Writinga Descriptive Essay in Simple Steps (Plus Tips)

Last Updated: 24 August 2023
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In the course of your academic life, writing essays and assignments are mandatory. Learning how to write a descriptive essay can be a very beneficial art. Otherwise, writing a college descriptive essay can be a tricky endeavor. If you are lucky enough to hire our services, our writers can give you on the spot essay writing topics for your descriptive essay.

Despite being a complex art, your professor expects that you master different writing styles. Each essay must always match the requirements and the essentials of an essay within your course text.

In this article, we give you tricks on how to start and conclude your descriptive essay. These nuggets of wisdom can come in handy when handling all your college assignments.

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Every college student understands that a descriptive essay is the easiest to write. However, what is a descriptive essay?  Where can you find the best websites to do your assignments and essays online? What makes a descriptive essay simple? Or how can you write a descriptive essay about a dream?

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Definition of a Descriptive Essay

Students always ask what a descriptive essay is. They also ask what makes it different from ordinary essays.  Well, as the name suggests, a descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes a process, event, an experience, a person, or an encounter. Such essays are meant to give an outstanding description of the subject.

When tasked with writing descriptive essays, it is best that you use your experiences, thoughts, and ideas. It is also good to carefully think around a memory, a person, an event, an object, or an event. The elements can help organize ideas in your essay.

A descriptive essay can be written to recount past events, lessons learned due to some negative occurrence, or the impact of a given encounter in one’s life. For this reason, a descriptive essay must have a clear purpose. The purpose should be judiciously featured in the thesis statement. Clear, descriptive essays get great marks even from the hardest professors.

A descriptive essay differs from a typical essay in that it lacks external sources. However, like other essays, they are five-paragraph format as well.

How to Describe in a Descriptive Essay

When describing things, you can opt to use spatial order, to describe objects. However, it is good to take your perceptions or senses into action. Make use of the five senses: touch, smell, sound, touch, and taste, to make a vivid description.

The Structure of a Descriptive Essay

We have an entire post dedicated to the best outline of a descriptive essay. We are sure that by doing so you will be a pro in writing a descriptive essay. Here are the parts of a descriptive essay.

The introduction

When beginning your descriptive essay, your introduction should have a thesis to attract and keep the readers tuned. Have the context of the essay and proper chronology of facts for a good flowing introduction. This very well answers your question on how to start a descriptive essay.

Three Body Paragraphs

Interested readers will delve deeper in a well-organized and high-quality descriptive essay. Thus, ensure that your body paragraphs are linked, flowing, and organized.  Have some logical sense in your essay. Each of the paragraphs should have introductory sentences, examples, and concluding sentences.

It would help if you refrained from using clichés or the generic sentences when building your climax. Instead, use unique yet simple words. Always avoid jargons and difficult terminologies. The body should have enough evidence to support the thesis.

The Conclusion

How do you finish a descriptive essay? Well, your conclusion should restate the thesis statement. It should also have a summary of your essay. Rephrasing the thesis statement is good at this point.

How to Start and Write a Descriptive Essay

Before commencing to write a descriptive essay, always ensure that you know what you are describing in general. Here are some of the things to describe:

The list of what you can describe is endless. Sometimes, you can receive particular instructions from your professor on what to write. However, if there is no instruction, you need to choose the best topics for your descriptive essays.

When starting a descriptive essay, think of your thesis statement. Express your ideas by writing an outline for your descriptive essay. You can have five tables for each of the five senses to help organize your essay.

Draft your Expository Essay

We advise you to have the first draft of your descriptive essay to what you think is close to its best version. Countercheck whether you have all the major points in all the paragraphs. Also, your first draft should give you a perspective of your topic and concluding sentences. If you are not sure, you can get free descriptive essay samples upon request from our website.

Enrich your vocabulary in the Essay

It is very important to choose the best wording for your essay.  Vocabulary adds taste to your expository essay writing process. Ensure that the grammar flows. If unsure about how to place a word, use Oxford, Cambridge, or Webster online dictionaries.

Check the grammar of your Essay

It is always best to check the grammatical sense in your essay. An essay should be coherent for it to flow. Since your eyes can miss some mistakes, it is advisable to use the third eye. Our essay editing and proofreading service.

You can also use a range of online grammar software/websites such as Grammarly, Grammarcheck, Languagetool or the Ginger software. These free grammar online checking tools should make it easy to get the best essay submitted to your professor.

Exceptional Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

Sometimes, writing a descriptive essay can be hard. However, choosing a good topic for your essay can be a significant milestone.  Given the different things that one can describe there are thousands of topics to choose from.

Example of Topics for Descriptive Essays Describing a Place

Character and Behavior Topics for Expository Essays

Essay topics on Occupations, Processes, and Hobbies

Essay Topics on Experience

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Parting Shot: Be a Descriptive Essay Pro

The list is endless. If you do not know how to write a descriptive essay, we can help. Use your imagination and creativity when writing one.  You should always ensure that you have a good structure for your essay. If you need paper writing help, our professional writers can help. Let us handle all your homework while you spend your time wisely.