Anorexia Essay Writing Guide

Last Updated: 24 September 2021

Anorexia essay guide for beginners

If you are taking an English composition, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, nursing, or medical course, chances are that you will be assigned to write about a range of topics, including those for eating disorders. When you are assigned an eating disorder essay assignment such as an anorexia essay and do not know how to go about it, you can follow this guide to finally ace it.

Anorexia is complicated and common due to the rise of slim body images touted as perfect on social media, print media, and other media channels such as TV. As a result, people with such an obsession with the perfect body want to lose weight at all costs.

Anorexia gets high interest both for men and women obsessed with sporty, lean, and well-built bodies. Therefore, when assigned to write an anorexia nervosa essay, you need to research and plan your essay well. Your essay should feature strong arguments, propose solutions, and explore possibilities. Besides, the paper must be written in an academic tone and style.

In most cases, an anorexia essay can be a problem-solution essay, evaluation essay, persuasive or argumentative essay, or cause and effect essay. We will touch on each aspect to make it even clearer.

It is common to get confused with such an assignment, which is where we come in. Let's look at the most important aspects of this essay.

What is Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is a common eating disorder alongside binge-eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. According to experts at MayoClinic, it is characterized by abnormally low body weight, distorted perception of weight, and an intense fear of gaining weight.

It is common to find those with anorexia placing high stakes on controlling their weight and shape, sometimes using extreme approaches that significantly affect their lives in the long run.

For instance, some restrict the amount of food they consume, misusing laxatives, enemas, diuretics, and diet aids to vomit after meals to control calorie intake. Others can also opt for exercising excessively.

At least we have somewhere to begin when assigned to write an anorexia essay. So, now that we know what anorexia is let's dive into the purpose of writing anorexia nervosa essays.

Why do students write about anorexia nervosa?

You might not easily understand the purpose of an anorexia nervosa essay unless you are assigned one. However, they are assigned to test your grasp of content and concepts from class.

In most cases, they are assigned to students pursuing psychology, English Language, and other students to test whether they can come up with major arguments, develop solutions, or explore the issue.

Therefore, the purpose of anorexia essays depends on the instructions provided in class. Reading the prompt will enable you to understand the type of essay or approach you are to take. The objectives differ depending on the instructions.

It is also expected that you can write a thoughtful essay that can help you avoid being a victim of anorexia by exploring the issue. You can also strengthen arguments and persuade your peers to adopt mechanisms that prevent them from getting anorexia.

Anorexia Essay Structure/Format

Unless it is a long research paper on anorexia, a short (2-5 pages) essay on anorexia follows the five-paragraph essay format. You have to logically and systematically present facts, evidence, examples, and explanations while maintaining a standard academic essay structure.

The title page for your essay, the essay itself, and the reference pages will be determined by the preferred style: MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard formats.

That aside, all your paragraphs must have a good flow and be linked to each other and your central idea. It is also great to maintain a single idea for every paragraph.

Let's break down the anatomy of an anorexia essay.


Begin your anorexia nervosa essay with a great hook, such as shocking statistics, facts, or quotations. Talk of the death rates, shocking facts, and other valuable facts.

Proceed to write the background information on anorexia nervosa, shaping your context, scope, and arguments. Finalize the introduction paragraph by stating your thesis statement or the central idea. Your thesis statement heavily depends on the type of essay you are writing.

For instance, if you are writing a cause-and-effect anorexia essay, a good thesis statement would be that people with anorexia nervosa being occupied by their body weight often resort to restricting calorie intake through dubious methods that affect their physical health.

Suppose it is a problem-solution essay on anorexia. In that case, your thesis statement can sound: anorexia has many behavioral and emotional symptoms, including excessive exercise, severely restricting food intake, and misuse of medication that can be solved through individual and family psychotherapy, nutritional counseling, and medical care.

If, for instance, you are writing a persuasive essay on anorexia, persuade the reader using the why and how cues. For instance, a perfect thesis statement would be: Family members, the community, and friends of those having anorexia nervosa should avoid stigmatization, find the root course of the problem, and walk the recovery and management journey with the affected persons.

Check out our guide on how to write an essay introduction for insights that can help you perfect the introduction of your anorexia essay.

Body Paragraphs

Ensure that there is a good transition from the thesis to the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should contain a single idea or fact backed up with evidence and proper in-text citation.

The body is the central part of the anorexia paper. Therefore, present arguments that are relatable, evidence-based, and pragmatic to your chosen angle. Explore the symptoms, causes, risk factors, and the treatment and management approach.


Your final paragraph is the conclusion, so you need to ensure that it stands out. No new ideas should be presented in it. Instead, summarize the entire essay to reinforce the impression of your readers within a wider context such as social media, teen health, mental health, and public health.

With a thought-provoking conclusion, you appeal to your audience better. Your anorexia essay conclusion must remove any doubt from the minds of your readers.

If you are to write a conclusion that will earn you an A on any eating disorder essay, draw recommendations that can help people avoid anorexia, depending on the type of essay you are writing.

Check out our guide on writing a perfect essay conclusion: How to conclude an essay.

Example of Anorexia Nervosa Essay Outline

Title: Consequences of Mocking Anorexic People

As you set out to write the essay or research paper on the topic, you will probably need to write an outline for your personal benefit. However, sometimes you can be asked to first submit the outline then the paper.

Here is a sample outline for an anorexia essay.


Hook: Statistics of the people affected by anorexia or the shocking facts about anorexia nervosa.

Background information: consequences of mocking anorexic people.

Thesis: Mocking anorexic people does more harm than good to the victims and should be avoided and shunned.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraph 1: You can focus on how mocking anorexic people makes them feel socially isolated, further worsening their symptoms.

Body paragraph 2: Explore how mocking anorexic people increase stigmatization that is a precursor of anorexia.

Body paragraph 3: Explain different approaches that can be used to prevent mocking people with anorexia nervosa.


When writing your conclusion, write a summary that reinforces the impression of your readers by referencing the broader context. By this, we mean that you need to refer to social media, media, bullying, the perceptions and attitude of society, public health, etc.

Make the conclusion memorable but do not bring in new ideas. Instead, highlight how community leaders, influencers, policymakers, and other people can help reduce mocking of anorexic people.

Anorexia Essay Topics

  1. Role of parents in promoting anorexia nervosa among children
  2. Anorexia as an emerging issue among teenage girls
  3. How the movie The Hope depicts anorexia nervosa
  4. Consequences of mocking anorexic people
  5. How fashion industry impacts the development of anorexia nervosa
  6. Methods used to diagnose anorexia nervosa in children
  7. Influence of culture and family on children with anorexia nervosa
  8. The role of the media on anorexia nervosa
  9. How bullying can lead to anorexia nervosa
  10. Consequences of anorexia nervosa on children
  11. Can anorexia nervosa lead to suicide?
  12. The best therapy for anorexia nervosa
  13. Understanding atypical variations of anorexia nervosa
  14. Common anorexia symptoms among men
  15. Role of nutritionists and dieticians in treating anorexia nervosa
  16. Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Graded exposure therapy in the treatment of anorexia nervosa
  17. Why anorexia and bulimia remain a problem in the United States
  18. DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa
  19. The link between vegetarianism and anorexia nervosa
  20. Relationship between anorexia nervosa and sexual behavior
  21. Comparison of the rates of Anorexia nervosa among Asians and black Americans
  22. Anorexia as a complex mental health disorder
  23. Perfectionism and anorexia
  24. Social difficulties and anorexia
  25. The link between loneliness and anorexia
  26. Societal stigmatization of anorexia nervosa

31 movies that depict Anorexia Nervosa

  1. To the Bone
  2. 301, 302
  3. Thin
  4. Dying to Dance
  5. The Best Little Girl in the world
  6. When Friendship Kills
  7. For the love of Nancy
  8. Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
  9. Hunger Point
  10. To Be Fat like Me
  11. Starving in Suburbia
  12. Dolcissime
  13. Don't forget me
  14. My skinny sister
  15. Body
  16. Abzurdah
  17. Hungry hearts
  18. The Road Within
  19. Vorrei vederti ballare
  20. Thin
  21. 2:37
  22. Hate2O
  23. Bricole
  24. The Days of Abandonment
  25. The Machinist
  26. Center Stage
  27. Sharing the secret
  28. Bullets Over Broadway
  29. Trauma
  30. Life is Sweet
  31. The Lacemaker

Websites to find useful/authoritative Anorexia Information

In your quest to understand the complexity, symptoms, statistics, and general information on anorexia nervosa, try to find information from credible scholarly sources. Apart from nursing peer-reviewed articles and journals, you can check evidence-based websites such as:

Focus mainly on websites with extensions such as .org, .edu,, which are evidence-based and credible.

Besides, ensure that you provide relevant in-text citations of the websites and other resources used as per the recommended style such as APA, ASA, MLA, or Harvard formats.

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