Common Excuses for Not Doing Homework

Last Updated: 10 February 2021

High school, college, and the university is a transition period in one’s academic and professional journey fraught with doing homework. Not everybody likes sitting down and doing assignments, while others have their best lives in college. If you are among those who continuously seek ways to get away with not doing your homework, our article will give you tips that will make you score the best grades even without attempting the homework. You will find an explanation of some common excuses and tricks that your equals are using, top of the list is hiring someone to do it for you.

Every deadline violation is met with brutal force. In most instances, it can either be a warning, deduction of some percentage points, or assignment of an F (fail). Instructors give homework to assess many things, key among them being time management. The other aspect of assessment is the acquisition of knowledge or knowledge transfer.

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Given that assignments are burdensome, most students opt not to do them at all. Some who attempt it lazily end up at the very grade band as those who did not attempt at all, so what is the cure to this.

Best Excuses for not doing your homework on time

While others might struggle to do their homework, some students find it time-consuming, challenging exercise, and others feel that homework should be banned.

After surveying many college students, we present some of the common excuses they use for not completing their assignments.

In the act of helping students express themselves for not doing homework, we address how to do it right and sound genuine. Here are some believable excuses you can give for not attempting an assignment. However, be ready with documentation where necessary:

1. “I forgot my homework or assignment.”

This is now a cliché; many homework tracking apps can remind you of homework. I doubt if any professor or instructor falls for this.

2. “I was unwell.”

As a student, you can be taken ill sometimes. One reason could be due to the stress due to long study hours, working while studying, and having many assignments. Even when valid, some teachers do not trust students unless you produce a doctor’s appointment or a prescription. Thus, this can be preceded by a call home to your parents or guardians for confirmation.

3. “My laptop crashed.”

In the digital age, blended learning and online learning have taken their root pretty well. However, this is a poor excuse in this day and age for not doing homework. A teacher can say that you had enough time to borrow a laptop or repair yours. Saying this only exposes your poor time management skills. Unless the task was to be completed with a computer, you have all the time to complete an assignment.

4. “I was absent when the homework was given.”

Maybe you were sick or had some emergency. If there is documentation to support, you can go on and use this excuse for not doing homework.

5. “I had an overwhelming number of homework and assignments for different classes to complete.”

If you fall under this category, you can be excused, but only with enough evidence. But this should not be the case as we can help you do your homework. You can always pay someone to do your homework.

6. I was watching the Superbowl finals

Although this sounds absurd, in a world where talent pays more than education, your professor might spare you if you explain yourself well. Just be honest and tell them you were watching a favorite team play and you could not resist the temptation of escaping doing your homework.

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Other Silly Excuses for not completing Homework

We call them silly because they are reasons that even you doubt whether a full instructor or a professor will buy.

  1. “I was participating in extra-curricular activities (sports, debate, or volunteering).”
  2. “I did not understand the homework. I reached you, but you failed to respond.”
  3. “The dog ate my homework.”
  4. “My younger brother poured water on my printed.”
  5. “I thought I had copied the homework to my portable storage but seems I left it on my desktop.”
  6. “I sent the homework but did not wait for the ‘submitted’ message.”
  7. “I had serious food poisoning and had to stay home.”
  8. “The computer was infected by ransomware, and I couldn’t raise the ransom.”
  9. “I just did not feel like doing the homework. I was stressed.”
  10. “I accidentally shredded the printed paper.”
  11. “I was taking care of my grandparents.”

Planning an Excuse for not Completing Assignments? Consider These Facts!

It could be that you have genuine excuses for not doing homework. However, how you present the excuses could be costing you trust. If your excuses have not been working, here are some strategies.

  1. Avoid bringing excuses every time. If you cannot complete your homework on time, pay someone to help you. It is best that you have a backup plan.
  2. Always have supporting documents. If you were sick, try as much as possible to get prescription receipts and appointment letters from the doctor. If your computer broke, a genuine note from the technician could save you.
  3. Do show that you are genuinely sorry. When explaining why you failed to turn in an assignment or homework, use facial expressions and body language that shows you are sorry. If possible, ask for a second chance or late submission and do your best to submit the homework on time.
  4. Maintain honesty. Sometimes it is a class you hate or it is that one subject you seem not to crack. All the same, be honest with the professor or instructor. Sometimes having candid conversations around an issue can bring a lasting solution. If you were invited to a party or was out camping with friends, let your teacher know. Explain to them why you prioritized other issues over your assignment or doing your homework.
  5. Never get caught, so cover-up. If you are going to give excuses for not doing homework, share any messages, photos with friends, or videos with family on social media. It helps you build a case against not doing homework. Your professor is human and might understand.

Irresistible Ways to Get Away without Doing Homework and Score Top Grades

Top of our recommendation on getting away with not doing homework but scoring an A for it is to hire a professional homework helper. You can also give the excuses we have discussed above, submit the wrong file, drop the class, retake the class, ask for late submission, or forget about school altogether.

However, the most subtle and assured way is to hire a professional writer who will work on your papers faster, update you on the progress, and give you reasons to have the best college life.

1. Field the best excuse

As a first resolve for not doing homework, students always rush to give excuses. We have explored some of the best excuses you can give your instructor and escape the homework pot.

While some excuses might work, others will make you look dumb. You need to present your excuses by making them believable persuasively.

As you go the excuses way, remember not to give an excuse that looks like a plain lie. For instance, you cannot say your parents locked your keys inside the house and left while the instructor is your neighbor or a friend to your parents.

Vividly, lame excuses would only land you into more trouble for not attempting your homework. As you deliver the excuse, appeal to the logic, emotions, and ethics. Yes, use rhetorical appeals to convince your professor.

You can even say you were volunteering to feed the homeless when it rained, and you could not get home on time. Sometimes saying that you were visiting your sick relative could also help.

In short, while you brainstorm about reasons for not completing assignments, do not settle for lame excuses – they are a sellout.

2. Apply for Late Submission

So you are in the middle of a party, a weekend getaway, or a serious interview, and you notice that your homework is due in a few hours, what would you do?

The first thing is to try not to panic. The second thing is to compose yourself and assess if you can write a paper or essay fast. If you cannot beat the deadline, you can then write a letter to your professor requesting a late submission.

In most cases, the late submission is better than no submission at all. Even though your grades will be slashed, it is better than having a Fail.

If you have commitments that hinder you from completing an assignment, such as being a nurse or a police officer on duty, you need to express your professor's concerns.

You can tell the professor that even though you had planned to deliver the assignment, you were caught up in some issues and can only send it in late. Once you choose a reason, stick to that one reason to help you get away with not doing your homework on time.

3. Hire a professional Homework Helper

When faced with stringent deadlines, a challenging instructor, and a whole early adult life to explore, doing college homework is the last thing that comes to your mind. But it is a reality you contend with soon as you register for any class.

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To determine the legitimacy and reliability of any paper writing service, focus on the ratings, age, interaction, design of the website, content on the website, and the positive reviews. Above all, ask if your confidentiality and privacy is 100% guaranteed.

4. If things look bad, Drop the Class

To get away with not doing homework, you can opt to drop the entire class. However, there is a catch to this – dropping an important class might hurt your transcript and GPA.

If it is a minor class that adds nothing to your papers if push comes to shove, drop it by any means for your peace of mind. Again, you will need to have a sober and convincing reason explaining why you have resolved to drop the class.

5. Let someone take your online class

Paying someone to take your online class can also be a solution to not doing homework. A professional writer or scholar who takes your online class will handle your quiz, essays, research papers, term papers, discussion posts, and responses and ensure that you get away with not doing homework but score the best grade for it.

Instead of entirely deferring or postponing a class, which could have implications, you can pay a professional to handle your online class. That way, you shift the homework burden to your homework doer who does it professionally with a guarantee of better grades.

As someone does your online class, you need to read hard and follow up on what they have written. Revise with their papers and adopt their professional tones to avoid cheating again on online exams.

When someone is doing your online class, including homework, you can invest the free and unlimited time on other important issues.

Parting Shot

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