What to Do If You Are Lazy to Write an Essay Assignment

Last Updated: 07 January 2024

A 2015 study by the Pew Research Center shows that half of US citizens think that 63% of millennials are lazy and believe that a typical American citizen is lazy. The feeling is generally shared across the board in most counties.

Feeling lazy to write essays is a common and frustrating feeling that most students experience at some point in their academic journey. However, overcoming laziness and increasing productivity is crucial to achieving success in school.

Writing good essays is a fundamental part of your academic journey. The process is, however, demanding most of the time and requires significant effort to develop essays worth a high grade. Being able to write even when you feel lazy is a skill that you must learn if you want academic success.

In this article, our top essay writers, who have experience tutoring people to write great essays, will explore some of the best tips to help you snap out of a lazy spell and get you to write your essay.

Determine What Causes Your Laziness

The first step to dealing with laziness is finding out its main cause. You can find the right solutions only when you know the main cause of feeling too lazy to write essays. Start by asking the following questions:

Answering these questions can help you come to the root of your problem. However, some scientists show that there is no such thing as laziness; what you think could be a symptom of laziness is procrastination.

The following are some of the reasons why you could be feeling lazy to write:

Not Interested in the Topic

Sometimes, your instructor could assign a topic you don't find interesting. This is true when you are restricted to certain topics rather than being given the freedom to research and select a topic on your own. Finding the right words and phrases to use in the essay or even motivation to work on the assignment can be difficult when this happens.

How will you start? What will you write? How will you conduct your research? These are some of the questions that can cause you to lose motivation and feel lazy writing some essays.

One thing that can help you in such a situation is remembering that writing that particular essay will bring you closer to achieving your academic goals.

Lack of Confidence in Your Abilities

If you don’t trust yourself to do a good job, it will keep you from writing a good essay. When you keep second-guessing yourself, it will affect your confidence levels. A lack of confidence in your writing abilities is a huge stumbling block.

As per the experience of most of our astute paper writers, lacking confidence in yourself to handle an essay topic is a leading cause of procrastination.

Try boosting your confidence by writing daily, reading books, and preparing adequately for assignments. You can write the essay in phases or stages to avoid feeling less competent in handling it wholly.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Considering the number of essays, projects, and other tasks you handle in school, it's extremely common to feel overwhelmed and scared. This has happened even to our top writers when they were in school. When this happens, it’s easy to let this feeling linger on for far too long and affect your morale.

Essay writing takes time and cognitive effort because so much is needed to develop a high-quality paper. All these require extensive work, but taking it one day at a time will not feel demoralized or lazy.

Breakdown your Work

One of the main reasons behind laziness is being overwhelmed by the large amount of work. You will likely feel intimidated and overwhelmed if you have a long essay of about 2000 words to finish within a specific timeframe.

To combat this, break down the essay into smaller and more manageable sections, 500 words, and work on it without thinking about the rest of the work.

Begin by creating an outline for your essay, divide it into sections, and then set specific sections and goals for each.

For instance, you could research, write your introduction, and draft the body part. Lazy writers often underestimate the power of planning when writing essays.

Simple things like outlining your essays can have significant impacts on your morale. Focusing on one section at a time can relieve the pressure and make your essay more manageable.

Make Your Goals Clear and Manageable

Setting unrealistic goals for your assignments can lead to burnout, which can cause exhaustion, loss of interest, and loss of motivation. However, you know what you want to achieve when you set clear goals. For instance, stating that you wish to finish your essay a day before the deadline can help you stay focused on finishing the assignment.

Setting your work deadlines will create a sense of urgency, even for the last-minute essays. When you know you have to finish your work within a specific timeframe, you are more likely to be focused and avoid procrastination. Additionally, you will feel more motivated to work on the essay, thus avoiding laziness.

Take Breaks

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring. Taking breaks can help prevent laziness and improve your overall productivity. Remember that writing an essay requires attention to detail and mental effort.

Taking sufficient breaks ensures that your mind is rejuvenated and prevents mental fatigue. Additionally, taking sufficient rest ensures that you stay focused on your essay, thus reducing the chances of feeling too lazy to write.

Furthermore, taking breaks enhances your problem-solving skills. Sometimes, when stuck on a particular task or struggling to find the right words for your assignment, taking a break can rest your brain. Stepping away from your assignment allows your subconscious mind to tackle the task in the background.

Engage in activities like taking a walk, watching a movie, cooking, or any other interesting activity. So, when you finally return to the task, you will find new insights and ideas about the task.

Go Through the Requirements

Sometimes, feeling lazy about writing essays results from not understanding the assignment guidelines.

One thing that can keep you on track is going over the given rules and requirements.

This will help you understand what your professor wants you to do and can encourage new ideas about the essay. Having this clarity helps prevent confusion and laziness.

Whenever a writer approaches our quality assurance team and says, they don’t feel like they would write a certain essay or assignment, the members of our quality assurance teams go through the essay prompts and requirements with the writer one-on-one. On all occasions, after the combined efforts, we end up with perfectly written essays that impress our clients. This top secret has made us shine where other essay-writing websites have failed.

Keep Writing

Even when you don't feel like it or have nothing to write, begin writing, open your computer, and type anything. This is called free writing.

Free writing is a creative process that can spark interest without you feeling the pressure. You could write about how frustrated you feel for not having anything to write about. In most cases, it could be fear that's holding you back.

Don’t even criticize yourself for any grammar or spelling errors. The point is to let your thoughts flow freely and spark new ideas for your essay. You can set a time for this for at least 15 minutes. Once the time is up, go through what you have written. Look for useful ideas you can use in your essay. If your laziness results from a lack of enough ideas, you could find worthy ideas that will help you work through writer's block or spark motivation.

Change Your Environment

If you feel lazy and unmotivated to write essays in your current environment, changing scenery can help spark interest and prevent laziness. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable you can work in, like a coffee shop or the library. There are many great places to do homework without distractions. The smell of coffee and the sight of other people busy doing their own thing could motivate you to work on your essay.

If you can leave your home or school for whatever reason, go outside or move to a different room. Ensure this space is free from clutter that could distract you and hinder productivity.

Identify and Reduce Distractions

Understand what kind of distractions you face in your daily life, especially when you are supposed to be working on your assignments. Having too many things going on around you can cause laziness. Typically, this could be phone calls, texts, social media, etc.

Once you identify them, try to minimize your exposure to them. For instance, if you are working on your essay at home, there could be more distractions than elsewhere. If you can't leave your home, eliminate all distractions you might face. This could involve turning off your TV, setting boundaries with those around you, or moving to a quiet room. Do this before you sit down to write your essay; that way, you can concentrate and write more successfully.

Block yourself out of distractions and focus on completing the sections of your paper, especially those that you find challenging. While listening to music as you do homework brings the oomph, sometimes it is better to stay away from it to concentrate fully.

Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

You often feel too lazy to write essays or assignments because of a mental block. If you are not facing any other issues and are eating well, you could face resistance, a common occurrence in creative people. The best way to deal with this is to work through it.

Allow yourself to mess up and do what you consider a bad job. Please note that it's unlikely that you will do a bad job. But even if you do, at least you can improve on the draft you've written.

The fear of not doing a good job can keep you from writing your essay and doing a good job. So, beware of this, and don't let it consume you. Despite your feelings, this very act of writing can help you overcome the mental blockage. You could even find that your draft is better than expected.

Take Time to Relax and Do the Things You Love

How is this possible? But it works. Sometimes, laziness can result from a difficult task you are facing. When you relax or do something you love, your mind will feel more at ease and ready to take on challenging tasks. For instance, you can fall back to laziness if you feel overwhelmed by the topic or research process. But, when you do something like showering or any other relaxing activity, your mind will be encouraged to reflect. A relaxed mind can develop new insights and ideas about a topic.

If you are writing an emotional piece, it would help if you listen to music that fits your writing. Research shows that music helps in heightening students’ interest in research writing. Music inspires new ideas and is a great way to stay focused on the task.

Remember Why You Are Writing

Simple things like thinking about why you write the essay could help you overcome laziness. Writing an essay is often about getting a good grade, which is a step to achieving your goals.

Think of why you are in school and taking that particular course. This could be a combination of factors, such as your commitment to pursuing higher education, getting a promotion at work, or performing better in your current work role.

Whatever your goal is, you are in school for a reason. This is about realizing the value of writing an essay. When you finally understand the "why," the process won't be an obstacle. It would help if you wrote these reasons down and looked at them whenever you feel lazy.

Take Care of Yourself

Several things can get in the way of your productivity, leaving you feeling lazy. For this reason, it's important to value your peace of mind and take care of yourself.

Caring for yourself comes in various forms, including not listening to your inner critic. If you call yourself lazy every other time, you will likely feel like you need more motivation to work on your essay. Your critical voice will focus more on your flaws and shortcomings than your strengths, which could help you with assignments.

So, practice shutting down your inner critic by being aware of your thoughts and stopping yourself when these thoughts arise. When you notice these thoughts, replace them with positive talk. Instead of saying, "There is no way I can work on this essay, " say, "I'll give it my all to write and finish it."

Recognize Your Accomplishments

Look back at all the assignments you completed before and pat yourself on the sleeve for a well-done job. When you feel too lazy to write essays, simple things like recognizing your accomplishments can boost your morale, no matter how small they are. Consider writing these accomplishments down and go through them whenever you feel unmotivated or lazy.

Reward Yourself

Even though getting a simple task done is a reward, it would help if you do something more for yourself. Whenever you finish an assignment, consider doing something you love, like binge-watching your favorite show, taking a bubble bath, or cooking your favorite meal.

Ask for Help

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Final Words

Laziness is a common feeling that everyone experiences from time to time. As a student, feeling lazy and letting it consume you can adversely affect your assignments and overall grades.

When you feel too lazy to write essays, it's important to understand how to deal with and avoid this feeling to increase productivity and finish your assignments on time.

Please remember that increasing productivity and keeping laziness at bay are continuous processes that require discipline.

By following the above tips and experimenting with different strategies, you can find out what works well and implement it whenever you feel lazy.

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