Sports Research Paper Topics and Ideas

Last Updated: 30 October 2019

Sports research paper topics

Research paper topics on sport, huh! The mere mention of sports research papers elicits biological reactions that can turn out good or bad. Sports is a global culture that connects people from diverse backgrounds.

If you are lucky enough to have a chance to study sports science or any related program, you will at some point be required to write an essay or a research paper on a unique sports topic. It could be on football, athletics, basketball, Superbowl, Hokey, Skating, Olympics, or Commonwealth Games, you name it.

But as you might have noticed, sport is a multidisciplinary field. While it is just every physical activity that everyone does, sports has a unique role in the society and on a personal level.

It is easy to underestimate this article, but prior to writing it we had questions like “I am stuck with my 1000 words essay on sports, what I write on?” Another one was, “So I have a research paper due that can be about anything I want. I've been wanting to do one on the NBA, so do you guys have any academic topics I can write about the NBA?”

The trauma of choosing a great sports research paper topic or a sports essay topic is too much. Now, let’s get the pressure of your chest by sharing an up to date list of topics for your research paper or essay.

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Now, you can go on and trust our best pick sports research topics for college students. In this list, you will find topics relating to sports science, sports medicine, and softball, sports psychology, hokey, Jokey, chess, football, sports marketing, sport management, and many more. This is an invite already to get things started.

Doping Research Paper Topics and Ideas for College Students

  1. The ethics of doping among athletes?

  2. Consequences of steroids used in doping.

  3. Role of athletes in preventing Doping.

  4. The role of Doping Control Officers.

  5. Is the mandatory testing of drugs during a competition fair?

  6. The World Anti-Doping Code.

  7. Doping and sports functionality.

  8. WADA drug testing procedures.

  9. The Anti-doping rules

  10. Pros and Cons of Performance Enhancing Drugs

  11. Is doping necessary?

  12. Controlled doping.

  13. Doping cases in cycling races.

  14. Risks of doping on athletes.

  15. Explore a recent doping case including the impacts it had on the sports personality.

  16. Methods used to detect anabolic steroids used in doping in sports.

  17. The role of athletes and sport managers in controlling doping.

  18. The anti-doping fund and its significance in the sports industry.

  19. What substances or methods (banned and permitted) are more common in endurance sports?

  20. Specifically, what substances or methods (banned and permitted) enhance oxygen transfer?

  21. What is known about the health risks of banned substances or methods that enhance oxygen transfer (i.e. EPO, blood transfusion)?

  22. What substances or methods (banned and permitted) mask fatigue or assist alertness?

  23. What is known about the health risks of banned substances or methods that mask fatigue or assist alertness?

  24. What substances or methods (banned and permitted) are more common in strength/power sports?

  25. Specifically, what substances or methods (banned and permitted) enhance muscle growth, repair or recovery?

  26. What is known about the health risks of banned substances or methods that enhance muscle growth, repair or recovery (i.e. anabolic steroids, human growth hormone)?

  27. What substances or methods (banned and permitted) are more common in sports with weight categories (i.e. Boxing, Judo)?

  28. What is known about the health risks of diuretics, clenbuterol (beta2agonist)?

  29. Of the three criteria, WADA use to assess substances and methods, which is the most important? Which is the most difficult to define?

  30. What is meant by ‘the Spirit of Sport’? Other than deliberate doping, what else might contravene the Spirit of Sport?

  31. Do you agree with the WADA criteria? What else do you think should be considered?

  32. Only two of the three criteria need to be met for a substance or method to be placed on the banned list. Do you support this approach?

Sports Marketing Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Explore the role of corporate sponsorship in sports

  2. Use of big data in sports marketing

  3. Marketing strategies that engage football fans.

  4. Nikes marketing strategy.

  5. How female athletes affect brand loyalty of sports goods consumers.

  6. The use of social media in sports marketing.

  7. Can SMEs thrive through sports marketing?

  8. Marketing mix in sports.

  9. NBA marketing strategies.

  10. Marketing Budgets for International Sports such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

  11. Viral sports promotion.

  12. Greenwashing in sports advertising.

  13. Sources of revenue in sports apart from tickets.

  14. Using digital media to market local sports.

  15. Banned Sports Ads, why?

  16. Sports celebrities and marketing of food substances.

  17. Effectiveness of Strategies used by Superbowl in advertisements.

Cricket Research Paper Topics

  1. Impacts of cricket on softball sports.

  2. History of cricket.

  3. Cricket is better than football?

  4. Are the best cricket players from India?

  5. Hawk-eye complex in cricket matches.

  6. Do cricket players get injuries? What are some of the injuries?

  7. Protective equipment when playing cricket.

  8. Explaining cricket game rules.

  9. A descriptive essay on how cricket is played.

  10. Tactics and techniques to win a cricket match

  11. Do cricket fans follow it religiously like football?

  12. Eye and Head injuries when playing and training for Cricket.

  13. Who holds the current cricket world championship?

Argumentative Essay Topics for a Sports Research Paper

  1. Is chess a sport?

  2. Are sprinters of Jamaica the first in Athletics World Championships and the Olympic games?

  3. Sports is the best stress relief for both players and fans.

  4. Is Michael Jordan everyone’s role model?

  5. Should the world cup be gendered?

  6. NBA needs to have stricter dress code rules.

  7. Is FIFA competent in managing sports globally?

  8. Should Major League baseball be outlawed?

  9. Sporting injuries negatively impact stress management

  10. Stress affects the performance of athletes.

  11. Should college athletes be paid?

  12. Trauma in sports can have a lifelong impact on psychological, physical, and emotional progress in children.

  13. Should fast-food advertising in sports be banned?

  14. Sport is a unifying factor

  15. Gambling should be legalized

  16. Should kids be forced on what sports to love or adopt?

  17. Should transgender people choose where to participate in sports?

  18. Ice Hockey has high chances of injuries.

  19. Extreme sports requires psychological preparedness.

  20. Do clubs help athletes and sportspeople?

  21. Betting on sports depends on match-fixing

  22. Betting is unethical

  23. Players should receive royalties from sponsors

  24. Should men and women in sports get the same salary?

Tennis Research Paper Topics

  1. Tennis is both a mind and a physical game.

  2. Is Serena Williams the best Tennis Player ever lived?

  3. The best approach to training tennis to young children.

  4. Impacts of mental and emotional training on tennis players.

  5. Management of competitive pressures among tennis players.

  6. Strategies to win a tennis tournament.

  7. Describe your best Tennis player.

  8. Compare double and single tennis matches

  9. The role of elastic therapeutic tape in treating common tennis injuries

  10. The common types of injuries and complications for tennis players

  11. Personal traits of the best tennis player

  12. History of table tennis

  13. A profile essay on Serena Williams

  14. A profile essay on Althea Gibson

  15. Mechanics of tennis

  16. Types of tennis

  17. Describe the game of tennis

  18. What equipment do tennis players use?

  19. Describe the normal training schedule and scope for a tennis player.

  20. Analyzing game dynamics in Tennis

  21. Role of technology in tennis matches

  22. The best life lessons from tennis players

  23. The World Tennis Association

  24. Is indoor tennis a different game?

  25. Tennis is largely dominated by women, explain?

  26. Allison Riske as a tennis star

  27. Autobiography of Irwin Homes

  28. The best tennis tournament

  29. Indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a comparison essay.

  30. Is Cori Coco Gauff the Heir Apparent to Serena William’s Throne?

  31. Impacts of coaching programs on tennis.

  32. Analysis of the Backhand stroke in tennis.

  33. Serena Williams Biography.

  34. Australian Open- is it the best tennis tournament?

Sports Medicine Research Paper

  1. Impacts of swimming on endurance and balance among athletes.

  2. Is Keto Diet the best for athletes.

  3. Significance of Caffeine among athletes.

  4. Effects of sports practice on people with heart disease.

  5. Is the 1.59 INEOS challenge physiologically viable?

  6. Impacts of doping on athletes’ bodies.

  7. The kinesiology of bowling.

  8. Common knee injuries in sports

  9. Muscle strains- prevention, treatment, and causes.

  10. Is the ironman challenge detrimental to competing athletes?

  11. Health impacts of Triathlon and Duathlon games.

  12. Safety issues in scuba diving.

  13. Consequences of steroid use among athletes

  14. Anatomy of the heart of a sports person.

  15. How important is an ACSM Certification in today's sports medicine world?

  16. Training hip flexor for sprinting.

  17. Is HRV an accurate tool to quantify training load in athletes?

  18. Effects of carbohydrate loading before a sports competition?

  19. Why are drug tests necessary for athletes?

  20. Good strategies to measure torque development rate in athletes

  21. Role of BMI in sports

  22. Impacts of stretching on muscles

  23. How to build endurance and resistance among athletes

  24. Use of the Kinesio-Taping in Olympic Games

  25. Impacts of clothing on sports performance

  26. Can lightweight outdoor clothing prevent hypothermia for low-intensity training exercises?

  27. The heart rate of female referees is always lower than males in basketball matches, explain.

  28. Can NASM CORRECTIVE EXERCISES CONTINUUM prevent sport injury?

  29. Does meniscus injury symptoms decrease after ACL reconstruction?

  30. ACL protocol guidelines for rehabilitation for better recovery

  31. Low laser therapy in muscle performance

  32. Methods to assess recovery after intensive sports competition

  33. Recovery protocols among trained and elite athletes

  34. Impacts of cycling on the body anatomy of professional cyclists

  35. Physiotherapy in sports

  36. Health screening procedures for elite athletes

  37. Significance of analyzing ACTH and Cortisol ration in sports

  38. Fat intake in acyclic or team sports

  39. Exercise-induced acidosis

  40. Physical exercise and bone geometry

  41. Does secondary amenorrhea jeopardize the physical and mental health of young healthy female athletes?

  42. Are there long-term consequences of repeated brachial plexus injuries (e.g. "stingers") that occur during contact sports (e.g. football and rugby)?

  43. Measuring hamstring performance

  44. Roles of team doctor in clubs

  45. Use of Ayurvedic drugs in sports medicine

  46. Causes of deaths in sports competitions such as football and Olympics

Topics on Sports Injuries for Essays and Research Papers

  1. Use of technology in diagnosis, treatment, and management of sports injuries.

  2. Types of injuries encountered by bodybuilders, powerlifters, and weightlifters.

  3. Common injuries in football fields.

  4. Hamstring injuries- causes, prevention, and management.

  5. The impacts of psychological strengths on recovery by athletes.

  6. Treatment of injuries in children and youths in sports.

  7. First aid strategies for sports

  8. The use of therapeutic tape in sports

  9. Consequences of overtraining

  10. Brain concussions in sports

  11. Role of helmets and protective gear in sports

  12. Athletic varicose disease

  13. Fatigue in sports, causes, and consequences

  14. Treating chronic and acute strains in athletes

  15. Sudden deaths in sports

  16. Acute pathologic conditions among athletes

  17. Dislocations in sports

  18. Chest and breast traumas in sports

Sports Psychology Paper Topics

  1. Psychology of women in sports

  2. Do team chant help in boosting morale?

  3. The concept of adrenaline junkies in sports

  4. Hygiene in sports- what are some of the best practices?

  5. ADHD in sports

  6. Selfies craze in sports

  7. Do sports trophies impact self-esteem?

  8. Use of neurolinguistics programming in sports.

  9. Psychological impacts of drugs in sports.

  10. The role of sports psychologists in the training athletes.

  11. Yoga and meditation in sports.

  12. Mental health issues in sports.

  13. Gender-based issues in contemporary sports

  14. Benefits of psychological preparation for sportspeople

  15. The motivation of female and male athletes

  16. Aggression in sports

  17. The psychological causes of football hooliganism

  18. Mental impacts of losing much competition

  19. How coaches develop self-confidence in college athletes

  20. Assessing the psychological wellbeing of a player by their actions in the field.

  21. Causes of aggression and violence among the fans.

  22. The psychology of referees.

  23. Impacts of low-motivation and confidence on sportspeople

  24. Impacts of fans on sports performance

  25. Distractions that hinder the full performance of athletes

  26. Career pathway of a sports psychologist

  27. Characteristics of sportspeople participating in extreme sports

  28. Physiological and psychological impacts of doping.

  29. The parenting styles of sports personalities.

  30. Life-work balance for athletes.

Sports Nutrition Research Paper Topics

  1. Impacts of energy drinks on athletes.

  2. Athlete-centered nutritional plans in sports.

  3. Consequences of carbohydrate loading in sports.

  4. Use of supplements and steroids by bodybuilders

  5. Essential nutrients required for optimal performance in sports

  6. Collaboration between coaches and nutritionists

  7. Benefits of Vitamin D in Sport Nutrition

  8. Performance Nutrition for Young Athletes

  9. Whey proteins

  10. Encouraging healthy eating habits among athletes

  11. Meal plans for athletes participating in extreme sports

  12. Role of microelements in sports nutrition

  13. Use of protein isolate in sports nutrition

  14. Hydration among sportsmen

  15. Weight management among athletes

  16. The Global Sports Nutrition Market

  17. Ornithine, Arginine, and Citrulline in Exercise and Sports Nutrition

  18. Best recovery nutritional plan for athletes

  19. Short-term changes in dietary fats in duathlon and triathlon competitors

  20. Caffeine and creatinine use in sports

  21. Best foods for athletes

  22. Glycemic Index, Food Exchange Values, and Exercise Performance

  23. Are bananas a good source of energy for athletes?

  24. Pre-exercise eating among athletes

  25. Is vegetarianism the best approach for athletes and other sportspeople?

  26. Intermittent fasting among athletes

  27. Ketogenic dieting among athletes

  28. History of Sports Nutrition Beverages

  29. Pros and cons of paleo diet for athletes

  30. Efficacy of L-glutamine supplement on sports training and athletes

  31. Food matrix and synergic effect for exercise performance

  32. Benefits of the "Paleo" diet for health and performance.

  33. effects of diet on elite athletes' sports performance

  34. Best dietary approach for female athletes

  35. The best way of measuring fatty acid oxidation rate in athletes

  36. Is the effectiveness of caffeine reduced when combined with carbohydrates?

  37. How does resting metabolic rate change with different diets?

  38. Negative effects of (chocolate) milk intake for recovery reasons after endurance exercise

  39. Does a carbohydrate-protein beverage (CHO-P) improve endurance performance compared with a commercial sports beverage?

  40. Prevalence of use of dietary supplements among athletes

  41. Estrogen from Soy Protein

  42. Why do athletes have to go through a diarrhea stage when they gain maximum fitness?

Sports Theory Research Paper Topics for College and University Students

basket ball star

  1. Types of athletes – a comparative analysis

  2. Describe a peloton in cycling

  3. Coordination and Control in sports

  4. Football formations and their significance

  5. Nordic walking – biomechanics and comparison to normal walking.

  6. Scientific research and its role in sports.

  7. Nutritionists as a key part of sports performance.

  8. Endurance, Resistance, and Flexibility training for athletes.

  9. Drug testing policies.

  10. Drug testing bodies.

  11. Explore team sports.

  12. Short-term and Long-term training in sports.

  13. Anatomy of different sportsmen

  14. Stretching and sports performance

  15. Cultural identity and the role of sports in Asian countries

  16. Sports as a culture

  17. Understanding the role of technology in sports

  18. Sports as a nationalism element

  19. Sociological basis of sports

  20. The economic significance of sports

Sports Management Topics

  1. Promoting community awareness of sports

  2. Role of club leadership

  3. Blockchain in sports management

  4. Management of sports organization

  5. Corruption scandals affecting FIFA

  6. Analysis of the global sports industry

  7. Corporate sponsorships in sports

  8. How sports affect workplace performance and cohesion

  9. The motivation for football and basketball players

  10. The economic significance of sports

  11. Recruitment and selection in sports

  12. Women in sports leadership positions

  13. Funding sport events

  14. The bidding process for hosting major sport events

  15. Role of government in sports regulation

Hockey Research Paper Topics

hockey research paper topic

Sometimes, you can be asked to write an essay on hockey. You might find choosing a topic for your hockey essay difficult. Therefore, we have listed some topics to get you started.

  1. Types of hockey

  2. Rules for playing hockey

  3. Protective gear is worn during hockey matches and training

  4. League versus Olympic hockey

  5. Is hockey profitable

  6. Does ice hockey have disadvantages?

  7. Hockey inventions that changed daily life

  8. Common hockey injuries

  9. Most popular celebrities that play hockey

  10. Causes of aggressiveness in hockey

  11. The popularity of hockey in the U.S., Canada, and Russia

  12. Evolution of Hockey

Sports Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Role of sports in promoting global peace

  2. Sports and discipline in schools and society

  3. Sports and academic performance

  4. Sports and the well-being of a community

  5. Transgender women in sports

  6. Racial issues in sports and sports advertising

  7. The role of gender in sports

  8. Women in sports

  9. Can athletes be good role models?

  10. Gender-based violence in sports

  11. Youth sports as a strategy to combat juvenile delinquency

  12. Hos sports unify people from different races

  13. Should physical education be mandatory?

  14. Contribution of sports to identity

  15. Impacts of sports on body shaming


Here is a highlight of some of the important things to consider when choosing a research paper topics for your sports research paper.

  1. Begin by using a Google search of the news.

  2. Focus on controversial issues and current affairs

  3. Consider the type of sport you want to write the essay or research paper about.

  4. Choose a topic you are passionate about and find interest in handling.

  5. The human-centered design can be the best approach. In this approach, focus on the users, their requirements, and associated factors.

  6. Use some of the best sources such as BBC Sports, the Sports Journal, and Major Magazines such as the Guardian, Forbes, and New York Times.

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