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In each and every, course instructions, most if not all professors include the plagiarism policy. The consequences of submitting a plagiarized essay, research paper, term papers, dissertations, theses, or coursework are bare. In fact, no institution across the world tolerates plagiarized papers. When you order from us, you are assured of non-plagiarized essays.

The most common first response to plagiarism is a disqualification and in some instances discontinuation. How do we end up with so many cases? Ordinarily, for lack of better preparation or best services, students obtain assignments online from rookie writers who are after money.

The teachers are so quick to detect a plagiarized work using a special set of software. Now, let us understand plagiarism. Simply, it is the act of copying other’s work or even paraphrasing the same without acknowledging the author.  The good news is that our team of professional writers have the necessary training to avoid all manner of plagiarisms.

Snapshot of the Common Types of Plagiarism

Quality customer service is a mantra that our writers live by when undertaking their duties.  We have built a strong culture that mandates the writers to avoid the four common types of plagiarism. Here is a list of the common forms of plagiarism in academic writing:

  1. Accidental Plagiarism: Here, the writer accidentally neglects the in-text citations and references even in areas where they have paraphrased from a given source.

  2. Direct Plagiarism: This is a common form of plagiarism that occurs when you copy another person’s work one-by-one without acknowledging the source, using both quotation marks and in-text citations. To avoid this, you have to paraphrase the source content and avoid a series of three words from the source being similar in your piece. Experience, prowess, and commitment make our writers the best-fit to provide you with well-researched, quality, and non-plagiarized term papers that are devoid of deliberate duplication of content from different sources.

Types of Plagiarism Students Should Avoid

  1. Mosaic Plagiarism: Even when you borrow a few strings from another source and fail to completely cite them, which is plagiarism. When curating your papers, our writers at GradeCrest.com ensure that the phrases, statistics, and facts are well cited. We have a team of editors who scrutinize the papers and go to the extent of requesting the sources where they are not sure to ensure you get original and mosaic plagiarism free essays, term papers, and dissertations.

  2. Self-Plagiarism: It is never easy to escape the snare of plagiarism, without being knowledgeable about self-plagiarism. It does happen when the assignment is re-submitted by either a different individual or the same individual in different contexts. Now, do you want to buy pre-written essays? You might just be preparing yourself to be a self-plagiarism victim. The anti-plagiarism software that the professors have can tell that a paper is self-plagiarized. If you happen to resubmit the paper, you most likely end up with 100% plagiarism. Do you want to down that road? Probably not, which is why we have a team of writers who understand the implications of plagiarism.

To date, our clients enjoy non-plagiarized essays, term papers, research papers, and dissertation. Even if it is just a discussion paper or an analysis of poem or file or even an annotated bibliography, you are assured of non-plagiarized work from GradeCrest.com.

How we write Non-Plagiarized Essays and Papers

We have a committed team of editors, who carefully scrutinize every paper that is submitted by the writers. The process is manually done then with our anti-plagiarism software deployed to each writer-end. The plagiarized paper never get to the client, as there is always an alert.

The team of editors focuses on the sources, the in-text citations, and the references provided.  It is only after clearance that a paper can be sent your way. The writers undergo rigorous training on plagiarism and how to avoid it. There is never a chance that any paper from us will be plagiarized. In fact, our fame online stems from the non-plagiarized essays that our writers produce.

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