Satire Essays - A Quick Long List

Last Updated: 06 October 2020

General Satire Topics

  1. What if we could swap gender and age?

  2. How do files get stored on clouds?

  3. The American Dream

  4. Is today’s democracy a smokescreen for tyranny in some countries?

  5. Fast Food equals fast weight

  6. Friendly relationships between Trump and Putin

  7. The People’s Republic of China and the United States of America are great Allies

  8. Child labor helps businesses flourish

  9. Corporate Social responsibility deprives businesses of profits

  10. Media is the best invention in history

  11. Cricket is killing all other types of sports

  12. Do we need to rethink racism in America?

  13. Is corporal punishment an effective way to prevent crime?

More Satirical Essay Topics

  1. Veganism and eating meat

  2. Is it wrong to eat swine meat?

  3. Big brands’ role in stopping animal testing

  4. Poverty is not just a problem in developing worlds

  5. Does the presence of war mean the absence of peace

  6. Is corruption depriving the citizens of the best the society has to offer?

  7. Should we champion for universal health care?

  8. It is time to legalize medical marijuana

  9. Marijuana supports the economies

  10. Marijuana is the next gold or oil

  11. In the contemporary world, is euthanasia relevant?

  12. Is obesity a global pandemic?

  13. Is Covid-19 a lesson to the globe on pandemic control?

  14. Talking about cyberbullying helps solve the problem halfway

  15. Gun control talk is overrated

  16. Interracial marriages could be the solution to racism

  17. Countries should consider investing in border walls

  18. Did aliens build the Egyptian pyramids?

  19. Freedom of speech – a privilege or necessity?

  20. All people should vote to make their voices heard

  21. Are electoral colleges necessary in America?

  22. Russia and America as Top Allies

  23. Addressing racism can be done right at the screens – at Hollywood.

  24. Media plays a significant role in governance

  25. Brexit could be good for Britain

  26. China is the source of the global Covid-19 Pandemic

  27. Was Covid-19 a deliberate scientific strategy or just a natural selection mechanism?

  28. Leadership in North Korea and Growth in the Nation

  29. College degrees are a waste of time

  30. High school proms should be abolished

  31. Schools should embrace diversity

  32. No human is defined by color of their skin

  33. No human is superior than another

  34. College education is significant but not necessary

  35. Dropping out of college can be an avenue for creativity and growth

  36. School boards should get abolished

  37. Paying college athletes motivates talent development

  38. Social media plays a significant role in students’ lives

  39. Parents and teachers can utilize technology to mould children

  40. Social media helps students build social lives

  41. Can one excel in school without studying?

  42. Why are there more teen moms today?

  43. How to convince someone that you are telling the truth

  44. Other precious things to do other than studies

  45. Is freedom of speech overrated in the digital era?

  46. Will computers eventually conquer the world?

  47. Can electric cars make the world cleaner?

  48. Dodge landing in a stable relationship

  49. Why Americans like Trump

  50. Obama was the best president of the world

  51. Is war necessary in the Middle East?

  52. Google saves more lives daily

  53. Improving environment through change of behavior and attitude towards it

  54. Women make better athletes

  55. Women are better political leaders

  56. Impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 on Brits

  57. The role of banks in money laundering

  58. The airlines as a channel for human trafficking

  59. School is overrated

  60. Success is an overrated concept

  61. Is the right to vote necessary for prisoners?

  62. How Trump used the social media to secure the top seat

  63. The media as a political propaganda tool

  64. Is democracy overrated a term for developing countries?

  65. Labor unions do less for the workers

  66. Who built the Egyptian Pyramids?

  67. Communists and the Capitalist Systems

  68. Animals too have rights

  69. Robots are better than humans in the workplace

  70. Role of musicians in fighting pandemics

  71. Presidents are above the law

  72. Illegal migration can be curbed through strict migration laws

  73. Is Facebook a better governance tool than Twitter

  74. Politicians are born natural lairs

  75. The ozone layer protects us all

  76. Pets can make the best of friends

  77. Social media platforms as ripe places to make friends

  78. Bullying affects new students more

  79. Sports unite people from diverse backgrounds

  80. Soccer breeds hooliganism

  81. Graffiti art in streets keep creative youths busy

  82. Do the rich have problems?

  83. Benefits of time management

  84. Cycling improves the environment

  85. Celebrities are just like anyone

  86. Social media is a great platform for branding

  87. Medicare and Medicaid are best for Americans

  88. Fox News and Trump are Enemies

  89. Countries should have border walls

  90. War is sometimes good for some economies

  91. Being homeless is not a bad idea after all

  92. A stranger’s advice can sometimes be the best

  93. Stay at home dads make the best dads

  94. Global warming is a huge joke

  95. Working smart without struggling hard

  96. The internet changed the world

  97. Pastors are sinners too

  98. Expensive weddings lead to divorces

  99. Plastic surgery is only good is necessary

  100. Covid-19 is real

  101. Pregnant women should cycle and swim

  102. Women should breastfeed their babies whenever they feel

  103. Music cures mental health issues

  104. No cancer is good

  105. The cure for HIV/AIDS is promising

  106. Customers must never be right

  107. The boss is always right

  108. Slim people also eat a lot

  109. Do lastborn children enjoy life?

  110. Being a troublesome human being makes one famous

  111. Gun control talks are just rumors

  112. Our problem begins with believing politicians

  113. What is BREXIT?

  114. Should we legalize bang?

  115. Should we allow concealed handguns?

  116. Should the government ban all heavy assault rifles for private citizens?

  117. Death penalty is a dying tradition

  118. Voting age should be lowered

  119. Footballers or Rugby players, who is tougher and fit?

  120. Do athletes make good role models?

  121. Veganism vs. eating meat

  122. Should people eat swine meat?

  123. Does true love exist?

  124. Marriage is an overrated social concept

  125. If we come together, we can stop corruption

  126. Dubai Police are the best

  127. Technology has leveled the working spaces

  128. First world problems are blessings in third world countries

  129. There is no need to stay fit

  130. Censorship is a good effort

  131. Money is the root cause of evil

  132. Money cannot buy happiness

  133. Saving money is a great endeavour

  134. School dropouts make innovative leaders

  135. Grades define future success in life

  136. Recycling can make a difference

  137. Weddings are overrated

  138. There is no age limit for love

  139. It is time to address cyberbullying

  140. Footballers earn a lot of money for staying fit

  141. History has a place in modern society

  142. United states has the best army

  143. Downloading many apps might lead to hacking

  144. If the internet disappeared the world would stop

  145. Making coffee without a coffee machine

  146. TikTok should be used in schools

  147. Zoom changed the workplace

  148. Meeting people from social media on a date

  149. Social media etiquette matters

  150. How to fail exams through Facebook

  151. Steps to avoid internet addiction

  152. Self-driving cars are better

  153. Automatic cars are better compared to manual cars

  154. Smart homes are the future

  155. What would the world look like if poverty was eliminated?

  156. Teens can never follow the law

  157. Mars is the future home to man

  158. Women talk more than men

  159. Blockchain can solve the issue of corruption

  160. Zero-waste philosophy is flawed

  161. Cults are everywhere

  162. You can eat a lot and not get obese

  163. Sugar is the root cause of all human diseases

  164. Vaccination should not be compulsory

  165. Sports too have negative effects

  166. Breastfeeding booths should be installed in the public

  167. Cancer could be a commercial cash cow for the Big Pharma

  168. Reusable toilet paper can save global warming

  169. Brushing our teeth can save the world from global warming

  170. Divorce is more expensive than a wedding

  171. Human evolution has caused problems to the world

  172. Stress-free families live longer

  173. Men cheat more compared to women in a relationship

  174. How to win an argument with a woman

  175. Domestic violence affects women