The Best Research Paper Topic Ideas and Guide

Last Updated: 19 July 2024

Best research paper topics

Even though choosing a research paper topic sounds easy on paper, it is a dreaded process to many students. Since writing a research paper is mandatory in college and university, most students find it challenging to begin, complete, and submit research papers on time.

It is not appropriate to underestimate the research projects because, eventually; they demand time and effort. Furthermore, even though they are just a piece of a research paper, they carry marks that influence your grades.

We have realized that the most stressful stage when working on a research paper is the confidence you have in your topic. Is your research paper topic relevant, plausible, and appropriate for your chosen field? Although sometimes the research paper prompts or instructions provide a list of research paper topics to select, sometimes you are required to research and select the best; that's where trouble sets in.

To write an intriguing introduction, engaging body, and an unforgettable conclusion, you have to ensure that you have a unique but also interesting topic. If you are worried about selecting the best topic, we wrote this guide and a list of topics to get you started.

How to Select Good Research Paper Topics

Selecting research paper topics is a dreaded endeavor by many. First, it is because there are very many sources with information, which results in information overload. Furthermore, college students are always expected to write on trending research topics, which sometimes they lack knowledge and ideas.

Although you are not required to invent something and write about it, your topic must be comprehensive, relevant, and appropriate to the field that you are pursuing. For instance, you cannot write a medical research paper, yet you are pursuing IT unless you are writing it from the perspective of applying IT in medicine.

We have some valuable tips and tricks to help you master the art of choosing the best topics for research papers assigned to you without suggesting the topic to write about.

Here is how to choose a creative research topic in four simple steps:

Read and understand the assignment prompt.

Usually, there are instructions given by your instructor or professor when assigning a research paper. They can be through the canvas, email, or whatever platform your school uses.

The assignment prompt is usually rich in information concerning the length and scope of the research paper. Besides, they also contain some topic suggestions that you might be free to use or pick similar.

Reading the prompt helps you limit your scope when researching and selecting a specific topic for your research paper. Ultimately, it also helps you to brainstorm about the appropriate research paper topics.

Brainstorm for good research paper topic ideas

With the information extracted from the instructions, the first step for topic idea generation is brainstorming. This step usually helps create a list of good research topics, develop research questions, come up with a thesis statement, and categorize the research topic ideas.

As you brainstorm, it is always great to refer to your text, research online and read through research paper examples available online or on your school databases.

Brainstorming allows you to utilize the school library database better. Usually, you are allowed to ask for research essay topics from library staff or write to your instructor. You can use these strategies when brainstorming for your interesting research topic ideas.

Research and sieve the list of research topics

As you brainstorm, you will notice that you will yield many research paper topics. However, because you are only required to focus on a topic, you will have to eliminate the others.

Most students make a mistake in choosing a wide topic that limits the number of words they use to express the ideas. Remember, selecting a specific research topic helps you narrow down to a thesis, develop good arguments, and write a focused research paper.

As you research more on the topics, eliminate each of them based on the relevance to your field of study, course material, and the instructions. If possible, define your research paper topic as a question. For instance, if you have selected The impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Refugees, you can frame it as How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected refugees in Myanmar? Doing so helps you narrow your research and, to be specific enough.

Select your topic and research further to develop an outline

Having narrowed it down to a specific research topic for your essay, proposal, or research paper. It is a norm to delve deeper into research. Utilize the scholarly databases and websites to gain in-depth information about

To eliminate a topic, here is a checklist:

If your answer is yes to all the above questions, you have yourself a good topic for the research paper. Otherwise, you still need to research the research topic ideas developed when brainstorming or expanding your list and then select the best.

After selecting the best research topic, you can write a research paper, beginning with creating an outline.

As we explore different research topics, we have categorized them to help you grasp what a good research topic should be. Remember, high school, college, and university students have different preferred topics on which they wish to write a research paper.

If you need help with a research paper topic, talk to us, and we will have a research writer research, evaluate, narrow down, and customize one for you. 

Argumentative Research Paper Topics and Ideas

When you write an argumentative research paper, you must have facts to support your main idea and be able to counterargue against your selected stance. Besides, you must also have a strong conclusion and introduction. Here is a list to get you started:

  1. Should college athletes be paid?
  2. Does working online during the COVID pandemic affect the well-being of employees?
  3. The ideal age to consume alcohol should be 18 years
  4. Students should wear school uniforms
  5. Animal testing for human beauty products should be banned
  6. Immigrants are a good foundation for the diversity of their host nations
  7. Virtual reality is promising in the world of research
  8. Is the grid pattern of city planning the best?
  9. Should humans fight population explosion?
  10. Does prostitution impact community policing?
  11. Cyberbullying has caused more deaths during the pandemic
  12. Accidents due to drunk driving are avoidable
  13. Child traffickers should be executed
  14. The rich should share their wealth with the poor
  15. The rich countries fund wars in developing nations
  16. Minorities should be allowed to participate in high-end sports
  17. Should students have to take general education/prerequisite courses (i.e., speech, ENC 1101, CGS 1060, humanities, philosophy, etc.)?
  18. To what extent was the Shah responsible for the revolution in 1979?
  19. Do the media provide oxygen of publicity for terrorists?
  20. Should students be allowed to work while studying to avoid ballooning student loan debts?

Funny Research Topic Ideas to Consider

  1. Why do people like making memes?
  2. Should movie directors show us the fails when preparing the movies?
  3. How can one stop being lazy?
  4. Comics should be used in education.
  5. Does getting drunk make someone stupid?
  6. Can one travel around the world without money?
  7. Why are people creating sex toys, yet there are so many people in the world?
  8. Is the media thinking for the Millennial generation?
  9. Does farting relieve stress?
  10. Can a falling coconut harm people underneath it?
  11. Vegetable fats and oils make people fat
  12. Sugar is lethal to the body
  13. Can someone be a fairy?
  14. Do shorter people have problems faced by long people?

These are topics that are least thought of as profound by many people. Nevertheless, exploring these topics after thorough research will get you accolades. As long as there is adequate information online to help you explore a funny topic in your research paper, you can always explore any idea.

Interesting Research Topics

If you think funny topics for a research paper are odd, let us look at some interesting research ideas to make a good research paper topic.

  1. Social media is the greatest employer today
  2. Going to space is no longer rocket science
  3. Tesla has revolutionized the world with its innovations
  4. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are geniuses that will never get poor
  5. Plastic surgery can be done for patients with facial deformities
  6. How to communicate better with your spouse
  7. Beauty and success are the new pursuits for most women
  8. Data is the new oil and gold
  9. Amusement parks can be used for educational purposes
  10. Poverty and corruption indices rhyme for failed states
  11. Who funds global wars?
  12. Can top MNCs create a fairground for health and life?
  13. Does death scare people?
  14. Why do people make bad decisions when they can make the best ones?
  15. Men and women have different relationships
  16. Effectiveness of CBT
  17. How to manage PTSD among integrated veterans
  18. Impacts of Faith-Based Environmentalism
  19. The Rationality of War: The misconceptions of religion and political ideology
  20. Impact Of Tinnitus on Military Service Members

Simple Research paper topics

  1. The link between poverty and crime
  2. Importance of diversity in the classroom
  3. Benefits of face-to-face communication
  4. How to handle stress at work
  5. Perceptions of High School Students Adaptability Challenges to Online Learning Due to Unforeseeable Circumstances
  6. High costs of college education
  7. Do grades matter?
  8. Importance of governments in enabling trade
  9. Impacts of procrastination
  10. How politics affect peace in countries
  11. Impacts of global wars on global peace
  12. How to manage leisure time
  13. Sports as a unifying factor
  14. National culture influences national culture
  15. How to become a nurse
  16. The rise of cryptocurrencies
  17. Influence of cyberbullying on children
  18. Impacts of helicopter parenting
  19. Benefits of being an authoritarian parent
  20. Impacts of media on children's behavior
  21. Video games and violent children
  22. How video games improve innovation and creativity in children
  23. Benefits of standardized tests in schools
  24. Benefits of boarding schools
  25. Impacts of parents on school performance
  26. Impacts of class size on individual performance
  27. How to appreciate gifted children
  28. How to prepare for graduation
  29. Legal and Ethical Issues Related to Psychiatric Emergencies

The list of research topics above is easy to select. They are general and can be used across the board, depending on your field of study. You can already see that even the simplest research paper topics can be selected. It does not have to be rocket science to select a research paper.

Controversial Topics to write a research paper on

Apart from the easy ones, you can consider some controversial research paper topics. These are the topics that bring mixed reactions from different groups and people.

Most of these topics can be related, but not limited to technology, politics, gender, human relationships, sociology, or medicine.

Even the easy topics are great for a research paper. In fact, it helps you to focus on an aspect of he topic, making it easy to research and write.

Here are some topic suggestions:

  1. Churches should be taxed
  2. Are some youth sports too intense?
  3. Religion should be voluntary: no parent should force their child to a given religion.
  4. Religion as an enabler of terrorism
  5. Serial killers should also be killed
  6. Rapists should be castrated
  7. Governments should not adopt cryptocurrencies
  8. Pornography should be legal for adults
  9. What it feels like to be transgender in today's world
  10. How to prevent child trafficking
  11. Sex tourism is equal to legal prostitution
  12. Police unions cannot help fight corruption
  13. Gun control alone is not effective in stopping shootings
  14. We live in an overly regulated-society
  15. Gay partners and child adoption
  16. Media perpetuates violence in society
  17. Homework should be abolished
  18. Healthcare should be free
  19. Doctors and researchers should be paid better
  20. The list of wealthiest people in the world should be abolished
  21. Sex education should be taught in middle school
  22. Animals should not be used as research models
  23. Cell phones are dangerous
  24. CEOs are paid too much, yet employees work more
  25. Athletes should be held to high moral standards
  26. Couples found cheating should be punished
  27. Our tax system is unfair to the poor
  28. A college education is necessary but not mandatory
  29. Same-sex marriage should be abolished
  30. Abortion should be illegal unless
  31. Should countries ban movies with LGBTQ characters?
  32. Should surrogate mothers have access to the babies after the termination of the contract?
  33. Should the media be blamed for increased violence?
  34. Sex education in middle school
  35. Wearing hijabs in public schools
  36. Should homework be abolished?
  37. Should rich countries pay developing countries for pollution?
  38. Should other countries intervene in the affairs of other nations?
  39. Should the use of pesticides be abolished?
  40. Should same-sex marriages be abolished?
  41. Should gay partners be allowed to adopt children?
  42. Should STEM subjects be made mandatory?
  43. Should vaccines be made mandatory?
  44. Should the medical use of marijuana be legalized?
  45. Marriage equality
  46. Transgender rights
  47. Federal livable wage
  48. Universal healthcare
  49. Student debt crisis
  50. Should students be forgiven debts after college?
  51. Should the Electoral College be abolished?
  52. Cancel Culture
  53. Capital punishment
  54. Abortion
  55. Gun control
  56. Privacy Rights
  57. Animal rights

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Business Research Topics and Ideas

Are you still unsure about how to select a research topic? Here is a list of business topics for research essays. Remember, business runs the world, so the topics are so broad - anything you can think about commerce.

Here are some potential topics to explore for your paper.

  1. Factors influencing the success of startups
  2. How businesses can use digital marketing to increase sales
  3. Strategies for funding business operations
  4. Sexual harassment in the workplace
  5. Success factors for MNCs
  6. The impacts of AI on traditional brick and mortar business.
  7. The impacts of strategic planning on local businesses.
  8. The Impacts of economic trading blocs on the business performance of countries.
  9. Is it possible to achieve absolute business ethics?
  10. Does online retail market growth increase unemployment?
  11. The impacts of blockchain technology on business
  12. Benefits of competitive intelligence on startups
  13. Impacts of employee morale on organizational performance
  14. Influence of employee engagement on retention
  15. Benefits of corporate social responsibility
  16. Handling communication crises in an organization
  17. Benefits of data management in organizations
  18. Using blockchain to facilitate transactions among small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  19. Impacts of globalization on businesses
  20. Strategies for innovation within companies
  21. Are businesses led by women more successful than those led by men
  22. How to engage employees in an organization
  23. Strategies to ensure low burnout and high retention rates in organizations
  24. Role of businesses in a country's economic growth
  25. Does the type of leadership a CEO chooses affect the performance of a company?
  26. Reverse discrimination in companies
  27. Challenges in business leadership
  28. Push and pull factors for business
  29. Factors affecting entry into a country
  30. Benefits of situational analysis in business
  31. Challenges of adopting flexible working arrangements
  32. Management strategies for a multigenerational workforce
  33. Current trends in consumer behavior
  34. Factors to increase brand equity and awareness
  35. Impacts of digital marketing on brick-and-mortar Businesses
  36. Businesses use social media to engage customers.
  37. Impacts of trade embargo and sanctions on international businesses
  38. The ease of doing business in Europe
  39. Impacts of tourism growth on local economies
  40. Immigration and employment rates
  41. Impacts of cultural differences on business process
  42. Benefits of strategic planning
  43. Management practices in family-owned companies
  44. Project risk management
  45. Effective strategies to manage a diversified workforce
  46. Strategies to increase competitive advantage for international businesses
  47. High taxes as a barrier to entry for businesses into a country
  48. Importance of leadership development
  49. Impacts of data privacy on business operations
  50. Impacts of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction
  51. Effects of misleading advertisements on customer trust and perception
  52. Impacts of organizational culture on innovation
  53. The growth of the e-commerce industry
  54. Significance of Automating Human Resource Practices
  55. Benefits of strategic human resource management
  56. Knowledge management in businesses
  57. Benefits of recruiting from senior classes in colleges
  58. Social media marketing and greenwashing
  59. Are social media influencers better placed to advertise?
  60. Benefits of outsourcing services for businesses
  61. Benefits of word-of-mouth advertising
  62. Financing strategies for startups
  63. Challenges of crowdsourcing as a funding strategy for businesses
  64. Demerits of angel investors
  65. Money laundry in businesses
  66. Benefits of having customer loyalty programs
  67. How advertisements promote impulsive buying
  68. Understanding social entrepreneurship
  69. Ethical mistakes entrepreneurs make
  70. Benefits of non-disclosure agreements in business operations
  71. How executive corruption affects business reputation
  72. Role of government in promoting stable markets for businesses
  73. Is CSR dead in the current world?
  74. Strategies to Attract and Keep Millennial Workforce
  75. How to discipline employees
  76. Benefits of business analytics for businesses

Climate Change Research Topics

Climate change is a huge topic that never misses in the headlines. Some of the topics you can easily research and write a full research paper include:

  1. Causes and consequences of climate change
  2. Strategies to improve adaptation and resilience in different countries
  3. Role of climate change governance, laws, policies, and court cases in handling climate change
  4. Borrowing theoretical techniques from economics to explain impacts of climate change
  5. Role of international cooperation, political leadership, and diplomacy in solving climate change
  6. Effectiveness of current and future climate and energy policies at local and international scope
  7. Challenges of ensuring environmental and natural resources are maintained sustainably
  8. How to mobilize finance to realize the Paris Agreement and SDGs
  9. Economic, technological, behavioral, and institutional implications of transitioning to zero emissions growth.
  10. Strategies to engage decision-makers in policy issues related to climate change and environmental conservation
  11. Can the world heal itself from pollution?
  12. Understanding the GLIMPSE Model for environmental and energy planning
  13. Effectiveness of the Community Multi-Scale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) in studying air pollution
  14. Using the EPAU9SrT together with the TIMES modeling platform to evaluate the effects of alternative future technology scenarios on air pollutant and greenhouse gas levels
  15. Impacts of climate change on local and international air quality
  16. How climate change causes atmospheric warming
  17. The co-benefits of reducing air pollutants also reduce the impacts of climate change.
  18. Can climate change activists leverage AI to make their voices heard?
  19. The impacts of illiteracy on climate change.
  20. How mitigation options to reduce carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, can affect particulate matter, ozone, precursors, and other air pollutants emissions.
  21. Methods to apply possible global-scale changes in air temperature and precipitation patterns to local-scale conditions that affect air quality
  22. Strategies to assess the risk to near-coastal species and habitats
  23. Physical and economic risks of high flooding on US road networks
  24. Effects of climate change on outdoor recreation
  25. How climate change affects water quality
  26. Climate change, riverine flood risk, and adaptation for the conterminous United States
  27. Integrating resilience and adaptation into integrated coral reef and watershed management planning
  28. Importance of warm habitat to the growth regime of cold-water fishes
  29. Benefits of applying principles of social cognition and decision-making in adaptive environmental governance
  30. Impacts of climate change on groundwater resource
  31. Impacts of climate change on transport and logistics networks
  32. Solutions for reducing the effects of future climate change
  33. Economic consequences of climate change
  34. How climate change affects health
  35. Impacts of climate change on agriculture
  36. Role of local and federal governments in climate change policies
  37. The link between overpopulation and climate change
  38. The role of the Paris Agreement on climate change management
  39. Impacts of climate change on biodiversity
  40. Role of environmental ethics in addressing climate change
  41. Impacts of air quality on respiratory diseases
  42. Understanding the role of ecofeminism in society
  43. Are electric cars a promise to reduce carbon emissions or transfer of emissions?
  44. How the oil and gas industry offsets its climate change contributions
  45. Challenges of fighting climate change at the globe
  46. Is there a pollution-free country, or is it a utopic idea?
  47. Impacts of climate change on Canada
  48. Role of religious groups in addressing climate change
  49. Impacts of greenwashing on consumer perception of climate change
  50. Using technology to address climate change
  51. Role of climate change on natural disasters
  52. Benefits of educating kids about climate change

Global Issues Research Topics and Ideas

When assigned to write a research paper, essay, or term paper, and you are left the liberty to choose a topic, ensure that you choose a topic that matches your course readings and your interests. If writing a research paper on a global issue topic suffices as a means to score the best grade, here are some topic suggestions.

  1. The link between child labor and poverty in adulthood
  2. The relationship between child labor and education
  3. The impacts of world hunger
  4. How wars affect the development of countries
  5. Gender inequality in employment and payment rates
  6. Inequality in wealth distribution globally
  7. Impacts of natural disasters on global logistics
  8. How terrorism affects the progress of the world
  9. The link between water contamination and poor food sustainability
  10. Impacts of government corruption on the wellbeing of citizens
  11. Impacts of substance abuse on growth and development
  12. Impacts of global population growth
  13. Homelessness as a global social issue
  14. Impacts of aging workforce and disengaged generation on future workforce
  15. Impacts of immigration on solving challenges with labor flow
  16. How immigration to developed nations causes brain drain in developing nations
  17. Strategies to address the critical needs of the elderly populations globally
  18. Should governments pay elderly people?
  19. Causes and consequences of extended droughts
  20. Extinction of species around the world
  21. Sustainable solutions to drought and world hunger
  22. Are governments to blame for world poverty?
  23. Role of the luxury industry in promoting child labor in developing nations
  24. Do MNCs promote child labor but hide it?
  25. Labor exploitation by multinational companies
  26. How to address labor shortages legally without resorting to child labor
  27. Are there sweatshops in this day and age?
  28. Child labor among immigrant children in developed nations
  29. Impacts of cooperation and cohesion on global peace
  30. Addressing the shortage of nurses globally
  31. Strategies to mitigate global terrorism
  32. Role of media in addressing global social issues
  33. How globalization affects national security
  34. Strategies Chinese companies are using to get tenders in developing nations.
  35. Reasons for vaccine hesitancy globally
  36. Is Africa posed as a decision-maker or an implementer of decisions made by others?
  37. Impacts of the Ukraine-Russia war on global supply chains
  38. Role of Big Pharma in addressing health challenges globally
  39. The global pillars of sustainable societies
  40. Should the entire world be borderless?
  41. Is it time to have a harmonized global curriculum?

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Music Research Topics and Ideas

Music has an important role in entertaining the world. It is an interesting field to study. You can research the following topics:

  1. Role of music in reforming societies
  2. The history of Jazz music
  3. Different eras in the development of music
  4. The history of piano
  5. Effects of music on the brain
  6. The philosophy of music
  7. The psychology of music
  8. The impact of using music in advertisements
  9. Role of music during slavery days
  10. Baroque music
  11. Impacts of music therapy on children
  12. The history of Italian Opera
  13. The birth of pop music
  14. Role of radio in promoting music and music bands
  15. History of country music
  16. History of the Blues music
  17. Origin of black music
  18. Impacts of afro music on American Pop culture
  19. Changes in music consumption patterns post social media
  20. Effects of hip-hop music on teenage behavior
  21. Impacts of music as a therapeutic tool
  22. How contemporary rock influences harmful social media behaviors
  23. Impacts of streaming apps on global music consumption trends
  24. Impacts of including music in school curriculum
  25. Evolution of music production post the technology adoption era
  26. Influence of Jazz music on western music genres
  27. The link between music and spiritual awakening
  28. How wars affect music
  29. Should musicians have bodyguards?
  30. Role of musicians and creatives in a political process
  31. History of Mozart composition
  32. Role of women in the music industry
  33. Does the music industry demean women as sexual objects?
  34. Role of music in feminism
  35. The origin of using music as soundtracks.
  36. Key instruments of country music
  37. Role of music in creating harmony in African societies
  38. Impacts of discrimination on music consumption
  39. Entry of white rappers into hip-hop
  40. The rise of K-pop.
  41. Characteristics of music in the Romantic Era
  42. How pop music affects the perception of beauty among listeners
  43. Should digital music be free to stream and watch for everyone?
  44. Is buying albums an effective way of supporting musicians and creatives?
  45. Strategies for managing musicians
  46. Impacts of music on the success of the fashion industry
  47. Why metal and Rock Music should be banned
  48. Rock music and cults
  49. How music improves mood and mental health
  50. Does listening to music help with learning
  51. Musicians and gang affiliations
  52. How musicians are used to launder money

Education Research paper Topics

  1. Impacts of smaller class sizes
  2. Strategies and principles can be used to engage the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  3. The benefits of blended learning
  4. Strategies to address global educational crisis 
  5. Group vs. individualized learning
  6. Benefits of standardized tests
  7. Education systems in USA vs. Sweden
  8. Education system of the UK vs. Japan
  9. Homeschooling vs. attending public schools
  10. Impacts of immigration on education attainment among immigrants
  11. Addressing the classroom challenges of children with learning disabilities
  12. Strategies to engage students within classes
  13. Use of technology in lesson planning
  14. Role of governments in facilitating education
  15. Causes and consequences of rising student debts
  16. Should college education be free?
  17. Punishment strategies that teachers should adopt
  18. Preventing Bullying and harassments in schools
  19. Strategies to reduce the college dropout rates in America
  20. Major challenges facing public schools
  21. How poverty affects access to quality education
  22. Role of family factors in influencing the behavior of teachers in school
  23. Solving financial challenges for public schools
  24. Is the No Child Left Behind policy detrimental to the public education environment?
  25. Role of Parental Involvement on student's academic performance
  26. Fighting childhood obesity through school diets
  27. Impacts of budget cuts on public schools
  28. Tips to help achieve high literacy levels in society
  29. How to modernize educational systems to address the current challenges
  30. Should gun holders be allowed into schools
  31. Sourcing for funds to improve school buildings and infrastructure
  32. Are grades the only indicator of learning?
  33. Pros and cons of homeschooling
  34. Strategies to attract and keep teachers in the USA
  35. Benefits of bilingual language instruction
  36. Discrimination among the teaching workforce
  37. Should teachers be paid better than doctors?

Social Issues Research Paper

  1. The negative impacts of gentrification
  2. The causes and consequences of homelessness
  3. How to address global poverty
  4. Strategies to fight rape
  5. Role of humanitarian missions
  6. Strategies to fight racism
  7. Impacts of domestic violence on children
  8. Impacts of poor governance and corruption on developing nations
  9. The use of recreational drugs in sports
  10. Causes of teenage pregnancies
  11. Illegalizing abortion
  12. Causes of the rise of teenage suicidal rates
  13. Causes and consequences of racism in the workplace
  14. The origin of oppression of women of color in the workplace
  15. Racial disparities in access to healthcare in the USA
  16. Inequality as a social problem affecting society
  17. Poverty in America
  18. How the war in Russia and Ukraine affected the homeless
  19. Homelessness solutions in Japan vs. China.
  20. Causes of substance abuse among teenagers
  21. Impacts of domestic violence
  22. Causes of Juvenile Delinquency
  23. How to prevent crimes in society
  24. Solving unemployment in society
  25. Factors leading to the rising number of college dropouts
  26. Social issues in Pakistan after the Taliban takeover
  27. How coups affect women and children
  28. How urbanization influences resource utilization
  29. Teenage marriages in America
  30. Influence of media on societal issues

Environmental Issues Research Paper topics

The world is experiencing a lot of change environment-wise. Global warming, for instance, is to blame for the rising global temperatures, flooding, heat waves,  tsunamis, and other disasters. As a researcher, consider investigating these research paper topics:

  1. Deforestation in the Amazon forest: causes and consequences
  2. Causes of wildfires in Australia
  3. How wars affect environmental conservation efforts: A case of Russia-Ukraine war
  4. Impacts of acidification on the ocean
  5. Impacts of industrialization on groundwater quality
  6. The impacts of hurricanes 
  7. Effects of global warming on biodiversity
  8. Impacts of hydraulic fracturing on the environment
  9. How climate change affects beekeeping and honey production
  10. Strategies to promote recycling, reuse, and reduce (three Rs)
  11.  Three pillars of sustainability
  12. Benefits of self-sustainable homes
  13. Impacts of social sustainability
  14. Reasons for the rise of invasive species
  15. Benefits of reafforestation
  16. Strategies to increase forest cover in arid and semi-arid zones
  17. Importance of conserving energy
  18. Benefits of using alternative sources of energy
  19. Impacts of Kyoto Protocol on environmental conservation
  20. Benefits of ecotourism
  21. International agreements for environmental conservation
  22. The significance and impacts of WWF in environmental conservation
  23. Strategies to prevent ecoterrorism
  24. Pros and cons of hydroelectricity
  25. Benefits of using solar power
  26. How to control soil pollution
  27. Impacts of acid rain on soil pollution
  28. Should people be allowed to live in forests?
  29. Role of forest reserves and parks in maintaining biodiversity
  30. Urban migration and increase in pollution
  31. Impacts of microplastics on the environment

Research paper Topics for History

Here are some great and interesting research paper topics to consider when writing a history paper:

  1. The rise and fall of the Roman Empire
  2. The quest for education by Frederick Douglass
  3. How the invention of the printing press changed the world
  4. The causes of the fall of the Soviet Union
  5. History of the Chinese Empire
  6. The causes of the First World War
  7. The causes and impacts of apartheid in South Africa
  8. The Arab Spring: Factors for its Success
  9. The civil rights movement
  10. The causes of the Great Depression
  11. Causes of the stock market crash in 1929
  12. The Battle of Somme
  13. History of gay rights in America
  14. The causes of Mexican-American war
  15. The causes and consequences of the Holocaust
  16. The Chernobyl disaster
  17. Impacts of Christianity and Islam on the Middle Ages
  18. Causes of the world war II
  19. Causes and impacts of the Black Death
  20. The rise and fall of Constantinople
  21. The ideology of colonialism
  22. The causes and consequences of the Ukraine-Russia War
  23. The Effects of the War in Syria
  24. The Effects of Israeli-Palestine War in Gaza.
  25. The foundations of monarchy
  26. Rise and fall of Napoleon 
  27. The role of the American Revolution on the growth of the USA
  28. The Trojan war
  29. The Suffrage Movement
  30. The struggles, successes, and failures of Martin Luther King
  31. Causes of the 1812 war
  32. The Battle of Hastings
  33. British vs. American Slavery.
  34. Impacts of transatlantic slave trade on Africa
  35. Role of Karl Marx in Shaping Today's society
  36. Space race during the Cold War
  37. The Cold War between the USA and China
  38. Post-civil War Reconstruction in American History
  39. The history of aviation.
  40. The Wright Brothers and Aviation History
  41. The Arab-Israel conflict
  42. The origin of the Israeli-Palestinian war
  43. Impacts of the civil war on wealth distribution in the USA
  44. Notable figures who influenced the rise of America
  45. The drug war in USA
  46. How Barack Obama changed American political ideologies
  47. The history of Hiroshima and Nagasaki war
  48. History of racism and segregation in America
  49. The making of the original Constitution of America
  50. Events during the Pearl Harbor invasion
  51. The outcomes of the Vietnam War
  52. Events in the history of the Ottoman Empire
  53. The rise and fall of Greece
  54. The causes of failure in Lebanon
  55. The great drought and the rise of China
  56. The leadership of Chairman Mao during the Great Chinese Revolution
  57. Role of women in World War II
  58. The history of the Nuremberg trials
  59. The History of the Cuban Missile Crisis
  60. The political ideologies of German leaders
  61. The History of the Egyptian Pyramids
  62. The Fall of Pompeii
  63. The use of religion to colonize Africa 
  64. The Battle of Pharsalus
  65. The Great Wall of China
  66. The American-Mexican wall politics

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