How to Write Good Essays on Advertisement

Last Updated: 27 March 2023

Writing essays is a sincere opportunity for writers to expose their prowess. While in college, the greatest worry for communication students is how to write good essays on advertisement. If you are among those wondering how to write good advertisement analysis essays, we have your back.

Now, essay writing is a gradual process. Mastery of excellent writing skills come with practice. An essay writing website like has writers who are masters in essay typing. To become one, you must possess excellent essay writing techniques.

Reading about how to write good essays on advertisements can mold you into a Jedi essay writer. You actually don’t need an advertisement analysis essay example. Instead, knowing what to put where really matters.  With our skills, you can handle both complex and simple essays on TV advertisements.

These insights are from our best writers. Yes, the ones we task with writing rhetorical analysis essays on commercials.  We are sure that in the end, you will become the best essay writer there is in your class. Basically, it is all about ad analysis essays. From how to criticize an advertisement to handling argumentative advertisement essays, we have you.

Let us begin with the outline.

Example of an Advertising Analysis Essay Outline

Before writing an essay on an advertisement, it is always important to draft an outline. Here is a sample:


  1. The name of the advertisement and its purpose. Include the authors and the brand.
  2. Summary of the context of the ad.
  3. Background information about the company in the advertisement.
  4. Your thesis statement.
  5. The impact of the ad on the intended audience.

Body Paragraph

  1. Evidence on the effectiveness of the advertisement on the target audience
  2. Use examples, where applicable.
  3. Describe the components of the advertisement
  4. Explore the strategies employed by the advertisers
  5. The impact of the ad on the audience
  6. Ethos, pathos, and logos of the ad.
  7. Textual and visual strategies in the advertisement.
  8. If it is a comparison, explore the differences and similarities.


  1. Reinvent the thesis of the essay on advertisement
  2. Address what makes the advertisement tick
  3. What was the intention of the ad?
  4. Reflect on the ad and give your opinion.

Common Topics for Essays on Advertising

  1. Analysis of Shampoo advertisement
  2. Pater Philippe advertisement analysis
  3. Old spice ad analysis essay
  4. Marketing ad analysis
  5. Sports marketing ad analysis
  6. Print ad analysis
  7. Critical evaluation of an ad
  8. Automotive ad analysis
  9. Pepsi advertisement analysis
  10. McDonalds ad analysis essay
  11. Victoria Secret ad analysis essay
  12. Analyzing the strategies used by Victoria Secret advertisements
  13. Dove ad analysis essay
  14. Pepsi Halloween Ad analysis
  15. Coca-Cola ad analysis essay
  16. Cover girl ad analysis essay
  17. Nike ad analysis essay
  18. Power of advertising in today’s world
  19. History of advertising essay
  20. Advertisement campaign analysis
  21. The evolution of advertisement

These are just but a few ad analysis topic ideas. The advertisement analysis essay prompt always has instructions. Sometimes, it is possible to come up with a list of argumentative advertisement analysis essay topics. Be sure to choose what fits the context and instructions.

Advertising Essay Introduction

When writing an introduction about advertising in essays, it is important to figure out what the ad is about. An essay writer always uses a hook and a good thesis statement to spice up their advertisement essay introduction.

Your introduction should also feature some history of the brand, the author of the ad, and where it was aired. Sometimes, it is good to go as deep as the media where it was first aired and at what time. Explore the audience of the advertisement as well, in the introduction.

Here is an example of an advertising essay introduction.

The old spice advertisement uses persuasion strategies such as emotional appeal and logical appeal to convince the audience to buy the product. The advertisement targets the attention of men through women. To grab the attention of the audience, it spices up the message and wraps it in a sexually themed strategy. As such, the old spice advert is one of its kind.

When writing the introduction ensure that you have a thesis statement. Besides, you should avoid deviating into matters, not in the essay.

Still, summarize the major arguments. The example above shows how to start an advertisement analysis essay.

Advertising Essay Conclusion

When writing an argumentative essay on advertising or just an advertisement analysis essay, how you write the conclusion matters.

If you do not get the paragraphs right, you will be asking how to add more to an ad analysis essay. Let us see how it is done.

When writing the essay conclusion, restate the thesis, not as it is in the introduction but in a reinvented format.

Sum up the arguments in the body paragraphs and use the words that denote a closing sentence. Your conclusion should make clear what your argument in the paper is. Reflect on how the advertisement was successful or how it failed.

Choosing Proper Words for the Essay

When writing, a good choice of words exposes your intelligence. As such, always ensure that your essay flows, is coherent, and is relevant to the topic.

Using language effectively can help build sound arguments and capture the main ideas in the ad.

We advise students to make it simple. If you must use a synonym, maybe to avoid plagiarism when paraphrasing, ensure it fits the context.

For logical flow, use some of the transition words and phrases.

Words such as moreover, besides, for example, furthermore, and however, to mention a few, should feature in often in your essay.

Quoting from other Sources

If there is one thing that makes writing sweet, it is using the right referencing skills. An essay is a chance for you to showcase your essay writing skills.

Thus, you should ensure that you are quoting opinions from other people or even copyrighted material to support ideas.

While using quotes from other people show the extent to which you did your research, be sure to use in-text citation and a reference list.

When writing about the history of the United States of America, you should borrow ideas from relevant materials written by authors on the same theme.

The same applies to when analyzing an advertisement about McDonald’s. You must find materials that talk about persuasive strategies in an advertisement, impacts of McDonald’s advertisements, and any relevant literature. if you master this, there is no need to worry about how to write good essays on advertisements.

Using Proper Vocabulary in an Essay on Advertisement

If there are one place writers err, it is the use of vocabulary. An essay written with the right vocabulary flows. It takes quite some patience and practice to master the use of vocabulary.

When you use rambling words in your essay, make sure you use lower cases to capture the attention of the readers.

You can also achieve modest clarity in your essay by using the right vocabulary. However, to avoid the trap of just throwing in words, always do proper research.

You can only express your ideas with clarity when you understand how the vocabularies fit.

The internet is fraught of learning avenues for one to master vocabulary. Use Online dictionaries such as Merriam Webster or Oxford Dictionary.

Also, you can use the thesaurus to master how to place and use vocabulary in your text.

Essay Tone and Good Grammar Equals Good Grades

A good essay writer maintains a good essay tone from start to finish. Talk about sentence structures; they count here.

A good tone makes it easy for readers. When writing advertising essays always arrange the points in a logical manner.

Avoid grammar errors at all cost when writing the essay. As soon as you are down, proofread the paper to correct any grammatical errors present.

Also, ensure that the punctuation use in your essay is excellent. Submit an essay on an advertisement that you are sure will bring great grades.

Get Help if you wish to

It takes time to develop good essay writing. With this article on how to write good essays on an advertisement, we explore every detail you need to know when writing ad analysis essays.

To recap, your introductory sentence has to present the concepts of the advertisement you are analyzing in the essay.

The body paragraphs should have the best sentence structures, exhibit good vocabulary use, be devoid of grammar errors, and develop the thesis in the introduction of your advertisement essay.

Your conclusion should summarize and restate the thesis statement.

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