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Last Updated: 13 November 2022
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For students majoring in English, writing a movie review is never optional. High school and college students often find it hard to review a film. “Who can write my movie review, I’ll pay?” is common for students.

Well, writing a movie review is not just about what happens in the movie. Instead, it should be an entire critical process loaded with different steps. As students like watching movies, they often confuse writing film reviews with writing regular essays. However, this is always never the case.

Sometimes, even seeking help from academic writing companies do not help. Especially, if you don’t end up with a custom movie review. In this case, your movie review assignment is nothing less than that written using a movie review generator. Simply, it is useless and deemed for poor grades.

As a top, reliable, and cheap custom essay writing service, we help students write movie reviews online. Besides, our movie review examples for college students can be referenced as they are professionally written essays. However, students must be smart.

With an example of a film review, think of the film you just watched and follow the format of the sample movie review format for students provided.

What is a Movie Review?

We watch movies, discuss, and critique them daily. In college, watching movies on Netflix or Amazon is fun. Creating a high-quality review is a very tasking endeavor, especially for fresh college students. Well, before understanding how to write a movie review, let’s delve into its definition.

Simply, a movie review is a detailed, critical, and balanced synthesis or analysis of the thematic content and technical aspects as well as giving personal opinions on a film.

As a rule of thumb, movie reviews must have a minimum word limit of 1000-words. The maximum length of a movie review depends on the instructions and if the film is long, say a series.

Film reviews fall under creative, critical review. In this, they are seen as art and should be approached with creativity and critical thinking. In the end, it is like ending with a loaded persuasive or argumentative paper. But let’s begin by understanding what the purpose of a film review is. It will set a pace on how to write a good movie review.

What is the Purpose of a Movie Review?

Fundamentally, students taking English classes have to write film reviews. As a movie review writing service, we believe a professional movie review should:

The primary purpose of a movie review is to emancipate the reader on the ideas on the film. Often, students focus so much on events rather than the real issues of concern. It is good to express your personal opinion when writing a documentary or film review, but you should be objective and unbiased. A good movie review features the two.

Film reviews should detail and help a reader in making decisions on whether or not to watch a movie.  For lecturers, it is a chance to assess and test the creativity and critical thinking skills of the students.

Movie reviews should inform the reader about the content and quality of the documentary or movie. For example, if a reader is looking for a horror movie review of a specific nature, convince them why they should watch Vampire Dairies, Final Destination, or Wrong Turn.

A detailed analysis helps inexperienced viewers to get insights into the critical elements of the film based on the scenes. Now, let us prepare our college movie review assignment.

Preparing to write a college Movie Review

Before writing a film review, there are steps one should follow.

  1. Choose a movie if your instructor does not assign one. Confirm from the review prompt if there is a specific genre to choose. Content and themes should guide your choice.
  2. Watch the film. You should watch the film at least twice or thrice to get insights on the elements of the movie to include in the review. At first, get into the movie atmosphere to get a good impression. Second viewing gives you the chance to look at the cinematography elements, sound effects, lighting, background music, and acting.
  3. Formulate a central theme o idea of the movie. If you are not sure, a third viewing is inevitable. This time, be very keen and take notes.
  4. Your notes should record the breathtaking scenes, details, events, and moments. If there are phrases you need in verbatim, note them down, especially if they are from main characters. It is the best epigraph you can have for the film review.

The Do’s when reviewing a Film

  1. Engage in some research on the movie to decorate your review and make it more convincing. Record any challenges when shooting the movie.
  2. Focus on the director of the movie and the cast as well as prestigious awards. Any cinephile would want a deeply written movie review, and it is your chance to make it informative.

Our write my movie review experts always do the entire process. They understand how to write a movie review. Sometimes, when writing a movie review, it is great to read some of the reviews on the same film written by professional film critics. The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker, etc. can be helpful.

How to Write an Outstanding Movie Review for College

This is a step by step guide on how to write a good movie review. Arguably, beginning a movie review is the hardest.  However, follow these steps from our “write my movie review for me” experts:

The Structure of Movie Reviews| the Format of a Movie Review

One area of technicality write my movie review experts face is advising on the movie review format for students. Even with a pdf on how to write a movie, you need to format your review in the best way possible.

The introduction

Your introduction should have a grabber. It should have the name of the director, the title of the movie, the genre, the release date, and awards if any. Sometimes, professors want you to include the budget and the box office. Besides, the intro should have the cast members.

When writing a movie review, do not forget the thesis statement as part of the introduction. Notably, a compelling thesis statement should convince your reader to stay tuned.

The thesis statement should cover the plot summary and describe the technical aspects.  Here are some ideas for a good thesis statement for a movie/film review:

Summary of the Story in the Movie

This stage is where the rubber meets the road. The first and second paragraphs of the body should expose your evaluation. Maybe it is a chance to offer your personal opinion. Our write my movie review for cheap experts know this, that some readers have no time to go through an entire review.

The body should have a brief plot summary where you focus on major events. Furthermore, you can describe the setting but give so much less that you dodge “, spoiler alerts.” Maintain the suspense; it makes a review sweet and entertaining.

The body should also reflect the purpose of the movie.

Why could it have been created? For this, great interviews with the director or the team that shot the movie can be a great starting point. However, most plots expose the purpose of films. Sometimes, the simplicity of movies makes them great. So, do not bother going too deep into the implications of a movie.

It is best to include the overall impression of the movie in the body too. What emotions, reactions, or thoughts does the movie/film/documentary evoke? The plot summary should very well capture this. You are allowed to take a personal stance on this part.

Creative elements in the film- Elements of a Movie Review Homework

Here is where you focus on the details of filmmaking. An exhaustive movie review should always feature at least two elements in a film, however, avoid jargon in your review; they can anger the professor/instructor.

Check for the cinematography skills including angles, camera movement, and distance of cameras.

Also, analyze and critique the soundtrack used and whether or not it fits the themes of the film. Sometimes diegetic sounds like the chirping of birds, water in a river, or barking can form a good part of the review. Also, explain the non-diegetic sounds like sounds from aliens or outer space.

Another element is the visual effects, smiles or the actors and the landscape in the film.

The deeper meaning or symbols used in the movie is also an important element. Always check the repetitive phrases, scenes, or symbols for the same.

Personal Opinion

When giving personal opinions in a movie review, always use examples from the movie. Please focus on the character of a given character, their appearance, language, and body language.

Connect the movie review to your class or course topic. Sometimes draw the similarities and differences between the elements of the movie and the class reader content.

It would help if you always had an accurate depiction of the movie. Thus, it would be best if you never guessed anything. Instead, be as simple as possible.


Your review should have a strong conclusion. In this section, it is best to remind your readers of the movie elements, characters, setting, and themes.

Spicing up the conclusion with a set of recommendations is recommended. Keep the conclusion interesting by reformulating your thesis.

Reflect on the entire movie review process. Always give your honest opinion and give impartial details. The opinions are good as they swerve the readers to adopt and agree with your opinion. Remember, when writing a movie review for a movie club and children, the approach is never the same.

It might be a good idea to give details on how well the movie was directed and shot.  How about the lighting, was it good for the moods?

Examples of Movie Reviews for College Students

Here are some of how to write a movie review for college examples. We believe that with an example of a movie review assignment, you can be able to write a good movie review.

  1. Review of Hunger Games: Demystifying Dystopia
  2. Doctor Who Film Review
  3. “Everybody Hates Chris” A Critical Review
  4. The Notebook-Review of the Romantic Movie
  5. Modern understanding of Marriage in Modern Family
  6. Blackish Film Review
  7. Hidden figures review on the Role of Women in Science
  8. Representation of women in Science Movies
  9. Ghostbusters Review
  10. Review of Contact
  11. Orphan Black Critical Review
  12. Review of Gender Balance in Jurassic Park
  13. Comprehensive Review of Black Panther.
  14. Review of the Dawn of Planet Apes

Our “write my essay,” professional movie review helpers can always assist with your assignments.

How to Handle Movie Review Assignments

There are some mistakes to avoid when writing movie reviews:

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Commonly Asked Questions on Movie Reviews: FAQ

Who will write my Movie Review?

We have experts in essay writing. They have exclusive experience in writing film reviews. If your review needs to choose a movie, they will also help you.

Will someone else have access to my Review?

No! Once you pay for the essay or paper, it becomes 100% your property. As a custom paper writing company, we never re-sell or distribute essays we write.

How can I contact you if I need help with a movie review service?

We have 24/7 customer support. You can reach us through WhatsApp or Chat.

Can I copy a movie review online?

No! That amounts to plagiarism, which has grave consequences. Universities use Turnitin to check plagiarism, and you might get caught and red-carded. Copying an existing movie review is a suicide mission. Instead, look for movie review examples for college students.

Do movie reviews get assigned to non-English Majors?

Yes, even students from psychology, sociology, history, or business are given movie review assignments. The aim is to assess your critical thinking and creativity skills.

How is a movie review formatted?

Most prompts will have instructions on what format and citation styles to use. However, most movie reviews we have written were on MLA and APA citation styles.