How to format a paper in American Sociological Association Style (ASA): A Guide

Last Updated: 15 July 2023
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ASA citation format is considered by academics and scholars writing sociology research papers. The ASA paper format is used b authors writing manuscripts that are to be published in American Sociological Association (ASA) journals.

Like MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and APA citation styles, the ASA format citation differs depending on the source material in question.

What is ASA format/ASA paper format?

College students pursuing sociology are familiar with the ASA citation format. It is a widely used referencing style in social sciences. Mainly, students use it in writing sociology research papers. Sometimes, the ASA paper format is widely used when writing sociology essays.

Majorly, ASA paper format is used in collecting and compiling information from diverse sources. It is a typical style in articles or manuscripts that are meant for publishing in sociology journals.

Remember, failure to properly cite your work could lead to plagiarism. This alone is disastrous for your future career in sociology.

The Basics of ASA Citation Format

As previously noted, the use of ASA style depends on the source material. Notably, even though there are citation generators of citation machines online that help students automate the citation process, it is standard practice to possess an understanding of the ASA citation style.

A sociology manuscript has its own specifications:

In-Text Citations for ASA

Generally, the ASA citation format in-text citations include the author name and the year of publication. For example, (Brown, 2019: 23). The citation includes the page number in the in-text citation.

If an author’s name appears in the text, it should be followed by the respective publication year and the exact page number. For instance, considering the previous example: According to Brown (2019:23)…

A colon separates the year of publication and the page number.

If there are three authors, the first in-text citations should have their surnames, the year of publication, and the page number in parenthesis.

However, the subsequent citations should have the name of the first author and the words “et al.”

All the quotes should begin and end with quotation marks.

Use of Footnotes in ASA formatting Style

In ASA format avoid using the footnotes unless the assignment prompt directs that you do so. Nevertheless, if used, the footnotes should be numerically numbered using superscript Arabic numerals. The footnotes can be included at the bottom of the paper of as Endnotes in a separate page.

Find out how to cite sources in ASA format from this useful resource.

References or Bibliography in ASA Citation Format

For example Author Last, First. Year of Pub. Title. City, State Abb. /Country of Publisher: Publisher.

ASA Format Citation Style Title Page

According to Harvard Business School, the title page of ASA format style papers should contain the:

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ASA Header Format: Topics and Subtopics in ASA format


Second-Level Heading

Third-level heading.

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