Ways to void Plagiarism as you Write Essays and Assignments

Last Updated: 27 July 2023
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The world over, most of the higher learning education institutions use plagiarism checkers to detect plagiarism. All the papers submitted by the students are assessed for authenticity, originality, and uniqueness. It is vital to understand how to avoid plagiarism when writing college papers.

It is sacrilegious to even dream of think of submitting an academic essay that is plagiarized. Mainly, plagiarism is a serious violation of academic regulations and can lead to expulsion from the university or college. Well, you understand the consequences of such actions on your future.

Therefore, try to avoid plagiarism at all costs. In this article, we introduce you to tips and tricks on how to avoid plagiarism. But let us begin by defining what plagiarism is for starters.  Also, let us look at the reasons why students plagiarize.

What is Plagiarism? Let us Understand Plagiarism.

Plagiarism occurs when you use another person's words or ideas and try claiming them as yours without acknowledging the originator.

Anything among these amounts to plagiarism:

There are different types of plagiarism:

Copyright laws protect authors from plagiarism. Thus, it is always crucial for college students to avoid plagiarism given the grave consequences.

Check out this useful university resource on avoiding plagiarism. (links to external site)

What are the consequences of Plagiarism?

If you are in college, you understand the consequences of plagiarism very well. First off, plagiarism is academic dishonesty and offense. Different universities have different sanctions. Here is what will befall you if you plagiarize:

How do you Plagiarize and avoid getting caught?

A student once asked is there is a method on how to plagiarize a paper without getting caught? Definitely, our answer was meant to help them. If they were caught, we were never going to receive the consequences.

In your personal view, maybe you want to plagiarize a paper. Here is what to do:

However, why should you bother plagiarizing when you can get non-plagiarized essays from Gradecrest? Just place an order today and get the best paper. This article could help you with how to plagiarize successfully.  However, always learn how not to plagiarize facts, it is an essential hack for your academic life. Maybe the idea here is how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin. Nevertheless, tread carefully as you are playing with a grenade that can consume you anytime. Stay safe and avoid being sorry later. Always learn how to summarize without plagiarizing.

What are the Best Ways to Avoid Plagiarism?

In this section, we will advise you on how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. Learn how not to plagiarize. By now, how to trick Turnitin is something that is probably in your mind. Our professional writers have learned the hard way to avoid plagiarism. First, even if they swap the words or change the order, our powerful QAD team always uncovered and spots plagiarism miles away.  Here are some ways on how to avoid plagiarism.

Paraphrase your Work

Whenever you come across information that fits your research paper or essay, read and write in your own words. Copying verbatim more than two words at a go, amounts to plagiarism.  Therefore, if you must copy it verbatim, always quote and cite the words.

Use Proper Citations

One sure way of avoiding plagiarism is citing. Always check the guidelines for Chicago, ASA, MLA, APA, and Harvard, etc. citation styles. Mostly, your professor or instructor will give you the guidelines with the course outline. A citation is just using the author's name and date or footnotes for that matter. Very simple, is it?

Research on the Chosen Topic

It is always advisable to acquaint yourself with the topic given or chosen. This way, you can comfortably present ideas and thought in your words. Ordinarily, this is a rule of thumb in creating high-quality written papers that are unique. While researching, always take notes to help you organize your ideas into flowing essays.


As you try to avoid plagiarism, you must always include a reference page. In MLA it is called �works cited,� APA,� References,� and Chicago and Harvard,� bibliography.� Ensure that the references in the reference list are cited in the text using proper in-text citations. If need be always include the URL to the sources. However, it is not always mandatory. Check the rubric for guidelines.

Cite your Own Material

In the case of coursework or capstone projects, citing previously done work is allowed. However, check with your instructor. Avoid self-plagiarism by treating your previous essays, term papers, and research papers as you would with others� work.

Always Cite Quotes

While scholars are expected to paraphrase content thoroughly, sometimes using exact words is allowed. However, use moderation and cite the quotes. Typically, it is good to include the exact page if available. For quotes more than three lines or 40 words, indent and cite as a block.

Plan your Writing Process

To write original ideas, have an essay or research paper outline.  When you have a well-laid plan, you can genuinely avoid plagiarism. Mainly, have a list of how to present ideas and peg them to your thesis statement. Ordinarily, always pair the original ideas with facts and cite appropriately when writing.

Get Professional Help

If it is your first time trying to write an essay, even after learning how to avoid plagiarism, you can still fail. In this case, we always advise students to seek academic writing help from paper writing services. Gradecrest is a fast and reliable company to help you get an assignment done.

Avoid wasting time and ending up submitting plagiarized papers. Our expert academic writers will help you immediately.  Our instant essay makers know what it takes to be professional. By using special plagiarism detection software, we produce 100% unique papers. Hire our professional writers for top-notch papers.

Always check for the Originality of your Text

A common question is �, how do tools check a text�s originality?� Well, plagiarism tools such as Turnitin have algorithms that match your text to online sources, books, and every text available in a database.  As long as the sources are online, everything is now a day; it blasts to find a similarity index. The index is reported as a percentage of the copied content.

In this case, it is always advisable to make changes in the areas with similarity. Some courses such as nursing and medicine allow some bouts of similarity. However, always ensure that your paper is 100% unique. It is good practice for your professional advancement and scholarly progress.

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Checking Your Research Papers and Essays

After reading our tips on how to avoid plagiarism, you are now intelligent. It is always nice to check for plagiarism before submitting a paper. Only turn in papers that are 100% original and of high quality. A plagiarism checker such as WriteCheck, Grammarly, or Turnitin, can develop your antiplagiarism skills.

Always know that your institutions use different plagiarism checker software to check the work submitted by students. Do not let half of your college education, mostly through graded academic writing tasks, wash down the drain in a single day! Plagiarism is so grave that it can cause you to lose your degree.

If in doubt ever, just place an order with us and your work will be done fast.