Simple ways to Avoid High Similarity Index in Turnitin

Last Updated: 16 February 2023

Written assignments make up the largest part of college, university, and high school grades. Rightfully so, many students have been caught in the web of plagiarism. A great worry is how to cheat Turnitin. While some college papers are written in the struggle, a sizeable number always fails due to plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a monster that can consume your hard work in a few seconds. Written assignments, especially college essays, take too much time and dedication. It is very tempting for a student to resort to using EssayTyper. However, most students often do so, oblivious of the danger ahead.

Sometimes, students can choose to copy text directly or recycle their past papers. It is no rocket science that the authenticity of concepts is assessed in essays. As you submit the papers, they are always run through plagiarism detection software like Turnitin and SafeAssign.

A common question from students is , is there a way to cheat a plagiarism detection software? By far, Turnitin is used by many institutions of higher learning. Still, it is always a student's nightmare. We could say it is a torture and truth tool for the professors!

Always keep this in mind; any college student trying to cheat their way through college can be stopped by Turnitin.

Is there a way to Fool Turnitin?

It is safe to say that all students are anti-Turnitin. It is common to find students asking how to trick Turnitin. Some students even get innovative and devise ways to beat Turnitin for fear of plagiarism. However, the Turnitin staff and the professors are always a peg ahead.

They work hand in hand to ensure that none of the students bypasses the safeguards of plagiarism. Therefore, our focus in this paper is to make you understand how to cheat Turnitin and submit a plagiarism-free paper. Well, let us first begin by understanding how Turnitin works.

How does Turnitin Detect Plagiarism?

Here is a short video illustrating how to use Turnitin Feedback Studio to detect similarity Index or plagiarism

There are three basic contents that the Turnitin software uses.

Once you submit a paper to Turnitin, it uses its unique matching algorithm to match a set of strings of words within the submitted papers and those in its repository. The intelligent Turnitin robots always crawl through the sentences, paragraphs, and quotes, trying to match them.

The results are displayed in the form of a similarity index. The higher the similarity index of a submitted paper, the higher the percentage of plagiarism. If this happens to you, your worry should be how to reduce similarity on Turnitin.

With knowledge, the only way to beat Turnitin is to know how to avoid plagiarism when writing.

How to Hack Turnitin Deadline

Are you among those wondering how to bypass Turnitin's due date? Well, stay woke! If you are late with a paper and would like to turn it in through, these simple tricks might help:

Upon submission, you will always receive a digital receipt. You can always check the similarity index and, if necessary, edit the paper to remove plagiarism. If the digital receipt does not appear on the screen, always go back to the student portal and check if your late submission to Turnitin went through. If not, repeat either of the processes.

Tricking Plagiarism Detection Software

There are six proven methods on how to beat Turnitin to get a lower acceptable plagiarism percentage. These are tricks used by most students, who are top performers in universities and colleges. First, let us say that there is never a dubious way to cheat with anti-plagiarism software, like Turnitin.

Here are six proven ways how to cheat Turnitin:

Paraphrasing to Beat Plagiarism Detection

This is one of the oldest tricks to beat Turnitin. always checks the construction of sentences of paragraphs. In this case, you can easily paraphrase text and beat it. It is always advisable that even when paraphrasing the content, you acknowledge the source through in-text citations. Sometimes, if you buy papers online and realize they are plagiarized, and you have no time, paraphrase the content. It is better to save half the ship than let it all capsize. After paraphrasing, always ensure that you proofread and edit the paper for a good flow.

Remember, Turnitin uses the sentence structure, just like other software that detects plagiarism. Thus, the only trick is to rephrase the entire paper to make it a good grade.

Submit the paper as a PDF

Some students report having cheated Turnitin by making the submissions in PDF format. Messing with the internal structure of the PDF text helps escape being caught.  Some have used macros such that only professors can read and not Turnitin. However, we advise against this one as it is not guaranteed.

Turn it in as an Image.

Most college students claim that adding images to the text makes you evade the Turnitin bots. However, if overdone, your submission might be regarded as a blank document and rejected.

Use different languages and symbols.

A conventional method to bypass Turnitin safeguards is by using different languages. In this case, you can use alphabets and symbols in another language. Most of plagiarism detection software only works well with the English language. This here then is a beneficial tactic to cheat any anti-plagiarism software.

Change the Word Order in a Sentence

Just like paraphrasing, changing the word order in a sentence or paragraph works magically. Swapping the letters helps you cheat Turnitin easily. You can change the order of words forward or backward and still get away with plagiarism.

Use synonyms in the paper.

Synonyms are useful when trying to beat Turnitin in their own game. Insider secret revealed to us that you could use synonyms to cheat Turnitin. Mostly, Turnitin only checks the sentence structure from the source and the submitted paper. It detects if you lifted sentences and words. However, the robots still do not understand that humans can use synonyms. Take the chance. However, not so fast. Ensure that you proofread the paper because some synonyms cannot fit into the context you are writing.

Get Help from Essay Writing Services

Paper writing services such as have professional paper writers. These writers understand how to cheat Turnitin. Their only tool is always the production of quality, well-cited, and proofread papers. When you buy term papers or research papers from our service, you are guaranteed plagiarism-free papers.

The beauty of hiring is that you will beat the deadline. There are urgent essay writers who help handle essays with a short deadlines. Websites that write essays for you can be a savior to avoiding college paper plagiarism.

Is buying a paper online plagiarism?

Buying college papers online is never plagiarism. It only becomes plagiarism when you submit such papers as your own. In this case, you are not honest with yourself.

Mostly, the essay writing services cater to students who have work and limited time to research and write essays. However, the writers handle the papers professionally. When such students get time, they go through the sample papers and write theirs using the sources and structure provided.

Technically, paying for papers is not plagiarism. However, when you paraphrase the paper, add content, and remove some, it is totally yours. Always ensure that the essays you get are plagiarism-free. Using the services helps you develop and master the art of writing.

Students we have helped use our service twice or thrice. Their next assignments are handled by themselves. We have always helped thousands and are happy to make an impact on the global education landscape. Now that you understand how to beat Turnitin, do what you feel is best for you!

Will Turnitin Detect a Custom Essay I bought Online?

One of the most common questions students ask is, can Turnitin detect essays bought online?

We live in an era where everything is fast-paced. To cope better, students combine work, study, and parenting. The demands of physically being in class daily further wear down the fragile souls of students. And even with online classes, students still forget to stay on schedule.

Writing endless essays, research papers, term papers, reaction papers, discussion posts, and response papers can be tough. Consequently, students being technology savvy, opt to pay someone to do their homework. It is common to find students turning to buy essays online as a survival mechanism.

Essays purchased online can either be a curse or a blessing, depending on whether they are plagiarized. When you hire the services of academic ghostwriters, you risk being caught for contract cheating.

To avoid the risk of your paper being flagged by Turnitin, it is imperative to hire an essay writer who knows how to write custom essays. By custom essays, the writer collaborates with you from topic choice to conclusion and proofreading of the essays for school.

One problem with essays bought online is that not all of them are non-plagiarized. There are websites popular for essays for sale. These websites will sell you pre-written essays, and that is where the rain starts.

Turnitin has a repository of previously submitted papers. When you submit a paper to SafeAssign or Turnitin, it is run against the assignments done in previous years. It is not only a crime to paraphrase a past paper and present it as your own, but Turnitin might also catch and flag the paper for higher similarity.

Nevertheless, when you hire a professional paraphrasing expert, they can turn around the paper within the deadline and make it pass Turnitin. One way is to look for sources online related to the content and write the parts with similarity afresh. The other alternative is to write a paper from scratch.

Best ways to Use Essays Bought Online Without being caught by Turnitin

A student can be concerned about plagiarizing or buying essay papers online without getting caught by Turnitin. Your concerns are valid. Sometimes, essays purchased online can be detected by Turnitin. However, where you bought your essay matters. How you intend to use the essay also matters. There is some advice that can make you not worry about whether your instructor can catch essays or papers bought online with Turnitin in the era of honor codes.

Avoid Content Mills and Work with Credible Agencies

Content mills are famous the world over for selling pre-written essays but pay the writers very poorly. Therefore, the chances are that the writers never research the essays and write for the sake of filling their slots and earnings. Gradecrest is far from a content mill. Instead, we view ourselves as a platform that brings together geeks and herds for hire to do your homework assignments, more like a homework buddy. We have compiled a guide on how to buy essays online; you should read it before committing to an online essay typer. Also, read our article on whether buying essays online is safe.

When Ordering, Use Pseudo Details

Most essay-writing websites will always ask for your details when placing an order. Mostly, the content mills will require that you create an account with them, but there is a problem with that. If you give so much of your information, a disgruntled writer might contact your school. We advise that you have a private email to use when buying custom essays online. Also, only hire credible paper writing services with sound confidentiality and privacy documentation. When seeking essay help on Twitter, Reddit, forums, or Facebook, use pseudo accounts because your university might also be watching. Many students using Twitter have had their fair share of losses when they get suspended based on the prima facie evidence of their tweets seeking to pay someone to do my essay or homework.

Never Use Auto Essay Makers

EssayTyper and EssayBot were great AI inventions meant to solve the stressful process of writing essays. However, being run on code, such auto essay generators, albeit being instant essay typing platforms, only paraphrase content from publically available sources such as Wikipedia, Spark notes, Shmoop, etc. It is common sense to conclude that such essays always end up being un-cited and appropriately referenced. When you hire a professional essay writer, they write a custom essay that is well-referenced, organized, and edited. An auto essay maker can cause your paper to be flagged as plagiarized by Turnitin.

Only Buy Essays from Credible Essay Writing Services

Amidst the thousands of essay writers available online, there are only a few legit academic writing services. Avoid the custom writing website reviews that claim students rank them. Instead, focus on how the support staff communicates, how the writer cooperates, and their type. A company running a shoddy website is also a red flag that your paper might be plagiarized and detected by either Turnitin or SafeAssign. Gradecrest is a legit custom writing service where essays are done by handpicked and vetted scholars. Our writers are nerds who have masters and beyond. You can trust us with both ESL and ENL essays, and we will deliver.

Avoid buying Pre-written Essays online.

So, you stumbled on a case study about a company, a nursing care plan, a vignette solution, or a nursing case study essay online and felt like buying it to save time. Well, you should probably hold your horses. Everybody can buy pre-written essays online, which is bad, especially if someone initially paid for such an essay. So, many of you, probably the entire class, buy the same paper and paraphrase. It will immediately be flagged down by Turnitin as plagiarized. We insist that GradeCrest does not sell any paper we write to other students. If you bring the same paper to us through a friend, you will tell the two apart. Only buy essays online and let writers write them from scratch.

Do Not Use Papers from Public Databases and Essay Repositories

Turnitin, PlagScan, and SafeAssign, just like other plagiarism checkers, compare content in online databases, repositories of past essays, research papers, and academic institutions' assignments. It would be pointless to use papers from public databases or previous classes as sample or model papers. Such papers can only stand in as excellent revision material when writing. Such papers cannot be passed as yours, even when professionally paraphrased. So, only follow the format but not the content. There are millions of scholarly websites, academic databases, and peer-reviewed databases that you can use to write your original and elegant essay papers.

Use the Online Essay Papers as Model Papers

As per our policy and honor code, we only write essays for serious students. If you are lazy and want to submit an essay from us for credit, the risk is upon you. Turnitin might catch any paper bought from just any website. It is only important that you collaborate with the writer to write an excellent paper. That way, you can replicate that when writing your paper using the acquired paper as a model paper.

All these said and done, DO NOT use rogue essay writers on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit claiming to write essays better. Since they have nothing to lose and can always use pseudo-accounts to scam students, they will send your paper to your professor. They will also publish the essay online in case of small misunderstandings, which can cost you a grade. No one needs to be suspended; be careful when writing or buying essays. Ask for expert help from us if need be!