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What if I’m not satisfied with my paper?

In case you are not satisfied with the final product, worry not. We have a sound unlimited free revisions policy that covers you for a maximum of 2 weeks after receiving the paper. If a given writer fails to revise the paper to your standards, always talk to the support team to change the writer.  Customer satisfaction is the reason for our reputation and we strive to offer the best services.

Will my Paper be Plagiarism Free?

All the papers that we deliver to you are original, well-researched, and flawless. Our plagiarism-free guarantee serves to ensure that you don’t get any copied work that may be a duplicate of internet open sources. Therefore, when you download your paper, we advise that you check it for plagiarism using a plagiarism checking service from or any other tool that your school provides. All our papers are checked by our Quality Assurance Department Team to ensure they are 100% unique and plagiarism free. We use some of the most updated anti-plagiarism software that never lets any similarity pass us. With, your paper is safe and you are on your way to excellent grades.

Why should I choose GradeCrest for my academic work? is a tested, trusted, and reliable custom writing company that offers custom writing services by meeting the high expectations of our clients. As our name suggests, we are the home of better grades. We have experts that can help you get your grades back to their best level. Many students have gained their grades by being our companion, you too should. Our papers are written with high focus and strict consideration of the requirements submitted along with the order. The experts know what is required of them once they read the requirements and the attachments provided. We avail both writing from scratch, proofreading or editing. Of course, you get value for your money in the end.

Who will be working on my paper?

All the writers are carefully vetted by our independent writer recruitment agency. Our writers come from the United States, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. The hiring criterion used to recruit our writers is overly strict to ensure that we sieve in only the best. As you may be interested to know, the lowest qualification for each writer is a Bachelor’s Degree. Therefore, you should rest assured that any writer assigned to your order is sufficiently qualified to work on it. We only pick the best writers who must meet the following criteria:

  • A person with a Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degree.
  • A person with a GPA of at least 3.0.
  • A person who passed all our tests with a score of 90% and above.
  • A person with a sample of work that scored over 95 on
  • A person who applies for orders with a 100% confidence in its successful completion.
  • A writer well-versed with the academic formatting and referencing styles.
  • A writer conversant with internet research, or has so proven by the submitted tests.
  • A writer who knows credible academic sources and can comfortably produce a quality, well-researched, and formatted paper.
  • A writer who meets any deadline, whether short or long.
  • A writer who can access databases for peer-reviewed articles.
  • A writer who agrees to adhere to our strict writing guidelines.

Is your service confidential?

When you make an order at, you will be requested to enter your personal details including email addresses and phone number. This information is only for us to coordinate our operations when your order is being handled, and can never be used elsewhere. Such information facilitates any communication that might deem necessary.  Beware that,  neither  nor its representatives will ever ask you for your credit card information that you are required to enter on Skrill or PayPal while submitting your order. In case you encounter such a case, you should be highly suspicious and refrain from giving such information. The phone number that you submit is strictly for the purposes of order notifications via Short Message Texts (SMS); such messages are sent only when you order for them as an additional feature.

Otherwise, your personal information is highly guarded by and is never shared with third parties. The orders that you submit stay in your personal account and can be accessed by only you apart from our support and the writer working on it. Information regarding such orders is never disclosed either on the web or offline. As such, you should never have qualms about your security when placing an order with us. Additionally, your papers are never resold to other students. Once sent to you, you fully own the paper.  Kindly make an order now, will you?

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