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Today, most of the universities use technology in the delivery of course material. One of the most commonly used tools is the online Blackboard discussion board.

The blackboard allows the students to carry out discussions online as modulated or directed by the professor, tutor, or teaching assistant.

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The instructors post questions on the course discussion boards, and the students read, respond, and critique each other’s response.

The instructors can also organize the discussions into threads to allow participants to participate and engage each other.

Most online classes use the discussion forum as an avenue for the professors and students to interact.  

However, a key question has always been how to write captivating discussion posts for blackboards. We address the question, and many other related frequently asked questions in this article.

How Do You Write a Good Discussion Post?

  1. Complete the assigned readings and read the instructions prompt provided by the instructor. When writing the discussion post, it should be like a reflection. You have to immerse yourself in the readings and only begin writing when ready.
  2. Check your assessor’s or instructor’s feedback and respond appropriately. If you have previous papers, check the feedback to be aware of what the instructor might focus on.
  3. Carefully understand the format, type of response, the resources, expectations, and purpose of the discussion posts. This can only be possible by reading the prompt again and again.
  4. Begin your post with a strong argument that is buttressed with evidence from course materials or external research if allowed.
  5. Stay relevant as far as the discussion is concerned. When writing a discussion post, you should take a personal and professional approach. Be sure to tame your boundaries, though!
  6. Embrace uniqueness and respond with fresh ideas. When critiquing a colleague’s response, be sure to back up your arguments using credible sources.
  7. First use word document or any editor then transfer the discussion post response after you have edited and proofread.
  8. Always lure your readers into suspense. If you post and engage your classmates and ask for feedback, they will have an endless deliberation over the topic. It is a plus because you get to gain new insights as well as show the professor that you have grasped the content.

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What is a thread in a blackboard discussion post/forum?

Like we said already, a threaded discussion is where the online discussion postings on a topic.

For instance, if you are taking a leadership or management class, a thread could be on one of the week’s readings or assigned topic.

As students read the prompts and respond as well as answer and critique others, the collection of messages is what is referred to as a thread.

Discussion board posts and responses contribute to some percentage of your grade in a given course, and you are thus encouraged to participate.

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How long is a discussion post or a discussion post response? Mostly, discussion posts are between 200-250 words in total.

However, if the professor needs more, they always highlight the word count on the instruction prompt.

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