Air and Environmental Pollution Topics for Essays and Research Papers

Last Updated: 24 August 2023

Pollution Topics for Essays, Dissertations, and Term Papers

Environmental pollution refers to the contamination of the biological and physical components of the atmosphere to the extent that normal environmental processes are negatively affected. According to UNEP, air pollution is one of the greatest environmental health risks that claims close to 7 million deaths annually.

While pollution is a menace, it is mostly caused by anthropogenic activities or activities done by man such as farming, industrialization, transportation, oil exploration, and other activities. To some extent, environmental pollution also naturally occurs.

Pollution is a threat to both humanity and the progress of flora and fauna.

As a high school, college, or university student, you can always be asked to write an essay or research paper about pollution. While many think an essay on air pollution or essay on the environment can be easy, choosing the best topic is never that easy.

We have compiled some of the environmental pollution topics to help you.

Argumentative and General Topics on Air Pollution

  1. Global warming is to blame for air pollution
  2. The public must be educated on air pollution
  3. Man is to blame for air pollution
  4. Air pollution affects man than other animals
  5. Air pollution is only a growing concern in the developing world
  6. There is a link between increased diseases and air pollution
  7. Can air pollution affect the mental state of a person?
  8. Policies and treaties have done little in preventing air pollution
  9. Air pollution impacts public health
  10. Can air pollution result in attention deficit problems in kids?
  11. Air pollution impacts are hugely felt in urban areas
  12. The increase in global population is to blame for air pollution
  13. Oil is still the primary air pollutant
  14. Natural air pollution
  15. Anthropogenic activities and air pollution
  16. Are developing countries at the receiving end of air pollution?
  17. The rich and industrialized nations should pay for causing the greatest share of air pollution.
  18. Can carbon sinks such as forests help in curbing air pollution?
  19. How forest fires cause air pollution
  20. Natural gas exploration and air pollution
  21. What is air pollution?
  22. Impacts of air pollution on college students
  23. The common air pollutants and their impacts on the environment
  24. Greenhouse gases as air pollutants
  25. Hazardous air pollutants
  26. Effects of lead on air quality
  27. How particulate matter affects air quality
  28. Impacts of air pollution on respiratory health
  29. Volatile organic compounds as indoor pollutants
  30. Radon, Mold, and Wood burning appliances and air pollution
  31. Effects of the air research grants in the policy process
  32. Benefits of mapping air quality
  33. Can green vehicles and cities affect air pollution?
  34. How air pollution causes acid rain
  35. Asbestos and air pollution
  36. Air pollution and road accidents
  37. Air quality in industrialized parts in India
  38. How air pollution is depriving citizens good health in India

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Topics on Water Pollution

  1. Arsenic in water and its effect on health
  2. Can metallurgical slag efficiently and economically adsorb arsenic
  3. The changing profile of water pollution
  4. Impacts of increasing global population and water pollution
  5. Untreated waste as a water pollutant
  6. Impacts of oil spills on water
  7. Water quality in India
  8. Effects of microplastics on oceans
  9. Can nanotechnology help solve water pollution?
  10. Is ocean cleaning exercise effective in removing plastics?
  11. Water pollution regulations in the USA
  12. The Clean Water Act
  13. The Safe Drinking Water Act
  14. Groundwater quality monitoring process
  15. How lead pollutes water
  16. Impacts of invasive species on watersheds
  17. Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking and water pollution
  18. How polluted runoffs affect rivers and oceans
  19. Climate change and water pollution
  20. Disasters and water pollution
  21. How soil pollution leads to water pollution
  22. Impacts of ocean pollution on human health
  23. Water pollution in Africa
  24. Groundwater contamination due to landfills
  25. Radioactive waste dumping and groundwater pollution
  26. The dangers of groundwater pollution
  27. How nitrates affect water quality
  28. Water pollution in Florida
  29. How plastic pollution in the oceans affect marine organisms
  30. Chemicals as a major pollutant of water
  31. River dumping as a source of water pollution
  32. Poor waste management and water pollution
  33. The countries with the highest levels of water pollution

Definition Essay Environmental Topics

  1. What are microplastics?
  2. Noise pollution and its characteristics
  3. Ecological footprint and how to reduce it
  4. Light pollution
  5. Thermal pollution
  6. Anthropogenic activities
  7. Acid rain and its consequences
  8. Eco-tourism
  9. Eco-consciousness and its impacts on environmental pollution
  10. Environmental racism
  11. Habitat disruption
  12. The Environmental Impact Assessment process
  13. Define soil pollution
  14. Define chemical pollution
  15. Define marine pollution

Soil Pollution topics for Essays

  1. What are the types of soil pollution?
  2. The causes and effects of soil pollution
  3. Pesticides and soil pollution
  4. Chlorinated toxins and soil pollution
  5. Impacts of industrial pollution and oil spills on soil
  6. Irrigation and soil pollution
  7. Volcanic eruptions and soil pollution
  8. Effects of plastics on soil
  9. Anthropogenic sources of soil pollutants
  10. Community awareness as a soil pollution mitigation strategy
  11. Inorganic fertilizers and soil pollution
  12. Household waste and soil pollution
  13. Soil remediation technologies
  14. Use of nanomaterial to prevent soil pollution
  15. Impacts of farming systems on soil
  16. Impacts of soil pollution on agriculture
  17. How soil pollution causes world hunger
  18. The connection between soil pollution and natural disasters
  19. Natural processes leading to soil pollution

Global Environmental Pollution Topics

  1. International treaties on air pollution
  2. The carbon tax
  3. Corporate greenwashing
  4. The rise of environmental pollution
  5. The Basel Convention and hazardous waste
  6. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  7. International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships
  8. Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  9. Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
  10. Framework Convention on Climate Change
  11. Law of the Sea
  12. Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
  13. North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
  14. International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling
  15. China Australia Migratory Bird Agreement
  16. FAO International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides
  17. Western Regional Climate Action Initiative
  18. Analysis of laws on carbon emission
  19. How China is solving environmental pollution
  20. Does the encroachment of the Amazon affect the environment?
  21. Oil pollution in the Arabian Gulf
  22. Coca-cola as the most prominent plastic polluter
  23. Role of state and non-state actors in environmental conservation
  24. Corporate social responsibilities of MNCs and ecological conservation
  25. Sound pollution in the industrial era
  26. The artificial islands of UAE and how they manage pollution
  27. Impacts of global climate change on the environment

You can access the list of environmental agreements, which can form a basis for an informative essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay, discursive essay, expository or exploratory essay, or an informative essay.

General Environmental Pollution Topics for Essays and Research Papers

  1. Reducing air pollution at home
  2. Primary sources of river pollution
  3. Siltation as a threat to water ecology
  4. Is overpopulation to blame for environmental pollution
  5. Is pollution a price of developmental progress?
  6. Comparison of urban and rural effects of pollution
  7. The link between environmental pollution and world hunger
  8. Pollution is widespread in poor neighborhoods
  9. Renewable sources of energy as a rescue to ecological pollution
  10. The harms and benefits of the fertilizer industry
  11. Consumerism is to blame for the environmental crisis
  12. Pollution and mortality
  13. Impacts of environmental pollution on wildlife
  14. Corporates should pay a heavy price for pollution
  15. Pollution as a global economic failure
  16. Technology can help fight environmental pollution

Writing an Essay on Pollution

Students might find it hard to rush over an essay on environmental pollution. First, it is because there is too much information that causes confusion. Secondly, most students underrate essays on pollution as easy essays. The truth is that even an essay on what is pollution as simple as 150 words or even 500 words can make you sweat and wish to pay someone else to do the essay for you. We will highlight below a few tricks:

  1. Choose a good pollution topic that interests you, has information online, and is trending.
  2. Do in-depth research on some of the best and credible scholarly sources.
  3. Draft the essay beginning with the essay hook, introduction background, and the thesis statement. Then write the body paragraphs and the supporting points. Draft the conclusion as well.
  4. To write convincingly, always use ethos, pathos, and logos. Use statistics, credible sources, and facts to appeal to your audience.
  5. Use transition words between each paragraph to maintain a great flow.
  6. Keep it simple; there is no need to use jargon when you are writing.
  7. Proofread, edit, and revise the essay before submitting it.

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