
  7. Causes and consequences of the recession
  8. Forced marriages and their impact on the modern family
  9. The impacts of domestic violence on children
  10. Causes of impotence in men
  11. Effect of video games on students’ performance
  12. Causes and consequences of the World Wars
  13. The causes and impacts of the Holocaust
  14. Insomnia and how it affects human health
  15. Causes of fires in forests
  16. The impacts of deforestation in Brazil
  17. Consequences of deforestation in the Amazon Basin
  18. Effects of GMO Foods
  19. Bullying and social media use among teenagers

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Other Good Topics for Essays

  1. Effects and causes of racial discrimination
  2. The impacts of homegrown terrorism
  3. The impacts of gun laws on police brutality
  4. The impacts of blockchain technology on business
  5. Bitcoin-Causes and consequences of market failure
  6. Consequences and causes of heart diseases
  7. Effects of divorce on children
  8. Drug ways, its impact, and consequences in Colombia
  9. The impacts of the internet and social media on cyberbullying
  10. What causes voter apathy in elections?
  11. Causes and consequences of air pollution
  12. Teenage drug abuse, its causes, and consequences
  13. What are the causes and consequences of stress in the workplace
  14. Causes of air accidents
  15. Impacts of marine ecology
  16. Causes and consequences of melting glaciers
  17. Impacts of global warming on society
  18. The rise of terrorism and its impacts on society
  19. Consequences of football hooliganism
  20. The impacts of police violence
  21. Effects of drunk driving and texting when driving
  22. The consequences of loud music and earbuds when jogging on the highway
  23. Impacts of pornography on teenagers and married couples
  24. How online shopping creates impulse buying
  25. The rise of lazy human beings in the digital age and its consequences
  26. Causes of fake news and its consequences on media houses' reputation
  27. Impacts of youth unemployment in the society
  28. How colon cancer affects the human population
  29. Impacts of smartphones on marriages and relationships
  30. How selfie has affected the self-esteem of youths
  31. Data analytics and how it can be used in terrorism
  32. Impacts of technology on radicalization

Consider this list of Cause and Effect Essay Topics when Writing an Outline

  1. The rise of citizen journalism and slacktivism; how it affects society
  2. Does artificial intelligence affect the pharmaceutical industry?
  3. Causes and consequences of high crime rates
  4. The impacts of human trafficking and prostitution
  5. Causes and consequences of medical tourism
  6. The impacts of north Korean nuclear weapon creation on the world
  7. Drone attacks and how they will affect the future
  8. The impacts of DNA on crime scene processing
  9. The impacts of the feminist movement on society
  10. The causes and consequences of drug and substance abuse
  11. The causes of the Vietnam war and its effects
  12. The impacts of the Spanish war on the US
  13. Impacts of forensic science on the criminal justice system
  14. The consequences of world poverty on hunger
  15. Causes of faster maturity in women compared to men
  16. The impacts of body shaming on women
  17. The impacts of harassment in the workplace
  18. The causes of consequences on parity in STEM subjects
  19. Consequences of cybersecurity breaches on companies
  20. The impacts of movies and advertisements on consumerism

If you are stuck with choosing the best cause-and-effect essay topics for your cause-and-effect essays, we have provided you with some topic ideas. The list can help you score big and great in college essays.

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