Infographic - Steps on How to Write a Progress Report

Last Updated: 18 November 2019
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There are times when individuals are tasked with completing a progress report. Mostly, progress reports are written to detail the progress of a project. Undeniably, writing a progress report can be the most boring undertaking.

Especially, if one lacks the necessary report writing skills.

You have to focus on the task as a chance to share your success and share your problems with the project team for a change.

Most people wonder how to write a progress report. It is easy yet so hard of you do not have the requisite skills. 

Tips on Progress Report Writing

As a student undertaking project management or construction management course, you might be expected to complete a progress report. You could be wondering “where do I get tips on how to write a progress report?"

Well, we compiled some of the short tips that can help you improve your progress report writing. Have a read and excel: it is our joy.

Clarity of the Purpose of the Report

Directly, most of the progress reports are meant to inform on the progress of a given report.

Such reports are written by juniors of the project management team to detail the progress towards the completion of the project at hand.

It should be clear from the beginning what the intention is.

Background information

This section of the report outlined the pertinent details of the report.

It should include all the intended activities and the ones achieved so far.

The project committee always wants clarity and conciseness when presenting the project progress report.

Therefore, your focus should be on giving a snapshot of the data relevant to the project.

Consider your Audience

It is only with the audience in mind can you write a good progress report.

Mostly, the progress reports are written to target the superiors, the project team, clients, colleagues, or project committee.

In some cases, you might be tasked with writing a progress report on behalf of your colleagues.

These skills are very important. Read on.

Only create the presentation with a good picture of how the committee or your superiors might react.

The audience should also guide the scope and the choice of words used in your progress report.

What mode of presentation do you prefer?

The mode of presentation for progress reports is different.

Some people prefer PowerPoint presentations. Still, there are others that prefer oral presentations with write-ups distributed to the audience.

Your choice of the mode depends on the preference of the audience.

Avoid using jargon when designing the presentation. If you must, please give a clear elaboration of each technical term used.

The Tone of Your Progress Report

Most people who are worried about how to write a progress report are confused about whether it should be formal or informal.

Again, the tone of the progress report depends on your audience.

However, most of the progress reports are written in formal language.

The same formal tone should be maintained during the presentation.

Infographic on the Steps on How to Write a Progress Report

how to write a progress report infographic

After reading the above tips, we are sure that you are acquainted with how to write a progress report. Go ye out there and excel in progress report writing.

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