Proposal Argument Topics

Last Updated: 17 August 2021

Interesting proposal essay or argument topics for college students

We already wrote the tips for an excellent proposal essay and believe that you understand how to write one by now. However, the ultimate determinant of the quality of any academic writing task is the topic you select. Therefore, we thought it wise to introduce a long list of proposal essay topics to kickstart your brainstorming process, help you select a topic (maybe from our master list), and write an excellent paper that attracts nothing short of the top-tier grade we are talking about As.

We will regularly update the list to bring in fresh ideas to help you make fine decisions when it comes to choosing a topic for your proposal essay. This list is superior because it has been prepared by our top think tanks, brains, or experts. They also resonate with various subject areas, and we have set them up so that you can get the logic we are using.

Now, it is time for you to go through the list. Good luck with making an outstanding choice or at least getting inspired!

Why choosing a good proposal topic is crucial?

In the pre-writing stage of an academic paper, be it an essay, term paper, research paper, or admission essay, you enter into a brainstorming phase to generate ideas. It comes naturally either as you research on an area of interest or when you have a specific topic assigned.

Now, choosing a good proposal essay topic is critical because of the following reasons:

It is apparent that selecting an appropriate topic is important in the writing process. Therefore, when writing a proposal essay, you can turn in a pertinent question and research potential solutions. As part of our research support services, we have a list of topics. However, if you cannot generate ideas from this list, we have essay experts who can walk you through the journey from planning to writing a model proposal essay.

A word on what to include in your proposal essay ideas

You will notice that we have included some components that your professors will likely need to see when marking your proposal essay. These factors include:

When writing your proposal argument essay, you need to be cautious as it is a perfect essay you use when fixing a pertinent issue.

Coming up with topic ideas from this perspective is a lot easier than hard starting after or when researching. Our list makes it easier to think around the potential research topics on pertinent issues or problems facing society in various areas. 

In this master list of proposal essay topics, we will use categories such as proposal essays relevant to education, business, health sciences and medicine, student life, environment/ecology, geography, sports, culture, technology, management, history, religion, politics, and many other categories.

Social Issues in society

  1. Banning cigarette smoking to reduce pollution

  2. Using technology to stop elderly abuse

  3. Creating social media awareness to reduce child pornography

  4. Interprofessional collaboration to prevent human trafficking

  5. Community policing to reduce ghetto gangs

  6. Ways to reduce racial discrimination in society

  7. How to curb poverty and homelessness

  8. Strategies to reduce childhood obesity

  9. Reducing high immigration rates into America

  10. How to prevent bullying in schools

  11. Reducing vaping among youths

  12. How to handle illegal immigrants

  13. How to reduce the impacts of separation at the border

  14. Strategies to reduce drug trafficking and abuse in America

  15. Ways to ensure adopted children do not face hurdles when familiarizing with their new family

  16. Ways to curb smoking among pregnant women

  17. Strategies to reduce ethnic violence in society

  18. How to reduce hate crimes in society

  19. How to deal with electoral injustices

  20. How to minimize wars in the society

  21. How to reduce accidents

Parenting Related Topics

  1. How parents can step up to ensure children are respectful

  2. Effective strategies parents can use to discipline kids

  3. Ways parents can help students succeed in school

  4. How parents can help solve bullying in schools

  5. Encouraging sciences to help students pick STEM subjects

  6. Giving parents a second chance to raise their children right after prison

  7. Parents should teach empathy and humility to kids

  8. Proven strategies to teach children about personal financial management

  9. How parents can teach children to swim

  10. Parents should introduce children to cycling

  11. Effective methods parents can use to invest for their kids

  12. How parents can ensure family businesses last ages

  13. How parents can avoid overestimating or underestimating problems

  14. How parents can foster self-esteem

  15. Parents should set limits appropriately

  16. Strategies parents can use to promote literacy in their children

  17. How to raise confident and happy kids

  18. Dealing with disobedience without harming kids

  19. Strategies to solve throwing tantrums in kids

  20. How to reduce bedtime battles among kids

  21. Strategies parents can use to prevent cyberbullying

  22. How to effectively reduce screen time among children

  23. Ways to encourage physical activity and reduce obesity

  24. How parents can get along well with their kids and argue less

  25. How to manage bad behavior among kids

  26. How to avoid being a helicopter parent

  27. How to avoid being an uninvolved parent

  28. Strategies to avoid being an authoritarian parent

  29. How to be an authoritative parent and ensure kids grow right

Law and Justice Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Using legal frameworks to address ethical dilemmas in healthcare

  2. Ways to reduce racial discrimination in the legal sector

  3. Everyone should promote animal rights, not just vegetarians

  4. Using the law to protect the vulnerable in society

  5. How to use employment laws as an employer and avoid suits

  6. Strategies employees use to prevent violations of federal and state laws when using social media

  7. Solutions to prison overcrowding

  8. Strategies to prevent prison violence

  9. Mitigating police violence to promote the reputation of law enforcement agencies

  10. How to manage sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace

  11. How to prevent theft using security cameras and not fall prey to legal suits

  12. How to ensure chain of custody for evidence to ensure watertight cases

  13. How to reduce false confessions in the courtroom

  14. Victim protection strategies

  15. Strategies to prevent witness framing

  16. Practical strategies to prevent mistreatment of evidence

Student Lifestyle Topics

  1. How to avoid getting bad grades

  2. Ways to manage time as a student

  3. How to turn around a bad GPA

  4. How students can make schools safe places

  5. Strategies students should use to prevent bullying

  6. How to dress appropriately and command respect from other students

  7. The best places to

Sports topics

  1. College athletes should undergo training to prevent drug use

  2. How to avoid head concussions in football

  3. Strategies mass media can use to cover sports

  4. Using sports as a means of promoting national unity

  5. Strategies to curb football hooliganism

  6. How to counter the effects of football fanaticism

  7. Overcoming football addiction

  8. Using football events to shape the local, national, and transnational fan cultures

  9. How college students can handle sports and studies

  10. Paying college athletes to harness the talent

  11. Ways coaches can encourage their teams after losing games

  12. How coaches can handle rage among athletes

  13. Strategies to solve burnout among athletes

  14. How to ensure safety when playing ice hockey

  15. How to solve the issue of doping among athletes

  16. How to prepare players for retirement

  17. Steps to ensure safety when hunting for sports

  18. Means of maintaining security in extreme sports

  19. Fishing should be included in the Olympics as a sport

  20. How different levels of training can prepare athletes

  21. Linking education to sports and vice versa

  22. Promoting parental involvement in sports participation of their children

College life topics

  1. How to balance studies and extracurricular activities

  2. Strategies to stay safe when partying on campus

  3. Blended learning approach for effective learning and positive attitude among students

  4. Effective ways to discipline students

  5. Best way to impose parental involvement in college student’s education

  6. Best ways to save for accommodation and food when in college

  7. Ways to increase financial literacy among college students

  8. How to reduce alcoholism and drug abuse among college students

  9. College students should be allowed to keep pets as a coping mechanism to stress and other psychological issues

  10. Cultural diversity as a means of promoting the cultural heritage of colleges

  11. How to prevent discrimination in higher education institutions

  12. Strategies to combat cyberbullying among LGBTQ students

  13. Promotion of healthy eating and lifestyle among college students

  14. How to turn around poor grades to good grades

  15. How to rest as a student and never waste time

  16. Encouraging students to participate in leadership activities

  17. Overcoming the financial challenge students face by working while studying

  18. How to manage work and studies as a student

  19. How to have fun in college

  20. Strategies to promote cultural awareness and tolerance among students

  21. How students can leverage online learning

  22. Creative and healthy alternatives to free beer parties to prevent the dangers of college drinking.

Globalization-related topics

  1. Countering the negative impacts of globalization

  2. Using social media as a tool to maintain globalization

  3. Using globalization as a tool of democratization in the developing economies

  4. How to prevent developed nations from overexploiting developing and emerging nations

  5. How to counter the impacts of climate change due to globalization

  6. Strategies to ensure equality in policy decisions at the global scale

  7. Promoting transfer of knowledge and global wealth between developed and developing countries

  8. Strategies to mitigate the impacts of globalization on human, arms, and drug trafficking

  9. How to ensure an inclusive and harmonious globalization

  10. Using the trade blocs to make globalization work

  11. Leveraging on the power of MNCs to make globalization work

  12. Reducing the impacts of populism and protectionism on globalization

  13. How globalization promotes a diversified workforce

  14. Globalization as a means of accessing larger and better markets

  15. Globalization and pay gap – strategies to ensure equal pay in the global labor market

  16. How to avoid over-exploitation through sweatshop labor

  17. Techniques industrialized nations can use to prevent dumping of trash to the developing nations

  18. Rich countries should pay more for environmental damage

  19. How the Dodd-Frank legislation in the US can save violence and war in mineral-rich Congo

  20. How MNCs can contend with different local laws in host nations

  21. Solving the impacts of increased immigration challenges due to globalization

  22. How to avoid making mistakes when expanding globally

  23. Alternative ways to deal with a power outage in the developing nations

  24. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat terrorism and money laundering

  25. How to combat terrorist groups

  26. How to overcome the terror propaganda used by terrorists

Forensic Science and Criminology Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Using private prisons to avoid prison overcrowding

  2. Alternative sentencing mechanisms can prevent prison overcrowding

  3. Strategies to manage and contain disease outbreaks among prisoners

  4. How to reduce gender bias in legal investigations

  5. Leveraging on DNA technology to solve cold cases

  6. Methods to combat human and drug trafficking

  7. Addressing security challenges in campuses

  8. How to combat hate crimes in society

  9. How to handle crime witnesses with PTSD

  10. Importance of witness protection programs

  11. How to reduce recidivism

  12. The innocence project has helped many wrongfully convicted people

  13. How to prevent misleading testimony in the courtroom

  14. Using forensic expert witnesses to solve crimes

  15. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) should investigate the validity of forensic scientific evaluations

  16. How to reduce cognitive biases when analyzing criminal evidence

  17. Role of criminalistics in the criminal justice system

  18. How the Coverdell Forensic Science improvement program has boosted forensic science services

  19. Duty-to-correct mistakes and duty-to-notify affected defendants when errors and breaches in scientific principles or ethics occur

  20. How to strengthen forensic science in the USA

  21. How to avoid invalid forensic witness testimonies

  22. How DNA can be used to exonerate wrongfully convicted people

Psychology Proposal essay topics

  1. Ways of handling maternal stress

  2. Role of psychiatrists in promoting mental health

  3. Using telehealth to attend to remote mental health patients

  4. How to develop a therapeutic alliance

  5. Therapist competence – pathways to becoming a counselor

  6. How to make AA meetings attractive to alcoholics

  7. How to handle depression after the loss of a loved one

  8. How to cope with positive stress

  9. Promoting effective cognitive development in children

  10. How to get over bad habits in early adulthood

  11. Tackling the psychological issues of immigration

  12. Gender expression and societal norms – where do we draw the line?

  13. Overcoming the impacts of racism, discrimination, and bias

  14. How to choose the best psychotherapist

  15. Coping with the loss of a loved one

  16. How to handle life after miscarriage

  17. Connecting with adolescents through telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic

  18. Encouraging exercise and lifestyle change among children and adolescents

  19. How to combat school dropout

  20. How to confront childhood obesity

  21. Ways parents can help kids overcome summer camp blues

There are websites such as the APA website that have different topics and ideas on matters of psychology.

Education Proposal Argument Topics

  1. Creating an Inclusive School Environment: A Model for School Leaders

  2. Teachers should promote an individualized approach to students

  3. Teacher-as-researcher is an ideal concept that promotes evidence-based teaching

  4. Standardized tests should be administered to avoid inequality

  5. Students who err in classes should be encouraged to find better solutions

  6. Large class sizes reduce the attention a teacher gives to each student

  7. A college education is still worth it

  8. Students should be allowed afternoon nap times and longer lunch breaks

  9. Schools should not start early than 8 am

  10. Alternative ways to promote cultural tolerance in classrooms

  11. Promoting student-led learning in public schools

  12. Public schools and private schools should not be matched through ranking

  13. Pursuing an MBA or a Ph.D. is still worthy

  14. Grades should not be used as a means of measuring intelligence

  15. Teaching methods that should be abolished

  16. How teachers can discipline students

  17. Reasons why charter schools are the best

  18. How to promote life skills among students

Business Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How companies can invest in CSR activities for the well-being of the society

  2. Consumers should report companies that engage in greenwashing

  3. How to prevent workplace injuries and accidents

  4. Maintaining privacy and confidentiality in the workplace

  5. How companies can leverage employee engagement to grow

  6. Strategies to ensure leadership effectiveness in companies

  7. How SMEs can evade the ravaging impacts of crises and pandemics

  8. The best business model for startups

  9. How to develop a better company mission and vision statement

  10. Investing in CRM as a means of customer engagement and satisfaction

  11. Strategies businesses can use to retain well-performing employees

  12. How to prepare a family business for succession planning

  13. Ways to solve unemployment in society

  14. How to be a resilient entrepreneur

  15. Financial literacy among employees as a means of achieving a high performing workforce team

  16. Leveraging on virtual teams to meet company objectives

  17. Ways to use social media to engage employees

  18. Steps required to reduce incivility in the workplaces

  19. Actions to observe when disciplining an employee

  20. How businesses can avoid legal suits

Political Proposal Argument Topics

  1. Abortion should be voluntary

  2. People should be allowed religious freedom

  3. Testing antibodies on animals goes against animal rights

  4. Role of activists in the society

  5. How to ensure the populations are vaccinated

  6. Alternative solutions to the unreasonable search and seizures

  7. Limiting Google and Facebook from selling personal data

  8. Free-market capitalism should be encouraged

  9. Role of political bodies in combating global climate change

  10. Why planting, use, and manufacture of marijuana should be allowed

  11. Capital punishment should be abolished

  12. The importance of the DACA program

  13. Combating the consequences and causes of the opioid crisis

  14. Ways to counter white privilege and white supremacist in the US

  15. Benefits of the livable federal wage

  16. The significance of the Green New Deal

  17. The electoral college should be abolished

  18. How to ensure police brutality comes to an end

  19. Black lives matter as a reminder of an unequal society

  20. The rise of the cancel culture and its significance in society

  21. Solving the student debt crisis

  22. How to solve the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict

  23. How to achieve universal health care for all Americans

  24. How politicians can promote cohesion in nations

Music and Arts topics

  1. How musicians can handle cancelations and attendance issues

  2. Addressing royalty issue among musicians

  3. How piracy affects musicians and how to counter it

  4. Using technology to promote arts and music

  5. Governments should invest in the creatives industry

  6. Benefits of art societies and why they should be encouraged

  7. How to produce music that influences good behavior

  8. Fusing fashion, music, and arts to bring together talents from each area

  9. Governments should give funding and grants to upcoming musicians

  10. Using music and arts as a means to combat crime

  11. Street graffiti should be allowed as a form of expression

  12. Musicians and artists should be exempted from taxes

  13. Musicians should understand they are role models and act as one

  14. How to harness music and art talent among kids and youths in rural settings

  15. Using the internet to learn how to play musical instruments

  16. Community art centers promote talent development and exploration

Final words

Over the years, we have had the honor of listing various topics and topic ideas. Our growing subscription and readership base is a testament to our impact in academia. We have listed, in this article, a comprehensive list of proposal argument or essay topics to help you brainstorm or at least pick one.

As we always say, getting a good topic is part of the writing process, which is hectic. If you feel like you are confused in choosing a topic and writing your proposal essay, you can outsource the process to our experts.

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