The Length, Tips, and Steps for writing a 3/4 Page Essay or Paper

Last Updated: 24 August 2023

3-4 page essay or paper guide

High school, college, and university life is rife with writing essays and research papers. In some cases, you will encounter as long as over 10-15-page research paper assignments. And as you might have also noticed, most professors, instructors, and teaching assistants like assigning short papers or essays below ten pages: mostly 3-8 pages long.

A commonly assigned paper is a 3-4-page essay, which falls under the short essays or paper category. We often find questions like “how many paragraphs or how long is a 3-4-page paper?” “What should I include in a 3-4-page paper to get the highest score?” or even “does a 3-4-page paper have an introduction and conclusion?”

If you are among those who often worry about what to include in a three or 4-page paper, this guide speaks directly to you. In a few minutes, you will be a pro at writing a 3 to 4-page essay. Better still, we have included topics and tips to help you ace your essay assignment without worrying whether you overwrote or underwrote your essay.

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Let’s get started with exploring more about a 3-4-page paper.

What is a 3-4-page Paper or Essay?

As challenging as most students find essay writing, it comes with the gift you will carry through your professional life to your grave. Writing an essay demonstrates that you can comprehensively research, organize, and present facts on a given topic. It is a way of expressing yourself.

Many students, mostly our clients, often wonder what makes a 3 to 4-page essay and are afraid to ask an instructor. The instructor expects that you understand the limits and tests whether you can take instructions on not by looking at the length of your essay apart from the coherence of the content.

A 3-4-page paper is around 825-1200 words long with 4-5 points well-argued and organized in paragraphs, including the arguments and counterarguments. It is a complete essay with a title page, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion paragraph, and reference list. The is typically longer than a typical 5-paragraph essay (250-550 words) and often has more points/paragraphs that are well-balanced, cited, and intertwined. It can be anything between 800 and 1200 words, meaning you can meet the lower threshold but cannot exceed the 1200-word limit.

If you are unsure about the exact word count for your paper, ask your instructor for clarification early enough.

When assigned to write a 3-4-page essay, you can either write a 3-full-page essay or a 4-full-page essay but do not exceed 4 pages or go below 3 pages.

A three-page paper is about 825-900 words long, while a four-page paper is about 1100 and 1200 words. This means that if you decide to meet the lower limit of 3 pages, you can write anything between 825 words and 900 words or even exceed through to any number of words up to 1200 words. Going beyond the word count can attract a deduction of grades, or your professor can mark until the word count is fulfilled, leaving out a potentially marks-rich section of your paper.

Given that a page has 3-4 paragraphs, a 3-page paper will have either 6 or 8 paragraphs, while a typical 4-page paper has 8 and 9 paragraphs, and a 3-4-page paper should have between 6 and 9 paragraphs.

How long it takes to complete a 3-4-page Essay or Paper?

We have mentioned that a 3-4-page essay has between 825 and 1200 words (double-spacing) and comprises 6-9 paragraphs. It is quite a short paper that requires a few hours to complete. Many factors contribute to how long it takes to complete an essay. Such factors include the deadline from class, your motivation, how well you understand the topic, availability of material, expertise in writing research papers and essays, organizational skills, typing speed, and many other factors.

You will most likely be assigned to write a 3-4-page paper in 1-2 days. However, you can complete your paper in a few hours if you plan your time well. For a professional, writing a 3-4 page essay can be done within an hour to three, especially if it is a last-minute writing help request.

A 3-4 double-spaced essay should take 3-4 hours to complete, assuming you write a page per hour. A professional would optimally require 2-3 hours to complete such an essay to the required standards. If it is a single-spaced essay, it will take between 6 hours and 8 hours to complete. The rationale here is that a single-spaced paper contains two double-spaced pages. You should take note of the spacing lest you miss the word count.

We’ve seen students coming to us for a last-minute request for us to fulfill their word count or paraphrase their essays to the right word count because they understood the word count at the last minute.

If you have a day to complete a 3-4 page essay, spend 3-4 hours planning and researching (prewriting process), 6-7 hours writing the essay, and 4-5 hours polishing, editing, and proofreading the essay. If you have two days, your prewriting process should take at least 5 hours, the writing process a day, and the post-writing stage should take at least 4-5 hours before submitting the essay.

Parts of a 3-4 Page Essay: The Structure

A 3-4-page essay or paper has the contents and structure of a typical essay. It comprises a title page formatted in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago, the introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, conclusion paragraphs, and the reference list in the recommended referencing/formatting style. Let’s clarify the structure of a three- to four-page essay or paper.

When assigned to write an essay three or four pages long, ensure you have structured your paper as outlined above. Once you have broken down the paper and developed an essay outline, you can brainstorm ideas and write the paper fast.

Tips for Writing a 3/4 Page Essay Fast

In most cases, failing a 3-4-page essay with a 48-72-hour deadline is easier than failing a short or long paper with a longer deadline. Your mind technically sets to panic mode, especially if it is a paper that contributes most to your grades.

If you are assigned to write an essay that is three to four pages long, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Begin Early. You must begin the prewriting process after you are assigned the paper. You are still fresh with ideas from class and can brainstorm ideas without the fatigue of research and distractions.
  2. Choose a topic you can explore. If you are left to choose a topic on your own, go for an exciting topic you can spend time researching and sharing with anyone without limitations. Also, consider a topic with supporting materials such as books, peer-reviewed journals, and other scholarly resources.
  3. Schedule time and focus. You need to concentrate on your paper; the only best way could be to create a schedule. Decide on what you will do, in what order, and within a specific duration. When scheduling, remember to factor in writing and research when you are alert and active. You can do this early in the morning if you are an early riser or late into the night if you are a night owl. Besides, ensure that you reduce any distractions around you. Don’t log into social media, play games, or chat with friends until you finish the paper. You can listen to cool music and find the best place to do your assignment.
  4. Brainstorm and Research Widely. Using references, you will present ideas on a topic and need to support your assertions, claims, and arguments. Therefore, you need to brainstorm good ideas to make your paper weighty. Brainstorming helps you save time and write consistently because you develop the bigger picture. As you brainstorm, draw mind maps, concept maps, or flow charts to help you arrange ideas. You can then research and organize your resources before you begin writing. It is best to start by reading the non-scholarly sources to familiarize yourself with the topic before extending to the scholarly sources you can get points to use and cite in your 3-4-page paper. The research should yield enough to develop a preliminary thesis.
  5. Write first and edit later. The process will be manageable when writing the paper, courtesy of the previous steps. Assuming you have an outline, compartmentalize the information from the research and develop your paragraphs. Write the body paragraphs first, the introduction second, and the conclusion last, or choose whatever order you wish. Ensure that the body has 6-7 supporting ideas in its paragraphs. The body paragraphs should have a balanced length and must flow into one another. If you need to polish your preliminary thesis into a final one, do so after writing the body paragraphs because it should be the anchor.
  6. Polish the essay last. We said you leave editing and polishing for later. Well, take a break after writing to develop an objective mindset and break away from the monotony of writing. Check your paper for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If there are any errors, strive to remove them. You can run the paper through editing software like Grammarly or Hemmingway Editor to spot and correct errors and omissions. Format the paper in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago format. Ensure that you do a quick proofreading. If possible, read it aloud to yourself to spot more mistakes and make amendments.

Our writers use these tips when writing papers for our esteemed clients. We are a leading fast essay writing service catering to your urgent writing needs. The more you use these tips, the more you become great at writing essays. You can never hate writing essays once you master the entire process.

Topics for 3-4 page Essays that You Can Consider

Consider the topics outlined below if you want a quick topic for a three-page or four-page essay.

  1. The impacts of cryptocurrencies on cybersecurity
  2. Impacts of youth unemployment on teenage pregnancies
  3. Importance of being honest
  4. Private prison systems
  5. Benefits of the electoral college
  6. Importance of global peace on development
  7. Benefits of flexible working arrangements
  8. Importance of school uniforms
  9. How workforce diversity affects organizational Performance
  10. How to address work stress?
  11. Benefits of training police officers on computers
  12. Strategies to support homeless people
  13. Benefits of investing in books
  14. Children should be taught about investments and personal finance
  15. Negative impacts of helicopter parenting
  16. How to address mental health issues among school-going girls
  17. Social media and academic performance
  18. Benefits of pursuing STEM subjects
  19. Impacts of GMOs on food security
  20. Strategies to overcome homesickness
  21. How to overcome culture shock?
  22. Consumerism pollutes the planet
  23. Talks are better than Wars: Russia-Ukraine Conflict
  24. Causes and consequences of infidelity
  25. How to maintain a long-distance relationship?
  26. Overcoming low self-esteem
  27. Homelessness and unemployment
  28. Physical activity and obesity
  29. Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
  30. Consequences of Bulimia
  31. Portion control and weight loss
  32. Benefits of restriction what we eat
  33. Is gut instinct always correct?
  34. Disadvantages of birth control
  35. Should abandoned kids be adopted?
  36. Causes and consequences of police brutality
  37. Benefits of being earnest
  38. How to manage time as a student?
  39. Ways to pay for tuition without a loan
  40. Can someone learn programming on their own?
  41. Reasons to ban animal testing
  42. People should not be forced to get a vaccination
  43. How marketers influence what we eat
  44. Is Big Pharma controlling our lives?
  45. Causes and consequences of corruption
  46. Impacts of racism
  47. Causes and consequences of hate crimes
  48. Recycling should be compulsory
  49. Citizens should not be allowed to carry guns
  50. Consequences of white privilege
  51. Pros and cons of online retail
  52. Mobile phones and surveillance
  53. Impacts of state surveillance on citizens
  54. Should students be taught about taxation?
  55. How to prevent ocean pollution?
  56. Benefits of conserving endangered species
  57. Causes of increasing divorce rates
  58. Impacts of violent TV programs and games on the youth
  59. How family values influence how a child grows
  60. Impacts of stem cell research on chronic diseases
  61. The American Judiciary System
  62. Causes of the Russian-Ukraine war
  63. How to prevent drug trafficking?
  64. How human trafficking affects families
  65. Prostitution should be legalized
  66. Is microchipping a pet illegal?
  67. Benefits of keeping pets
  68. Consequences of the digital divide
  69. Should college education be free?
  70. Should students be forgiven their education loans?

There are many more essay topics that you can consider. Check out our list of compare and contrast topics, topics for learning disabilities, nutrition essay topics, social issues, and topics, or argumentative essay topics. Our blog section has an endless list of good topics you can write your 3/4-page essay about. If you need help writing your essay, ask for help from our website.

Parting Words

Writing a three to four-page paper or essay is not without any challenges. Students often find such papers challenging, especially if they do not know the word count and page limits to meet.

If you are working against a deadline, you can now write the paper thanks to the steps, tips, and insights we have shared above. Instead of procrastinating or missing a deadline, plan early, schedule everything, and write the paper without pressure.

To write a 3/4–page paper faster, ensure that you plan everything. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to place an order by visiting our homepage and filling out the order form. With our writing service, you can beat deadlines and produce an excellent paper with suitable marks or higher grades.