Discrimination Essay and Research Paper Topics for Papers

Last Updated: 27 July 2023

Today’s world is rife with discrimination in all facets of life. An issue demands every attention it can receive from scholarly and professional domains. On the academic front, discrimination essays, term papers, and research papers are fundamental to social sciences and influence humanity.

We face many forms of discrimination in the current world, and considering this issue is critical in saving humankind from negative aspects such as military conflict and social harassment.

Students must analyze age, race, disability, sex, pregnancy and maternity, religion, sexual orientation, hostile environments, civil partnership, and marriage topics. This article provides several topics in every category to make a great piece.

Ableism Discrimination Research and Essay Topics

Here are some ideas if you are confused about things to research and write a paper about

  1. How ableism affects education.
  2. Discrimination among the people living with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Discrimination among people living with a disability.
  4. Unemployment discrimination against people with disability.
  5. Curbing mental illness discrimination
  6. Combating discrimination against obese people.
  7. Should the government strengthen policies of commanding discrimination against people living with a disability?
  8. How does the education system prevent bullying and other discrimination against vulnerable students?
  9. Effects of ableism discrimination
  10. Does ableism discrimination still exist in modern society?
  11. The role of the government in mitigating ableism discrimination in public offices.
  12. Ableism discrimination and interventions.
  13. Causes of ableism discrimination.
  14. People’s view on ableism discrimination.
  15. Analysis of ableism discrimination in America.
  16. Historical analysis of ableism discrimination.
  17. What types of discrimination that the deaf encounter?
  18. Has the government succeeded in encountering ableism discrimination?
  19. Combating discrimination against older adults in society.
  20. Ableism discrimination and human rights.
  21. Employment and ableism discrimination.
  22. What are the government interventions towards ableism discrimination?
  23. Combating mental disorder discrimination.
  24. Ableism discrimination and affirmative action.
  25. Benefits of mitigating ableism discrimination in modern society.
  26. Ableism discrimination as a public challenge.

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Age Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. How advertisements promote age discrimination
  2. Combating age discrimination in the workplace.
  3. How does the government protect children’s rights?
  4. What are the aspects that promote age discrimination in America?
  5. Causes of age discrimination in contemporary society.
  6. How age discrimination affects performance in schools.
  7. Should the government strengthen the policies that protect children’s rights?
  8. How does age discrimination lead to the rise of crime in America?
  9. Should the government be vigilant in combating child labor?
  10. Factors that promote age discrimination in current society.
  11. Religious perspective on age discrimination.
  12. Creating public awareness concerning age discrimination.
  13. The negative impact of age discrimination.
  14. Age discrimination: Analysis and recommendation.
  15. Association between culture and age discrimination.
  16. Age discrimination issues and interventions.
  17. Age discrimination in America.
  18. Issues of age discrimination: socialization and age identity.
  19. Abolition of age discrimination.
  20. Should the government ban age discrimination in schools?
  21. What approaches are employed by the government to combat age discrimination?
  22. Is age discrimination a public challenge?
  23. Age discrimination: a fundamental problem in society.
  24. Age discrimination among health workers.
  25. Historical analysis of age discrimination in America.
  26. Has the government succeeded in eradicating age discrimination in schools?
  27. Challenges and prospects of government in fighting age discrimination.
  28. Challenges in fighting age discrimination.
  29. Factors that promote child labor.
  30. What should the government do to reduce age discrimination?
  31. Age discrimination and the judicial system.
  32. A personal connection to age discrimination.
  33. The societal perspective on age discrimination.
  34. Protection against age discrimination in a clinical setting.
  35. Does age discrimination vary among different cultures?
  36. Age discrimination and ethics.

Environment Discrimination Research and Essay Topics

  1. Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  2. Analysis of wage discrimination in the US.
  3. Historical analysis of workplace discrimination in America.
  4. Analysis of workplace discrimination towards immigrants in the US.
  5. The impacts of environmental discrimination.
  6. Workplace discrimination among nurses in the US.
  7. Environmental discrimination and economic growth.
  8. Sexual discrimination in the workplace.
  9. Environmental discrimination and the US laws
  10. Should the government strengthen laws that protect the rights of workers?
  11. Economic effects of workplace discrimination.
  12. Ways of combating environmental discrimination.

Research Questions Concerning Discrimination

  1. What are forms of discrimination in the workplace?
  2. What is the influence of discrimination on people with mental disorders?
  3. What are the effects of discrimination in society?
  4. What are forms of direct discrimination?
  5. How can gender-fair language decrease discrimination?
  6. Can social contact decrease discrimination and prejudice?
  7. How does competition among employers decrease governmental discrimination?
  8. Has discrimination reduced over time?
  9. What binds stress and ethnic discrimination?
  10. What are the negative impacts of discrimination in society?
  11. Want are the main areas of discrimination?
  12. Do people who live with HIV/ AIDS encounter discrimination?

General Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. Factors promoting prejudice and discrimination in the current society.
  2. Types of discrimination in social media.
  3. Forms of discrimination in America.
  4. Primary forms of discrimination in current society.
  5. Forms of discrimination in the workplace
  6. Types of bias in colleges.
  7. Combating discrimination in colleges.
  8. Should the government introduce policies that curb discrimination?
  9. The effects of discrimination in contemporary society.
  10. Three forms of direct discrimination.
  11. The cost of discrimination and prejudice
  12. Human rights and discrimination.
  13. Discrimination, sexual harassment, and affirmative action.
  14. Discrimination in Hong Kong.
  15. Effects of discrimination in a business environment.
  16. Discrimination of workers: nurses’ case.
  17. Employee discrimination: evaluation and analysis.
  18. Price discrimination: applications and principles.
  19. Price discrimination in the business sector.
  20. Patient discrimination in Canada.
  21. Discrimination as a challenge in prison.
  22. Effects of discrimination in schools.
  23. The perspective of religion on discrimination.
  24. Historical analysis of discrimination.

Gender Discrimination Essay Topics

  1. Sex stereotypes in the workplace.
  2. Gender discrimination among employees in the United States.
  3. The role of the women's rights movement in combating discrimination.
  4. Effects of gender discrimination in colleges.
  5. Transgender discrimination in hospitals.
  6. Gender and sexism: A Cultural Reflection
  7. Gender-based discrimination during employment.
  8. Challenges faced by transgender patients
  9. The impact of social media on coming gender discrimination.
  10. Effects of gender discrimination in modern society.
  11. The role of technology in mitigating gender discrimination.
  12. Modernization and democracy.
  13. Women's discrimination affects the sports industry.
  14. Gender discrimination and interventions.
  15. Gender discrimination in the United States.
  16. Heterosexism and transgender community in language.
  17. Discrimination against gender minorities.
  18. Women” discrimination and gender inequality.
  19. Gender discrimination in Canada.
  20. Gender heterosexism and construction.
  21. Sexual harassment in the workplace.
  22. Women discrimination in the banking sector.
  23. Ethical concerns of gender discrimination.
  24. Can inclusivity reduce gender discrimination?
  25. What are the fundamental issues of gender discrimination?
  26. Disadvantages of gender inequality in the modern society.
  27. Impact of gender discrimination in healthcare.
  28. The controversy of gender discrimination.
  29. Gender discrimination: a case study of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  30. Reducing gender discrimination in schools.
  31. Gender discrimination in American society.
  32. Historical analysis of gender discrimination.
  33. Sexism and female nurses
  34. Fatphobia, size, and gender discrimination.
  35. Gender, sexism, power, and power.
  36. Causes of gender discrimination in modern society.
  37. Should the government put radical measures to combat gender discrimination?
  38. Should society consider gender roles in the modern era?
  39. Effects of gender discrimination on American culture.
  40. Ethical measures of combating gender discrimination.
  41. Restricting same-sex marriage.
  42. The view of religion on gender discrimination.
  43. Different ways of gender discrimination.
  44. Should the government put measures to combat gender discrimination in colleges?
  45. Can social contact decrease gender discrimination?
  46. What are the forms of women's discrimination?
  47. Are gender discrimination and gender rights global issues?
  48. Does market liberalization decrease gender inequality?
  49. Protection of transgender from discrimination in the workplace.
  50. Should the government allow same-sex marriage?
  51. The role of the feminist movement in the world.
  52. Should modern feminism be considered sexist?
  53. Should the government treat women and men equally?

Racial Discrimination Essay Topics

  1. Racism towards African-Americans.
  2. Effects of racism in the modern society
  3. Racism in American colleges.
  4. Effects of racism in sports.
  5. Racism in the American judicial system.
  6. Racism challenges at the interactional and institutional levels.
  7. Racism in the workplace in the United States.
  8. Historical analysis of racial discrimination in the United States.
  9. Ann Moody and Malcolm X on racism
  10. Racism in modern America.
  11. The challenges of racism.
  12. Racial discrimination in American healthcare.
  13. Racial discrimination in the American film industry.
  14. The prospects of the United States government in combating racial discrimination.
  15. Should the government put measures to eradicate racism in schools?
  16. Racism in California.
  17. Personal experience of racial discrimination in the United States.
  18. Racial profiling; necessary discrimination or evil?
  19. Racism and affirmative action.
  20. Ethnicity and racism in the US
  21. The racial problem is a public challenge.
  22. Is racism a problem in modern society?
  23. The application of social media in combating racism.
  24. Effects of racism against employees.
  25. The effects of racism in healthcare.
  26. Analysis of racism in contemporary society.
  27. Racial discrimination: issues linked to profiling.
  28. Racial disparities in the sports industry through the view of systemic racism.
  29. Cultural racism in the modern day.
  30. Does racism still exist today?
  31. Is racial discrimination still an issue today?
  32. Examining racism in the contemporary world.
  33. Racial injustice in America.
  34. Fighting racial prejudice towards the Latino community.
  35. Combating racial stigma among African-Americans.
  36. Should the racial discrimination act be abolished?
  37. Racial discrimination in American schools
  38. The influence of colonialism on racism in America
  39. Factors that affect the rise of racial discrimination and prejudice in society.
  40. The effects of racial discrimination on individuals’ relations.
  41. The impact of racism on children and Lantix youth.
  42. How does the ruse of racism in America increase the crime rate?
  43. Do white feminists have the skills to confront racism?
  44. Relationship between culture and racism.
  45. Ethical issues on racism
  46. What is the view of religion on racism?
  47. Is racial profiling a natural aspect of human society?
  48. Ethical considerations of racism.
  49. Racial profiling, racism, and bias in the war against drugs.
  50. Racism: a case study of Ku Klux Klan.
  51. The impact odd systemic racism on development.
  52. The non-recognition of numerous racism.
  53. Enacting policies against racism and discrimination.
  54. Have activists succeeded in combating racism in America?
  55. The impact of systemic racism in the American justice system.
  56. Factors that promote racism in contemporary America.
  57. Combating racism in the film industry.
  58. Racism and effects of racial discrimination.
  59. Racism and privilege in social work.
  60. Racial discrimination and mass incarceration.
  61. Racial discrimination and segregation in housing.
  62. Racial segregation and discrimination over time.
  63. What regulations have been enacted to combat racial discrimination?
  64. National origin racism at work.
  65. Reducing racism in American colleges.
  66. The concept of racism.
  67. Racism as an ethical concern.
  68. The concept of law in confronting racism.
  69. Social psychology: racism, race, and discrimination.
  70. Comparative analysis of two books on racism.
  71. Racism, racial injustice, and racial discrimination.
  72. Historical background of racism.
  73. Environmental racism: examining the situation.
  74. Examining environmental racism in the US.
  75. What are the effects of racism in society?

Religious Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. The individual perceptions of religious beliefs.
  2. The theological myth concerning man's downfall in Genesis.
  3. Discrimination against the Muslim faith.
  4. Discrimination on religious preferences.
  5. How religious communities show discrimination against an individual.
  6. Is islamophobia a form of religious discrimination?
  7. Women's discrimination in Christianity.
  8. Discrimination of women in Islam.
  9. How to mitigate religious discrimination.
  10. Religious discrimination in America.
  11. The effects of religious discrimination.
  12. How does the church respond to religious discrimination?
  13. Ways of combating religious discrimination.
  14. Adverse effects of religious discrimination.
  15. What is religious discrimination?
  16. Religious discrimination and prejudice at the workplace.
  17. Religious discrimination and interventions.
  18. Religious discrimination reforms.
  19. The effects of religious discrimination in healthcare.
  20. Causes of religious discrimination.
  21. Does religious discrimination affect individuals’ faith?
  22. Relationship between ethics and religious discrimination.
  23. Does religious discrimination affect personal belief?
  24. Religious discrimination in colleges.
  25. How does the government reduce religious discrimination?
  26. Do religious teachings play a role in mitigating religious discrimination?
  27. What are the impacts of religious discrimination in society?
  28. Does religious discrimination vary among religions?

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. Causes of sexual harassment in the US.
  2. Discrimination against LGBTQ students.
  3. Sexual orientation discrimination in modern society.
  4. The role of sports in fighting LGBTQ discrimination.
  5. How does the law protect sexual orientation?
  6. Sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace
  7. Causes of sexual orientation discrimination
  8. Historical analysis of sexual orientation discrimination in America
  9. The religious perspective on sexual orientation.
  10. Should the government enact laws that protect LGBTQ against discrimination?
  11. Relationship between sexual orientation and traditional community values.
  12. Attitudes of the developing countries towards the LGBTQ Community.
  13. Effects of sexual orientation in contemporary society.
  14. The challenges of LGBTQ in colleges.
  15. The government interventions in combating sexual orientation discrimination
  16. What is the religious perspective concerning sexual orientation?
  17. Sexual orientation and human rights.
  18. The attitude of developed countries towards the LGBTQ community.
  19. Perception of society towards sexual orientation.
  20. Should the government protect the LGBTQ community?
  21. The rights of the LGBTQ community.
  22. Should businesses provide standards that protect the rights of the LGBTQ community?
  23. How do traditional societal values distort sexual orientation?
  24. Does traditional culture consider sexual orientation evil?
  25. Critical analysis of LGBTQ community rights.

Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. Effects of abortion.
  2. How society views single mothers.
  3. The effectiveness of the US laws in protecting pregnant women
  4. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination in the workplace.
  5. Historical analysis of pregnancy and maternity discrimination in America.
  6. Should the government strengthen the laws that protect pregnant women against discrimination?
  7. Pregnancy and maternity discrimination and human rights.
  8. Effects of pregnancy and maternity discrimination in modern society.
  9. Examination of discrimination against pregnant students in developing countries.
  10. Religious views on pregnancy and maternity discrimination.
  11. The role of the government in protecting single mothers against discrimination.
  12. How do pregnancy laws define discrimination?

Marriage Discrimination Essay and Research Topics

  1. Institutions that regulate marriage discrimination
  2. Effects of marriage discrimination
  3. Marriage discrimination and interventions
  4. Historical analysis of marriage discrimination.
  5. How does US law protect marriages against discrimination?
  6. The impact of LGBTQ on adopted children.
  7. Historical analysis of marriage discrimination in America.
  8. The effects of domestic violence
  9. What are the interventions against marriage discrimination?
  10. Difference between rights and equality of marriage partners.
  11. Does marriage discrimination play a role in an individual's expectation to succeed?
  12. The negative impacts of marriage discrimination in America.
  13. Benefits of interracial marriages in fighting discrimination.
  14. Discrimination in settling divorce cases in America

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