List of Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Last Updated: 16 February 2023

Choosing an interesting persuasive speech topic enables you to write and deliver an amazing speech that will forever earn you a space in the memories of your audience. Like writing persuasive essays, persuasive speeches require in-depth research, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. You can write a persuasive speech for a class assignment or an occasion such as a protest/demonstration, community meeting, or political event.

Written properly, a persuasive speech helps you to convince your audience about your specific point of view. A perfect speech when written persuasively shows others that you have researched, read, formed an opinion, and can defend your stance using appropriate evidence, examples, and illustration.

Like a special occasion speech or an impromptu speech, you must show that you understand your act well. However, we have noticed that millions of students are struggling when it comes to the ideation of the best topics for a persuasive speech assignment.

In this article, we have compiled a list of interesting topics for a persuasive speech and ideas that can also inspire you as you select or research a topic. Our aim is to see to it that you write an amazing piece that scores better grades and convinces your audience. We have categorized the topics to make it easy for you to navigate, select, and get inspired.

A Comprehensive List of Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

When writing a persuasive speech, you will be using logos, ethos, and pathos to convince your audience and readers. A good way to begin writing a persuasive speech is to choose the right topic that is manageable, relevant, not too narrow, or too wide, and interesting enough for you to meet the word count. We are writing this because we constantly get the question ďwhatís the best persuasive speech topic to write my speech on?" often this arises due to confusion about what type of speech. there are three variations of persuasive speech. The factual persuasive speech contains factual evidence proving truth or falseness. There is also the value persuasive speech that argues whether something is right or wrong from a moral perspective. Finally, the policy persuasive speech deals with policies, legislations, laws, government programs, governance, etc.

Given this understanding, let us look at the good persuasive speech topics that you can consider when writing your academic or professional assignment. You have an endless list of things and issues to write about, but let us bring your mind closer to issues that matter.

Arts and Culture Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Are graffiti a form of art?

  2. Are graffiti related to crime?

  3. Should every student learn arts and culture?

  4. Is digital art replacing traditional art?

  5. Are paintings being used for money laundering?

  6. Is watching violent videos related to violence in real life?

  7. Should schools teach students music instruments?

  8. Do arts help explore themes that affect society?

  9. Are museums effective in preserving arts and culture?

  10. Are multicultural societies better?

  11. Has pop influenced American culture?

  12. Is art and music therapy effective for mental health illnesses?

  13. Can art therapy work for groups?

  14. Has globalization affected arts?

  15. Is architecture art?

  16. Are political cartoons a form of art?

  17. Is Banksy a vandal or an artist?

  18. Is art a good investment option?

  19. Should photojournalism be censored?

  20. Is advertisement a form of art?

  21. Did cultural revolution affect Chinese art?

Automotive Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should wearing helmets be mandatory to bicycle riders?

  2. Are motorcycle accidents fatal than vehicle accidents?

  3. Should cyclists share the road with vehicles?

  4. Is Formula One a dangerous sport?

  5. Should car restoration be prioritized over making new vehicles?

  6. Are self-driving cars efficient?

  7. Should OEMs be working with or against Big Tech?

  8. Do electric and hybrid vehicles save the environment?

  9. Should alcohol test kits be integrated in vehicle design?

  10. Should drivers take frequent tests to assess their competencies?

  11. Are truck drivers being overworked?

  12. Are autonomous vehicles efficient?

  13. Should countries encourage shared mobility

  14. Is vehicle connectivity a good idea?

  15. Is non-lithium battery tech key to EV-ICE cost parity?

  16. Is vehicle data monetization providing value to customers?

  17. Are car shows inspirational?

  18. Should auto companies make more manual vehicles?

  19. Should children use booster seats in vehicles?

  20. Are child car seats worth it?

  21. Is texting while driving dangerous?

  22. Should driving tests be free?

  23. Should auto makers encourage hands-free cellphone use?

  24. Are Japanese cars better than Korean cars?

  25. Do Americans love bigger engines in cars?

  26. Should police chase a car?

  27. Should accident warning systems be installed on major highways?

  28. Are self-driving trucks the promise of the future?

  29. Does war in Ukraine affect the automotive industry?

  30. The shortage of semiconductor chips affects the auto industry

Economy and Economics Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should the federal minimum wage be increased?

  2. Should tipping be mandatory in restaurants?

  3. Should customers prioritize products made in their countries?

  4. Should interns be paid?

  5. Should older people get free housing?

  6. Should governments increase taxes for imported goods?

  7. Does walking and biking bonuses save the environment?

  8. Should governments waiver taxes for electric vehicles?

  9. Are free trade agreements bad for labor?

  10. Should MNCs pay all employees abroad and within the same?

  11. Are exports good for economic growth?

  12. Does corruption affect economic growth and country development?

  13. Does political unrest affect the economy?

  14. Is economics a science or an art?

  15. Are child care challenges during the pandemic related to employment dynamics?

  16. Can governments entirely solve unemployment?

  17. How high cost of energy affects the economic growth of a country

  18. Is entrepreneurship research beneficial?

  19. Is innovation-driven entrepreneurship the promise of the future?

  20. Does globalization affect the economy?

  21. Does exchange rates volatility affect global food supply chains?

Education Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Is online education beneficial than hybrid learning?

  2. Should all poor children access free tuition?

  3. Is getting MBA worth it?

  4. Are nursing schools discriminating minority students?

  5. Should teachers be paid better than every other profession?

  6. Students responsible for cyberbullying should be expelled?

  7. Should schools be blamed for rising childhood obesity cases?

  8. Should schools offer free and nutritious meals to all students?

  9. Should student loan debts be forgiven?

  10. Schools should have the right to search studentís personal property?

  11. Should wearing school uniforms be mandatory?

  12. Should teachers wear professional uniforms while in school settings?

  13. Should governments fund the continuation of education for teachers?

  14. Are school districts efficient in the education system?

  15. Should schools be guarded by armed guards?

  16. Should schools be built far from city distractions?

  17. Should schools allow afternoon naps for students?

  18. Should high school students complete a mandatory community service before graduation?

  19. Are charter schools better than public schools?

  20. Is buying essays online safe?

  21. Are boarding schools making kids miss parental love and care?

  22. Are gendered schools best for the future of students?

  23. Is university education worth the investment?

  24. Should schools prioritize skills over theory?

  25. Does AI benefit the education system?

Elections Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Are elections ever free and fair?

  2. Are elections necessary in Africa?

  3. Should electoral college be abolished?

  4. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

  5. Should patients in hospitals vote?

  6. Does religion, gender, and employment influence voting patterns?

  7. Should elected leaders be exempted from paying taxes?

  8. Is postal voting free and fair?

  9. Is open ballot better than machine voting?

  10. Can AI and machine learning help in elections?

  11. Is in-person voting better than paperless voting?

  12. Are election campaigns costly?

  13. Can election officials maintain neutrality during elections?

  14. Is todayís election process a reflection of cyber might among candidates?

  15. Did Russia meddle into US elections?

  16. Has immigration affected elections in the USA?

  17. Are elections debt brakes?

  18. Are free and fair elections a promise of progress?

  19. Are political parties necessary in an election?

  20. Does satire influence elections?

  21. Are physical campaigns better for election candidates?

Environment Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should we switch to renewable sources of energy?

  2. Does harnessing wind power affect or improve the environment?

  3. Hydraulic fracking should be banned

  4. Disposable diapers should be banned

  5. The use of plastics outside home settings should be banned

  6. Are hybrid and electric cars good for the environment?

  7. Is ocean cleaning strategies effective in reducing ocean pollution?

  8. Do microplastics affect marine life?

  9. Pollution directly and indirectly affects human health and wellbeing

  10. Can algae be used to make oil?

  11. Does overpopulation affect the environment?

  12. Is overpopulation linked to drought and famine?

  13. Should people walk and bike often than drive cars?

  14. Is carpooling a promise to environmental conservation?

  15. Should we grow native plants in gardens

  16. Should governments enact strict environmental protection laws?

  17. Are oil spills dangerous

  18. Fishing regulations help protect natural resources

  19. Re-usable bags are a promise to environmental protection

  20. Palm oil should be banned

  21. Oil drilling in Alaska affects the environment

  22. Is China the leading global polluter?

  23. Ocean acidification affects marine species

  24. Road and infrastructure construction affects biodiversity

  25. All cities should invest in trees

  26. Microbes are beneficial to humans

  27. Carbon tax is beneficial for society

  28. Green IT as a promise for environmental conservation

  29. Recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas effects

  30. Global warming affects the global food sustainability

  31. Wildfires affect biodiversity

  32. Ecotourism should be encouraged

Ethics Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Children should be taught honesty and transparency at a small age

  2. Is eating swine meat ethical?

  3. Wearing fur is unethical

  4. Female genital mutilation should be stopped

  5. Are gun manufacturing companies ethical?

  6. Are test tube babies ethical?

  7. Should animal testing on beauty products be banned?

  8. Companies that greenwash consumers should be fined heavily

  9. People promoting sexual harassment in workplaces should be disciplined

  10. Is workplace surveillance of employees ethical?

  11. Should mercy killing be allowed for terminally ill patients?

  12. Should female workers get equal pay as male workers in construction sites?

  13. Is bribing a manager for promotion ethical?

  14. Is death penalty the best punishment for dangerous criminals?

  15. Stigmatizing and discriminating mentally ill people is unethical

  16. People should not choose childís genetics

  17. Eating meat is unethical?

  18. Killing feral rats is unethical

  19. Accountants should not promote unethical accounting

  20. Selling social media data is unethical

  21. Should political leanings be private?

  22. Is it ethical to pay children for good grades?

  23. Should social media use be allowed in the workplace?

  24. Is being extremely rich unethical?

  25. Is it unethical to share pictures of people we have helped?

  26. Should euthanasia be legal?

  27. Is war ever ethical?

  28. Should schools punish students for attending protests?

  29. Is it ethical to get assignment assistance online?

  30. Should schools teach religion?

  31. Is it ethical to file for a divorce when one has children?

  32. Is it ethical to pirate movies?

  33. Is streaming music from YouTube unethical?

  34. Should software be free?

  35. Is internet censorship ethical?

  36. Can AL and machine learning algorithms enforce ethical behavior?

  37. Are tech companies ethical in their hiring practices?

  38. Should brain dead people be kept alive?

  39. Is prenatal invasive testing ethical?

  40. Is a forced or coerced DNA testing ethical?

  41. Should the use of neuroenhancement drugs be legal?

  42. Is denying medical care to poor people ethical?

Family Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Is divorce a selfish decision when one has children?

  2. Should parental neglect be punished?

  3. Does parental incarceration affect children?

  4. Does domestic violence affect children?

  5. Religious conflicts affect the progress and unity of families

  6. Family counselling is important

  7. Incest should be punished

  8. Teenagers should be banned from playing violent video games

  9. Kids should not be allowed to play R-rated games

  10. Fairy tales are good for children

  11. Societies should promote multiculturalism for the benefit of families

  12. Children should not ride on roads unaccompanied

  13. Family rides help create better bonds

  14. Kids below 16 years should not be allowed to date

  15. Kids should not be exposed to same-sex themed movies

  16. Parents should vet the cartoon programs their kids watch

  17. Teenagers should not be allowed to be spendthrifts

  18. Teaching kids financial discipline is beneficial

  19. Kids should not be allowed to consume alcohol

  20. Kids should be taught the impacts of drugs at a tender age

Funny Topics and Ideas for Persuasive Speech

  1. Boys are worst gossipers than girls

  2. Men should not wear skinny jeans

  3. Prostitutes should be rehabilitated and given alternative jobs

  4. Lying can be helpful sometimes

  5. Women are dangerous to fellow women

  6. You should block your parents and relatives off Facebook and social media

  7. Twitter is a social media for intellects

  8. Instagram promotes nudity and infidelity

  9. TikTok promotes nudity

  10. Women like sharing nude pictures than men

  11. Memes can help solve depression

  12. Going to the gym is a waste of time

  13. Beautiful women donít use makeup

  14. Girls under 15 years should not wear makeup

  15. Fingerprints are unique for every human being

  16. Presidential running mates are joyriders

  17. Lady Gaga is better than Britney Spears

  18. Smoking marijuana could be beneficial

  19. Marijuana should be legalized

  20. Social media ruins life and relationships

  21. Cats make better pets than dogs

  22. People should have at least 2 children and utmost four

  23. Twins make better siblings

  24. Rich people should pay more taxes

  25. People should not eat swine meat

  26. Dogs are nutritious

  27. Should you hire or pay someone to write your essay?

  28. Eating snakes is dangerous

  29. Ghosts are a myth

  30. Music heals people

  31. Dads are fun to live with than moms

  32. Girls make better kids than boys

  33. Baby girls are less stubborn than boys

Governance and Leadership Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Communication is a foundation for good leadership

  2. National leaders should unite the nation

  3. Leaders should be ethical

  4. Leadership should be taught in kindergartens

  5. Women make better leaders

  6. Politicians are not leaders

  7. Management is not leadership

  8. Charismatic leaders are better than transactional leaders

  9. Leaders should reflect on their actions often

  10. Organizational leadership affects organizational development

  11. Leaders are a barrier to new technology and strategies

  12. Ethical leadership enables progress and morale of employees

  13. Gender influences leadership

  14. Participative leadership yields better results than dictatorial leadership

  15. Strategic leadership is important for small businesses

  16. Family businesses fail because of lack of leadership

  17. Leadership is a skill anyone can learn

  18. Leaders are not born but made

  19. Servant leadership benefits most people at the workplace

  20. Transformational leadership helps organizations scale business

High School Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

  1. High school students should choose their specialization early

  2. High school students should do mandatory community service

  3. High school students should not be assigned too much homework

  4. Students should not be rewarded for getting better grades

  5. Glorifying higher grades affect slow learners

  6. High school students should be taught honesty

  7. Physical activities and extracurricular activities are important for students

  8. Schools should have healthy food options for students

  9. High school students should be encouraged to learn coding

  10. Schools should encourage high school students to learn a second language

  11. Students should use e-books than physical textbooks

  12. Students should be allowed to record class and lecture sessions

  13. ACT prep classes and tests are a good investment

  14. Schools should encourage writing and research

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics and Ideas

  1. TikTok promotes laziness among youths

  2. Memes help people ease out stress

  3. Political cartoons and satire pieces inspire the choices people make during elections

  4. Terrorists are enemies of humanity and progress

  5. Healthy relationships also have ups and downs

  6. Make up affects biometric data

  7. Energy drinks are dangerous

  8. Intermittent fasting works for weight management

  9. Beauty should not get into someoneís head

  10. The entire continent should be borderless

  11. Western culture has affected global culture

  12. Everyone needs medical insurance

  13. Interns should be paid for their time

  14. Presidents should not be paid too much salary

  15. Investing in army and military power is worthless

  16. Musicians are not good role models

  17. Many musicians are not rich

Media Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. The media plays a critical role in health promotion

  2. Reality shows of celebrities destabilize marriages

  3. Media negatively influences teenagers

  4. TV shows influence the view of the society

  5. Media influences political decisions

  6. Tabloid newspapers should be regulated

  7. Digital editing of female magazine models should be prohibited

  8. Social media promotes human trafficking

  9. Social media advertising promotes greed

  10. Western media represents other countries unfairly

  11. The mainstream media if riddled with fake news

  12. Todayís media focuses mostly on profits

  13. The new media has led to death of newspapers

  14. Media has a role in unifying people

  15. Celebrities should not endorse products and services

  16. Influencers are not aware of the issues with products and services they endorse

  17. TV shows causes anorexia nervosa

  18. Media should help reduce obesity cases

  19. Governments should not own media houses

  20. State-owned media companies are biased

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Regular cancer screening can reduce cancer deaths

  2. Newborns should be taken good care of

  3. Obese people should be encouraged to engage in physical activities

  4. Marijuana use for patients in severe pain should be legalized

  5. Intermittent Fasting can help in weight management

  6. Fixing our diets fixes most diseases

  7. The use of supplements should be regulated

  8. Too much use of antibiotics is dangerous

  9. People should donate blood annually

  10. Diet drinks are not genuine for weight loss

  11. Are cellphones affecting our health?

  12. Complimentary alternative medicine also works

  13. Is biohacking healthy?

  14. Mental health disorders affect the whole society

  15. Organ donation should be encouraged

  16. GMO foods are unhealthy

  17. Stem cell research is promising in the medical field

  18. Kids with ADHD cannot focus on their studies

  19. Broad use drugs should not have a 20-year patent

  20. Needle-exchange programs help reduce blood-borne infections

  21. Hand hygiene can reduce hospital acquired infections

  22. Multiprofessional or interprofessional team improves healthcare quality

  23. Veterans should be given PTSD treatment free

  24. People should avoid trans fats

  25. Contraceptive pills have a risk to the women using it

  26. Group therapy is beneficial

  27. Art and music therapy helps patients recover faster

  28. Everybody should have dental care insurance

  29. Pets are a coping mechanism to loneliness and stress

  30. Too much sugar is bad for health

  31. Minors should not receive critical medical attention without consent of their parents

  32. Assisted suicide should be illegal

  33. Universal health care is better a better healthcare model

  34. School children should be exposed to sex education

  35. Students should be taught about vaccination

Mental Health Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Academic pressure causes depression and anxiety among college students

  2. Poverty and homelessness lead to poor mental health

  3. Limiting access to social media reduces mental health issues

  4. Our primary influencers shape our mental health

  5. Suicide among youths and teenagers is linked to mental health

  6. Mental awareness teaching should be integrated in school curricular

  7. Mental health treatment should be voluntary

  8. Pregnant women with mental health should be rehabilitated

  9. Body image influences mental health

  10. Can information technology help solve mental health issues in society?

  11. Mental illnesses are on the rise in the USA

  12. Is using transcranial magnetic stimulation effective?

  13. Is electroshock therapy for treatment of mental health effective?

National Security and Issues Topics for Persuasive Speech

  1. Should governments use cameras for surveillance of citizens?

  2. Should police use body cameras every time they are on duty?

  3. Should homosexuals be drafted into the military?

  4. Does being in the military affect womenís health?

  5. Is negotiating with terrorists a good idea?

  6. Should governments invest more in national intelligence

  7. Interprofessional collaboration helps enrich national intelligence

  8. Airport security should be tightened as it influences national security

  9. Is deportation ethical?

  10. Governments should prepare for bioterrorism warfare

  11. Governments have a role in protecting citizens against cyberterrorism

  12. Climate change as an issue of national security

  13. Multifaceted approach to racketeering is effective

  14. Sexual harassment and assault is rife within the military

  15. Divide-and-conquer strategy works well in intelligence gathering

Persuasive Speech Topics about Animals

  1. Pit bulls should not be allowed into living spaces

  2. Taming wild animals is impossible

  3. People should adopt pets than buy from breeders

  4. Sharks are harmful to humans than dolphins

  5. Keeping pets is beneficial for elderly people

  6. Cats are better pets than dogs

  7. Puppy mills are harmful to the animals

  8. More animal shelters should be built

  9. Battery farming should be abolished

  10. Animal rights activists are animal advocates

  11. Is factory farming bad?

  12. Ocean pollution affects birds

  13. Microplastics in oceans affect marine life

Persuasive Speech Topics about Fashion and Music

  1. Fashion helps in self-expression

  2. Regulators should promote eco-fashion

  3. Dumping of used clothes to developed nations should be banned

  4. Fashion brands focus on profit

  5. Clothes define a personís personality

  6. Fashion is linked to identity

  7. Media helps the fashion industry

  8. Homosexuals love the fashion industry

  9. Politics influences fashion

  10. Fashion exhibitions lead to economic growth

  11. Too much jewelry is unnecessary

  12. People should consume green fashion

  13. Fashion industry exploits children and women

  14. The fashion industry promotes human trafficking

  15. Fashion is linked to money laundering

  16. Men should not wear some colors

Religion Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Religious organizations should be taxed

  2. Are churches becoming businesses?

  3. Are pastors and clergy taking advantage of congregants?

  4. Should public prayer be allowed in schools?

  5. Should religious education be mandatory?

  6. Should churches sponsor schools?

  7. Should religious sacrifices with animals be banned?

  8. Are religious centers spaces for radicalization?

  9. Is religiosity linked to mental health?

  10. Should women be allowed to lead churches?

  11. Should churches be exempted from paying taxes?

Scientific Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Is human cloning dangerous?

  2. DNA has benefitted criminal investigations

  3. Renewable energy conserves the environment

  4. Fracking should be legal

  5. GMO foods are nutritious

  6. Are GMO foods ethical?

  7. People should not keep exotic animals

  8. Ecotourism benefits the environment

  9. Automobiles pollute the environment

  10. More funds should be allocated to stem cell research

  11. Robots should be used in scientific research

Social Media Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should the use of social media while at school be banned?

  2. Social media is the leading cause of stress among those who use it

  3. Does social media promote greed?

  4. Are African ladies using social media to sell their bodies?

  5. Should parents restrict social media access for kids below 14 years?

  6. Should there be an age limit to social media usage?

  7. Social media and stigmatization of those living with HIV/AIDS

  8. Social media is beneficial during disaster management?

  9. Is social media a brooding ground for cyberbullies?

  10. Does social media promote radicalization?

  11. Social media benefits small businesses

  12. Social media shapes the buying intent of consumers

  13. Is social media a tool for mass surveillance?

  14. Does social media promote hate crimes?

  15. Can beginners learn from social media?

  16. Is social media the new cocaine?

  17. Social media has created opportunities for humans

  18. Social media affects identity

  19. Social media is a productivity killer

  20. Social media helps companies hire new recruits

  21. Is it time to censor hate speech on social media?

  22. Social media promotes hate crimes

  23. Is social media addiction real?

  24. Does social media promote low self-esteem?

  25. Can governments use social media to understand the populace?

  26. Social media as a tool for communicating health promotion information

  27. Can schools use social media for learning

  28. Are virtual groups on social media important?

  29. Social media and infidelity

  30. Is social media s significant tool for the feminist movement?

  31. Can whistleblowers use social media as a reporting tool?

Sports Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Cities should allow for non-motorized transport

  2. Communities should have playgrounds and stadia

  3. College athletes should be paid

  4. Should coverage of female sports be given equal coverage by the media?

  5. Should drug tests for college athletes be mandatory?

  6. Intercity sports competitions can help create cohesion among residents

  7. Does cheerleading affect the morale of athletes?

  8. Drug tests should be mandatory for athletes

  9. All-star games have outlived their usefulness

  10. Pro sports should include more black coaches

  11. Racial discrimination in sports should be punishable

  12. Sports help connect the society

  13. Olympics and world cup bring together the entire world

  14. Olympics should change the way it handles doping issues

  15. Gender pay gap in sports should be addressed

  16. Is electronic officiating bad for sports?

  17. Should there be permanent sites for the summer and winter Olympics?

  18. Is boxing declining?

  19. Should lockouts be banned?

  20. Are athletes paid too much?

  21. Do steroids affect the sports industry?

  22. Is the concussion epidemic a threat to the sports industry?

Technology Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Technology simplifies everything

  2. Are we over dependent on technology?

  3. Is technology making is foolish?

  4. Is artificial intelligence beneficial?

  5. Technology is shaping living spaces

  6. Adults should limit screen time

  7. Technology has transformed life

  8. Digital divide impacts the positive effects of technology

  9. The internet promotes loneliness

  10. Internet transformed the society

  11. Technology promotes lust and greed

  12. Is social network communication advantageous?

Travel Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Families should do cycling tours annually

  2. Flying as a family is cheap

  3. Travelling opens someoneís mind

  4. Tourism promotes cultural conservation

  5. Tourist activities ruin historical sites

  6. Air crashes influence our travel decisions

  7. Cruise ship travelling is luxurious and satisfying

  8. Social media impacts travel

  9. Children born while travelling become travelers

  10. Airbnb has transformed travelling

  11. Digital nomad life is fulfilling

  12. Travelling helps one learn culture and languages

  13. Travelling to space for leisure will be a thing soon

  14. Is travelling to space an ambitious idea?

  15. There is a link between tourism and prostitution

  16. Travelling by train is fun

Video Games Topics for Persuasive Speech

  1. Playing video games increases IQ of children

  2. Video games lead to anxiety and depression

  3. Video games reduce time spent on working

  4. Video games are addictive

  5. Children who play video games are quick thinkers

  6. Playing video games is a full time job

  7. Video games help reduce stress

  8. Schools should allow learning through gamification

  9. Do violent video games cause behavioral issues?

  10. Should video game rating systems be reviewed?

  11. Does video gaming promote sexism?

  12. Does virtual reality affect video game technology?

Workplace Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Should 14-year-olds be allowed to work in adult-dominated workplaces?

  2. Should men and women be given the same days and rewards for maternity/pertanity leave?

  3. Are flexible work arrangements better for todayís workplace settings and challenges?

  4. Tipping in restaurants should be mandatory?

  5. Women are better workplace performers than men

  6. Women promote feminism in the workplace

  7. Are open offices better than partitioned offices?

  8. Should all workers join labor unions?

  9. Is workplace surveillance necessary?

  10. Should diversity be mandatory in government institutions?

  11. Does cronyism affect the morale of employees?

  12. Does office politics help or demotivate employees?

  13. Should promotions be done on merit or by handpicking?

  14. Should CEOs earn extremely higher than other employees?

  15. Workplaces should have rooms for naps

  16. Office parties help employees and the management team bond better

  17. Employee disciplinary mechanisms should be rational

  18. Engaging employees motivates them to perform

  19. Should big corporations pay more taxes?

  20. Sexism and harassment in the workplace should be punished

Youth and Teens Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Teenage pregnancy has higher risks

  2. Social media causes low self-esteem among teenagers and youth

  3. TV programs and social media promotes anorexia nervosa among teenagers and youths

  4. Sex education is important for teenagers and youths

  5. Boarding schools are bad for teenagers and youths

  6. Teenagers and youths need to be exposed to financial education

  7. Teens should be rented spaces outside of their parentís homes

  8. Teenagers should not be allowed to smoke

  9. Teenagers should be counseled before a divorce

  10. Teenagers should not be allowed on social media

As Everything Settles, Ö

We have done the heavy lifting for you and included, in this article. A list of unique, interesting, and manageable persuasive speech ideas. You can select any topic that resonates with the speech assignment prompt, research, outline, and write an excellent persuasive speech.

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