Why you should Take Writing Essays Seriously

Last Updated: 03 June 2024

As you embark on your academic journey, you'll soon realize that essay writing is not just a requirement but a transformative path. It's an art form that can shape not only your academic trajectory but also ignite personal growth, allowing you to discover new perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

An essay is a crucial platform on which you, as a student, can delve into concepts, topics, theories, and facts, express ideas, opinions, and arguments, and showcase your critical thinking, creativity, and organization skills.

Students who excel in essay writing often express their thoughts and ideas more effectively, even in the professional world. This direct correlation underscores the importance of demonstrating knowledge and understanding of a given topic or issue through well-crafted essays, showing that the skills you develop in essay writing are not just for academia but for life beyond the classroom.

Let’s explore why writing essays is important for you as a student, both in school and beyond. We are answering the question, “What’s the point of writing essays?”

1. Enhances Critical Thinking

Essay writing is an exercise in critical thinking. Once your professor provides you with the instructions, you are expected to write an essay that meets the prompt. The professor expects you to research, discover, analyze, synthesize, and organize information in a manner that answers the prompt.

While writing the essay, you will infuse diverse perspectives and angles to make sense of a topic. Given the diversity of essays (argumentative, expository, persuasive, informative, descriptive, etc.), you will have different angles of argument and approaches when presenting ideas.

You can only do this by digging deeper, connecting ideas, and making meaning from the available evidence, which is what critical thinking entails. When writing essays, you are expected to be objective, formal, and coherent.

You have to draw balanced conclusions that are evidence-based. You will notice that writing different types of essays sets you up to reason with other people on certain matters using evidence and in a structured format.

Essay writing ensures that you build critical thinking skills that are vital both for academic success and also for navigating the complexities in the real world, such as business negotiations, political statements, policy analyses, and organizational communication.

2. Improves Communication Skills

Effective communication is the cornerstone for success in virtually every field. From academia to space exploration, efficient communication systems are set to ensure the flow of information, continuity, and transfer of knowledge.

When writing an essay, you are communicating with your audience. You organize your ideas logically, use precise language, and tailor the message in a manner that the audience can consume and reason with it better. Instead of just summarizing ideas from a journal, for instance, you first read it, then compare it with what other sources say, and then articulate ideas that are compelling to your audience. Being able to express ideas in an essay builds your prowess in effective communication.

Students often hate essay writing because it involves using a lot of words to express a single idea. However, through practice, you eventually realize that you have built a massive and impressive vocabulary that allows you to communicate fluently in different fields. Suddenly, you begin to express your ideas better when communicating with your peers, seniors, colleagues, and family members.

Writing and reading essays is a form that you need to see as effective and embrace wholeheartedly. You can write an essay and publish it in a magazine targeting a policy area that the government struggles to address. If well written, such can be a good foundation for some laws, especially given that representatives do in-depth research before tabling bills in parliament. That’s just one area.

You can also write an essay that gets you a position in a grad school of your choice. If you feel that a certain population is being oppressed, you can get into activism and write essays addressing the concerns, which helps save humanity through communication.

If you are good at writing essays, you will always excel in writing a research paper, crafting a business proposal, writing a grant proposal, or writing an engaging policy paper.

In brief, learning how to write an essay, whether by writing or reading one, has a direct impact on building effective and useful communication skills.

3. Fosters Creativity

Only those who hate essays would believe that they are generally rigid and formulaic, which is never the case. Writing an essay entails creativity at its core. For this reason, students can use the same sources and the same word count but score differently. Writing an essay is not just about arranging the words by paraphrasing and summarizing from the sources. Rather, it entails students exploring different writing styles, voices, and perspectives to communicate ideas with a good flow and organization.

You are expected to craft a compelling narrative and construct persuasive arguments while maintaining originality. When you read three to five different resources that talk about the same topic, you are expected to synthesize the information so that the reader is informed on the topic from the angle that you have selected.

By mastering this skill, you'll not only excel in your studies but also develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. This empowerment will enable you to express your thoughts and ideas with confidence, knowing that you have the tools to articulate them effectively.

Students discover their voices, styles, and perspectives when writing essays, which breeds creativity in communication. Once you resonate with the concepts and perspectives, you show your writing prowess, creativity, and intellect.

4. Broadens Knowledge

The process of writing essays encompasses in-depth research, which often leads to exploring unfamiliar theories, concepts, and pieces of evidence. When sifting through academic sources for ideas to include in an essay, you undergo a journey of discovery that broadens your knowledge base and deepens your understanding of various subjects.

Students who write fine essays are exposed to different levels of knowledge that they can use for academic, personal, and professional gains. For instance, if you are writing about ethics and governance, you will be able to understand how governance models work and how they are scaffolded with ethics. As a result, you develop a nuanced and comprehensive worldview for given issues that makes you empathetic and informed compared to laymen.

Many have also noticed and reported that writing an essay helps in retaining information in your long-term memory. Repetitively writing essays builds your memory as it forces you to think about the topic in-depth. What you write sticks in your mind longer than what you have not written about.

5. Foundation for Professional Success

In a fast-paced and competitive global economy, everybody fights to get their share of the cake. The ability to write well is a highly sought-after skill. With the invention and advancement of artificial intelligence writing tools, you can only sound natural and wise if you can genuinely write from scratch and convince your readers.

Most employers across various industries are seeking employees who can communicate effectively, research, think critically, and present ideas persuasively. When you master essay writing, you are fully equipped to handle the job requirements of contemporary organizations. Such competencies set you apart from the other candidates, giving you a competitive advantage in the market. When you excel at writing essays, your grades improve.

Even when you hire a person to write the essay but spend time going through it and customizing it, you acquire fine writing skills in the end. You can craft reports, create content, develop strategic plans, and write company communication documents using the skills you have learned by writing college essays and papers.

Do not fear writing essays. It builds skills such as creativity, reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving that are transferable to the professional realm.

6. Cultivates Personal and Intellectual Growth

Beyond professional and academic benefits, essay writing is also a powerful tool for personal growth. The writing process encourages introspection and self-expression, which allows students to explore their thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and encounters.

We have had moments when writing essays becomes a cathartic process, which helps us make sense of our world and articulate our identities. The same happens for our essay writers and students.

As one engages in writing essays, one enters a reflective cycle that fosters a deeper connection with oneself and a greater appreciation for the diversity of humankind.

A person who writes a few essays is never the person they were when they started. As you adhere to the writing standards and formats (APA, AMA, ASA, MLA, Harvard, and Oxford), you realize how the world around you works, different problems, and potential solutions, and explore evidence that supports your arguments.

Your intellectual capacity also increases because you broaden your knowledge and understanding.

Any college or grad school student knows that not every source is fit for use in an essay. As you conduct research on credible, relevant, authoritative, current, accurate, and purposeful sources to use in your essay, you grow your research capabilities. See the CRAAP test for online research.

The practice of writing essays also helps you to write faster. When you understand your writing process, you can get things done faster and more efficiently.

You can craft a cover letter for your next job, write a piece of research article to feature in a journal, or write a research paper for your sociology class, all without struggling, thanks to the skills you develop when writing essays.

Therefore, being forced to write essays in ENG 111, 101, 102, and 112 always works to your advantage in the end. When you are used to writing essays, you can process and write a research paper in a few hours.

7. Builds Discipline and Organization

Writing a well-structured essay calls for discipline and organizational skills. You have to have an attention-grabbing introduction that invites your readers to reason with you professionally—without shouting at them, of course. You then plan on what points to include in your main body paragraphs, ensuring that each paragraph fits in the wider puzzle that makes the entire essay.

You are also expected to craft a coherent narrative that entails providing evidence and using it as a rationale for your arguments. While writing, you must carefully select the words to use so that your readers are not confused.

Equally, you must also use transition words to maintain a good flow of ideas from the introduction to the conclusion. This entire approach leads to better essays that have great marks, but it also instills a habit of sticking to the rules of the game, which comes in handy when handling projects.

Even when engaging in a debate or discussion, you will often find yourself giving rationale and finishing off with a call-to-action or a food-for-thought line that leaves your audience challenged. That 500-word or 1000-word essay, finally counts towards your overall growth and resilience, especially in places where quality and fast writing is appreciated.

Writing a research essay entails creating order out of the information wilderness, making us decide which side of the argument is the best.

With a lot of information to process, you can organize ideas and articulate your arguments structurally. Learning to write helps you eliminate claims and adopt one that seems trustworthy and reasonable, from the evidence point of view. When you write an argument essay on a complicated topic, you learn how to push yourself to use evidence to create order out of what appears as chaotic.

8. Teaches you to Push Limits

Like other college assignments, writing essays forces you to level up and face your fears about writing. For many students, writing essays sucks and they would rather avoid situations where they are required to write when there is an alternative. However, given that essays have deadlines, you get pushed to face your perfectionist spirit and level up your writing flaws.

Deadlines have a way of making sure that you do so much within a short time. If you are a last-minute writer, you will agree that when you finally seat down to research and write, you do it dutifully and diligently. The deadlines help you to stop procrastinating and embrace your writing flaws for the better.

Most students come from the position of “I am not confident in myself as a naturally good writer” to “, I can write that within record time.” You then pivot yourself for any future roles and situations where you are required to write. Therefore, writing essays in college helps you to face your worst fears and emerge victorious.

That’s a Wrap!

Essay writing has many advantages to you as a student that scale beyond the classroom. Essays are vehicles for expressing ideas and communicating concepts. You gain and refine your knowledge, develop creativity and critical thinking, become an effective communicator, develop professional and intellectual capacity, and become competitive when you understand the intricacies of writing good essays.

Generally, essay writing is the performance of the contemporary. You come up with a thesis about a topic, develop it in the body paragraphs, and draw conclusions that keep your readers informed and thoughtful. Mastering the art of academic essay writing is a transformative practice that will keep you ahead of the rest of the world. It opens tight doors in the real world.

If you are struggling with writing essays, know that it is an investment you need in your future. We can also help you, our professional essay writers, write essays from scratch. We also charge fair rates to write your essay for you. The essays are refined and can pass AI and plagiarism detectors. The good thing is that you can read through them, follow the sources used, and gain comprehensive details on how to write an essay.

Students who order an essay from our website have become powerful thinkers, great writers, perfect communicators, and creative people who you cannot compare to anyone else. Let’s prepare you for the complexities of the modern world by writing essays that resonate with what your professor expects.