Crazy and Unique Courses People Actually Study In College

Last Updated: 03 July 2023

Has it ever struck you that there are unimaginable courses to pursue in college or university? With the need for education in almost everything in life, yes literary from sleeping to cooking and even entertainment, there is the pressure to wisely spend on education. If you have a particular penchant for a given area say cooking or sleep science, you definitely have a place in the global educational arena. Call it daring or plainly weird learning but here is a list of 11 Crazy and Unique Courses of Study in College or University.

Contemporary courses make it easier for students to pursue their dreams and make their money count.

Besides, colleges are just about almost everything. Universities are competing for numbers in the yet crowded marketplace.

Therefore, to have competitive advantage creativity and innovativeness has to come into play.

1. Horology

Imagined as the most unique course globally, students can now pursue a horology degree from Birmingham City. This is a course that combines science and art of time measurement. Surprisingly so, after your successful studies, you can venture into the luxury watch industry. Talk of Rolex and all those other big brands in the watch industry that you know. Besides, you can also grow your entrepreneurial skills and start a flourishing brand in the luxury watch industry. Quite a satisfaction huh!

2. Yacht Operations

If you are the classic type that likes those luxurious cruises on yachts here is your ticket to the best career.

Universities such as South Devon College offer a degree in Yacht Operations that equips you with the skills in boat maintenance and navigation. In the process, you get a chance to actually get deets on offshore expeditions.

Man! I wish I had this information beforehand, I would have definitely attended this one. I mean the fun and all that glamour.

3. Baking Technology Management

If you want to be an acclaimed Baking Technologist, here is the best pathway for you.

This cause equips you with the essential skills in the management of the manufacturing processes and operations within the baking industry.

4. Puppetry and Theatre Practice 

If your childhood dream could have been to hang out with Sooty and Sweep or even Charlie Chaplin, this is the best course you can pursue. It could be the breakeven point you need in your life.

The course trains future Muppets and is a special branch of Theatrical studies and practice. Some of the graduates of the course further their careers at the London Symphony Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil, where they puppeteer and display shadow puppet workshops.

Search online and get to understand, we just scratch the surface and it is all yours to reveal. This is also closely related to Clownology, which is also fun to study.

5. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus 

This is not your typical sociology degree. You might trash the idea of pursuing this course but think twice a bit. Have you wondered what makes superstars grow into messed up adults?

Well, Miley is not messed up. However, she is an ideal subject for this sociology degree as she was a fascinating child star as well.

She appears as a celebrity who works smart and hard to achieve self-actualization and trust me the results are always commendable and exemplary.

The course involves the study of intersectional identities, which introduces the concepts of the intersectionality in the systems of discrimination, oppression, and domination.

Miley, who might not be the Hanna Montana or Marshall McLuhan of our time, is a true icon of media manipulation.

You also know that she is a former Disney Tween Star object. Yes, it is easy and super fun to intellectualize being Miley Cyrus. A whole semester at the Skidmore College in its New York Campus can offer you the deal.

6. Turfgrass Science 

I was astonished when I first read about this course. The Penn State University Catalogue explicitly whets your education buds for this course. Football is a huge industry, a multi-million dollar industry if I must remind you.

The course has been in existence since 1929 and is offered in the College of Agricultural Science.

No, it is not a pathway to becoming an expert lawn-mower, no! The course introduces the concepts of biology, metrology, and chemistry which help in turf management.

You are looking into careers such as sod design, golf course management, and field and athletic facility management.

I dare you to use the knowledge acquired in cultivating and pest management within your neighborhood and be the talk of the town.

7. Adventure Education 

We all have that survivalist uncle who never tires telling us their adventure stories. This course equips you with the essential skills that make you tick in the adventure. You get exposed to mountaineering, kayaking, skating, skiing, winter camping, and wilderness terrain exploration.

The course offers you a chance to toughen up through various outdoor experience as well as wit and wisdom to keep you going. You can grab this course from Plymouth State University. Surprisingly, there is both bachelor’s and master’s level offering on this.

Adventure education will still fall under physical education but it specifically offers training and experience through practical lovers of adventures. You can end up venturing into environmental management, outdoor adventure leadership or management, recreation manager or a proprietor of parks and team building camps.

8. Farrier Science 

You can easily find your way into a shoe factory with minimal or no training. However, when putting horseshoes, you need to have the best of the best training. Remember, anything goes wrong you can either get a kick or harm others using the horse. Mesalands Community college has a comprehensive course that in only two years transforms you into a Farrier. You generally engage in taking care of the equine hoof. Originally, this was done by blacksmiths. In this course, you get exposure to anatomy and physiology and pathological shoeing to enable you to offer treatments to various hoof and foot diseases that affect horses.

9. EcoGastronomy 

This course exposes you to the relationship between food and farming as well as culture and consumption or even health and hunger. In the end, you get groomed with the ideas of sustainability, deliciousness, and nutrition.

You come out a totally transformed EcoGas specialist who can be consulted in food production, human health, and nutrition. When studying, you will get a chance to visit regions around the world and experience food. Catch this course at the University of New Hampshire.

10. Brew Studies 

Get to Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh for this master course. It is all about booze and nothing else. Here you explore the different aspects of production. Imagine perfecting the art of making an ideal 16 ounces booze.

During your study, you will be exposed to distillation and wine production. Who does not want to produce wine? The course is as old as you might think over 100 years and it is still on. The course is also competitive not to mention the expanding craft beer and wine industry. Get a chance to do this course and get the best.

11. Surf Science and Technology

Cornwall University offers a course in Surf Science that you wouldn’t like to miss as a thrill lover. From day one you will get to learn of event planning and management, safety management, marketing, and coaching in the content of surfing.

You also have the chance to explore with different surfing teams and personalities. Like other degrees, you will also have your time to hit the waves and how what you are made of. You can attend this and become a surfing judge, Cornwall University can make you that.

Parting Shot

This list of 11 Crazy and Unique Courses of Study in College or University is compiled by a team that has done research and overhead students talking about their passionate career paths. You do not have to struggle with tough courses yet there are courses that fit your passion.

We are always willing to advise on Crazy and Unique Courses of Study in College or University upon request. Just reach us out. Until next time on our new series. Who knows, we could decide to top up the list to as 20 Crazy and Unique Courses of Study in College or University.

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