Animal Testing Essay Guide + Topics

Last Updated: 06 September 2021

Animal testing argumentative essay guide

Whether you are taking a position for or against animal testing in your essay, here are some helpful hacks, tips, and tricks you can use to ace your paper.

Animal testing is a controversial issue of global scope. However, with pandemics and outbreaks being a common phenomenon and the rise of the cosmetics industry, many animals are used in scientific research. Also known as in-vivo, animal experimentation, or animal research, animal testing entails using animals in different levels of experiments to investigate the reactions, performance, and potency of various medications, drugs, cosmetic products, and foods.

Use in both biological, medical, and now beauty studies, animal testing has gained comprehensive coverage. When writing persuasive or argumentative essays, you are likely to be given an animal testing research topic for your essay. The interest of commercial bodies and pharmaceutical companies and the ethics surrounding everything that occurs around us makes writing an animal testing argumentative or persuasive essay interesting.

When we asked 100 students who had ordered custom persuasive or argumentative animal testing essays from our website, they confessed that writing the essay only seems easy at its face value. However, it becomes complicated as they plan, conduct research, and write animal research papers. Do not fear, though because, you can either get an argumentative essay expert to write your essay or a model essay for you. Alternatively, use this guide to write a paper that will check all the boxes that your professor or instructor supposes you cannot.

What to include in your introduction?

When writing an animal testing introduction, avoid wasting too many words. Instead, write an introduction that attracts your readers, piques their interest, and keeps them glued to the end. This means that you should have: (a)hook, (b)background statement (where you explore the problem at hand), and (c) your animal-testing thesis statement.

Most of the top essay writers on our website revealed that they usually search for animal testing essay examples online for inspiration : it helps get a general atmosphere surrounding a controversial topic. With such a background, they can develop a thesis statement that defines their stance and the scope of their animal research essay.

Here are some excellent ideas for your first sentence or the hook:

The background of your animal testing research paper introduction can include:

Animal Testing Essay Outline/Structure

Your outline will depend on whether you are writing pro-animal testing or against animal testing research paper. Here is a generalized example of the outline for an animal testing essay.

A well-structured animal testing essay will automatically earn you marks. In most cases, it follows the conventional five-paragraph essay format divided into the introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The introduction and conclusion are each 10% of the word count, while the main body is 80%. You have to format your paper in APA, MLA, or Harvard format as your professor requires. To understand the formatting requirements, read the prompt and rubric of the animal testing essay keenly.

Remember to maintain a single idea per every body paragraph. That idea must reflect in the topic sentence of the paragraph to enable your audience to distinguish your major arguments.

The contents of the body paragraphs must also support the thesis. If there is a counterargument, make it known in your second last paragraph that precedes the conclusion.


Main Body


Alternative Methods to Animal Testing to include in your paper

Cruelty-Free International argues that non-animal testing methods are cheaper, reliable, and more effective. You can recommend some of these alternatives in your animal testing research paper or essay, considering they elongate the discussion on this seemingly controversial topic.

  1. Computer modeling
  2. Cell cultures
  3. Human tissues
  4. Volunteer studies
  5. Use of egg embryo
  6. Use of unicellular organisms
  7. The LAL tests
  8. In vitro methods

Now, when writing an argumentative essay about animal testing, especially if you take a stance against it, listing these alternatives can strengthen your arguments. Look at this model animal testing essay and craft yours along the same line.

Tips for Concluding your Animal Testing Essay

There is no different way to end an animal testing essay, as it is the same as ending any essay. Thus, when you read our cheat sheet for ending an argumentative essay, you will understand that the main thing is to have a definitive conclusion.

The conclusion is not the place to introduce new ideas. Instead, you will summarize the main points of the essay and restate the thesis in a revamped version. Show your writers the connection between your main arguments and the recommendations you are making. If there is a counterstatement, explain your rationale for it.

When writing the conclusion, make it clear, concise, and coherent. For example, an excellent animal-testing essay conclusion will have the introduction sentence, the summary of the main body, and the closing sentence.

Strive to leave your reader yearning for more : you get to tickle the best grades even from that stingy professor. Weave together the concluding paragraph with appropriate sentence transitions and do not overdo it. Keep everything simple, and you will win the main marks assigned to a reasonable conclusion.

Now that we have everything explained, we can look at some of the main topics you can use as titles for animal testing papers.

Examples of Controversial and Latest Animal Testing Essay Topics

Animal testing topics

We asked our top writers to suggest some topics they think fit well for an animal testing essay. We got a total of fifty entries that you can select and write something about. If you are stuck and want an essay sample urgently, we can write such an essay for you in a few hours, thanks to our website that helps students write essays ASAP. You can choose from these animal testing essay titles:

  1. Animal testing should be banned
  2. Animal testing is not ethical
  3. Pros and cons of animal testing
  4. Alternative methods to using animals in drugs development
  5. Controversy in using animal testing in medical and cosmetic research
  6. Neglected interests and inhuman practices during animal testing
  7. The cruelty of animal testing
  8. Horrors of animal testing
  9. Accidents during animal testing
  10. Ethics of transporting caged animals for animal research
  11. The future of animal testing, given the advancement in biotechnology
  12. Medical animal testing should be banned
  13. Should guinea pigs be used for lab work research?
  14. New, better, and innovative treatments for humanity
  15. Using animals in medical research is ethical and essential
  16. Science and the murder of one hundred million animals annually
  17. Importance of animals in clinical trials
  18. Importance of animal testing in vaccine development
  19. Is animal testing necessary for human survival?
  20. Animal testing as an experimentation industry
  21. Effectiveness of animal testing
  22. Exploring the role of Cruelty-Free International Organization
  23. Role of religious bodies in advocating for animal-testing-free society
  24. The Americans for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) organization
  25. Ethical issues in animal experimentation
  26. How animal cruelty affects the ecosystem
  27. Animal models in vaccine development
  28. Defining animal cruelty
  29. Treatment versus rights of animals
  30. Are animal model results safe for humans?
  31. Migraine Treatment and Animal testing
  32. Dinitrophenol drug for overweight and Animal testing
  33. Anti-arthritis Treatment and Animal Testing
  34. Animal use in unmanned war drones
  35. Positive and negative outcomes of animal testing
  36. Role of media in influencing animal testing
  37. The politics of deception in animal testing
  38. Problems associated with animal testing
  39. Animal testing should be controlled and not stopped
  40. Licenses that are required for one to conduct animal testing
  41. Role of Big Pharma in advancing animal testing.
  42. Can plants be used as an alternative to animal testing?
  43. Impacts of animal testing on ecology
  44. How does animal testing affect the economy?
  45. Can animal testing result in bioweapons?
  46. Use of technology to predict diseases and outcomes rather than animal testing.
  47. Are the rights and feelings of animals considered in animal experimentation?
  48. Are animals used in tests free?
  49. Reasons rats, rabbits, and pigs are widely used in animal testing
  50. Can volunteer human beings replace animals in medical research?
  51. The best approach to take care of animals used in experimentation
  52. Breakthroughs after animal testing
  53. Animal testing and the cosmetics industry
  54. History of animal testing
  55. Role of CDC in animal testing research
  56. Role of WHO on animal testing authorization

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