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From Topic Choice to Assignment Writing

It has never been easy writing a good ethics research paper. Most students who take business or philosophy at some point interact with ethics classes. However, without an understanding of how to outline an ethics essay, it becomes hard to convince the professors.

Ethics essays deal with moral issues, either in life or business settings. Notably, most of the papers in real life are argumentative essays.

For instance, most of the papers deal with the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of abortion, the relevance of physician-assisted death, euthanasia, and many more ethics topics.

On the other hand, business ethics projects deal with moral decision making.

Mostly, to assess the understanding of the students on ethical principles, professors use various ethics case study essays.

What constitutes a Good Ethics Essay?

  1. A good ethics research paper has a clear, concise, and information-loaded introduction. The introduction should have a well-outlined thesis statement. It should also outline the structure of your ethics term paper or essay. The main line of argument should be specified in this section. If, for example, you are writing about physician-assisted death/euthanasia, make it clear whether you are supporting or opposing the idea.
  2. The body of the paper should first offer the reasons for advancing your views. Here, use the relevant theories and principles like deontology, justice, maleficence, beneficence, rights, virtues, and utilitarianism, among others. Support the arguments using facts from credible information sources like journals, books, and credible websites.
  3. Outline and expound on the objections to your thesis. Just like in a normal argumentative essay, it is important to counter your ideas. Be careful, clear, and dispassionate when presenting the objections lest you dilute your strong ideas.
  4. The next section involves exposition of your arguments. Here, you are required to examine the moral issue considering either argument. Have the arguments well-presented and elaborated to ensure flow.
  5. A good ethics essay needs to have well-organized sections which have a logical flow. Majorly, ensure that the sections are divided in a way that they form relevant subsections.
  6. When arguing the points, always use rationality as opposed to emotions. Be fair with your points and support your ideas.
  7. Plan your essay early and always begin as soon as you receive the prompt.

Sample Research Paper or Essays Topics

  1. Ethics can be very complicated. Here is a list of both business and general ethics topics to consider.
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility from an ethical standpoint.
  3. Ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  4. The role of ethical codes of conduct in the workplace
  5.  Ethical conflicts in the workplace
  6.  Corporate accounting fraud.
  7. Ethical issues in the healthcare setting
  8. Insider Trading
  9.  Consumer ethics in the digital age
  10.  Corporate greenwashing and contemporary consumers

Read more topics on business ethics on this wonderful website from the Institute of Business Ethics.

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