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Last Updated: 03 July 2023
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Causal arguments or causal analysis essays answers to the question of why? In most circumstances, there is never comprehensiveness in the answers but rather speculation on the causes of a phenomenon in question in an essay.

As complex formulating causal argument topics for essays are, in terms of definition, so are they to write. What is most tasking is the process of formulating a list of causal argument topics and choosing one to explore in-depth. When it comes to gender studies, given its breadth and complexity, it is easy to feel defeated in constructing the best topic.

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When writing a gender studies essays, research paper,  dissertation, or a  research proposal, one should consider a different lens into the issues within the society.

That way, gender studies gives the writer a chance to understand society by researching the extent of developing a unique worldview.

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Causal Argumentative Topics for Gender Studies Essays

As a Gender Studies major or minor, you need to think around or adopt the list of these causal argument topics:

  1. Why Women Mature Faster than Men.
  2. The impacts of Body-Shaming on the General well-being of Women.
  3. Gender in the Workplace: Analyzing the Factors Affecting the Leadership Efficiency of Women in the Workplace.
  4. Gender in Healthcare: Investigating the Factors Affecting the Access and Quality of Healthcare for Women.
  5.  Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Women in the Military Organizations.
  6. Military and Gender: Assessing the Barriers of Top Leadership Positions for Women in the Military.
  7. Politics and Gender: Analysis of the Discrepancy in Number of Women and Men in top Political Positions.
  8. The Impacts of the Recent Migration Policies on Women and Teenage Girls.
  9. Analyzing the impacts of Sexual and Domestic Violence among Women and Teenage Girls.
  10. Understanding the Impacts of Sexual Violence on the Mental and Physical Wellbeing of Girls.
  11. The Impacts of Women and Gender Studies on the Growth and Development of Women Globally.
  12. Strategies to reduce the gap between Boys and Girls Pursuing STEM subjects.
  13. Analyzing the Role of Gender Studies in the Society.

Causal Argument Topics for your Essay

  1. Assessment of the changing roles of women in society.
  2. The Impacts of The Media on Changing Male and Female Roles in the Society.
  3. The impacts of Culture and Religion on Gender Roles.
  4. Homophobia and Gender in the Modern Society.
  5. Cause and Effect Essay: Bulimia and Anorexia in Males and Females.
  6. Glass ceiling and Workplace Policies in the Modern Workplace
  7. Women�s Suffrage Movement and its role in Influencing Equality in the Corporate Arena.
  8. Maternity and Paternity Leaves: Which Is More Important To the Baby?
  9. Are Beauty Standards Set by the Media the cause of rising Cases of Girl Child Suicide?
  10. The impact of social media on the Feminism Movement and Activism.
  11. Do men also need to fight for their rights as their counterparts Feminist Women?
  12. An Exploration of Women's Experiences in Leadership Positions within African Immigrant Churches in the United States

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