How to get through a Class you Hate : 9 Ways to ace Boring Classes

Last Updated: 27 July 2023

frustrated student in a boring class

A student’s worst nightmare next to essays is that one class you hate. It could be because of a bad teacher or just some funny bad attitude towards the class. The truth no one told you is that college and university can be draining.

Talk of pulling all-nighters, 8 a.m. classes, cramming sessions, and partying just before exams, it is crazy how people survive college. The classes we hate to make us look at our clocks constantly in strange intervals. Other times, our minds drift to other stuff like the hottest memes, Netflix shows, pizza with classmates and friends, or a party that is yet to go down that evening. Simply, some classes suck and no matter your effort, you somehow find it hard. These classes will get you down and rag you deeply.

Time and again, we share our nasty little experiences and how we managed classes we hated in college and university.

In this article, we provide sage-equivalent advice on how to get through a class you hate. We believe that by the end, you will learn a thing or two on how to handle a class you hate.

Here are Tried and Tested Ways to Love a Class you once hated (our Jedi/ninja tricks to surviving a class you hate).

1. Change Your Attitude On The Class

Some students ask, “, how do you handle a boring class?” Well, it all boils down to your attitude on the class you hate. There are many simple ways to ensure you change your attitude for the class you dislike.

Investing so much energy and time in them pays off finally. Now, there are those friends and classmates who enjoy and strictly follow a given course.

It is always a good idea to have them in your circle. Mainly, they can spark your instant love for a boring class or one that you dislike. Create more time to discuss the subject and course concepts with them. You will realize that each session brings you the necessary inspiration to ace a class, especially one that you hate.

Mostly, such friends have mastered the art of research, have links to the reliable and custom essay writing websites, understand how to use the internet for research, and can craft papers in most citation and formatting styles.

Besides, the same clique can give you tips on how to study for a class you find boring for the best grades.

So, do not complain that “, I feel like everyone hates me at school.” Try to create friends right from class and bit by bit you will have friends in the entire school. Wondering how not to hate studying, get friends instead. Studying alone can be tough. While with friends you would not want to loaf around and fail them, you would want to keep up with their pace. Soon enough, it becomes a story of iron sharpens iron.

2. Create a Schedule or Timetable for Class and Coursework

Even as you get your circle big for the sake of loving a class you find boring, you can never forget the power of planning. Not having an action plan is equivalent to planning to fail. If you give me an hour to cut down a tree, I will spend the first 50 minutes sharpening the ax. Now, the same applies to classes you find boring in college.

A class you don’t like should have more slots in your timetable. If you are doing essays or homework, start with those from a class you hate when you have the energy.

Where necessary, your slot should include slots where you consult with the professor/ instructor or the teaching assistant.  Meeting the teaching faculty reduces the chances of you making mistakes.

Sometimes, do homework while still in class if you have time. It ensures that your coursework is done on time and handled when you have fresh ideas in mind.

3. Pavlov’s Wisdom – Relate the Class to Something you Love

Learning from textbooks, online journals, websites, and class materials can be boring and difficult. So, to stir up your enthusiasm on a class you hate, it can be wise to connect it to something you like doing.

Maybe you love watching videos, listening to audios, and creating flashcards or mind maps. It is best if you take a creative approach to learn the course concepts.

Always understand the learning objectives in the course handout. Try to find the material online. Luckily, there are websites with simplified explanations on concepts for deeper understanding.

As you progress with developing an interest in a class, you initially disliked, reward yourself. In my case, I could get myself some clock or something tangible to remind me that working hard and smart pays off.

When completing every assignment given in class, equate the same to having more time to spend with family, alone, or with friends.

Finally, when it comes to choosing topics for your essays and homework, choose topics that interest you.  

4. Talk to your Instructors/ Professors/ Teaching Assistants

“I’m trying to put my best foot forward for success in this class. However, am struggling too much and having a hard time attending and paying attention in this class. What can motivate me to love this class?” ask your professor such questions. With the wisdom and experience, they have, be sure to get a response on the way forward.

Probably, the professor has been there before, and their blueprint strategy can help you love a boring course in college.

When you suffer in silence, you develop stress, which can bring your health down in an awful way.

5. Get Help with the Class

Even though there is a debate on what extent a student can seek help, online writing services help students find and develop an interest in classes they hate. Sometimes, poor grades on poorly done essays can demotivate you. They too can be sources of the hate.

Therefore, get a reliable essay writing service like GradeCrest and let the professional essay writers handle your essays. You can always hire a nerd to help you offload a burdensome class.

Besides, you can decide to pay someone to take your online class. Online tutor services like GradeCrest help you gain the upper hand by giving you samples that you can use when revising or writing your papers.

6. Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastination is an expensive bug that costs people fortunes. Picture this, you are hastily handling an assignment you dread last minute and realize you blundered, what would your reaction be? Of course, panic, discomfort, and stress kick in.

Well, to avoid all those fracases, why not avoid procrastinating and instead prioritize the assignments from the class first.

When handling essays, homework, and assignments, begin by handling the tough ones first then the light ones. It is just a strategy that has stuck out as the best over the years.  Do it the same way you would begin with vegies then the rest of your sumptuous meal.

Procrastination can land you in a writer’s block, and that would be the demise of a yet to be better grade and GPA.

7. Work on your Study Habits

You can simply hate a class for not understanding the concepts. The professor could be blabbing, and all you get is NOTHING. Now, the best thing to do when in such a situation is to assess your study habits carefully.

Understand when facts sink in your brains the best, create time for reading and research, and attend class discussions and lessons.

However, to get the most from a class, you dislike, read the concepts soon as the class ends. Also, research further into the concepts yet to be taught in the subsequent classes.  Sometimes, go beyond the assignments and assigned readings. Like a Jedi, find your way to loving a class through research. You will notice that as you change your study habits, your love for a class, you hate increases, naturally.

Also, find the best place to study and know what strengths you have. Depending on your self-assessment, be sure to stick to your routine and best study habits.

Come back here with testimonies of the best grades. Our article on Best Study Tips for College can come in handy at this juncture.

8. Take Notes in Class or even Doodle

Taking action while in class can keep you off distractions. To get your wonderful brain to work, create short notes as the teacher speaks. Some students innovatively record the entire lecture and decode the notes after class. Still, some students find it fun to doodle by drawing some messy shapes and figures.

Albeit being worthless at a superficial level, such actions suffice and contribute to the bigger picture – instant love for a class you find boring. Whatever means you use, take notes while in class and follow up when out of class.

9. Drop the Class

Sometimes push comes to shove. Even though losers are quitters, it is better to take a walk of shame than fail. Your educational career could be on the line for a poor grade. You hating a class can be a matter of having other classes you enjoy, which can take up much of your time.

There is always an option of dropping a class for a later date. It is a wise decision other than struggling and failing. As you drop the class, amass enough energy and morale to take the class in the future.

As you handle other classes, find your strengths in dealing with classes you love. Use the same strengths in masking the weakness that makes you hate a class.

When you drop off deferring a class, be sure it is not taught by a teacher you hate. If it is the same teacher, ask for a transfer to another class in the same course but with a different teacher. In your course transfer letter, be sure to explain yourself.


Now, there will be courses you hate from the word go. That is just a fact of how college life works. It is difficult to find that you love all the classes you take. For one reason or another, some classes will be dull in college.

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Instead of sulking and whining, you can take charge. You can get help from websites that write essays like GradeCrest.

Most importantly, the efforts to deal with a class you hate must come from you. When you overcome all the adversities in college disliking or hating a class for no apparent reason will be history. Now that you know how to get through a class you hate, please share this to help a student turn their hate for a course around.