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Last Updated: 16 July 2021

Human Resources Research topics -Evergreen

If you are studying human resource management, you would agree that it is too broad a subject to underate. The value of human resources cannot be ruled out. Human capital is the most crucial asset in the business world. For this reason, students studying HRM write human resource management assignments such as essays, research reports, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and theses. As a business student or studying behavioral sciences or pursuing an MBA, you probably need to select the best human resources topics to write about, primarily when the assignment prompt does not provide any.

This article covers a rich list of trending, hot, and exciting human resources topics to get you started. Unlike other lists you probably have come across, we believe ours is good because we have categorized the topics based on the human resource areas such as training, talent management, professional and career development, leadership, change management, compensation, performance management, training, and development, to mention a few.

Equal Employment Opportunity HR Research Topics

  1. How HR Departments manage Equal Employment Opportunity

  2. Best practices for Equal Employment Opportunities

  3. Importance of Equal Employment Opportunity in the workplace

  4. The link between Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity in the workplace

  5. Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

  6. Impacts of workplace discrimination on employee wellbeing

  7. Direct vs. Indirect workplace discrimination

  8. How to handle unfair dismissal

  9. Role of Mediation and Dispute Resolution in the workplace

  10. How to incorporate the LGBTI workers without discrimination

  11. The effect of employee diversity on organizational performance

  12. Impact of equal employment on organizations

  13. The Relationship Between Equal Opportunities and Employee Performance

  14. Equal Employment Opportunity and its impact on the increased participation of men and women in the Transport Industry

  15. Equal Employment Opportunity and the Glass ceiling

  16. Coordinating Equal Employment Opportunity or Concealing Organizational Practices?

Talent Management Research Topics

Here are some talent management research topic ideas that you can use for your HR essay, research paper, term paper, or dissertation.

  1. Role of recruitment in talent management

  2. Elements of a talent management system

  3. Corporate learning, compensation management, performance management, and recruitment in talent management

  4. Various talent acquisition strategies

  5. Different talent management tools

  6. Role of executive coaching in talent management

  7. Role of recognition programs and leadership development in talent management

  8. Why talent management requires a strategic plan

  9. Understanding talent management models

  10. Corporate talent management

  11. Role of social media influencers in talent management

  12. Impacts of talent management on organizational performance

  13. Talent management and succession planning

  14. Talent management approaches among MNCs in the USA

  15. Impacts of technology on talent management

  16. Should companies automate more or invest in people? An HR paradox

  17. Role of targeted learning in talent development

  18. Use of peer-coaching to develop future-ready skills

  19. Learning and development trends beyond the pandemic period

  20. Role of community partners as an integral element of the talent pipeline

  21. The historical context of talent management

  22. The future of talent management

  23. Talent management in the gig economy

  24. Talent management strategies in the military

  25. Google vs. IBM talent management approaches

  26. Trends of talent management in a globalized society

  27. Risk factors in talent management

  28. The attitude of family-owned businesses on talent management

  29. Talent management in the small and medium enterprises

  30. Talent management strategies in the hospitality sector

  31. Talent Hunting vs. Talent management

HRIS topics for Dissertations, Essays, and Research Paper

  1. Components of a Human Resource Information System

  2. Role of Information Systems in Human Resource Management

  3. HRIS and strategic human resource management

  4. Importance of Automated Employee Skills Inventory

  5. Steps of implementing HRIS

  6. Functions of HRIS systems analyst

  7. Using HRIS to optimize employee performance management

  8. Impacts of HRIS on organizational efficiency

  9. Advantages of HRIS on organizations

  10. Using HRIS to improve employee engagement

  11. Role of HRIS in performance evaluation

  12. The impact of High-Performance Work Systems and HRIS on employee performance

  13. HRIS as a strategic tool in Human Resource Management

  14. Using HRIS to facilitate training and development

Professional/Career Development HR Research Topics

  1. Benefits of attaining professional certification

  2. Role of vocational training and apprenticeship in the workplace

  3. The impact of professional development on the expertise of middle-level managers

  4. Factors affecting professional development in organizations

  5. Why professional development matter

  6. Impacts of professional development on employee performance

  7. Impacts of professional development on customer satisfaction

  8. Impacts of professional development on employee retention

  9. The link between professional development and turnover

  10. Should organizations invest in continuous professional development courses?

  11. Career development and wellbeing of employees

  12. The nexus between professional development and professional stress

  13. The Impact of a Professional Development Network on Leadership Development

  14. Should companies have professional development policies?

  15. Professional development and succession planning in organizations

  16. Past and current approaches to employee development programs

  17. Challenges in implementing professional and career development programs

  18. Professional development and employee productivity

  19. Aligning employee development with organizational needs

  20. Mentoring and coaching for employee development

  21. Building a coaching culture in an organization

  22. How leaders can become better coaches

  23. Benefits of individual development programs

  24. The 9-box grid employee assessment

  25. Impact of cross-training on organizational efficiency

  26. Impact of on-the-job training and stretch assignments on employee performance

Performance Management and Appraisal Topics

  1. Performance management vs. performance appraisal

  2. Importance of ongoing feedback on employee morale

  3. Strategies of employee engagement

  4. Importance of performance planning in the performance management cycle

  5. How to incorporate employee input in organizational decision-making

  6. Advantages of having performance standards

  7. Advantages of automated performance management systems

  8. Data-based assessments in performance reviews

  9. Performance appraisal and corporate culture

  10. Performance management and strategic planning

  11. Reward system and performance management

  12. Employee engagement and performance management

  13. Performance appraisal and employee development

  14. Use of management by objectives and employee engagement.’

  15. Benefits of 360-degree feedback

  16. Benefits and challenges of assessment center appraisal method

  17. How to use the Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) in performance appraisal

  18. Are psychological appraisals beneficial in the hospitality industry?

  19. Pros and cons of Human-Resource (Cost) Accounting Method

  20. Elements of performance management

  21. Importance of feedback in organizations

  22. Performance appraisal and organizational commitment

  23. Organizational culture and performance appraisal

  24. Using performance appraisal to enhance organizational citizenship behavior

  25. Performance appraisal and employee motivation

Recruitment and Selection Research Topics

If you are interested in either recruiting and labor markets or selecting in human resources, you can choose a list of interesting research topics.

  1. Challenges affecting the contemporary recruitment and selection strategies

  2. Employer branding and recruitment in MNCs

  3. Importance of screening process during recruitment

  4. Effective recruitment models for small businesses

  5. Using social media sites to source candidates

  6. Is LinkedIn an effective recruitment platform?

  7. Factors that affect the HR selection method

  8. Pros and cons of online applications for employers

  9. HR Methods of Evaluation During a Hiring Decision

  10. Can an Employer Perform a Criminal Background Check Without Making a Formal Offer of Employment?

  11. The link between the recruitment and selection process and business strategy

  12. Recruitment and Selection Strategy on Employees' Performance

  13. The Importance of the Strategic Recruitment and Selection Process on Meeting an Organisations Objectives

  14. The strategic importance of the Recruitment and Selection Process

  15. Recruitment and selection practices on retention of employees

  16. The Impact of Effective Recruitment and Selection Practice on Organisational Performance

  17. Role of human resource planning in recruitment and selection

  18. Impacts of recruitment on business/organizational success

  19. Recruitment and selection process in Family Businesses

  20. Impacts of recruitment and selection on staff retention

Risk Management and Worker Protection HR Topics

  1. Role of human resource management in risk management

  2. HR risk management and employee productivity

  3. The link between training, leadership, and worker protection

  4. Risk management and employee morale

  5. Role of HRD in Risk Management

  6. How HR managers can identify and assess risks in the workplace

  7. How to conduct an HR audit

  8. Rapid covid-19 testing to reduce risks in workplaces

  9. Should employees be allowed to carry guns to the workplace?

  10. Employers should advise employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19

  11. Maintaining wellbeing of employees during the covid-19 pandemic

General/ Interesting Human Resource Research Topics

  1. How companies can become employers of choice

  2. HR planning in mergers and acquisitions

  3. How to handle celebrities in the workplace

  4. How HR Departments can promote diversity

  5. Facts affecting employee retention

  6. Significance of Strategic HR Management and Planning

  7. Importance of Job Analysis

  8. Significance of Human Resource Planning and Retention

  9. Strategies to combat incivility in the workplace

  10. The cost of incivility in the workplace

  11. Job rotation versus Job redesign

  12. Role of HR in Total Rewards and Compensation

  13. Job redesign versus job enrichment

  14. The rise of the global labor market

  15. Role of HR managers during change management

  16. Overcoming change resistance among employees

  17. Change management models in organizations

  18. HR managers as change agents

  19. Job enlargement vs. Job enrichment

  20. HR managers as change advocates

  21. Role of HR in succession planning

  22. Significance of succession planning on leadership development

  23. Pros and cons of recruiting from the university

  24. How to attract, recruit, and retail Millenials

  25. Addressing the diversity gap in the workplace

  26. Handling overqualified employees

  27. The impact of Human Resource Development in organizations

  28. Pros and cons of 360 Degree Feedback

  29. Peer-to-peer feedback in the workplace

  30. Handling Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous Changes Using the Action Strategy Process

  31. Formal vs. Informal feedback in the workplace

  32. How to communicate constructive feedback to a fellow employee

  33. Negative vs. positive feedback in the workplace

  34. How to discipline employees and correct performance

  35. Role of Human Resource Managers in Fourth Industrial Revolution

  36. Culture as an important HR strategy

  37. How HR departments can promote cultural competency among employees

  38. Steps of Disciplining an employee

  39. Job shadowing vs. Job rotation

  40. Benefits of online employee development

  41. How to motivate burned-out employees

  42. How to implement an effective job rotation in an organization

  43. Employee termination process

  44. Generational issues in on-the-job training

  45. How to prevent employee termination

  46. Significance of corporate universities for organizations

  47. Importance of personalized approach to corporate learning

  48. Types of employee discipline

  49. Importance of employee discipline from the perspective of the individual, work teams, and organization

  50. How HR departments can guard against the use of copyrighted materials during training

  51. Factors to be considered when disciplining an employee

  52. Positive vs. progressive discipline

  53. The Red-Hot Stove Rule in employee discipline

  54. Causes of indiscipline among employees

  55. Use of virtual reality training for employees

  56. How technology has enhanced employee training

  57. How to create a learning culture in an organization

  58. How organizations can use HR analytics and HR metrics strategically

  59. Formalized Human Resources Management structures and affirmative action

  60. Strategies used to identify the training needs of employees

  61. Benefits of agile workforce planning

  62. Inclusive hiring strategies that HR departments should use

  63. The use of Applicant Tracking System during recruitment and selection

  64. Benefits of a multigenerational workforce

  65. Significance of HR KPIs

  66. Benefits of a Learning Management System (LMS)

  67. Impacts of performance management on employee productivity

  68. Effects of motivational tools on employees’ morale

  69. Impacts of performance appraisal on staff productivity

  70. Relevance of human resource departments in a contemporary business environment

  71. Strategic human resource management and workforce development

  72. Effects of stress on the performance of employees

  73. Impacts of motivation and job satisfaction among hotel workers

  74. The link between staff induction and training programs and workers’ productivity

  75. Causes of conflicts in the organizational setting

  76. Impacts of collective bargaining on the industrial dispute within organizations

  77. How personality affects group/team performance

  78. Team formation strategies on organizations

  79. Strategies to overcome social loafing in organizations

  80. Strategies to engage employees within an organization

  81. Does personality test matter during recruitment?

  82. Impacts of corporate social responsibility on employee performance

  83. Career development and employee morale

  84. Impacts of leadership styles on organizational performance

  85. Can human resource functions be outsourced?

  86. Causes and consequences of communication breakdown in organizations

  87. How HR policies influence employee attitude and performance

  88. Agency theory in HR leadership

  89. Psychological contract and leadership commitment

  90. HR in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) times

  91. How to recruit and employ disabled employees

  92. Influence of minorities on organizational decision-making

  93. How to maintain work-life balance

  94. Benefits of high-performance work teams

  95. Importance of emotional intelligence of employees on organizational productivity

  96. Benefits of transformational leadership on employees

  97. Management of high-performance workforces

  98. Causes of attrition in the workplace

  99. Transparent hiring practices and policies

  100. Importance of refresher courses for employees

  101. HR departments must implement strict data protection policies

  102. Fathers should be given the same paternity leave as maternity leave

  103. Are KPIs a better solution for evaluating the performance of employees

  104. Employee motivation and workplace stress management

  105. Best practices vs. Contingency models of human resource management

  106. The resource-based view of the link between organizational success and human resource management

Trending Research Topics in Human Resources

  1. The use of artificial intelligence in human resource functions

  2. Can AI be used to detect a change in behavior among employees?

  3. Using AI to customize career paths, professional development programs, and promotion for employees

  4. Using AI to manage employee performance

  5. Can AI be used to detect behaviors that indicate an employee is about to leave a company/workplace?

  6. Challenges of working remotely during the COVID-19 lockdowns

  7. Advantages of working remotely for the employees and employers

  8. Disadvantages of employees working remotely

  9. The link between working remotely and lower productivity

  10. The relationship between working remotely and low morale

  11. How poor team dynamics affect employee performance

  12. Poor mental and physical health affects productivity

  13. Is it ethical for HR departments to track how employees use their work devices?

  14. How can managers manage higher/lower expectations of their remote employees?

  15. What is the best compensation and performance management model for remote workers?

  16. Time theft and sick leave fraud by remote workers

  17. The link between low morale and organizational performance

  18. Flexible working plans and the Millenial employees

  19. How to succeed in virtual team building

  20. Impacts of virtual teams on productivity

  21. The impact of automating HR tasks on organizational outcomes

  22. Using Data-driven strategies in the HR departments

  23. Impacts of annual educational stipends on employee morale

  24. Should employees be given at least one annual leave for a professional development course?

  25. Employees should share their personal and professional goals during annual self-assessments

  26. Companies should find the right people, train them, and try to retain them

  27. Benefits of onboarding as an approach of sustaining human resource in organizations

  28. Why new employees should be oriented

  29. Strategies to promote autonomy and belonging among employees

  30. Benefits of health advocacy programs to employees and employers

  31. Should employees have paid family leave

  32. Providing care assistance plan to offset caregiving costs

  33. Employees should be given respite care

  34. Strategies to promote inclusion in the workplace

  35. Benefits of using the open workforce such as freelancers and independent contractors

  36. Approaches used to improve candidate experience during recruitment

  37. Should pre-employment assessments be considered over resumes

  38. The importance of aptitude, personality, and skill tests during recruitment

  39. Use of recruitment marketing by HR departments

  40. Are background investigations on potential employees necessary?

  41. The rise of mobile-friendly recruitment

  42. Employee motivation and its impact on job performance in the new norm of working from home

  43. Impacts of remote working on employee performance during the COVID-19 pandemic

  44. Hostility in the workplace and ethical discrimination with minorities

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