Planning to Buy Essays Online: Here are 10 Useful Hints

Last Updated: 27 July 2023

hints when buying essays online

So, you finally decided that you need to buy essays online, and you feel great. But as you wallow in the miasma of your new-found invention, you have concerns that hold you back.

Well, don't beat yourself up about it. Buying essays online is becoming a common phenomenon among students. I mean, who out there has never purchased an essay? As per an article in the HuffPost, the essay writing industry has grown, and only those who know less about its operations admonish it. If you are from UCLA, University of Huston, Strayer University, Columbia University, NYU, George Brown College, and you name it, you have probably heard the wind of students buying essays online.

Everybody wants an easy way out; sometimes, situations force us to adapt. Every student wants to find a quick way of completing an essay. So, if you eventually discover the best way to write an assignment fast without worrying about the deadline, why not grab it with two hands and might?

Many factors, including working and studies, family and studies, or business and studies, become challenging enough to drive students into outsourcing the process of writing an essay or research paper to someone. If you feel like you do not know how to write a good essay or lack time, you can always buy essays online. But how do you separate the reliable and legit custom essay writing companies from the scammers and spammers? We will handle that shortly.

Is Social Media a Great Place to Get Online Essay Help?

Why you should never seek essay help from social media

That Facebook page or profile, Instagram page, or Twitter handle can purport to be a reliable custom paper writing service. But is that always the case?

The internet is awash with websites that write essays for students allowing them to purchase essays online any time they wish. While online essay writing services have many benefits, not all exist to help. Students, oblivious of the tactics used by scammers, most likely risk losing their money and wasting time when choosing a custom paper writing service they feel is reliable. Some websites also have writers who use AI to write or sell pre-written essays.  like online stores, there is an easier way to buy essays online now than ever. You have to evaluate your options as you do with online shopping. 

A simple search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo could result in results of the best paper writing services in the industry. But even scammers rank with their black hat methods.

You can easily presume that only the top-ranking services are the best in the industry, but that could be wrong. Some are not as reliable as they claim in clouds of words. So how do you find out the best and trustworthy academic writing service, like, for example, using a Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, or Instagram page?

We advise against using social media to get help from just anyone. For instance, posting on Twitter or Facebook that you want help with a research paper can quickly get to your university. You end up looking like a clown. Instead, use companies with verifiable websites, and we highlight some factors to consider in a short while. 

Factors that Make a Great Custom Essay Writing Company Online

Steps when buying an essay

A custom paper writing company has a triad dimension comprising the client (student), academic writers, and company representatives. The writers are qualified as they meet the minimum threshold set by the writing services. These services aim to offer sample essay papers and academic research papers that students can use when writing theirs. Here is how to make the best choice:

  1. Customer Feedback: a reputable online writing company always asks for client feedback. It is still great to comb through the testimonials or comments on social media on the services. Focus on what people say about the quality of papers, the writers, and the clients' impression of the collaboration. Be wary of reviews fielded by the companies as though they are from clients, which could be a red flag!
  2. Reliable and Legit Online companies will respond swiftly. Online paper writing companies always have 24/7 customer support to help clients with placing an order, payment issues, and revisions. If there is no point of contact with the company through Facebook Messenger or Live Chat on their website, do not waste your money and time.
  3. It does not use questions on the websites: Most websites that use questions from previous classes are likely to recycle papers for you. Instead, assess the content of their blog pages and other informative resources. There is a higher chance that the company using questions will sell you a prewritten paper. Also, they are likely to sell your essay in equal measure. What if that happens, and you find yourself submitting the same document as your classmate?
  4. A credible essay typing service will provide samples at your request. Any potential customer is liable to sample essays, theses, research papers, term papers, research proposals, and any academic writing tasks, which should be part of the page. If not so, you should access some samples in the blog area. In some cases, only trust a Facebook page that has a link to the website where you can see the samples.
  5. You should be in touch with your writer. A company that does not allow you to communicate with the writer is a quack essay service. We encourage direct communication so your writer can consult when choosing a topic, writing an outline, and creating the first draft. A paper written in consultation with the client will likely be more of their work than one written for the client. Companies can allow you to place an order through their social networks but do not send work to any email-use website. Your professor could be on the other end, which is prima facie evidence that can be used against you.

In short, even though a reliable custom paper writing company might have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram page, they are mostly used for marketing. When you send work over social media, you will likely be scammed. If not so, any misunderstanding can lead to your service provider contacting your university that they did your work; you can guess what happens next. Do not fall trap to shitty companies purporting to help write essays and research papers.

A First Timer's Guide to Buying Customized Essays on the Internet

choose the best custom paper writing service

There is a first time for everything. Nothing sucks like handling an essay from a boring class. Getting unreliable custom paper writing services is not fun either. You are always willing to spend more time only to get authentic, reliable, confidential, and high-quality written papers. That can be difficult but here are steps on how to get the best custom paper writing service and beat deadlines:

  1. Visit the Website. The website's design, outlook, and general first impression should indicate that you have the best. If it is full of past questions from previous clients, it is probably a fake essay writing website. Check the blogs if there is informative content, as well. If hardly any posts serve as resources, how can you entrust someone who has not mastered the art of academic writing with your essays and papers? Like Gradecrest, many reliable online companies write sample essays for students. But we remain the best!
  2. Check Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. If there are only a few posts on the page and not-so-regular posting, poor visuals, and unreliable information, consider that a less professional writing company. This should be a red flag enough that the services are pathetic. Go for writing companies with regularly updated Facebook pages, great posts, and enhanced response rates.
  3. Check the review online and on the Facebook page. Even though some people say that likes on Facebook matter, likes can be bought or influenced. Also, not so many people will come out in the social media to review an essay writing company's Facebook page for fear of victimization or exposure. So, it is always great to find out from sites such as Trustpilot or The reviews help you know whether the company has a talented pool of writers. It also enables you to gauge the skill level of the writers. Reviews on custom essay writing services can be both negative and good. If you see only the best, hesitate and follow the next step.
  4. Check the samples. Most custom paper writing services provide sample essays, term papers, reports, admission essays, and custom-written papers on their websites, either as an independent page or a blog post. Before resting on a given essay service, ask for fresh samples if there are hardly any. It gives you a perspective of what to expect. If you are buying an APA paper, ask for sample APA papers. Do the same when purchasing argumentative essays written in MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. If the sample is based on your question like is in Chegg or CourseHero, leave the website. HINT: Never buy a pre-written essay, ask for the writers to write from scratch.
  5. Does it fit the bill? It is also a great move to compare your chosen website to other custom paper writing companies. There are many custom paper typing websites. We advise that you choose 3-4 and then choose the best among those. With that, you can quickly develop the best custom essay writing service. Look for one that is professional, reliable, and cheap.
  6. Read the legal pages. Websites have legal pages in compliance with the GDPR policy. Please focus on the revision policies, guarantees, terms and conditions, and privacy policies as they are binding. If there is any policy you feel does not rub you well, just let it go. Find another website to trust with your academic essay or a custom paper.
  7. Calculator and Transparency. Does the website allow you to estimate the price before placing an order? Also, is the entire pricing process transparent as you can gauge from the calculator? If a website does not allow you to estimate the amount you will be paying given a deadline, chances are you will end up paying for hidden charges. There are websites that once you place an order, they ask you for extra services such as proofreading and editing, assignments to a top-10 writer, and even plagiarism reports, if they cannot show that in the calculator heel off and choose another service. Those are characteristics of scammers or, better yet, extortionists.
  8. Focus on the turnaround time you expect to get your essay. According to Dr. Angel Borja, after following the dos and don'ts of writing excellent papers, the deadline should guide the entire process. Experts like Ph.D. Eva Lantsoght insists that a research paper needs not less than 40 hours. However, for expert research paper writers, your research paper can be completed in less than 12 hours. 1-15 pages of a research paper can be written in 10-12 hours. Even with short deadlines, your chosen writing company must not compromise on quality.
  9. How long has the company existed? The timeline of a company also offers insight into its credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness. A company that has been in existent for long, like Gradecrest, has specialists who can handle assignments, essays, and research papers in various fields. However, sometimes even the upcoming websites do better than the greedy old academic writing websites. Be wise when selecting the best essay writing website.
  10. Decide to place an order. If a custom paper writing company's website appeals to you, do not hesitate to place an order, pay for it, and make follow-ups.

Parting shot

It is straightforward to buy essays online today that we have the internet. However, you can easily get scammed in a sea of custom paper writing services. To avoid such, consider the ten useful steps in choosing the best website to buy essays online that we have highlighted above. You don't have to balk at using online essay writing services anymore: it is the new normal for college, high school, or university students. Stick to our hints when seeking academic writing help.

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