How to use the PEEL Paragraph Formatting in an Essay

Last Updated: 13 November 2022

High school, college, and the university are interesting transitions in life. Sometimes you get challenged and sometimes things are just taking their flow. One thing that can give you a headache, albeit being small, is the PEEL method. Acronyms have a way of twisting our happy faces into frustrated ones.

By the end of this article, abbreviations relating to the PEEL paragraph will be history. We will deviate a bit and look at the TEEL paragraph strategy as well.  

In this great article (blog post), we will take you through understanding the PEEL strategy, and when to use it, and give you great examples of PEEL paragraphs. We also have a PEEL paragraph checklist for you.

What is the PEEL Method? Defining the PEEL Writing Strategy

The PEEL paragraph writing method is a proven method used in helping students in their writing process. It offers a framework or structure for their writing for better understanding and presentation of facts.

This brings to existence the question of, what does PEEL stand for? Well PEEL is an abbreviation of (Point, Evidence/Examples, Explain, and Link).

PEEL paragraph format helps bring sentences together to form a paragraph, which then forms an essay. Remember, a sentence is the basic element of information. It is also the grammatical unit with a single piece of information. Sentences merge to convey an idea in a paragraph. A paragraph, like a sentence, has one central idea or thought. Therefore, to convey more than one thought, we need an essay, which is made of a combination of paragraphs. Essays bear detailed arguments and have different paragraphs with different ideas or information.

Explaining the Meaning of PEEL Paragraphs and their Use

In its basic form, a PEEL paragraph has information that is logical and structured.

Let us delve deeper into the meaning of the words in the abbreviation:

Point: Your topic sentence in a PEEL paragraph should introduce the idea or the main item of discussion.  As it is the topic sentence, it is never cited. Its purpose is to hook the reader and tell them why the paragraph is worth reading.

Example: The second part of a PEEL paragraph introduces and gives examples or evidence to support the point or idea. This always takes one or two sentences. It entails research findings, empirical findings, statistics, facts, and quotes from credible scholarly sources or primary texts.

Explanation: The third part should then explain the link between the idea and the evidence or example provided. In your explanation, be sure to give as much detail as possible. It is here that you interpret the evidence for the reader. Therefore, take a critical or analytical approach.

Link: The final part of the paragraph should link the paragraph to the thesis statement of your essay. The closing sentence of the paragraph should reinforce the original idea and provide a transition or link to the next paragraph for coherence.

PEEL Paragraph Examples

Question: Should Animals be kept in Zoos?

Point: To begin with, the transfer of animals from their natural ecosystems and habitat is detrimental and cruel.

Evidence/ Example: According to the WWF, when animals are kept captive, they become lonely and bored, leading to a condition called zoochosis. Animals with zoochosis behave awkwardly and might start doing repetitive, annoying acts such as vomiting, hysterical noises, being aggressive towards zoo visitors, swaying, and other nasty behaviours.

Explain: Such occurrences clearly indicate that wild animals belong into the wild; not confinements such as zoos that limit their happiness.

Link: When freed into the wilderness and the wild, animals will most likely enjoy their lives and be free. Therefore, instead of or instilling mental and physical torture, animals should be feed from zoos with immediate effect unless kept there for rehabilitation or treatment.  

Free PEEL Paragraph Example

Question: Should School Uniforms be Mandatory?

Point: Supporters of school uniforms argue that school uniforms are essential as they give students an identity and foster discipline, while others argue that uniforms are annoying, uncomfortable, and lack creativity.

Evidence/ Example: School uniforms help develop a social identity among students, foster discipline, and help in identifying students from non-students.

Explain: School uniforms provide a cheaper and more consistent alternative to regular clothing. Also, wearing school uniforms saves teachers, students, and the administrator's valuable time.

Link: there are numerous arguments that either support or oppose the wearing of uniforms by students. Supporters of school, uniforms claim that uniforms give students a sense of identity and discipline, enhance social and economic equality, and save costs.

Read the sample argumentative/ persuasive essay on whether students should wear uniforms in schools.

PEEL Paragraph format example, in infographic representation.

Components of a Good Essay Written using PEEL Method

Whether you are using TEEL or PEEL paragraph structure, you need to understand what makes a perfect essay. The structure itself helps in arranging facts for the best essay. Here are some more features. Here are tips for writing an excellent essay:

Are you wondering where to use the PEEL paragraph strategy? Well, you can use it when writing any type of essay. You can use it in persuasive/argumentative essays, analytical essays, descriptive essays, expository essays, and essays about yourself.

You will most likely automatically follow the PEEL design involuntarily. However, when you outline your essay using the PEEL formula, it will make more sense. Caution though, not all paragraphs fit to use the PEEL writing strategy.

Definition and explanation of PEEL paragraph format

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, a good mastery of the PEEL method will be the beginning of writing great essays. The PEEL method is not as tough as people perceive. Thus far, we are confident that you are capable of producing great essays.

We are positive that you can now take the PEEL paragraph writing challenge and ace an essay now. If you have not mastered it yet, you can hire professional essay writers for all your academic papers. And if you've written an essay and you are not confident submitting it, you can use our editors and proofreaders to correct your essay.

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