We DO NOT Use AI to Write Any Paper (For our Customers' Sake)

Last Updated: 10 July 2024

While it is undeniable that Artificial Intelligence has caused a real storm in education, especially research and academic writing, that is not the case here at GradeCrest. Everybody has overhyped AI-driven essay writing tools. Now, students who do not proceed with caution have their hands on a powerful tool that can handle most, if not all, tasks, but there is a catch.

Students can now find solutions to complex questions, expand their knowledge of concepts, solve equations, and handle other assignments, all with a good prompt from an AI essay writer. Coding problems have become easier to crack as you get both the explanation and code snippets. Consequently, lecturers, institutions, writing departments, and education policymakers have freaked out. The worry out there is students using AI for essay writing, doing exams, and making a good grade without sweating it like the good old days.

Students who have been trusting custom writing services to get 100% human-generated essays have resorted to using AI to save their money by simply generating a paper via AI writing tools and polishing it for submission. You see, while all these are happening, there are deliberate efforts to tighten the rules against AI-generated homework, essays, papers, and answers. Already, schools are using AI-detecting tools to identify and punish students using AI.

The main question that we seek to address in this blog post is why we have not embraced AI writing tools. We address the reasons why our professional writers at GradeCrest.com still prefer researching to the internet for credible, reliable, authoritative, up-to-date, current, and purposeful resources.

There is a Craze about AI, Well, not at GradeCrest

Everyone across all generations has made a few remarks about artificial intelligence, especially GPT. The history of AI writing tools dates back to the mid-20th century when computer programmers began to explore natural language processing (NLP). In the 1950s, Alan Turing's concept of a machine that could mimic human intelligence laid the groundwork for AI. By the 1960s and 1970s, initial efforts like ELIZA, an early Chabot, demonstrated basic language interaction capabilities.

The 1980s and 1990s saw advancements with the development of statistical models and machine learning algorithms, enabling more sophisticated text generation and language understanding. The turn of the 21st century introduced models that are more refined. The models include the Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) and neural networks, which significantly improved the ability of machines to process and generate human-like text.

The 2010s marked a revolution in AI writing tools with the advent of deep learning and the creation of powerful models like OpenAI's GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) series. GPT-2, released in 2019, displayed the ability to generate coherent and contextually relevant text, pushing the boundaries of what AI could achieve. GPT-3, released in 2020, further advanced this capability, with 175 billion parameters enabling highly sophisticated text generation.

Today, AI writing tools are used in various applications, from content creation to customer service, demonstrating the rapid evolution and growing influence of AI in the realm of written communication.

Reasons we do NOT use AI when Writing Essays and Any Papers

GradeCrest has always been committed to delivering unique, custom-written, and human-written academic papers based on the prompts, rubric, and instructions that the client provides. It is a working model that has seen our clients grow from being dependent on our model papers or essays to writing great papers all by themselves. The expert authors have themselves gone through the classes that you are currently undertaking, they possess the best experience and have the desired expertise. We also countercheck every paper to ensure that it meets our checklist of the best papers. Here are some reasons we do not use AI to write your papers, even though it is the buzzword out there.


At Gradecrest.com, we believe that building writing and research skills takes time. You need to be creative, informed, and knowledgeable to write a great paper. Human writers have a level of authenticity and originality to their work that AI will never replace or replicate. Every essay crafted by our pro essay writers has critical thinking, a deep understanding of the subject matter, and creativity infused in it to the extent that is unique and tailored to meet a client’s needs. Even if two students from the same class order an essay or paper, they will have two papers that have different but relevant approaches to answering the prompt.

Broader Knowledge

Human writers can interpret and convey complex ideas in ways that AI cannot. The depth of understanding and the ability to engage in critical analysis are hallmarks of quality academic writing—qualities that are inherently human. Our professional academic writers bring their diverse experiences and knowledge to each project, providing the richness and depth that AI-generated content lacks.

Academic Integrity

Using AI to generate essays raises significant ethical concerns. Academic integrity is at the core of what we do at GradeCrest. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of honesty and originality in all our work.

Relying on AI-generated essays can lead to issues of plagiarism and dishonesty, undermining the educational process and the value of academic qualifications.

When you get a paper from us, you have the chance to read it and ask your writer for clarification or free revisions. The final paper has your contribution to it and you can further customize it to suit your taste.

We also include the correct in-text citations based on what the writer has read, cross-compared, and summarized/paraphrased from a source.

While we embrace technological advancements that enhance the learning experience, we believe in using technology responsibly. AI should complement human capabilities, not replace them.

Our approach ensures that technology is used as a tool to support and enhance the skills of our writers rather than as a substitute for genuine intellectual effort.

Customized Solutions

Every student is unique, with specific needs, preferences, and academic goals. Our human writers excel at providing personalized solutions that address these individual requirements. By engaging directly with our clients, our writers can adapt their approach, offer customized support, and ensure that each essay aligns with the client’s voice and expectations. Given the understanding of your background, perspective, and preference, the writers always write papers that resonate with you as a person.

At GradeCrest, we value the relationships we build with our clients. Human interaction fosters trust, understanding, and collaboration.

Our writers are not just service providers; they are mentors, guides, and partners in the academic journey. This personal connection is something AI cannot offer, and it is a cornerstone of the GradeCrest experience.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to the professional growth of our writers. By relying on human talent, we invest in continuous learning and development, ensuring that our team remains at the forefront of academic writing standards and trends. This commitment to excellence benefits both our writers and our clients, fostering a culture of innovation and improvement.

Human writers can adapt to changing requirements, incorporate feedback, and revise their work to meet the highest standards. This flexibility and responsiveness are crucial in delivering high-quality academic content. AI, on the other hand, cannot adjust and improve based on real-time interactions and feedback dynamically. We can work with you consistently, maintaining your customized feel until you develop the confidence in writing and reading quality papers. We have done it, we do it every day, and will always do it!

 Are AI Writing Tools there yet when it comes to Writing Academic Papers?

We have spent time in our industrious research department to find out whether the AI writing tools fit the bill as our custom writing service does.

However, we can confidently say that even though AI writing tools have made significant strides, they are not yet fully capable of writing academic papers to the standard required in academia.

These tools, powered by advanced models like GPT-3+, can generate coherent and contextually relevant text, aiding in brainstorming, outlining, and drafting content. They excel in producing general content, summarizing information, and even mimicking various writing styles.

However, academic writing demands more than just coherent text. It requires deep subject knowledge, critical analysis, original thought, and adherence to rigorous citation standards—areas where AI still falls short. AI cannot also truly understand complex concepts, engage in coherent arguments, or critically evaluate sources. The generation of original insights and the synthesis of multifaceted research findings are inherently human capabilities that AI has yet to master.

Moreover, issues of plagiarism and academic integrity arise with AI-generated content. While AI can assist in the writing process, human oversight is essential to ensure the accuracy, originality, and ethical standards of academic work.

Thus, while AI writing tools can be valuable aids in the academic writing process, they are not yet a substitute for the expertise and critical thinking of human scholars.

We at GradeCrest do not use AI tools for writing papers because we still cannot yet trust the quality of paper AI tools generate. In fact, we have tightened our rules to ensure that writers write the papers from scratch because we are very disappointed by the standards of AI-written papers.

Using AI to write papers would be lying to our clients who pay to have someone write their essays from scratch. We do custom writing, which our pro writers tailor to your instructions, academic levels, peer-reviewed sources, up-to-date course content, and every good practice for standard academic writing.

Are ChatGPT and Other AI-Writing Essay Generators Great for Writing Academic Papers?

As we indicated earlier, AI text-generators are great at writing other texts but cannot do academic writing. We say this with 100% confidence. While generating a piece of content of a creative or fictional nature would suffice given the wide range of references, mostly summarizing facts from other sources, that’s not the case with academic assignments and papers.

You need to read the prompt, select a topic from a list or highlight one for your professor’s approval, write an outline, research for sources, brainstorm ideas, and write a well-organized paper (essay, term paper, report, proposal, dissertation, thesis paper, etc.) while adhering to the highest academic standards. Here, it is not a matter of having the same content as the other person, which is 100% what AI text writers will give you. Rather, it is about a critical engagement with the resources, which you include in the in-text citation, drawing from more than one source, cross-comparing ideas, summarizing points, and defending and rebutting arguments.

While doing that, you also need to follow a specific format, such as APA, MLA, ASA, AMA, etc, and ensure that you have accurate, relevant, and current references. You also have to use simple language transitions and choose good words to have a good flow of ideas. Sometimes, you have to explore a research design, select a methodology, conduct experiments, report data, and draw conclusions. AI cannot do all these with the accuracy it deserves. A professional custom essay writer very well understands and resonates with context-specific academic prompts, accurate information, and original content. Human creativity and reasoning capacity is not limited to the words provided as a subset; it is inherent and pristine.

Thus far, we believe that AI writing tools such as Jasper, QuillBot, ChatGPT, Grammarly, Writerly, WriteSonic, etc., can help you to research, outline, and brainstorm for your academic papers. Still, they do not have the features necessary to generate high-quality written academic papers. We have tested them all and say this with confidence. GradeCrest.com writers will do more for you in terms of generating the best quality than any writing tool. If you want quality, place your order now.

A Final Note!

At GradeCrest, we are dedicated to providing exceptional, ethical, and personalized academic writing services. You can rely on our writing service to get 100% original, non-AI-generated, and human-written academic essays, term papers, research papers, theses, dissertations, proposals, and reports. Here, qualified human writers who have academic expertise and qualifications in diverse fields handle your papers.

Our decision to rely on human writers rather than AI is engrained in our commitment to authenticity, integrity, and the unique value of human creativity.

We believe that the true essence of education lies in the intellectual and emotional engagement that only human writers can provide.

By choosing GradeCrest for all your academic writing help, you are choosing quality, reliability, and a genuine partnership in your academic success.