Hacks to Write a Five Page Essay Paper in a Day or Less

Last Updated: 17 November 2021

How to write a five page essay fast

Let’s face it, writing a five-essay paper fast is not a walk in the park. Like a comprehensive essay, it entails planning, critical thinking, researching, outlining, writing, and polishing. Yet, it is a typical writing assignment in high school, college, and university. Even graduate students pursuing MBAs, Masters, and PhDs write five-page essays on various topics.

One thing is for sure; it is an ideal essay for honing research, writing, creativity, critical thinking, reasoning, and organization skills. However, while some find it easy to write it, some students might struggle, especially if the deadline is shorter.

If you were assigned a five-page paper and need advice on saving time and finishing your 5-page essay paper fast, this quick guide is a perfect place for you to start. We cover aspects such as the meaning of a five-page essay, how to plan and budget time for it, and the steps it takes to write a well-organized and professional essay that scores you a better grade.

Let’s dig right in!

What is a 5-page essay?

A five-page essay is an academic piece of assignment assigned to students to write about a specific topic in 5 full pages. If it is double-spaced, it is between 1250 words and 1500 words assuming a page is anything between 250 and 300 words. If it is single-spaced, it is between 2500 words and 3000 words.

It is a typical essay for nursing, English language, English literature, sociology, business and management, medicine and health sciences, biology, social work, and humanity subjects.

Because of its length, it is expected that students explore different topics in the five pages. Therefore, it always requires 5-8 references or sometimes ten resources, depending on the complexity of the subject or topic.

As it is considered a short assignment, its deadline is often between a few hours and three days. Therefore, when assigned such an essay, do not panic. Instead, follow the steps outlined below to conquer your fears of writing.

The time it takes to write a 5-page essay

In most cases, five-page papers are assigned within a one-week submission window. In other courses, you can be assigned homework to write a five-page paper overnight. Still, some professors assign five pages essay papers to be completed between 10 to 48 hours.

Suppose you are settled to write a five-page essay paper. In that case, it will only take you 10 hours or less, depending on your motivation, the complexity of the content of the paper, availability of resources, your typing speed, and your writing skills. A professional and experienced writer will take 5-6 hours at most, planning, drafting, writing, and polishing a 5-page essay.

Writing fast is relative. For example, a student rushing to complete a last-minute essay may only have a few hours to do it. On the other hand, a student who wants to complete their essay, submit it, and move to other things will also want to hasten the process of writing their essay. At the same time, a student assigned to write an essay that is five pages long under a day would also want to write faster.

The secret of writing a five-page essay paper fast lies in adequate planning. By the end of this guide, you will be able to write a five-page essay in under 8 hours, and not just write it but write it to the desired quality.

Budgeting time for a five-page essay

Assuming you already have a topic and want to write a five-page essay, you should divide the writing process into prewriting, writing, and post-writing stages.

During the prewriting stage, you engage in brainstorming, formulating a thesis, outlining, and researching. Naturally, therefore, pre-writing should take much of your time. Precisely, it should take 60 percent of the entire time you have to write the essay. If you have an hour to fall a tree, spend at least 45 minutes sharpening the ax and the remaining 15 minutes falling the tree quickly. Well, that analogy applies here. We have tested it, our writers use it, and it works perfectly.

Budget your time as follow if you have 12 hours to complete a 5-page essay: brainstorming (2 hours), research (5 hours), and writing an outline (1 hour).

In the writing stage, you frame your title, set the title page, write the body paragraphs, and write the introduction and conclusion. The writing stage should take 25% of the entire time you have to write an essay. For instance, if you have 12 hours to write an essay, allocate 3 hours to the writing section: writing the body paragraphs (2 hours), writing the introduction (20 minutes), writing the conclusion (20 minutes), and setting the title page (10 minutes)

Finally, in the post-writing stage, spend the remaining 15% of the entire time. For instance, if you have 12 hours, allocate one hour for rewriting and editing, one hour for proofreading, and thirty minutes for formatting.

Steps to Write a 5-page essay fast

Now that you are conversant with the essay writing process or stages, and you have probably budgeted your time well, here are some steps to follow to write that five-page essay fast, accurately, and coherently.

Kickout the distractions

To be able to write any essay fast, you need to raise your concentration levels. Therefore, the first step is to find a good place to write your essay. It could be your room, a spot in the library, café, or office, or at your friend’s place.

Let it be distraction-free enough to give you room for concentrating on the task ahead of you. For example, if you work well when listening to music, have your favorite music that sparks your morale in the background.

Another thing, keep off any distractions – turn off your phone or put it in silent mode, mute social media notifications, and don’t engage anyone on the phone unless it is utterly vital.

Have a schedule and stick to it

With the mind free to think, create a schedule for your paper. You can do this manually on sticky notes and pin it where you can see it.

You can place it on a mirror, table, at the back of your laptop, or on the surface of your study area.

Ensure that each time is spent as budgeted to prevent deadline violations or lateness, which can cost you some marks.

Brainstorm for points and the way forward

Assuming you have the topic, begin by brainstorming. Brainstorming stretches your mind, expands your creativity, and makes you actively think of the best ways to solve a problem.

If you brainstorm well, you will create a mind map that guides your writing process. Besides, it makes the research process easier.

While brainstorming, be at ease but do not relax too much. Decide on the points you want to feature in your essay, the claims and the counterclaims, and the examples you want to give. As you brainstorm, take notes. These questions can help you as you brainstorm:

Structure you essay

Now that you have brainstormed, design a proper essay scaffold that will determine the flow of ideas or order of points in your essay. by writing an outline, you are developing a framework that defines your essay paper.

 It is a blueprint or landmark that gives your essay some direction. Outlining helps in avoiding the number one killer of research skills: information overload. When you derail, you will not derail when you have an outline.

Research Widely and Deeply

Nothing substitutes comprehensive research when writing an essay. However, you must check various sources to understand the subject of your essay and get facts to support your thesis.

Although Wikipedia and website blogs are not recommended as scholarly sources, use them to familiarize yourself with your topic.

Check through the governmental documents, pdf files published by organizations, and research journal articles to get facts and evidence to support your thesis. When researching, you will generate fresh ideas to make your essay presentable, engaging, and of high quality.

To avoid information overload, check the authenticity of the information, check for the recency of the information, and omit information that is obsolete, does not create rigor in your essay, or has questionable facts.

As a rule of thumb, always choose information published within the last five years, unless you need old seminal works on frameworks, concepts, and ideas. Keep an inventory of every research that matters.

You can do so using online bibliography organizers such as Zotero, Citethisforme, or Citefast. However, it is best if you decide the number of references to use in your essay early enough so that you can organize them better and cite them as you write for a fast, accurate, and efficient writing process.

Complete the body paragraphs

Although many students prefer to begin their essays with the title, introduction, body, and then conclusion, we find it practical to deal with the body of your essay first. Developing the body paragraphs helps you to understand the flow of your essay better.

 You will know how to develop topic sentences that support the thesis and link each paragraph to one another and the thesis.

The supporting paragraphs in the body of your essay should be between 3-8 paragraphs, depending on the essay's word count. Ensure that every paragraph has its own idea, and it should be supported by facts, evidence, and examples from research.

Cite the body paragraphs where you paraphrase, summarize, or quote from other resources. As well, conclude the body paragraphs with concluding sentences that make sense and link to the next paragraphs or sections of your essay.

Given that your essay is 5-pages long, the body should be comprehensive; it should at least be 4-pages long with 5-8 paragraphs. In addition, each paragraph should have at least 5-9 sentences for good balance.

And to top it all up, write your paragraphs using short, clear, and concise sentences. Of course, once in a while, you can throw in long sentences, but ensure that they are sound and fit the context of your essay. 

Write a catchy introduction

Your introduction is one of the earliest contact points with your readers second to your title. Ensure that it creates a lasting first impression. You must begin the introduction with an appropriate hook. Essay hooks or attention grabbers help to grab the attention of your readers and introduce the topic generally. You can use relevant statistics, facts, evidence, anecdotes, or quotes.

As well, give good background information on your topic. Finally, finalize the introduction paragraph with one or two lines of your thesis statement that announces your main argument in the essay. Ensure that your introduction foreshadows your argument; it is where you frame your arguments.

We have a complete guide on how to begin an essay, familiarize with the process.

Write the conclusion of your essay

In an essay, the topic sentences are signposts that work together with the conclusion and introduction to guide a reader through the arguments in your essay. The conclusion must be succinct but comprehensive enough. You can achieve this through restating the main argument, recapping or summarizing the logic of the argument, and writing a final statement that reinforces the argument better. If possible, include an active call to action for your readers by suggesting materials for further reading or recommending solutions. This is the very last page in your five-page essay, and it should leave a lasting impact on your readers.

Polish your essay without rushing

When you are done with the writing phase, take a break. It helps refresh your mind and develop an objective mind, which can help you spot little or silly mistakes you made while writing.

Rewriting your essay helps to rephrase the essay and make it straightforward, coherent, and accurate. It can also be helpful when you have identified plagiarism in your essay. To speed up the process, read out loud your essay to yourself and make the changes that seem relevant. You will be amazed at how keen you are to be able to catch errors and improve the essay.

You should also proofread and edit your essay, which entails checking for any omissions, misspellings, punctuation errors, grammatical mistakes, and typos in your essay. Make sure that everything flows.

Finally, you need to spend some quick 10-20 minutes checking the format of your essay. Double-space your essay, check on the font style and size, check if your essay's cover or title page is good, and check whether you have achieved the desired essay length. If you are short of a few words, follow our recommended steps to increase the length of your essay. Remember to format the paper in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago formatting styles.

Parting Shot!

Now that you know the tips to write a five-page essay fast, you can apply them when writing a 3-page essay, 4-page essay, or two-page essay. The process is literary the same, only that you will reduce the budget for prewriting, writing, and post writing, respectively.

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If you decide to write it on your own, keep practicing, perfect, and scale through the heights of academia. We wish you the best of luck!