Interesting Political Science Topics

Last Updated: 03 March 2023

If ever there is something that draws a professor's attention, it is a catchy research topic. When writing a political science research paper, term paper, thesis, or dissertation, choosing a good topic is part of the writing process.

Agreeably, political science is comprehensive, making the topic selection and later writing a college essay complicated, especially if there are many interest areas.

While you can solve the issue by focusing on a topic that interests you, you can only do so by brainstorming, researching, and looking at sample papers completed by others. Your prompt or instructions is a great place to begin.

In this article, we present some of the catchy political science research topics we have come across. We have categorized the topics for easy reading. We also present some topic ideas that can help you come up with the best. If you are a law student, educator, historian, sociologist, philosopher, or related professional/student, we have your back.

How to Choose a good Political Science Topic

Political science is an extensive discipline that encompasses several areas such as political theory, geopolitics, comparative politics, international relations, American government and politics, political methodology, healthcare politics, and human rights, to mention a few. Here is how to select the best topic:

  1. Understand the type of research paper you are writing. To get started with research, one has to decide on the type of paper they will be writing. In most instances, the political science papers can be:

You can automatically know the type of research paper by reading the prompt.

  1. Read through the instructions and take notes. As you read the prompt, you will most likely get hints on the specific topic areas, ideas, or tenets that the professor/tutor is looking forward to reading.
  2. Use Credible sources to find information about a given idea. Once you have developed an interest in a particular line of research or a research topic, scour through quality sources for information. Expansive reading is required to develop good research topics and create coherent, concise, and credible arguments in a paper. Some of the great sources include books, previous research papers, class texts, peer-reviewed journals from databases such as ProQuest, JSTOR, Political Science Complete, Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, ProjectMuse, Gale's Expanded Academic, and History Resource Center. Thankful to technology and collaboration, your librarian can help you get the relevant sources.
  3. Narrow down to a given topic if it interests you, has credible sources for support, and meets the requirements. When selecting a political issue or idea to write about, choose an issue with enough facts and fits within the context of the prompt. Avoid being overambitious with topics that are complex and have little information.

Once you select a good topic, you can comfortably follow our research paper writing guide and compose an excellent political science research paper. Alternatively, you can hire a research paper helper from our website to help you craft one. That said, here is a list of political science topics to use in any type of writing.

International Relations Research Topics

  1. Analyzing the Qatar boycott Negotiation Strategy Process (IR)
  2. What role did Serb nationalist intellectuals play on the road to war?
  3. Negotiation and Bargaining Role Play
  4. China's Belt in Road Initiative a National Security Threat to the US
  5. Emergency Management in Terrorist Attacks
  6. The relationship between the United Nations and the US is increasingly ambivalent: to what extent do the actions of the US undermine the role of the United Nations?
  7. Do you consider Israel s airstrike on Osirak justifiable? Explain why
  8. Compare policy for women in the film industry in the EU and US
  9. Israeli-Palestine conflict over vaccines is the reflection of a conflicted past (different forms of warfare)
  10. US foreign policy has traditionally been one of liberal internationalism. How can liberal internationalism continue to guide US foreign policy in an unstable world of rapidly shifting alliances?
  11. How Western Intervention in the Syrian War affected the rest of the Middle East
  12. Is the state a neutral arbiter in the context of humans' communication and co-existence? Can the state become such a neutral arbiter in the future? Is it possible?
  13. Decision-making in a public organization and the garbage can model
  14. Can liberalism be implemented in the Inter-War Period?
  15. Role of Amnesty International in global peace
  16. What does its current lack of strategy in foreign policy mean for the US?
  17. Soft Law as Reflected in Multilateral Treaties
  18. Role of the UN in international peace
  19. Socialism is the best form of government
  20. Are peace treaties effective in global peace management?
  21. State and Non-State Actors in Syria
  22. Analysis of Global security networks
  23.  Gender Inequality through Sexual Violence against Women
  24. Are the actions of the US in its international relations with other nations always legitimate under international law?
  25. Who controls US foreign policy?
  26. How is the US likely to approach Brexit, the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union?
  27. What are the fundamental causes of problems between African nations, and how do they affect their relationships with the West?
  28. Children's Rights: The Emergence of International Protection
  29. How are relations between African nations likely to develop in the future?
  30. How are Islamist terror organizations exploiting local African conflicts?
  31. Has Western involvement only served to make matters worse in Africa?
  32. Can Western ideals in relation to politics ever really be utilized in an African setting?
  33. The Birth of the International Criminal Court: A New Paradigm for International Law?
  34. Did Russia have a hand in US elections?
  35. Can Western ideals in relation to politics ever really be utilized in an African setting?
  36. The Treaty-Making of "Chinese Entities:" 1648-1995
  37. China and American Cold war and its impact on international peace
  38. Is china the new superpower?
  39. Is the US above the law?
  40. Border Conflicts among the Soviet Successor States
  41. EU's Shared Security as a threat to NATO
  42. Impacts of immigration EU policies
  43. The Gender Wage Gap as a World Indicator of the Political, Social, and Economic Progress on the Issue of Gender Equality
  44. Cause and effects of the Syrian conflict
  45. Causes and consequences of global poverty
  46. NATO in the 21st Century
  47. What explains the broadening and deepening of international peace operations after the Cold War? Critically assess the reasons for their successes and failures
  48. The Effectiveness of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf War
  49. Africa: The Forgotten Continent Chained to Colonial Darkness or Bound for a Brighter Future?

American Politics Topics

  1. White Supremacist Extremists vs. Black Nationalist Extremists
  2. Role of MNCs in American Politics
  3. Influence of celebrities on American politics
  4. The Confederate battle flag: Heritage or hate
  5. Utilitarianism and American politics
  6. Pros and cons of the electoral college
  7. Democracy in America
  8. Criminal Disenfranchisement
  9. Constitutionalism in America
  10. Role of regionalism in American Foreign Policy
  11. The Patriot Act
  12. American Ethnic groups and US foreign policy
  13. State governments takeovers of failing school districts
  14. Land claims and disputes among the Native American tribes in Western New York
  15. The 14th Amendment and Privacy
  16. The Supreme Court and Reproductive Rights
  17. The Supreme Court and Sexual Preference
  18. Racial Profiling in post 9/11 United States Content Regulation in Broadcasting
  19. Role of media in American Politics
  20. Stereotypes Between American and Arab-Americans in the United States
  21. Should the U.S. Constitution be amended to impose term limits on members of Congress?

Comparative Politics Topics

  1. The foundations of inequality: fate or choice?
  2. National Options: what Choices Are Countries making, and why?
  3. Regional Arrangements: how do regional governance and conflict influence national choices?
  4. Strong State, Wealthy Nation? Security politics and political economy
  5. Growth models, the double bind, and some basics of comparative political economy
  6. How revolutionary is the digital revolution? The politics of the digital era and the changing sources of value creation
  7. Escape from the Industrial Commodity Trap: will there be work in the digital era?
  8. The Climate Challenge, the energy system transformation, and green spirals.
  9. Populism in EU
  10. National vs. Regional Governance
  11. Comparative analysis of models of democracy
  12. Dictatorship vs. Democracy
  13. The ideology of the Soviet Union
  14. Hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party
  15. Foreign policies of United States vs. the United Kingdom
  16. Role of US and China in global politics
  17. The interests of the US and Russia in Syria
  18. Parliamentary vs. Presidential Democracy
  19. Why are some countries democratic while others are not?
  20. Democratization and inequality
  21. Competitive authoritarianism in Turkey
  22. Role of institutions in authoritarian regimes
  23. Electoral authoritarianism and human development
  24. Patterns of democracy and development in two countries
  25. Understanding the democracy advantage
  26. Discontent in Latin America
  27. The Shia Crescendo
  28. Politics vs. Economics of Climate Change
  29. Understanding geopolitical debate
  30. The Great decoupling
  31. Who governs the US?
  32. China vs. Japan foreign aid policies
  33. Effects of Brexit in Europe and UK

Political Theory topics

  1. Pros and cons of positivism
  2. Pros and cons of constructivism
  3. Nationalism vs. Globalization
  4. Role of political anthropology in political development
  5. Understanding populism
  6. Totalitarian regimes
  7. Unitary, Federalism, and Confederalism systems
  8. The idea of just war
  9. Role of multiculturalism in global politics
  10. Understanding absolutism
  11. Liberalism vs. Neoliberalism
  12. Communitarianism vs. Communism
  13. Anarchism vs. Authoritarianism
  14. Fascism vs. Feminism in America
  15. Egalitarianism vs. Utilitarianism
  16. Shortcomings of the social contract theory by Rousseau
  17. Political realism of Hobbes, Morgenthau, and Machiavelli
  18. Role of socialism in the contemporary world
  19. John Austin theory
  20. Classical theories by Edmund Burke
  21. Disciplinary power by Foucault
  22. Analyzing The Republic by Plato
  23. Concept of transnationalism
  24. Role of the UN disarmament program on global peace
  25. Affirmative Action

Politics and Conflict research Topics and Ideas

  1. Causes and consequences of the opioid war
  2. Mexico-US border immigrant crisis
  3. Causes of the Syrian conflicts
  4. Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  5. Arab-Israel conflict
  6. Causes and consequences of the 1984 Arab-Israel conflict
  7. Understanding gray zone conflicts
  8. Impacts of Covid-19 on global conflicts
  9. North Korea and South Korea conflicts
  10. Russia-Ukraine conflict
  11. The Ukraine crisis
  12. Why Russia Invaded Ukraine
  13. The root causes of the Somali conflict
  14. Ethiopia-Sudan border conflict
  15. Egypt-Ethiopia conflict over water (Nile River)
  16. The controversies of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
  17. The Tigray conflict in Ethiopia
  18. The consequences of the Iraqi conflict
  19. The Iran-Saudi Arabia proxy conflict

Political Philosophy Topics

  1. Sufism in the Turko Mongol Dynasty
  2. The Colfax Massacre
  3. The influence Aryanism had on The Nuremberg Laws
  4. The risks of Neopatrimonialism
  5. Election ethics
  6. Role of medieval Christianity in the development of today's politics
  7. The social contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  8. Thomas Hobbes
  9. The link between colonialism and racism
  10. Theory of deliberative democracy
  11. Republicanism/neo- or civic-republicanism vs. Liberal communitarianism
  12. Majoritarianism vs. Panarchy
  13. Consensus decision-making in politics
  14. Critical theory and the engaged theory
  15. How Are Geopolitical Shifts Influencing Peace and Stability?

Parting Shot

You have read our suggestions on good political science topics to write an essay or research paper on. We hope that the categories have been helpful. Our ideas could also be helpful in knowing how to create interesting topics on any subject.

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