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Research Proposal Writing Help to end your Research Woes

December 24, 2018 To: Blogs

A research proposal presents and justifies the need to explore, examine, or study a particular research problem. It also presents the step-by-step approach in which the proposed study will be carried out.

Undeniably, given the significance of research studies, some standards and guidelines guide the procedures and elements of specific research. Mostly, different disciplines have different guidelines and standards.

It is possible that a student might not be well versed with research proposal writing. However, that is why our research proposal writing help exists. All you need to do is specify the details on our order page and count it done. Writing a good research proposal amounts to the successful completion of a study.

Research proposals have different parts and follow a given format. You can get help with writing your research proposal from the best custom essay writing service.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Research Proposal

Whether you are writing a doctorate, masters, or an undergraduate level research proposal, you can make some mistakes. Remember, a research proposal has to provide persuasive evidence that warrants the proposed study. The research proposal also has to have aims, methodology, literature review, and rationale as per the relevant academic field. Here are the common mistakes encountered, and which make it necessary for students to seek our research proposal writing service:

  • Focusing on a broad research proposal topic.
  • Failure to state the general and specific objectives.
  • Not correctly citing the relevant sources in your problem statement and literature review.
  • Following online research proposal example, which is erratic in presentation and format.

Let our Professional Dissertation Writers Weed these problems out

  • Adopting the wrong research proposal format from the start.
  • Imprecise writing, poor grammar, and lack of coherence in a research proposal.
  •  Too little support of major ideas in the research proposal sample.
  •  Lack of recent sources in the literature review.
  • Using past tense when alluding to the proposed study. A research proposal is always written in the future tense as it is for an anticipated study.

Why do students write Research Proposals

Whether it is a business research proposal or a sociology research proposal, there are various reasons why professors/tutors assign them:

  • To assess your skills in research, presentation of facts, the design of compressive research studies, and scientific skills
  • Test your writing and research skills. Most of our research proposal writing help experts have high standards of writing and research skills.
  • They also seek to assess your ability to use logic in problem-solving.

Research proposals also test critical thinking, communication, and creativity in scholars.
As you might already have seen, or yet to see, a research proposal example can help you ace your paper. But what are some of the elements of a research proposal?

Elements or Parts of a Research Proposal

Before you begin writing a research proposal, you must understand a few things. Like any academic research papers, proposals are written by scholars who seek to solve a problem. In most cases, the scholars seek funding or grants for their research projects. In other instances, the research proposals could be culminating to masters or doctoral dissertations. It could also be a research proposal for normal coursework.

How many pages should a research proposal be? The answer is between 15 to 20 pages. The introduction is like a hook or a pitch for your research ideas. Notably, most research proposals do not have an abstract section before the introduction. Before beginning your research proposal ask yourself:

  • What problem are you seeking to solve?
  • Does the chosen topic align with your course?
  • What is your chosen topic?
  • What does the preliminary literature review reveal about the proposed study?

A research proposal is divided into distinct parts. Undeniably, a well-written research proposal culminates into a well-conducted study.

Introduction of a Research Proposal

The introduction should be short and precise. It should introduce the general proposal, the aims, the scope, the problem, and the purpose of the research proposal. You might find our research proposal sample papers useful for this. Just chat with our operators, and you will have a good research proposal example. Generally, when writing the introduction, you should ask yourself:

  • What is the core research problem?
  • Which is a suitable topic that relates to the research problem?
  • Is there an appropriate method of data collection and analysis?
  • What is the significance of the proposed research study?
  • Does the research proposal have a scope?

Background and Significance Section of a Research Proposal

This section can be part of the introduction. However, it brings much sense as a standalone. It helps in creating a flow and organization for the research proposal. Here, the research proposal writer explains the context or the proposed study and its importance.

It is in this section that the researcher details the research problem, the goals of the study, and the scope of the proposed research. Here are the steps:

  • State the research problem and the rationale for the research proposal.
  • Describe, using facts, the major problems being addressed in the study.
  • Explain how you will conduct the proposed study to ensure the problem is solved.
  • Set the different boundaries of your research by explicitly stating its scope.
  • Provide definitions of the terms used in the study.

Literature Review Section of a Research Proposal

When writing a literature review for your proposal, ensure you go into in-depth research. Most of the students know us as a research proposal help company that does thorough research. All the research proposals written by our experts have turned out to be exemplars.

Yes, professors have used our research proposal example to demonstrate what makes a good research proposal. The literature review section is connected to the background and significance section. Here, the researcher has to focus on reviewing and synthesizing the prior studies that relate to the current research problem of the research proposal.

It is important to cite, compare, contrast, critique, and connect ideas in the literature review. Your literature review should have much information to help you develop a sense of purpose for the research study.

Research Design and Methods Section of a Research Proposal

This is also a major section of the research paper. There are different research designs including:

  • Ethnography design
  • Descriptive design
  • Experimental design
  • Quasi-experimental design
  • Correlational design
  • Action research
  • Case study design
  • Causal design
  • Cohort design
  • The cross-sectional design
  • Longitudinal design
  • Historical and exploratory design

Choosing the best research study design is important. Designs are defined by the research philosophy that the researcher aligns to. In this section, the researcher must specify the research design that suits the proposed study and its justification. It is also important to specify the methods of data collection to be used. The researcher can choose qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods or research.

Ethics in Research Section of a Research Proposal

When you seek our research proposal writing help, our writers are always keen to introduce this section. Mainly, this part deals with some of the ethical issues that can arise in the process of the study.

Some of the ethical issues include deception, informed consent, vulnerable participants, the autonomy of the researcher and participants, beneficence, and maleficence, among others. It is important to outline how the choice of the participants will be used to eliminate any ethical issues in research.

Preliminary Findings and Implications sections of a Research Proposal

In this section, you presuppose the findings expected for your study. This section is where the researcher presents the way in which the research will inform practice, research, theory, or policy formulation process. The arguments here have to have substantive, methodological, and theoretical significance.

Conclusions Section of a Research Proposal

Mostly, this comes as the last section of a research proposal. It reiterates the significance of the study. The section also highlights the research problem and why it should be investigated. It sums up the entire research proposal.
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