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You have taken the task by yourself and completed that lengthy essay or assignment. But now one thing lingers in your mind… “Can someone edit my essay for me?” This is rather common among many students. Sometimes, you simply need proofreading and essay editing services to point out the errors in your essay and have them fixed.

If you are wondering where to seek error-proof proofreading services, then you should look no further. We understand how to write a good essay better.

At Gradecrest.com, we have all the expertise necessary for ensuring that your essay reads well and that there are no errors in it. It is rather common for one to be stranded when it comes to choosing an essay editing service provider.

It takes a number of considerations in order to finally decide on the right party to edit your essay.

Gradecrest.com boldly confirms that everything needed in editing academic essays is available for our clients. We have been doing this for over a decade now and you should have absolutely nothing to worry about.

All you need is to send us your essay and we will be on our toes to ensure that your work is ultimately clean. Some of the traits that make us the best for proofreading and editing essays include:

Thorough Paper Editing Service

Are you looking for reliable editing services online?  Well, maybe you need the best order editing service online. With our essay online editing service, it actually takes less.

You need to place an order and specify that it is for editing. Immediately, the system will alert our editors and they will dig in immediately. Basically, even long papers such as dissertations and theses can be edited by our team within a 24-48 hour turnaround time. Yes, that is how thorough we are. 

When we talk of thorough paper editing, we simply mean that each and every error in your essay will be detected and adjusted accordingly.

Our team is able to scrutinize any essay for possible errors and this is one of the reasons why we lead. Among the key things that we scrutinize essays for include:

Spelling Errors

For one reason or the other, your essay may feature some misspelled words and this may amount to the loss of marks. Gradecrest.com ensures that each and every word in your essay is correctly spelled.

Sentence Structure

Fragment sentences can really affect the quality of your essay. We are here to assist you in making all your essay sentences correct and well structured.

We understand fully all the components of a sentence and therefore we are able to make the respective adjustments in your essay.

Subject-verb Agreement

Subject-verb conflict is one of the commonest mistakes that students make when composing their essays.

It is a mistake that greatly compromises your grammar. To make your essay flow well, we will ensure that subject-verb agreement is properly instilled in your paper.

Diction (Word Choice)

We will help you spice up your essay with the right vocabulary. We will also ensure that the words used in your essay are in context with the subject.

This we do to ensure that everything in your essay makes complete sense.


It is rather obvious that a particular page formatting must be done based on the referencing style used.

An MLA-formatted paper must differ distinctively from an APA-formatted one. If you are stranded in that line, we will help you out.

We will format your pages so as to meet the academic standards.

Plagiarism Detection- Get Help Proofreading Essays

We have all the tools that work well in detecting and removing plagiarism in papers.

We, therefore, assure you original essays in the end, and this means top score. We help you avoid plagiarism in the papers you have written.

Alternatively, if you need someone to write your essay, we can write for you original non-plagiarized essays.

Reliable Essay Editing Services

Editing work can never be possible with the absence of vital facilities in that respect. GradeCrest understands that fact copiously. This is why our coursework writing service company has invested heavily in facilities that can aid in editing essays easily.

Seeking a third party to go through your essay can be tough. Especially, if you are on the same level as the editor. Getting help from an essay editing and proofreading company can help. Our writers have a knack for writing good essays. They understand how to start and end an essay.

Necessarily, when a conclusion paragraph is bad, they can restate the thesis and ensure a well-flowing essay.  Also, they can help you choose a good title for your essay. Undeniably, these reasons make you trust our paper writing services above our competitors.

Our essay editing services are available for those writing autobiography essays. If you have hired a ghost freelance writer for your articles, our essay editing service can help with editing and proofreading the articles.

We have all the necessary editing software, including plagiarism checkers to ensure that even the slightest error in your work is corrected. That does not, however, mean that we do not give your work a human touch. Human editors are the ones who run the entire process.

We boldly assure our clients that as soon as your essay lands in our hands, the necessary editing will be done effectively, thanks to the facilities and the able personnel we have.