The Best Research Paper Topic Ideas and Guide

Last Updated: 19 July 2021

Best research paper topics

Even though choosing a research paper topic sounds easy on paper, it is a dreaded process to many students. Since writing a research paper is mandatory in college and university, most students find it challenging to begin, complete, and submit research papers on time.

It is not appropriate to underestimate the research projects because, eventually, they demand time and effort. Furthermore, even though they are just a piece of a research paper, they carry marks that influence your grades.

We have realized that the most stressful stage when working on a research paper is the confidence you have in your topic. Is your research paper topic relevant, plausible, and appropriate for your chosen field? Although sometimes the research paper prompts or instructions provide a list of research paper topics to select, sometimes you are required to research and select the best; that’s where trouble sets in.

To write an intriguing introduction, engaging body, and an unforgettable conclusion, you have to ensure that you have a unique but also interesting topic. If you are worried about selecting the best topic, we wrote this guide and a list of topics to get you started.

How to Select Good Research Paper Topics

Selecting research paper topics is a dreaded endeavor by many. First, it is because there are very many sources with information, which results in information overload. Furthermore, college students are always expected to write on trending research topics, which sometimes they lack knowledge and ideas.

Although you are not required to invent something and write about it, your topic must be comprehensive, relevant, and appropriate to the field that you are pursuing. For instance, you cannot write a medical research paper, yet you are pursuing IT unless you are writing it from the perspective of applying IT in medicine.

We have some valuable tips and tricks to help you master the art of choosing the best topics for research papers assigned to you without suggesting the topic to write about.

Here is how to choose a creative research topic in four simple steps:

Read and understand the assignment prompt.

Usually, there are instructions given by your instructor or professor when assigning a research paper. They can be through the canvas, email, or whatever platform your school uses.

The assignment prompt is usually rich in information concerning the length and scope of the research paper. Besides, they also contain some topic suggestions that you might be free to use or pick similar.

Reading the prompt helps you limit your scope when researching and selecting a specific topic for your research paper. Ultimately, it also helps you to brainstorm about the appropriate research paper topics.

Brainstorm for good research paper topic ideas

With the information extracted from the instructions, the first step for topic idea generation is brainstorming. This step usually helps create a list of good research topics, develop research questions, come up with a thesis statement, and categorize the research topic ideas.

As you brainstorm, it is always great to refer to your text, research online and read through research paper examples available online or on your school databases.

Brainstorming allows you to utilize the school library database better. Usually, you are allowed to ask for research essay topics from library staff or write to your instructor. You can use these strategies when brainstorming for your interesting research topic ideas.

Research and sieve the list of research topics

As you brainstorm, you will notice that you will yield many research paper topics. However, because you are only required to focus on a topic, you will have to eliminate the others.

Most students make a mistake in choosing a wide topic that limits the number of words they use to express the ideas. Remember, selecting a specific research topic helps you narrow down to a thesis, develop good arguments, and write a focused research paper.

As you research more on the topics, eliminate each of them based on the relevance to your field of study, course material, and the instructions. If possible, define your research paper topic as a question. For instance, if you have selected “The impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Refugees,” you can frame it as “How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected refugees in Myanmar?” Doing so helps you narrow your research and, to be specific enough.

Select your topic and research further to develop an outline

Having narrowed it down to a specific research topic for your essay, proposal, or research paper. It is a norm to delve deeper into research. Utilize the scholarly databases and websites to gain in-depth information about

To eliminate a topic, here is a checklist:

If your answer is yes to all the above questions, you have yourself a good topic for the research paper. Otherwise, you still need to research the research topic ideas developed when brainstorming or expand your list then select the best.

After selecting the best research topic, it is now your chance to write a research paper beginning with the process of creating an outline.

List of the Best Research Paper Topics for Different Fields (By Category)

As we explore different research topics, we have categorized them to help you grasp what a good research topic should be. Remember, high school, college, and university students have different preferred topics that they wish to write a research paper on.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics and Ideas

When you opt to write an argumentative research paper, you must have facts to support your main idea and be able to counterargue against your selected stance. Besides, you must also have a strong conclusion and introduction. Here is a list to get you started:

  1. Should college athletes be paid?

  2. Does working online during the covid pandemic affect the well-being of employees?

  3. The ideal age to consume alcohol should be 18 years

  4. Students should wear school uniforms

  5. Animal testing for human beauty products should be banned

  6. Immigrants are a good foundation for the diversity of their host nations

  7. Virtual reality is promising in the world of research

  8. Is the grid pattern of city planning the best?

  9. Should humans fight population explosion?

  10. Does prostitution impact community policing?

  11. Cyberbullying has caused more deaths during the pandemic

  12. Accidents due to drunk driving are avoidable

  13. Child traffickers should be executed

  14. The rich should share their wealth with the poor

  15. The rich countries fund wars in developing nations

  16. Minorities should be allowed to participate in high-end sports

  17. Should students have to take general education/pre-requisites (i.e., speech, ENC 1101, CGS 1060, humanities, philosophy, etc.) courses?

  18. To what extent was the Shah responsible for the revolution in 1979?

  19. Do the media provide oxygen of publicity for terrorists?

  20. Should students be allowed to work while studying to avoid ballooning student loan debts?

Funny Research Topic Ideas to Consider

  1. Why do people like making memes?

  2. Should movie directors show us the fails when preparing the movies?

  3. How can one stop being lazy?

  4. Comics should be used in education

  5. Does getting drunk make someone stupid?

  6. Can one travel around the world without money?

  7. Why are people creating sex toys yet there are so many people in the world?

  8. Is the media thinking for the Millenial generation?

  9. Does farting relieve stress?

  10. Can a falling coconut harm people underneath it?

  11. Vegetable fats and oils make people fat

  12. Sugar is lethal to the body

  13. Can someone be a fairy?

  14. Do shorter people have problems faced by long people?

These are topics that are least thought of as profound by many people. Nevertheless, exploring these topics after thorough research will get you accolades. As long as there is adequate information online to help you explore a funny topic in your research paper, you can always explore any idea.

Interesting Research Topics

If you thought that funny topics for a research paper are an odd idea, let us look at some interesting research ideas to make a good research paper topic.

  1. Social media is the greatest employer today

  2. Going to space is no longer rocket science

  3. Tesla has revolutionized the world with its innovations

  4. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are geniuses that will never get poor

  5. Plastic surgery can be done for patients with facial deformities

  6. How to communicate better with your spouse

  7. Beauty and success are the new pursuits for most women

  8. Data is the new oil and gold

  9. Amusement parks can be used for educational purposes

  10. Poverty and corruption indices rhyme for failed states

  11. Who funds global wars?

  12. Can top MNCs create a fairground for health and life?

  13. Does death scare people?

  14. Why do people make bad decisions when they can make the best ones?

  15. Men and women have different relationships

  16. Effectiveness of CBT

  17. How to manage PTSD among integrated veterans

  18. Impacts of Faith-Based Environmentalism

  19. The Rationality of War: The misconceptions of religion and political ideology

  20. Impact Of Tinnitus on Military Service Members

Simple Research paper topics

  1. The link between poverty and crime

  2. Importance of diversity in the classroom

  3. Benefits of face-to-face communication

  4. How to handle stress at work

  5. Perceptions of High School Students Adaptability Challenges to Online Learning Due to Unforeseeable Circumstances

  6. High costs of college education

  7. Do grades matter?

  8. Importance of governments in enabling trade

  9. Impacts of procrastination

  10. How politics affect peace in countries

  11. Impacts of global wars on global peace

  12. How to manage leisure time

  13. Sports as a unifying factor

  14. National culture influences national culture

  15. How to become a nurse

  16. The rise of cryptocurrencies

  17. Influence of cyberbullying on children

  18. Impacts of helicopter parenting

  19. Benefits of being an authoritarian parent

  20. Impacts of media on children’s behavior

  21. Video games and violent children

  22. How video games improve innovation and creativity in children

  23. Benefits of standardized tests in schools

  24. Benefits of boarding schools

  25. Impacts of parents on school performance

  26. Impacts of class size on individual performance

  27. How to appreciate gifted children

  28. How to prepare for graduation

  29. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Psychiatric Emergencies

The list of research topics above is easy to select. They are general and can be used across the board, depending on your field of study. You can already see that even the simplest of all research paper topics can be selected. It does not have to be rocket science selecting a research paper.

Controversial Topics to write a research paper on

Now, apart from the easy ones, you can choose to consider some controversial research paper topics. These are the topics that bring mixed reactions from different groups and people. Most of these topics can be related, but not limited to technology, politics, gender, human relationships, sociology, or medicine. Here are some topic suggestions:

  1. Churches should be taxed

  2. Are some youth sports too intense?

  3. Religion should be voluntary: no parent should force their child to a given religion

  4. Religion as an enabler of terrorism

  5. Serial killers should also be killed

  6. Rapists should be castrated

  7. Governments should not adopt cryptocurrencies

  8. Pornography should be legal for adults

  9. What it feels like to be transgender in today’s world

  10. How to prevent child trafficking

  11. Sex tourism is equal to legal prostitution

  12. Police unions cannot help fight corruption

  13. Gun control alone is not effective in stopping shootings

  14. We live in an overly regulated society

  15. Gay partners and child adoption

  16. Media perpetuates violence in society

  17. Homework should be abolished

  18. Healthcare should be free

  19. Doctors and researchers should be paid better

  20. The list of wealthiest people in the world should be abolished

  21. Sex education should be taught in middle school

  22. Animals should not be used as research models

  23. Cell phones are dangerous

  24. CEOs are paid too much, yet employees work more

  25. Athletes should be held to high moral standards

  26. Couples found cheating should be punished

  27. Our tax system is unfair to the poor

  28. College education is necessary but not mandatory

  29. Same-sex marriage should be abolished

  30. Abortion should be illegal unless justified

  31. Girls are mean to one another

  32. Homework: useful or harmful?

  33. College admission should not be competitive

  34. Students should learn at least one foreign language

  35. Affirmative action is unfair

  36. School teachers are not responsible for poor performance

  37. Racing industry should be allowed to use alternative fuels

  38. Companies should not market to children

  39. Cigarette smoking should be banned

  40. The use of coal and charcoal should be banned

  41. Governments should promote healthy agricultural practices

  42. Third world countries should not depend on foreign aid

  43. Men should get paternity leave from work

  44. People working together should not date one another

  45. People with cancer should be treated for free

  46. Big Pharma should not regulate and control prices of medicine

  47. Being vegan affects the lives of humans

  48. Refugees and migrants should be welcome to any country

  49. Countries should be boundaryless

  50. Western culture destroys other culture

  51. Censorship is unjustified

  52. State surveillance infringes the rights of citizens

  53. Surrogate motherhood should be regulated

  54. Single-sex schools should be abolished

  55. Human cloning should not be allowed

  56. Single parents are ostracized from the society

  57. Convicted criminals should lead normal lives after prison

  58. Teenage marriages should not be allowed

  59. Military veterans should be allowed duty-free items

  60. Euthanasia cannot count as palliative treatment

  61. Impacts of TV on the rise of the make-up industry

  62. Make-up and identity theft

  63. Why Africans hate their beauty and love American beauty standards

Specific Research Paper Topics by Subject

When looking for research topic ideas for either a research paper or proposal, chances are that you need specific ones. By this, we mean the topics for a research paper specific to a given field of study. Given our existence in the industry, we have understood how to select these topics. Here are some ideas and suggestions to consider.

Biology Research Topics

  1. Benefits of stem cells in human medicine

  2. The role of CRISPR and Genetic engineering

  3. How epidemiology helps solve human pandemics

  4. Why coronavirus vaccines have taken long

  5. Role of Prions in diseases such as mad cow diseases

  6. How biologists can combat climate change

  7. Role of biology in endangered species recovery

  8. The evolution and role of synthetic biology in society

  9. How epigenetics helps combat diseases

  10. Hormonal changes during pregnancy

  11. Antibiotic resistance and cell structure

  12. Cardio exercises and hormonal changes

  13. Genetic grounds of obesity

  14. Depression and genes

  15. Impacts of DNA fingerprinting on crime control

  16. How meningitis affects people

Medicine and Health Sciences (Nursing included)

  1. Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)

  2. Critical analysis of the leadership role of an RN within a nursing team

  3. Role of communication and collaboration among the healthcare teams

  4. Interprofessional collaboration among healthcare workers

  5. Use of telemedicine to improve access and quality of care

  6. Importance of not Disclosing One’s HIV/AIDs Status

  7. Should the U.S. government provide free health care for all?

  8. Healthcare Challenges at the End of Life

  9. Insurance costs and availability in the USA

  10. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) and adoption of EHR

  11. Impacts of EHR in quality improvement in healthcare

  12. The opioid crisis

  13. Nurses and physician shortage in the USA

Research Paper Topics Categorized by Subjects

If you are very keen, you will notice that there are millions of topic ideas you can use for a research paper. Looking around you can as well give you a great idea. Having looked at the research paper topics from a general point of view, we can further narrow the list down to research topics by the field of study. This is a section we will endeavor to update as we discover more topic ideas. Note that you can use these specific ideas when developing your research questions and choosing research proposal topics. Ours is to get you started in terms of brainstorming.

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Impacts of social media on family bonds

  2. Impacts of cheating on peace within families

  3. How divorce affects children

  4. Cross-racial adoption of children and perceptions of the society

  5. Impacts of single parenting on kids

  6. Challenges of helicopter parenting

  7. The link between race and educational attainment

  8. How racial stereotypes affect self-esteem

  9. The link between patriotism and social status

  10. Role of social sanctions in society

  11. How to fight social media addiction

  12. Are memes and funny Tik Tok videos healthy for adolescents?

  13. Anorexia nervosa due to social media marketing

  14. How social media has advanced the culture of photography

  15. Social media and setting of new beauty standards

  16. Impacts of teamwork on interpersonal skills

  17. Origin and dangers of feminism

  18. Effects of bullying

  19. How to address homelessness

  20. Does K-Pop culture and anime lead to the feminization of male youth?

  21. Role of social media in social movements such as the #MeTOO movement

  22. Child-free or childlessness – understanding the perceptions of the society

  23. The Asian intolerance phenomenon in Covid-19 pandemic

  24. Raw food diet, its benefits, and dangers

  25. Effects of fast foods on society

Criminal Law and Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Criminal justice biases

  2. Effectiveness of prisons

  3. Does capital punishment deter crime?

  4. Should private prisons be abolished?

  5. Are drug courts effective

  6. The link between social status and crime

  7. How religion impacts crime

  8. Understanding victimization

  9. Biological theories of crime

  10. Explaining crime through the anomie theory

  11. Impacts of elderly abuse

  12. Factors leading to juvenile delinquency

  13. Causes and consequences of prostitution

  14. Causes of college violence

  15. Impacts and causes of domestic violence

  16. How to address substance abuse among teenagers

  17. How to combat human and organ trafficking in Africa

  18. Social media and identity theft

  19. Analysis of false confessions

  20. The best suspect interrogation strategies

  21. How transnational criminal networks operate

  22. The ethics of prison labor

  23. Causes and consequences of gang culture

  24. How to reduce recidivism

  25. How police can collaborate to end financial crimes

History Research Topics

  1. The significance and impacts of the American revolution

  2. The COVID-19 pandemic and the China-USA relations

  3. The history of the Israel-Palestinian conflict

  4. How globalization affected geographical cultures

  5. Impacts of the Great Depression

  6. How the Chernobyl explosion occurred

  7. Key figures in the Atlanta campaign

  8. The Mexican-American war

  9. American reaction towards the Holocaust

  10. The bubonic plague and the black death eras

  11. Causes and consequences of civil wars

  12. How the Dodd-Frank laws have impacted the war-torn Congo

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. How ethical mistakes can lead to business bankruptcy

  2. Importance of ethical codes in organizations

  3. Causes and consequences of workplace violence

  4. How managers can address conflict in the workplace

  5. Impacts of COVID-19 on remote workers in organizations

  6. How companies are using virtual teams during the COVID-19 pandemic

  7. How wars affect the progress of MNCs

  8. Influence of wages on productivity

  9. How to retain employees

  10. Leveraging staff wellbeing to improve productivity in organizations

We have a list of international business management topics that you can equally consider when writing your paper. 

Music Research Topics and Ideas

Different countries have different cultures, musical instruments, and compositions. Although music research is challenging, the availability of information on the internet makes it possible to write an excellent music research paper. From the history of music to music production in modern times, there are many research ideas that one can develop a research paper topic from. We have listed some of the most recent music research paper topics and ideas to get you started.

  1. Why reggae music is popular across the world

  2. Impacts of pop music on global music culture

  3. What influence does hip-hop have on blacks in the USA?

  4. The significance of music in films

  5. Great and famous women in music

  6. Benefits and challenges of music therapy

  7. The impacts of COVID-19 on the global music industry

  8. Impacts of piracy on musicians

  9. Different genres of music

  10. History of opera music

  11. History of Jazz and Blues

  12. Famous music composers

  13. How to teach youngsters how to make music

  14. Is music profitable?

  15. Can music be used for education?

  16. The psychology of music

  17. The evolution of country music in the USA

  18. History of reggae music in Africa

  19. Is reggae music linked to the use of marijuana?

  20. The link between reggae music and the Rastafarian religion

  21. Effects of music on mood

  22. Effects of music on the brain

  23. Origins of black music and how it influenced pop culture in the USA

  24. Exploring the musical journey of Michael Jackson

  25. Can musical sounds be patented?

  26. Copyright issues in music production

  27. Comparison between Japanese and Chinese music

  28. How Shakespeare used music in his plays

  29. Do the radio influence the music people listen to and love?

  30. The impacts of jazz music

  31. Typical musical instruments in India

Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. Impacts of abusive supervision on employee performance

  2. Difference between leadership and management

  3. Benefits of charismatic leadership

  4. Impacts of leadership on management

  5. Impacts of globalization on the leadership of MNCs

  6. Application of Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Project (GLOBE) in understanding organizational culture, leadership, and societal culture

  7. Benefits of participative leadership in organizations

  8. Ethical leadership and organizational culture

  9. Impacts of performance reviews on employee performance

  10. How transactional leadership impacts organizational success

  11. Servant leadership and positive work culture

  12. How leadership influences positive organizational citizenship behaviors

  13. Women make better leaders than men

  14. The best leadership for public sector organizations

  15. Are good leaders born or made?

  16. Can leadership be learned?

  17. Transformational leadership and employee wellbeing

  18. Impacts of leaders in technological adoption

  19. Leaders as change advocates

  20. Leadership in the age of the gig economy

  21. The link between innovation, leadership, and organizational sustainability

  22. Leadership styles and employee creativity in organizations

  23. Leadership and organizational learning

Check out our leadership paper guide for more topics and details on how to write and get great grades. 

Organizational Behavior Topics

  1. How to measure employee reliability

  2. Impacts of Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) in organizations

  3. Role of employees in customer satisfaction

  4. Diversity and creativity among employees

  5. How to reduce cyberloafing at work

  6. Impacts of absenteeism in an organization

  7. How to reduce employee turnover in organizations

  8. Strategies to engage and retain employees

  9. How to reduce workplace incivility in organizations

  10. Foundations of workplace violence and strategies to address it

  11. Strategies to promote positive organizational citizenship behavior

  12. Can surveillance reduce employee theft?

  13. Role of whistleblowing on organizations

  14. How to reduce lateness among employees

  15. Strategies to boost job performance

  16. Use of artificial intelligence to reduce absenteeism in workplaces

  17. How to boost the social connection between leaders and employees

  18. How to cultivate an inclusive culture that promotes interaction in the workplace

  19. How to manage change in an organization with a multigenerational workforce

  20. Role of mentorship and coaching in the workplace

Disaster Management Research Topics

As you set out to write a disaster management research paper, here are some hot topics to consider. We can also help with writing your disaster management answers. In addition, we offer fast and reliable disaster management assignment help. Contact us if you are stuck.

  1. Salient vulnerabilities associated with key assets within a given sector

  2. FEMA Whole Community and Foundation in Emergency Management

  3. Role of NGOs in Disaster Response

  4. Role of Disaster exercises and drills in disaster preparedness

  5. Role of public health nurses in disaster management

  6. Benefits of multiagency approach in disaster management

  7. Disaster management competencies

  8. ''Hand only CPR Campaign'' Risk Communication campaign Project

  9. Incident Command System and disaster preparedness

  10. Active shooter preparedness and strategies

  11. Earthquake preparedness for every child care provider

  12. Homeland security and anti-terrorist preparedness

  13. Role of volunteers in disaster preparedness

  14. Responding to a hurricane disaster

  15. Psychiatry consultation during disaster preparedness

  16. Stormwatch! Hurricane preparedness for hospitals

  17. Factors associated with hurricane preparedness: results of a pre-hurricane assessment

  18. Risk assessment and management: emergency planning perspectives

  19. Policy issues in disaster preparedness and response

  20. Disaster risk reduction and preparedness of health facilities

  21. Hazard mitigation and preparedness during disasters

  22. Bioterrorism and local agency preparedness

  23. Disaster risk reduction and emergency management in prison