How to Handle School Homework while Working

Last Updated: 25 August 2023

Doing homework at work is generally considered inappropriate or unprofessional in almost all companies, institutions, and organizations.

When at work, you are bound to operate within the standards of operations set in the code of conduct. Therefore, your primary responsibility should be to fulfill all the tasks and responsibilities relating to your job position aligned with your organization's goals, mission, and vision.

When you use work time to complete your personal tasks, such as assignments, homework, and others, you can be accused of misuse of company resources. However, like everything else that is a bottleneck to progress, there is something you can do about it.

This comprehensive blog post covers some reasons why doing homework at work might not be okay and some strategies to squeeze time to handle your class assignments, especially if you don’t have a good work-life-study balance.

Reasons Students Do Homework at Work

Non-traditional students, mainly adults who return to school for various reasons, often struggle to balance classwork, family responsibilities, personal stuff, and job responsibilities.

It becomes daunting if you are working full-time or even part-time. You will usually be late on your assignment deadlines or often write emails to your professors asking for deadline extensions.

Although focusing exclusively on work tasks during work hours is generally recommended, certain unavoidable circumstances force students to do their class assignments or homework at work. Here are some of the reasons:

1. Limited Free Time

If you are working either part- or full-time jobs while at the same time attending school and taking care of a family, you will run out of time to do everything on your own. Sometimes, shifts and work schedules align with homework time, even if you have a study schedule. In this case, you can be tempted to multitask to cover more ground on your homework or complete assignments, especially during breaks and when you have some free time.

2. Flexible Work Arrangements

Working students who have flexible work arrangements, such as those working in areas that involve waiting periods and deskwork, can find some time to complete their assignments at work. When you have completed your immediate work tasks and your supervisor allows you, you can use the free time to work on your homework.

3. Quiet Environment

Some workplaces are very conducive to completing homework. They allow you to be focused, dedicated, and immersed in your studies with minimal interruptions. This is especially important if your home environment is disruptive, noisy, or not suitable for you to concentrate on your school assignments.

4. Overwhelmed with school assignments

Most colleges and universities have demanding courses. If you combine multiple classes, you might be swarmed by assignments, which is true even for those not working – including online classes. You will have quizzes, essays, research papers, discussion posts/responses, term papers, reading summaries, and many other assignments. Classes can overwhelm you and leave you with no option other than sparing some of your work time to reduce the workload. In this case, any available time at work is budgeted toward completing assignments to avoid being overwhelmed.

5. Access to Resources

Most modern workplaces have better workstations such as fast internet, printing facilities, and computers that can be valuable in completing homework assignments. If this is the case, and you lack such pleasures, you might find yourself doing homework at work.

6. Emergencies

Emergencies are just that! Unpredictable things happen in life, prompting people to adjust their schedules. When you have an emergency at work or home, you can be forced to bring your homework at work. For instance, you could have a fast-approaching deadline and yet some critical work situation to attend to. Instead of going to work and wasting time on your way back, bringing the assignment to work can be the best decision.

7. Personal Obligations

Students with personal commitments or obligations outside of work and school might have little or no time to catch up with assignment deadlines. Finding time to complete the assignment at home might be more challenging. Therefore, many often find themselves multitasking and sparing any free time to complete assignments during work hours.

8. Procrastination

School assignments are an entire responsibility on their own. You cannot substitute doing homework assignments with anything. Consider it a critical task you can’t just put off without consequences. When you have a bad attitude against homework, you will postpone it to an appropriate time. You can be forced to work on your assignment while at work because you postpone it many times, and a deadline is fast approaching.

9. Work-Study Arrangements

Some organizations recognize the need for personal and professional development. For example, when a student is an associate professor or a teaching assistant, they can work while studying at the same university. In such cases, the student can do their school assignments during work hours when they are free.

While there might be valid reasons for doing school homework and assignments at work, it is generally good practice to prioritize the work tasks during working hours to maintain professionalism. That said, there are different strategies you can use to ensure that both your job and educational interests are secured without one cannibalizing the other. Let’s look at some of these strategies.

Balancing Homework and Work: Strategies for Getting Things Done Fast

The world is fast-paced and competitive. It is incredibly challenging to juggle multiple responsibilities and still have adequate time for school assignments and homework. Students working full- or part-time jobs often find it meaningful to bring homework to work, which can also be challenging. If you bring homework assignments to work, here are some useful strategies to help you balance working on it and attending to work duties and tasks.

For you to be able to manage homework and time successfully, you need to plan and prioritize everything effectively. You can create a schedule using scheduling tools such as calendars or planner apps to map out the free time and class schedules. You can then slot in your homework assignments when you are free at work to balance everything.

You should also break down larger assignments into smaller chunks that are manageable. When you have breaks, set achievable targets to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

You can use time blocking if you have a series of free time during working hours or little work tasks. For this, allocate specific blocks of time for focused work and homework so that you are not exhausted trying to sacrifice one for the other.

Employers are very understanding, especially in matters of personal and professional development. You can use this to ensure you are comfortable doing your homework while working.

Apart from your employer, let your supervisors, managers, and workmates know that you are studying while working so that they can give you the support you need.

When allowed to work on your homework during work hours, ensure that you prioritize work-related tasks and do them perfectly. It is the only way to multitask without detractions or looking over your shoulders.

When balancing work and school, there are instances when you are exhausted, undetermined, and unmotivated. In such instances, seeking assistance you’re your homework can save you from stress and anxiety.

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Professionally written homework papers help you get insights on presenting ideas coherently, citing sources properly, and defending a thesis statement or argument. You also learn how to apply concepts, theories, and frameworks better than when attending a lecture in class.

You can purchase a research paper and rewrite it in your tone and words while synthesizing its content, which makes you learn better. The next time you are swamped with assignments, consider paying someone else to do the assignment for you. You will get high-quality work and beat your deadline.

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When your work schedule clashes with important assignment deadlines or class sessions, you can do yourself a favor by:

Effective communication at work and school can help you to handle work-related tasks and homework concurrently without punitive measures comfortably.

Time management is a key ingredient in juggling multiple responsibilities, such as work, study, and family.

You can use time-tracking apps to analyze how much you spend during work hours and when you are free. You can then plan when to do the tasks.

Use the Pomodoro technique by working for 25 minutes uninterrupted and taking 5-minute breaks. You can use these to prioritize the work tasks and leave more free time for your homework.

You can also batch tasks by grouping similar tasks, such as reading, research, and problem-solving, to improve efficiency. While at work, be flexible and adaptable to adjust to your work routines and academic schedules.

Doing homework at work is more about making sacrifices. You can cut down time wastage and extend the free time. For instance, you can carry a packed lunch, forego tea breaks, and fix any saved time to do assignments while at work.

 You can also take the metro or carpool instead of driving to allow you to squeeze more time for your homework tasks.

Before we end this, …

Creating quality time for your homework, whether working full- or part-time, is an invaluable measure of academic success. Homework assignments help reinforce and apply what you have learned in the classroom. Many strategies to do homework at work include discussing with your boss for permission, managing your free time at work, communicating effectively, collaborating with colleagues, hiring a homework expert, and prioritizing everything.

We hope that these tips will enable you to beat stubborn assignment deadlines.

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