Tips on how to Create a Perfect Essay on World Peace

Last Updated: 14 April 2020

How to write a world peace essay guide

You are probably here because you do not know what to write in your world peace essay. Well, your visit was predetermined, and it is the very reason we have this guide on how to write a world peace essay.

To start us off, we can agree that world peace is among the most debated topics. Although achieving absolute world peace is a challenge, various stakeholders have fronted diverse efforts.

It is a great honor for a student to write a world peace essay finally. Although general a topic, it is always a chance to remind the audience that peace is not the absence of war and that there is more to it.

As such, whether it comes out as a synthesis, argumentative, persuasive, narrative, or descriptive essay, you must ensure that it is a creative piece of writing.

Now, let us go on a discovery journey for helpful tips and ideas on how to create a winning world peace essay.

Steps to Writing an Outstanding World Peace Essay

A colorful and peaceful world

  1. Study the world peace essay prompt and rubric.

The requirements of writing creative essays differ from college to college and professor to professor. Therefore, instead of assuming, as most students do, concentrate on the rubric and the essay prompt. These documentations help you understand the formatting style for your essay, whether it is to be submitted in MLA, APA, or Chicago. They also entail information on the list of potential topics. Most importantly, they also guide you on the expected word count for the essay. Therefore, instead of asking whether a world peace essay is a 500-word or 1000-word essay, the rubric can help.

  1. Pick a topic that interests you.

Although we have said this almost in every guide we have written, we emphasize its importance as it aids in writing an essay that gets you communicating with the audience (the marker). Think about a topic in the news, peace in a given country, or draw from your experience. Sometimes, even a movie can be the genesis of a world peace topic. Be whatever it may, ensure that you choose a topic you are comfortable to spend hours researching, writing, and reading about.

  1. Research and choose credible sources.

The hallmark of writing an excellent essay is doing research. A well-researched and organized essay tickles grades even from the strict professor. The secret of creating a winning peace essay lies in the depth and scope of your research. With the internet awash with sources, choosing credible scholarly sources can define an A+ peace essay from a failing one. Now, as you research, you will develop insights into your chosen topic, generate ideas, and find facts to support your arguments. Instead of just a plain or flat paper, proper research will birth a critical world peace essay. By critical, you will consider the models of peace, theories of peace, some treaties and global laws/legislations, and the process of peace where necessary.

  1. Create a detailed outline.

One of the most straightforward strategies to write an essay fast is to have an outline for the essay. The outline offers you a structure and guide when you finally start writing the essay on world peace. Like a roadmap to the best world peace essay, the outline entails the skeleton of what you will fill to make the first draft. An excellent outline makes you logically organize your essay. Thus, skipping this step is disastrous to your grade pursuit.

  1. Write the rough draft.

The first draft is a bouncing baby of the essay outline. To complete the first draft, fill in the spaces in your outline. With the essay hook, background, and thesis in the introduction, it is now a great time to polish up the introduction to make it outstanding. Besides, with the topic sentences and main points for each paragraph identified in the outline, when writing the first draft, it is your turn to support each paragraph with facts from the resources identified in the research phase. As this is your first draft, do not focus much on grammar and other stylistic and methodological essay writing errors – leave those for the next phase, proofreading.

  1. Proofread the rough draft and turn it to a final draft.

Proofreading is as important as writing an essay. You cannot skin an entire cow and eat it whole. Now, with the analogy, proofreading helps dissect the essay. It helps you identify the grammar and stylistic errors as well as logical essay mistakes and weed them out. When proofreading, always endeavor to make every page count by making it perfect. If you are not as confident with your proofreading skills, try using software such as RefWorks (to check correctness and consistency of citations) and Grammarly or Ginger Software to check your grammar. You can also use plagiarism checkers to identify some areas with similarities and paraphrase further. If you feel all this is too much work, especially given you have written for hours, you can hire an editor to correct your essay.

115 Interesting World Peace Essay Topics to write about

World Peace

  1. The importance of world peace treaties

  2. The significance of the International Peace Day

  3. Is peace the absence of war?

  4. Define peace

  5. Benefits of living in peace

  6. Is global peace attainable?

  7. Like war, can peace be human-made?

  8. Can humans and nature live without conflicts?

  9. Distinguishing hybrid war and hybrid peace

  10. Defining peace in contemporary society

  11. The role of community policing in peace within the community

  12. The role of criminal justice and law enforcement systems in peace management

  13. Is world peace a dream or an attainable phenomenon?

  14. The process of peacemaking

  15. The role of mediation in the political peace-making process

  16. Peace in Southern Sudan

  17. Peace in Iraq

  18. Impediments of peace between Israel and Palestine

  19. Role of political leaders in creating peace

  20. Role of peacekeepers in maintaining peace

  21. Could free hugs day make the world peaceful

  22. Can ceasefires bring peace

  23. Causes of lack of peace

  24. Why people should always give peace a chance

  25. Human rights and freedoms

  26. Strategies to prevent the telltale signs of war

  27. The role of the United Nations in global peace

  28. Solving conflicts between human and animals

  29. The importance of national peace

  30. Terrorism as a threat to world peace

  31. The stance of Mahatma Gandhi on peace

  32. How poverty and hunger combine as barriers to a world truce

  33. Role of Nelson Mandela and Dalai Lama in world peace

  34. Relationship between peace and freedom

  35. Humanitarian interventions as a means of achieving peace

  36. Can religion be the genesis of peace in the world?

  37. Factors limiting peace in countries at war

  38. Is it possible to intervene between the two warring countries?

  39. The origins of peacekeeping

  40. Does the peacemaking process work?

  41. Conflict transformation versus conflict resolution

  42. Does a peaceful world mean a peaceful world?

  43. Techniques for peacekeeping

  44. International law and peacemakers

  45. Prospects of peacemaking

  46. How the sale of weapons affects world peace

  47. Military intelligence and peace

  48. Impacts of technological development on global peace

  49. The role of social media in promoting world peace

  50. Nuclear disarmament and world peace

  51. Is it worth being a superpower and funding wars in other areas?

  52. Imagine a world without weapons; what would it be like?

  53. The most peaceful city in the world

  54. Does peace have its roots in culture

  55. Impacts of cultural beliefs on world peace

  56. The annex between peace and development

  57. Is the rainbow a sign of peace?

  58. Pros and cons of having a peace sign tattoo

  59. Role of street arts and graffiti in global peace

  60. Can art be used to rally support for global peace?

  61. The place of leaders in achieving global peace

  62. Peace declaration and traditions of Native Americans

  63. Dove with an olive branch as a symbol of peace

  64. Why flags should unite a nation

  65. Nationalism, patriotism, and national peace

  66. Political correctness and global peace

  67. Communication and negotiation as key skills to attaining peace

  68. Pacifist Nations

  69. “Us” versus “them” as a genesis of war

  70. Pacifists representation in movies

  71. The implications of the Stanford Prison Experiments

  72. Counterculture and pacifism

  73. Profits of peace

  74. The impact of the cold war between China and the United States

  75. Why the UAE remains peaceful and developed

  76. The role of the United States, UK, and Russia in the world peace

  77. Has globalization worsened or created a peaceful world?

  78. How individuals can contribute to world peace

  79. Role of peace in the development of Rwanda

  80. Lessons on peace the world can learn from the Rwanda Genocide

  81. Creating a peaceful society through cyber peace

  82. How to convince ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Terrorist groups to bring peace

  83. Peace in Syria

  84. The future of peace in the world full of individualism

  85. How social skills can help inspire peace

  86. Architecture as an expression of peace

  87. Pacifist representation in fiction

  88. Pacifist lyrics

  89. Can music be used to create world peace?

  90. How global peace awards can inspire peace

  91. The role of Novel Price on Peace in promoting peace

  92. Why a peaceful world depends on a peaceful community

  93. Role of Interpol in maintaining world peace

  94. Interprofessional collaboration to achieve world peace

  95. How learning different languages can promote peace

  96. Can interracial marriages bring peace to the world?

  97. Why training children on peace as they are young is important

  98. Role of the Catholic church in attaining world peace

  99. The role of Oman as a regional mediator in the Middle East

  100. Peace in Yemen

  101. The biblical basis of peace

  102. Peace as defined by the Quran

  103. Gender equality as a means to global peace

  104. Can equal wealth distribution bring world peace?

  105. How removing exclusion can bring national and global peace

  106. The role of climate change in world peace

  107. How Hubris has affected policy-making process and global peace

  108. Addressing intergenerational relations as a means to global peace

  109. The significance of the Global Peace Index

  110. The role of preventive diplomacy in attaining global peace

  111. Preventive disarmament as a strategy towards world peace

  112. How natural resources contribute to conflicts

  113. The blood minerals in Congo and global peace

  114. Role of MNCs in promoting international peace

  115. Embracing global citizenship as a strategy to ensure global peace

Emblem of World Peace

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