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Last Updated: 18 November 2019
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University, high school, and college students have a very high likelihood of writing a bunch of research papers before graduating. Notably, most disciplines, especially those aligned with scientific reasoning, demand that the students write occasional research papers.

This article is dedicated to students who want to revamp their grades by learning how to write excellent research papers.

The article is also meant for professionals who seek to refresh their minds on how to write the best research papers. Mostly, this information benefits millions of people, both students, and professionals. Our delight is to see you prosper in high school, college, and university level academic writing.

What is research paper?-Research Paper Definition

Before learning how to write a research paper, let’s delve into the definition of a research paper.

Well, a research paper is simply a form of academic writing that succeeds thorough and in-depth research by the author on a specific topic, analysis of data, and interpretation of the findings of the research.

A research paper can be a term paper, a master’s level thesis, or a doctoral-level dissertation. A well-written research paper is meant to:

  1. Provide a critical analysis of research findings in articles.

  2. Offer solutions to given problems.

  3. Expand the scope of research and recommend potential areas of research. Usually, this is from the identified research gap.

Choosing the Best Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper can flow. Unfortunately, without choosing the best business research topic, one can have problems developing concepts. It is critical to rake your mind and brainstorm about the research paper topic you want to use.

Mostly, we recommend that you choose a topic related to the subject of study. It should also be an interesting research topic and one that has information. Always consider the topic that you are passionate about.

A good approach is to list the research paper topics you have identified. Afterward, eliminate the ones you feel are not fit for your research paper. Hitherto, you should be able to narrow down to a specific research topic.

The next step is now how to research to compose a good research paper.

How to Research for Your Research Paper

Rubber can only meet the road when there is a purpose. Yes, there is one here. Here is where iron and iron sharpen each other. You can only ace research papers through proper research. How do you research before writing your research paper? Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to conduct your research:

  1. Utilize the Google search engine and find the topics and related background information. Google is always the starting point given its diversity of information. You are allowed to stock as many tabs as you can, provided you get relevant resources.

  2. Discard all the tabs that have non-credible sources such as Wikis, Wikipedia, Personal Blogs, and forums. Instead, use educational websites, government websites, peer-reviewed articles, company websites, and periodicals.

  3. Use the university online library to access databases such as PubMed, EBSCO, ProQuest, and ScienceDirect. Any materials in the university database are credible and scholarly.

  4. Evaluate the sources from both sides (Google and databases) and sieve those that are not important and discard.

  5. Based on your knowledge of primary and secondary sources, divide your sources into each category, respectively.

  6. Draft an outline for your research paper and decide on the research paper format.

Using Primary and Secondary Sources in Writing a Research Paper

Primary sources are reliable given that they are based on first-hand research.

They include speeches, transcripts of interviews, official reports, movies, film encyclopedia, personal journals, legal documents, academic articles, e-books, books, surveys, government publications, and periodicals.

On the other hand, secondary sources are based on primary sources.

They include books, newspaper articles, reports, reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, and magazine articles, etc. Still stuck on how to write a research paper we can help. You can always access research paper examples in APA from our website.

How to effectively write an Excellent Research Paper Thesis

The introduction portion of any academic writing always features a thesis statement. The thesis statements are a must in introductory paragraphs of research papers.

A thesis statement comes in the last part of the opening paragraph. Moreover, it can be a sentence or two.

Developing a persuasive thesis statement shows your authority in academic writing.

It is important that you research on your research paper topic to gain insights. After researching and internalizing the gist of the academic paper, write an outstanding thesis statement.

Typically, a thesis statement should highlight your major argument and determine the scope of the research paper.  

It reflects the essence of the paper and needs to be clear, concise, and compelling.

Once an audience reads your thesis statement, they definitely engage with you as the writer. A professor hooked to your thesis statement is a satisfied one, and that means a good grade.

How to Structure a Research Paper-Expert Advice

An outline can help you properly organize and structure your research paper.

A good research paper structure means a good paper. In academic writing, professionals always begin by outlining the research papers, term papers, or essays.

The outlines are preceded by the choice of an outstanding thesis statement.

Following the thesis statement, you have a snapshot of how your paper should look.

It is best that you now write an outline. It has bothered many people how to write a research paper outline. Fundamentally, the outline should encompass:

Research Paper Structure Explained

The introduction should feature a thesis at the end. It is advisable to have a hooking opening line to attract and keep the readers glued to your research paper.

The body of your paper should not follow the classical essay body format. Instead, it should include subsections such as the Purpose of the study, methodology, findings, and discussion subsections.

The methodology addresses the methods, tools, procedures, participants, and the setting of your study.  The research findings and discussion subsection have the results and interpretation of research, respectively. The discussion should also connect the findings to the theoretical concepts/frameworks.

Finally, the conclusion subsection summarizes the research paper. It is an essential segment albeit many students giving it little attention. It should be a summary of the major points including the findings, theoretical and professional relevance, and recommendations.

Important Writing Tips to consider in Academic Research Paper Writing

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