Is it safe to buy essays online

Last Updated: 16 March 2023

To stay a step ahead of the competition, almost everyone is looking for the best way, be it in life, career, education, or any other aspects of life. In the world of academia, many people today prefer getting their assignments done online. While the reality is reflected in the media as contract cheating, the main concern is whether or not it is safe to buy essays online.

Recently, it emerged that parents and some students hired academic ghostwriters to help them craft college entry essays due to the fear of fierce competition. Getting caught is always a top concern for anyone who has decided to get help.

You already understand how online essay writing websites help students. Whether or not these services are safe is what defines the thin line between purchasing an actual paper and working with a writer who writes it from scratch.

To cut the long story, buying essays online is safe only if you outsource your essay to a caring online writing agency. If you are still in doubt about whether it is ethical or safe to purchase essays online, how to avoid being caught, how to use the essays bought without plagiarizing, and how these essays can help you, this cheat sheet will help you dispel your fears. Do it bravely!

Truth – Almost everyone is buying an Essay Online these days!

According to recent reports published by credible research, at least three in four in ten students have used an online writing service for their essay or academic tasks.

With measures underway to discourage what the media refers to as contract cheating, it is a common phenomenon to worry whether purchasing an essay can land one in trouble. Well, it only lands you in trouble if you are clumsy.

In our years of operation, we have worked with faculty members advancing their education, politicians, elites, and you name it. In the limelight, they are quick to shoot down the debate on online essay writing websites, but while alone, they enjoy the services. You see, everyone else is doing it.

The education level is no longer flat as it was earlier in our days. To keep up with the Janes and johnnies, you too need to buy essays but be meticulous with it, as we discuss later in this paper.

With the advancement in technology, paying a good price for the best essay no longer hurts. Furthermore, affordability of the essays, consistency, confidentiality, higher-quality, and availability of these services makes you think twice. Think of the essay companies as a link that bridges the gap in knowledge in every class.  We’ve made CEOs who is and who’s, and we are proud to make you someone.

Does Buying Model Essay Papers amount to Cheating?

Buying model essays online in itself is not cheating. However, submitting an essay, you bought online for credit amounts to cheating. We have rightfully noted that we only write sample papers based on topics that you give us in our disclaimer. On a few occasions, our writers work with clients every step of the way, such that the final product is more of the client’s input than the expert essay writer’s.

If you are to buy an essay online and stay safe, avoid submitting the paper as your work. Instead, tweak the paper. Read the paper, align it with your tone, express your opinion, and make it rhyme with your previously set pace.

If you acquire essays from the online websites that sell pre-written essays, you will not be safe. You would have cheated because someone already purchased the essay answer and submitted it for credit. Most of the pre-written academic papers written are copied from non-scholarly sources.

However, if you work hand-in-hand with someone writing your essay, you have not cheated. It is like using the textbook example to attempt to answer a question from the same textbook.

Remember, such papers are always flagged by Turnitin, SafeAssign, and other plagiarism-detection tools used by institutions – You know the consequences!

Can you be caught if you used a custom writing service?

NO, never, unless, of course, you leave room enough to be caught. In this article, we later cover some best ways to cover your trails. A competent essay writer will write your paper professionally that it leaves no room for detection. However, submitting a paper, you have little input could land you in trouble.

Therefore, you need to have a file of the same paper with you. This means that immediately you place an order and have a word document with your details. Open it as many times as possible and if there is a draft from your writer, copy and paste it, then edit as you try to understand the paper. The aim is to beat the Authorship Investigate tool recently introduced by Turnitin and is being implemented by other plagiarism checkers.

Once you receive the paper, you can change the names and authorship on the cover page; this will give you an edge in limiting the chances of being detected that you bought an essay online. Well, it is academic dishonesty, but if you have chosen to go down that road, be smart about it.

Dishonesty depends on what you do with your final paper. If someone else is paid to write the whole essay, it becomes academic dishonesty with minimal or no input from the requester.

For instance, if you have an honors thesis to write and constantly get insights or share ideas with a writer as you develop your thesis, you have not cheated. It is the same as having different proofreaders and editors reviewing your research paper, application essay, or white paper. As long as you have contributed to it, using such a paper does not amount to cheating. But only use it as a model to develop yours.

At the end of the day, if you decide to use someone else’s work, at least give them credit. Essay writing websites exist to help you learn how to write. Even though we have academic ghostwriters, they are the people behind the increasing prowess in writing globally.


How can someone buy an essay online safely and never be caught?

Easy peasy! Only purchase an essay if all your efforts to complete the essay by yourself have turned futile. To be safe, take all the necessary precautions. But because buying essays is not illegal, you have to ensure that using them does not cost you a future.

Here are some proven safe methods you can use to buy essays online safely.

  1. Avoid fabricated reviews. Not every glittery review you read is real. Some companies collude with review listing companies to hype their services. In reality, once you get help from them, it dawns on you that they are not what the reviews say. If you can chat with someone online, do it and gauge their answers before placing an order.
  2. DO NOT reveal too many personal details. Keep your identity confidential by not sharing too many personal details. If you feel like disclosing some information goes against the personal details you can give out, do not place an order. The only time personal details might be required when you need to verify a payment. In this case, the billing department teams will contact you, which is normally requested by payment merchants to protect you from financial information theft.
  3. Maintain privacy and confidentiality. As you order the essays online, avoid including your real names in the files accessible to writers. They can use such information to blackmail you, especially if there are no systems in place to mask your identity.
  4. Ask for assurance that such essays are untraceable. In most cases, getting assurance from the support team that the papers are untraceable can help you navigate and buy essays safely. Only buy essays from a website that guarantees confidentiality, privacy, and intractability – Gradecrest does!
  5. Ask your writer to write an essay from scratch. Once you are assigned a writer, ask them to write everything from scratch. When a paper is written from scratch, it becomes different from a pre-written paper and possibly used by many people.
  6. Never use public internet access or networks. Using the public WIFI or internet could land you in trouble. Anyone can access such networks, and it could be the only trail tying you to cheating with essays. Do not use the school WIFI either. Turn to private networks when ordering essays.
  7. Do not buy essays using school computers. Again, do not order essay help from college computers. Using the computers in the library to get writing help could also land you in trouble.

Does paying for essays online pay off?

If you are wondering whether paying for essays works, yes, it does. With many students opting to purchase essays online, chances are it is the new stress reliever. Writing papers sucks - it is a challenging and tiresome process.

Have you heard of bespoke or custom essay writing? If not, it is a technical term that refers to tailoring your online assignments to your assignment prompts. A systematic review emerged that close to 20% have at least used an online essay website or partaken in contract cheating. This means that a considerable number is getting help with essays, and it is time to know if these efforts pay off.

Contrary to the busybodies in the media and policy fronts, buying essays online really helps, and it works.

If you do not know how to format an essay in APA, MLA, or Harvard, purchasing an essay written in the format will help you understand the formatting process. Another scenario is where you are concurrently studying and working. Think about this, you have tight shifts – because tuition is rising and we need the money anyway, and there is an upcoming deadline.

The thought of it alone makes you want to puke, right? Yes, for those combining work and studies, essay writing websites help them achieve a work-life-study balance. And with professors and the faculty admitting that close to 83% of the students use freelance academic writing agencies, the only way to stem competition is joining the majority who buy essays.

But even as you buy the research essays online, consider using them to facilitate quick learning rather than chasing grades. Education is what remains in you when the grades do not matter anymore.

9 Tips on How to use essays bought online without getting caught

Try this – take your question and search it on a search engine; you will find websites with your question. Never place your order on such websites; they will paraphrase pre-written papers that will land you in trouble. So how then do you safely buy essays online?

  1. Read the content, edit, and realign it to your style. If you must use a paper you bought online, use it as a sample. Never submit the paper as is for credit; that is plagiarism. Ensure that you ask your writer as many questions as possible.
  2. Countercheck the references and learn how the writer integrated ideas. Use the essay as a model paper. Learn how the writer has integrated ideas from various sources in developing paragraphs.
  3. Try writing your paper and compare notes. Again, use the paper as a benchmark to write yours. If you had written a paper, look at some of the missing elements in yours and add them. A paper done by a professional essay writer will show you the essentials of essay writing because it ticks all the boxes of a good essay. Therefore, use the papers only as model papers.
  4. Order early enough to learn from the essays. Do not wait until the last minute to order an essay. Order the papers early enough to have a chance to interact with your writer. It also saves you money and time. Once you get the paper, learn as much as possible and then write yours or edit the same paper to fit your style. The reason is that matching your syntax, style, and presentation can help you improve your writing. It also makes it impossible to get caught.
  5. If you must submit the bought essay, be SMART. As we already said, edit out the personal details of the paper. Besides, ensure that you do not disclose your institution or personal details beyond those required to assist with writing your essay.
  6. Never let anyone know you got help unless they are trustworthy. Sometimes spitting too much about yourself and your ways could land you in trouble. Unless a friend needs help with writing essays and you resolve to refer them to your essay writing website, there is absolutely no reason to go around telling everyone that you buy essays online to beat deadlines.
  7. Ask questions to your writer to learn more about your topic. It is best to work alongside your writer to develop ideas you need to be incorporated into the paper. That way, you get to learn how to research, draft, plan, and write an outstanding paper.
  8. Never dodge paying for an essay you bought online. Of course, if you receive a paper from an essay writing company and never pay for it, they might publish it elsewhere. If you make a mistake in submitting the paper, your submission could be flagged. In instances when you have payment disputes, settle them early enough. We’ve seen cases where rogue writers' work is published online, and students end up with the consequences of cheating. Iron out the differences early enough. Suppose anything works with a website that has structures and systems that protect you.
  9. Use the best essay writing service. We wrote some hints one needs to check before settling to buy essays online. In simple terms, only work with a top writing service that will have the writer follow your instructions. You will have drafts sent to you, your identity is protected, your model essay paper is written from scratch, and you can request plagiarism-reports.

If anything, only work with a top-tier and professional writing service. The chances are that such companies have hired experienced essay writers.