Tips to use if you Hate Writing Essays or Assignments

Last Updated: 22 February 2024

It is common in today's educational systems to find students who dread, hate, or despise writing papers, most of the time avoiding writing essays. Whether you have your act together, you will end up dreading writing tasks at some point in your academic journey. Many students perceive writing as an arduous task that takes time, requires concentration, and most often has strict deadlines. Therefore, you are not alone if, for one reason or the other, you are developing a hate for essay writing. Students dread writing essays for a hoard of reasons. While it is generally hard to foster the love for writing, there are a handful of proven strategies to address the hate.

This article below discusses all the reasons why you might hate writing essays and what you can do to alleviate the stress of not submitting an essay on time.

Reasons for Hating Essay Writing

Before we delve into the strategies to address why you hate writing, let us explore the root course of why you are certainly developing the powerful tendency to hate writing papers and essays. We have talked to many students, done a survey online, researched, and brainstormed some of the compelling reasons why students hate writing.

Here are some of the reasons why you may hate writing essays.

Fear of Failure

Students who are overachievers usually experience fear of failure, which stems from pressure to succeed. They often ask themselves these questions:

Most often, these questions end up leaving you overwhelmed. The fear of failure may also arise when you are unprepared to write an essay.

Poor Writing Skills

Many students underestimate the value of good writing skills even though it's an important skill required in school.

Colleges demand high-quality writing skills to come up with essays, research papers, and other types of academic writing.

Most students lack these skills because they have neglected to learn and practice the ins and outs of the craft.

You will struggle to pass your points and fill your texts with superfluous details and clichés. Writing an essay will seem like a chore if you have poor writing skills.


Procrastination is the voluntary postponement of action until the last minute.

Research has shown that 75% of college students consider themselves habitual procrastinators. Some things can force you to put off an essay assignment until later, which is usually close to the deadline, such as lack of motivation.

When you finally get to it, you will be under pressure. You will rush to complete it only to make things worse.


The need to be perfect is not a bad thing. It can push you to perform better in school or at work. However, other times it can lead to poor performance.

If you have perfectionism traits, you tend to have unrealistically high expectations of yourself. When you make a mistake, you experience psychological distress.

Someone experiencing psychological distress will find it hard to focus on any assignments, including essays.

Overwhelmed by the Task

A student's life is hectic. Apart from academic life, you will deal with work, family, annoying roommates, romantic relationships, etc.

All this, coupled with the pressure to succeed, can be so overwhelming.

Someone who is overwhelmed will find it hard to work on even the simplest assignment.

Overcoming Essay Writing Aversion

Even if you hate writing an essay, you have to write one. Failure to do this will result in penalties for lateness. It could also lead to last-minute writing, resulting in poor-quality work and low grades. Giving up on college because you hate writing will only worsen things in the future.

Writing an essay is a daunting task that requires lots of time to research and come up with a high-quality paper. However, the process can be fun to do when you have the right strategies. These strategies include:

Change Your Mindset

To stop hating essay writing, you need to change all the small choices you keep making in your mind every day. This means you have to shift your mindset. When your mind has positive thoughts, you will choose to do the right things. To make this possible, do the following:

Find a Topic that Interests You

You will have an easy time writing an essay if it is on a familiar topic that covers concepts that you have studied and know. In addition, choosing a topic that you love will make the readers love it too. Do the following to come up with an interesting topic.

Improve Your Writing Skills

If you hate essays because of your poor writing skills, then working on improving them is a good idea. You will encounter in college several different types of writing styles. Some of these incorporate things like short sentences, direct language, etc., to keep readers engaged. Learning all this can help you overcome your essay aversion.

Manage Procrastination

Avoiding essay writing does not make it go away. In addition, it will hurt your grades more. Staying on top of your assignments is one of the best ways to manage procrastination.

Overcoming Perfectionism

There are two kinds of people when it comes to success; the overachiever and perfectionists. The former is motivated to do the best they can, while the latter is driven by fear of failure. You need to shed your fear of failure by doing the following.

Strategies for Writing Essays

Communicating effectively through your writing is one way to improve your grades in school. Writing an essay does not have to be a laborious task. With the right strategies, you can come up with a great paper.

Create an Outline

A big part of the essay planning process is creating an outline. This is like a map that gives direction to your work. It will also ensure your essay flows well from the beginning to the end. Additionally, an outline will help you organize your thoughts and present your arguments. A typical essay outline contains the following:

Take note of the first step to coming up with an outline in establishing your thesis.

Use a Writing Prompt

A prompt consists of up to three questions that solicit a response in an essay.

Using a prompt is a good way to know how to write an essay and the expectations of the professor or instructor from you as a writer.

It contains instructions that you should follow for the kind of essay you are to write. For instance, you might be asked to analyze something, which is simply writing an analytical essay.

A prompt is a trigger for ideas for your essay, and using it will make your work easier.

Write in Short Bursts

Some students have this rule that they have to write 1500 or 2000 words in one sitting. However, is this smart or helpful? No.

When you force yourself to write a certain number of words, your brain will struggle to function.

If you want your creativity to flow, then try short-burst writing. This is simply writing in tiny sprints of about 15 minutes as a response to anything, including a picture or a question.

When you write in short periods, the quality of your wiring will improve. Practicing short-burst writing can help build stamina, as it will force you to generate more content.

Check out the resources that can help you stimulate short-burst writing.

Take Breaks

When you work continuously on the same project for hours, you can lose your objectivity.

Taking breaks when writing is an important way of improving your mental health and creativity. It will allow you to come back to your work with a new perspective.

You will also stave off writer's block when you take a few minutes to write your essay.

The length of the break could be anywhere between 5- 20 minutes. Use this time to meditate, take a walk, nap, or exercise as a way to relax your mind.

Edit and Revise

Once you write the first draft, you must take time to go through the work before submitting it. Revising and editing are two different tasks you take to improve the quality of your essay.

When you revise your essay, you look at the idea. It involves adding information to your work by cutting, moving, changing, or adding.

Editing involves looking over your work to see the organization, presentation, and flow of ideas. It involves fixing punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling mistakes. Consider using online editing tools to polish your essay. These tools will improve your academic writing by correcting grammar, punctuation, style, spelling, and sentence structure.

Final Take!

Essay writing is part of college life. You will be required to write various essays to fulfill the requirements of your studies. However, many students hate essay writing because of poor writing skills, fear of failure, procrastination, and feeling overwhelmed by many assignments.

Fortunately, you can stop procrastinating, eliminate the need to be perfect, and take regular breaks as a way to overcome your hate for essay writing. Besides, you can also hire an essay writer to work on your essays, and you will slowly develop the urge to read them as you personalize them to your taste before submitting them.

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